The Best Episodes Directed by Sydney Lotterby

Final Stretch

#1 - Final Stretch

Porridge Season 3 - Episode 6

Godber is due to appear before the parole board, but a fight with another inmate puts his parole in jeopardy. It's up to Fletcher to save the day.

star 8.61
28 votes
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Time to Settle Down (a.k.a. You Can't Manufacture Happy Endings for Everybody)

#2 - Time to Settle Down (a.k.a. You Can't Manufacture Happy Endings for Everybody)

As Time Goes By Season 9 - Episode 1

Alistair has finally proposed to Judith, needless to say there are complications as Judith plans for a country wedding and realisation strikes confirmed bachelor Alistair.

star 8.59
120 votes
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A Mattress On Wheels

#3 - A Mattress On Wheels

Open All Hours Season 1 - Episode 2

Granville is fed up with having to do his rounds on his bike and tries to talk Arkwright into buying a van. Granville hopes that a mattress in the back of it will help his love life - and maybe Arkwright's, too!

star 8.41
37 votes
Disturbing the Peace

#4 - Disturbing the Peace

Porridge Season 2 - Episode 3

When Mr Mackay leaves Slade Prison, Fletcher thinks that "happy days are here again". Until, that is, he meets Mr Mackay's replacement.

star 8.36
47 votes
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You Must Remember This

#5 - You Must Remember This

As Time Goes By Season 1 - Episode 1

We meet the two main characters: Lionel and Jean. In the pilot episode, Lionel is in a hotel cafe giving a waitress a hard time. He is scathingly sarcastic. Jean is, similarly, seen being brittle and unbending. Lionel is working on his book ”My Life in Kenya” about his life in Kenya. (This joke comes up in numerous episodes.) He requires a secretary to help with the revisions. That's where Jean's secretary service ""...Type for You"" comes in. Judith, Jean's daughter, meets Lionel at his hotel to apologize for the terrible secretary. Lionel asks Judith out. When he arrives to pick her up he is introduced to Jean. After about two seconds Jean and Lionel both independently figure out who they each suspect the other person to be: a lover last seen in 1953.

star 8.32
207 votes
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Laundry Blues

#6 - Laundry Blues

Open All Hours Season 2 - Episode 1

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, having seen Granville struggling with the washing, tells Arkwright that he must buy a new washing machine. Arkwright has to come up with a plan so that she thinks he has done as she requests. He gets Neville to drop off a new machine, sneak round the back of the shop and take it away again, leaving behind a second-hand machine instead!

star 8.29
34 votes
Animal Magnetism

#7 - Animal Magnetism

As Time Goes By Season 8 - Episode 2

Lionel trys to convince Jean that a dog has been following him. Judy and Sandy come home with the very dog that was following him. The women want to keep the dog but, Lionel wants to take him to the shelter so they can find his owner. The owner contacts the police and Harry brings him around to get the dog. Since Judy won't go with him to a party, Alistair invites Sandy and she excepts. Meanwhile Harry asks Judy to go to the movies with him and she excepts.

star 8.28
115 votes
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The Ginger Men

#8 - The Ginger Men

Open All Hours Season 3 - Episode 2

Once again Arkwright has overstocked on goods. This time he has a consignment of Ginger Cake to get rid of. By pretending that it has aphrodisiac properties, he hopes to sell the lot.

star 8.25
24 votes
Happy Release

#9 - Happy Release

Porridge Season 2 - Episode 5

Fletcher is having a spell in the prison hospital with a broken ankle. He's sharing a ward with old Blanco, who tells him that another inmate has swindled him out of his belongings in a crooked card game. Fletcher hatches a plan to recover Blanco's belongings and to take revenge on the culprit.

star 8.25
28 votes
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St. Albert's Day

#10 - St. Albert's Day

Open All Hours Season 2 - Episode 7

Arkwright invents a Saint's day so that Granville can check the pockets of a foreign visitor who he suspects of shoplifting.

