The Best Episodes of As Time Goes By

Last Updated: May 18, 2019

Army officer Lionel Hardcastle and nurse Jean Pargeter had a three-month affair in 1953. After Lionel is posted to Korea, the two lose touch when Lionel's letter to Jean fails to get delivered. Thirty-eight years later, they meet again. A sweetly charming situation comedy that ran for nine seasons. Best enjoyed with your feet up and with a cup of tea and some custard tarts at your side.

Welcome News

#1 - Welcome News

Season 4 - Episode 5

Rocky decides to give Lionel his country house in-which the film crew for the miniseries has decided to shoot. Jean and Lionel get engaged.

star 8.59
41 votes
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Avoiding the Country Set

#2 - Avoiding the Country Set

Season 5 - Episode 4

Jean and Lionel visit the country house again but, this time try to avoid the townspeople that caused them so much trouble the last time they visited.

star 8.55
36 votes
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Wedding Day Nerves

#3 - Wedding Day Nerves

Season 4 - Episode 8

Lionel and Jean's wedding day arrives. Lionel has to deal with a case of nerves while Jean has to deal with her sister-in-laws meddling.

star 8.54
37 votes
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Going Online

#4 - Going Online

Season 8 - Episode 6

Jean wants to get on the Internet. Allistar makes an annoucement which leads to his reconcilation with Judy. Meanwhile Harry breaks his leg and that leads to his reconcilation with Sandy.

star 8.50
32 votes

#5 - Pardon?

Season 7 - Episode 1

Jean suspects that Lionel is going deaf. But despite the fact that he clearly can't hear very much, Lionel resists going to a doctor. Meanwhile, he becomes convinced that Jean is having problems with her eyes, and sets about solving this dilemma.

star 8.49
35 votes
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#6 - Improvements?

Season 4 - Episode 10

Lionel gets some suggestions for improvements to his script for the miniseries. Jean and Lionel argue over her retirement that has yet to happen. Later they go out to the country house to see some of the filming for the miniseries.

star 8.47
34 votes
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What Now?

#7 - What Now?

Season 9 - Episode 4

Alistair and Judith are now married, but will Harry pluck up the courage and ask Sandy to join him in Canada? Meanwhile, in the Hardcastle household, Jean has taken pity on a homeless girl named Dave - but Lionel is not entirely sure about her new friend.

star 8.45
31 votes
Future Imperfect

#8 - Future Imperfect

Season 8 - Episode 5

Lionel is still worried about his money future and Alistair suggests he sell the country house. Lionel and Jean decide that they should sell the house but, who is going to tell Mrs. Bale and Lol they are out of jobs. Lionel and Jean go to the country to inform everyone of their decision to sell. Later Rocky calls and offers to buy the house from Lionel so everything can remain the same.

star 8.44
27 votes
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The Cruise

#9 - The Cruise

Season 2 - Episode 6

Jean becomes angry when Lionel invites her along on a cruise as a 'freebie'.

star 8.43
44 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
Rocky's Wedding Day

#10 - Rocky's Wedding Day

Season 3 - Episode 2

It's Rocky and Madge's wedding day but, things don't go quite as planned.

star 8.40
37 votes
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Visiting Rocky

#11 - Visiting Rocky

Season 2 - Episode 3

Lionel takes Jean to see his eccentric father Rocky, the complete opposite of Lionel's gruff self.

star 8.38
50 votes
The Copper Kettle

#12 - The Copper Kettle

Season 1 - Episode 3

Lionel is about to go on a lecture circuit, so he invites Jean for a day out. The revisit some old haunts, only to discover that a lot has changed. However, after a trek through an overgrown field, they find 'The Copper Kettle', an old place which Lionel and Jean were quite fond of.

star 8.38
58 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
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The Book Signing

#13 - The Book Signing

Season 2 - Episode 7

The book is finally published, and Lionel begins a nationwide book-signing tour.

star 8.38
40 votes
Time to Settle Down

#14 - Time to Settle Down

Season 9 - Episode 1

Alistair has finally proposed to Judith, needless to say there are complications as Judith plans for a country wedding and realisation strikes confirmed bachelor Alistair.

star 8.37
38 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
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A Surprise for Jean

#15 - A Surprise for Jean

Season 6 - Episode 7

Jean tells Lionel that she wants him to surprise her more. So Alistair suggests Lionel surprise Jean with a trip. However it turns out not to be the easiest thing to do.

star 8.35
29 votes
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Judith's New Romance

#16 - Judith's New Romance

Season 4 - Episode 9

Judy gets a new boyfriend and Jean decides to ""help"" out her daughter.

star 8.32
37 votes
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You Must Remember This

#17 - You Must Remember This

Season 9 - Episode 5

On their own at last, with Alistair and Judith married off and Sally and Harry gone to Canada, Jean and Lionel take a look back on their life together in a one-hour retrospective featuring clips from past episodes.

star 8.32
19 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
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A Weekend Away

#18 - A Weekend Away

Season 2 - Episode 2

Jean is put on the spot when Judith goes away for the weekend, and the house is left empty. She is somewhat flustered with all the suggestive comments regarding her and Lionel, and makes a fool of herself.

star 8.32
45 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
The Affair

#19 - The Affair

Season 4 - Episode 4

Jean's sister-in-law decides to move in with her and Lionel after she finds out her husband is having an affair. Actually he being so secretive because he is planning a surprise anniversary party for her.

star 8.30
44 votes
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#20 - Why?

Season 2 - Episode 4

Lionel wonders why Alistair, a rich, successful publisher would be interested in publishing Lionel's less-than-blockbuster book.

star 8.30
40 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
Lionel's New Hobby

#21 - Lionel's New Hobby

Season 5 - Episode 3

Lionel starts building model boats as a way to pass the time. Jean worries about Lionel. Alistair trys to get Lionel to work on another book.

star 8.28
39 votes
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White Hunter

#22 - White Hunter

Season 2 - Episode 1

Lionel is nervous regarding an upcoming photo shoot for the cover of his book. Despite advice from Jean and Judith that whatever helps sell the book is worth it, Lionel is completely taken aback by what Alistair has in mind.

star 8.27
41 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
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Moving In

#23 - Moving In

Season 3 - Episode 5

Lionel finally agrees to move in with Jean.

star 8.26
36 votes
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Showered with Gifts

#24 - Showered with Gifts

Season 5 - Episode 7

Lionel and Jean befriend the villagers who shower the couple with gifts.

star 8.25
36 votes
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Animal Magnetism

#25 - Animal Magnetism

Season 8 - Episode 2

Lionel trys to convince Jean that a dog has been following him. Judy and Sandy come home with the very dog that was following him. The women want to keep the dog but, Lionel wants to take him to the shelter so they can find his owner. The owner contacts the police and Harry brings him around to get the dog. Since Judy won't go with him to a party, Alistair invites Sandy and she excepts. Meanwhile Harry asks Judy to go to the movies with him and she excepts.

star 8.24
33 votes
Directors: Sydney Lotterby
Writers: Bob Larbey
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