star 8.24
21 votes
The Writing on the Wall

#11 - The Writing on the Wall

Yes Minister Season 1 - Episode 5

A rumour starts that Jim's department is about to be axed. So with help from Sir Humphrey, they try and defeat the Prime Minister's plans.

star 8.20
99 votes
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Pardon Me

#12 - Pardon Me

Porridge Season 3 - Episode 4

Old Blanco is doing time for the murder of his wife. He still swears he wasn't guilty. Now he's up before the Parole Board and it looks as if he's sure to be released. Blanco surprises everyone by turning down parole when it's offered to him. He explains that, if he accepts parole, he'll also be admitting that he was guilty of a crime for which he was wrongly convicted. He insists that he'll only leave prison if he's offered a full pardon. Fletcher comes up with a plan to help him.

star 8.19
26 votes
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A Storm in a Teacup

#13 - A Storm in a Teacup

Porridge Season 3 - Episode 1

When a bottle of pills goes missing from the Doctor's surgery, Harry Grout is worried that investigation of the theft by the prison authorities will jeopardise some of his activities. Grout insists that Fletcher must find the pills and return them before the warders can take action.

star 8.18
38 votes
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Big Brother

#14 - Big Brother

Yes Minister Season 1 - Episode 4

When the Government is planning to introduce a national database, Jim wants to bring in safe guards, but Sir Humphrey stalls until with some help from the opposition, Jim gets his way.

star 8.18
112 votes
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The Harder They Fall

#15 - The Harder They Fall

Porridge Season 2 - Episode 6

Godber takes up boxing and wins a place in the prison championship, so Fletcher sees a chance for a bit of a flutter. Then Harry Grout takes an interest and insists that the fight is 'fixed'. When one of Grout's rivals takes a similar interest in Godber's opponent, it looks as if nobody can win. Fletcher, however, has other ideas.

star 8.17
36 votes
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The Housekeeper Caper

#16 - The Housekeeper Caper

Open All Hours Season 4 - Episode 3

Arkwright decides that to make Nurse Gladys Emmanuel jealous, he will advertise in the local paper for a live-in housekeeper. Unfortunately he is not prepared for Mrs Delphine Featherstone applying for the position!

star 8.16
19 votes
The Right to Know

#17 - The Right to Know

Yes Minister Season 1 - Episode 6

Jim faces rebellion at home and in the office over the removal of protected status from a badger habitat, while he tries to circumvent Sir Humphrey's efforts to keep him ignorant of things.

star 8.15
86 votes
Fig Biscuits and Inspirational Toilet Rolls

#18 - Fig Biscuits and Inspirational Toilet Rolls

Open All Hours Season 2 - Episode 3

Arkwright once again is struggling to sell goods that no-one wants to buy. He therefore tries a special promotion to get rid of the goods, namely fig biscuits and toilet rolls with messages printed on them.

star 8.14
22 votes
The Mystical Boudoir of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel

#19 - The Mystical Boudoir of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel

Open All Hours Season 4 - Episode 6

Arkwright tries all manner of things in order to get himself into Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's bedroom, including the use of a ladder and a box of chocolates. Meanwhile Granville takes to wearing tights on his head.

star 8.14
22 votes
The New Suit

#20 - The New Suit

Open All Hours Season 2 - Episode 4

Arkwright has to buy a new suit - on Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's say so.

star 8.12
25 votes
Happy Birthday, Arkwright!

#21 - Happy Birthday, Arkwright!

Open All Hours Season 4 - Episode 5

Arkwright is on the alert after Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and Granville tell him that a man from the ""Good Shop Guide"" is visiting shops in the area. It is only a ruse by Granville and Nurse Gladys to teach Arkwright a lesson in good manners. Nurse Gladys dresses up as a man and is on the receiving end of some very polite behaviour from Arkwright.

star 8.11
27 votes
Jobs for the Boys

#22 - Jobs for the Boys

Yes Minister Season 1 - Episode 7

Jim goes on radio to support the Solihull project a Government, union and private enterprise building scheme, that he has inherited from the last administration, but unknown to him the project is close to bankruptcy, Sir Humphrey hopes to save the deal by offering a Quango to the director of the bank involved

star 8.11
92 votes
Beware Of The Dog

#23 - Beware Of The Dog

Open All Hours Season 1 - Episode 4

After a bungled burglary on his premises, Arkwright decided the time is right for a guard dog for the shop. However, instead of a real dog, he tries to fool everyone with just the sound of a dog! Meanwhile, Granville thinks he could be the father of Maureen's baby, Eric!

star 8.11
28 votes
White Hunter

#24 - White Hunter

As Time Goes By Season 2 - Episode 1

Lionel is nervous regarding an upcoming photo shoot for the cover of his book. Despite advice from Jean and Judith that whatever helps sell the book is worth it, Lionel is completely taken aback by what Alistair has in mind.

star 8.09
155 votes
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Shedding at the Wedding

#25 - Shedding at the Wedding

Open All Hours Season 2 - Episode 6

Arkwright goes to a wedding with Nurse Gladys Emmanuel. His suit smells of mothballs and he has to hang his trousers out of Gladys' car to air them. After his trousers are blown away and run over by a tractor, he has to borrow her trousers!

star 8.09
23 votes

#26 - Why?

As Time Goes By Season 2 - Episode 4

Lionel wonders why Alistair, a rich, successful publisher would be interested in publishing Lionel's less-than-blockbuster book.

star 8.08
154 votes
Men Without Women

#27 - Men Without Women

Porridge Season 1 - Episode 6

Fletch fancies himself as a bit of an agony aunt and is called upon by his fellow inmates to help out with affairs of the heart.

star 8.05
43 votes
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Duet for Solo Bicycle

#28 - Duet for Solo Bicycle

Open All Hours Season 3 - Episode 3

A grocer's bike with a squeaky wheel is definitely ruining Granville's attempts to woo the girls, especially Wendy who suffers the embarrassment of being escorted by Granville and his squeak!

star 8.05
22 votes
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The Cool Cocoa Tin Lid

#29 - The Cool Cocoa Tin Lid

Open All Hours Season 3 - Episode 6

Granville gets rid of his old image by wearing shades and snappy threads, complete with a ""medallion"" made out of a cocoa tin lid.

star 8.04
24 votes
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The Reluctant Traveller

#30 - The Reluctant Traveller

Open All Hours Season 2 - Episode 2

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and Arkwright are finally going to spend the night away at a hotel. Little does she know that the hotel is round the block! Whilst they are away, Granville is entertaining the milk-woman. Arkwright also has a problem with an over-tight money belt!

star 8.04
28 votes
No Peace for the Wicked

#31 - No Peace for the Wicked

Porridge Season 2 - Episode 4

It's Saturday afternoon and Fletcher looks forward to a quiet read. Everyone else seems to have other ideas about how Fletcher should be spending his time.

star 8.02
44 votes
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The Copper Kettle

#32 - The Copper Kettle

As Time Goes By Season 1 - Episode 3

Lionel is about to go on a lecture circuit, so he invites Jean for a day out. The revisit some old haunts, only to discover that a lot has changed. However, after a trek through an overgrown field, they find 'The Copper Kettle', an old place which Lionel and Jean were quite fond of.

star 8.02
173 votes
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Arkwright's Mobile Store

#33 - Arkwright's Mobile Store

Open All Hours Season 2 - Episode 5

In a bid to prove to Nurse Gladys Emmanuel that he means to expand his business, he buys a van so that Arkwright's Stores can have a mobile store.

star 8.00
23 votes
A Weekend Away

#34 - A Weekend Away

As Time Goes By Season 2 - Episode 2

Jean is put on the spot when Judith goes away for the weekend, and the house is left empty. She is somewhat flustered with all the suggestive comments regarding her and Lionel, and makes a fool of herself.

star 7.97
159 votes
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A Nice Cosy Little Disease

#35 - A Nice Cosy Little Disease

Open All Hours Season 1 - Episode 3

Arkwright tries to find the perfect disease to pretend to go down with in order to get the attention of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel who he feels has been neglecting him.

star 7.97
30 votes
An Errand Boy by the Ear

#36 - An Errand Boy by the Ear

Open All Hours Season 3 - Episode 1

The customers are upset by Granville continually being dragged around by the ear by Arkwright

star 7.96
25 votes
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Soulmate Wanted

#37 - Soulmate Wanted

Open All Hours Season 4 - Episode 1

Granville advertises for female company and ends up with more than he can handle.

star 7.96
25 votes
The Cruise

#38 - The Cruise

As Time Goes By Season 2 - Episode 6

Jean becomes angry when Lionel invites her along on a cruise as a 'freebie'.

star 7.95
185 votes
The Picnic

#39 - The Picnic

As Time Goes By Season 1 - Episode 6

Jean and Lionel are both flattered by the romantic attentions of Alistair and Judith, but decide that things cannot continue as they are. Jean bets that if all four of them go on a picnic together, Judith and Alistair will hit it off. But perhaps it will be Jean and Lionel who grow closer...

star 7.93
193 votes
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Well Catered Funeral

#40 - Well Catered Funeral

Open All Hours Season 1 - Episode 5

Parslow, an old friend of Arkwright dies and Arkwright handles the catering for the funeral, hopefully with a large profit coming his way!

star 7.93
28 votes
Rough Justice

#41 - Rough Justice

Porridge Season 3 - Episode 3

Fletcher is worried that Judge Rawley might rob him of his main source of income - writing letters for illiterate inmates.

star 7.93
27 votes
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How to Ignite Your Errand Boy...

#42 - How to Ignite Your Errand Boy...

Open All Hours Season 3 - Episode 4

Granville is tasked with making home-made firelighters, an essential ingredient being his shredded disco shirt.

star 7.92
24 votes
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Just Desserts

#43 - Just Desserts

Porridge Season 2 - Episode 1

There's an outbreak of petty pilfering from the inmates in Slade prison. Fletcher is disgusted - after all, stealing may be a job on the 'outside', but it's despicable when it happens 'inside'.

star 7.92
48 votes
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New Faces, Old Hands

#44 - New Faces, Old Hands

Porridge Season 1 - Episode 1

“Twenty-three and you want to go straight? What kind of talk is that? You've got your whole life in front of you!” It's Godber's first time in prison, and Fletch is going to teach him the ways.

star 7.91
69 votes
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Surprise, Surprise

#45 - Surprise, Surprise

As Time Goes By Season 1 - Episode 4

Judith persuades Jean to surprise Lionel by going along to his lecture in Nowrich. However, it is Jean who gets the surprise when she finds that Lionel already has a lady friend to stay with. While Lionel attempts to deal with the embarrasing position he is in, as well as his new found reputation as an elephant killer (thanks to Alistair's hyped-up blurb), Jean faces the romantic advances of Alistair.

star 7.90
196 votes
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Full Of Mysterious Promise

#46 - Full Of Mysterious Promise

Open All Hours Season 1 - Episode 1

Arkwright buys a load of damaged goods. The snag with them is that they are tinned goods without labels! He then tries to foist them off onto his customers.

star 7.89
47 votes

#47 - Relationships

As Time Goes By Season 1 - Episode 5

The trip to Nowrich has changed Jean and Lionel's relationship. While Alistair still continues his romantic overtures to Jean, Lionel attempts to smooth things over with Jean. Alistair also gets Lionel to attempt another revision of his book, and Lionel becomes frustrated with the entire project.

star 7.88
196 votes
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The Man from Down Under

#48 - The Man from Down Under

Open All Hours Season 3 - Episode 5

Arkwright has a rival for Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's attention, as a visitor from Australia returns to his old stomping ground.

star 7.87
23 votes
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Heartbreak Hotel

#49 - Heartbreak Hotel

Porridge Season 2 - Episode 2

Godber gets bad news from his girlfriend. Fletcher tries to provide help and advice, but perhaps daughter Ingrid might provide a more suitable solution to Godber's problems

star 7.86
42 votes
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Love and Death

#50 - Love and Death

One Foot in the Grave Season 2 - Episode 5

When the Meldrews visit some friends on the South Coast, Victor is given a surprise.

star 7.84
25 votes
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A Night In

#51 - A Night In

Porridge Season 1 - Episode 3

Fletch explains to Godber that the best way to cope with his first night in prison, is to see it as just a "quiet night in". Trouble is, Godber's got another 698 to go.

star 7.84
49 votes
Ways and Means

#52 - Ways and Means

Porridge Season 1 - Episode 5

Who would want to spend eight hours a day sewing fishing nets? Not Fletch, who is hell-bent on a cushy job in the library.

star 7.82
50 votes
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Getting to Know You --- Again

#53 - Getting to Know You --- Again

As Time Goes By Season 1 - Episode 2

Jean and Lionel look no closer to renewing their relationship when Lionel checks out of his hotel without telling Jean. However, Lionel's publisher, Alistair, convinces him to go to a party tonight to meet some 'faces', people who can help in the sale of his book. He checks back in, and, after a walk in the park, Lionel asks Jean to go to the party with him.

star 7.81
134 votes
Poetic Justice

#54 - Poetic Justice

Porridge Season 3 - Episode 2

Fletcher's new cellmate turns out to be the judge who sentenced him to five years in Slade Prison.

star 7.78
32 votes
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A Day Out

#55 - A Day Out

Porridge Season 1 - Episode 4

The rest of the working party are thrilled to have a day out, but Fletch is masking indifference - what's so exciting about digging a ditch anyway?

star 7.76
54 votes
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#56 - Horse-Trading

Open All Hours Season 4 - Episode 2

Arkwright smugly offloads a lot of clothes-horses to an rival Asian shopkeeper. However, when his rival starts making large profits using the clothes-horses as bait for customers, he makes Granville dress up as an Asian woman so that he can buy the clothes-horses back.

star 7.74
23 votes
Apples and Self Service

#57 - Apples and Self Service

Open All Hours Season 1 - Episode 6

Arkwright starts a sales drive to try and get rid of a large stock of apples that he had over-ordered.

star 7.73
33 votes
The Hustler

#58 - The Hustler

Porridge Season 1 - Episode 2

Ives is such a loser that if Elizabeth Taylor had triplets, he'd have been the one in the middle. But there's no way he's going to be left out of Fletch's gambling enterprise.

star 7.67
67 votes
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A Test of Character

#59 - A Test of Character

Porridge Season 3 - Episode 5

Godber is working hard for an extra O-level. Fletcher tries to persuade him that cheating would be a good way of ensuring success in the examination. Godber isn't convinced.

star 7.64
25 votes
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The Errand Boy Executive

#60 - The Errand Boy Executive

Open All Hours Season 4 - Episode 4

Granville takes a fancy to Stephanie (""with a p-h"") who works in a boutique. He pretends that he is a young executive and that Arkwright is his assistant. Needless to say, Arkwright does not agree with this role-reversal.

star 7.56
25 votes
You Must Remember This

#61 - You Must Remember This

As Time Goes By Season 9 - Episode 5

On their own at last, with Alistair and Judith married off and Sally and Harry gone to Canada, Jean and Lionel take a look back on their life together in a one-hour retrospective featuring clips from past episodes.

star 7.55
47 votes
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