The Best Episodes Directed by Steve Miner

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

#1 - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Chasing Life Season 1 - Episode 4

April finds it harder to juggle the increasing severity of her symptoms with her obligations at work and her attempts to be a supportive daughter and sister. After missing an important appointment, George urges April to get her priorities straight. April also learns more about Leo Hendrie, but Leo jumps to conclusions about April's motives. Meanwhile, much to her own surprise, Brenna bonds with Greer, a popular girl at school.

star 8.49
217 votes
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#2 - Uprising

Switched at Birth Season 2 - Episode 9

When news of the school's closing spreads throughout campus, Daphne leads the students of Carlton School for the Deaf in arranging a demonstration to take place on the eve of the "Romeo and Juliet" play, in which Daphne has the lead role. Meanwhile, as one of a handful of hearing students in the school, Bay's attempt to be part of the campaign is challenged.

star 8.41
270 votes
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Shutt Down

#3 - Shutt Down

Chicago Hope Season 1 - Episode 6

Aaron, the staff, and the patients are caught in the crossfire when Antoine Metcalf, a gangbanger and career criminal, follows his latest victim into the E.R. to finish off the job he started, and sprays a room with automatic gunfire before hospital security shoots him down; Karen joins the staff, and successfully teams with Paula to remove hematomas that are preventing Marcus Lavelle from walking, but the trauma of witnessing his mother's being injured in the E.R. shooting leaves the little boy afflicted with hysterical paralysis and still unable to move although the surgery has left him physically fine; reluctantly operating on the shooter, Aaron jokes about how easy and perhaps appropriate it might be to cause Metcalf's death through a surgical hiccup, a remark which comes back to haunt him later when Metcalf dies soon after surgery and his family sues Aaron and the hospital for failure to provide adequate care; Arthur engages in a little ex parte communication to put in a good word

star 8.31
13 votes

#4 - Pilot

The Wonder Years Season 1 - Episode 1

Kevin and Paul attend Robert F Kennedy Junior High for the first time. Winnie's brother is killed in Vietnam. Kevin and Winnie kiss for the first time.

star 8.26
552 votes
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Death Becomes Her

#5 - Death Becomes Her

Chasing Life Season 1 - Episode 8

When a friend and fellow member of her support group faces a worsening prognosis, April begins to think more about death and her own mortality. She blows off a nightmare assignment to play hooky from work with Beth and other members of the support group and learns something surprisingly endearing about Leo. Meanwhile, Brenna travels to Miami on a school trip and uses the opportunity to meet Natalie with Greer's help.

star 8.22
139 votes
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Dog Bite

#6 - Dog Bite

The Practice Season 2 - Episode 4

Jimmy finally gets his first case, that of a little girl bitten by a dog. A juror approaches Lindsay with inside information on a case. Eugene defends a one-legged mugger.

star 8.21
172 votes
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Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat!

#7 - Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat!

Chasing Life Season 1 - Episode 6

April goes on a joyride with Leo prior to beginning her treatment, and she gains insight into Leo's recklessness and the severity of his illness. Elsewhere, Brenna has doubts about her romance with Kiernan, especially when it affects her friendship with Greer.

star 8.13
181 votes
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Long Live Love

#8 - Long Live Love

Switched at Birth Season 5 - Episode 10

In the emotional 90-minute series finale of the award-winning drama, Kathryn becomes nostalgic when she realizes that it’s been five years since the switch was discovered and the two families started living together. As she searches for memories, Kathryn discovers a long buried family secret – stretching all the way back to the switch – that changes everything. Daphne competes against Mingo for a six-week paid internship in sports medicine. Bay is celebrated for her tattoo work in a magazine spread, but her struggle to prove herself as an artist to John threatens to destroy their relationship. Toby meets Amelia (guest star Lauren Potter, “Glee”), a young woman with Down Syndrome who changes his perception about his son’s future. Melody, Emmett and Travis make some major decisions about their lives, and Regina takes a chance on love.

star 8.13
511 votes
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Hide And Seek

#9 - Hide And Seek

The Practice Season 2 - Episode 11

Bobby and Lindsay second-chair Bobby's old mentor, Raymond Oz, when Oz fears he's losing his memory. Eugene struggles with his conscience when he defends a man on trial for raping and murdering two boys. Jimmy's fantasies come true when a childhood sex symbol seeks his legal counsel.

star 8.08
161 votes
Help Wanted

#10 - Help Wanted

Chasing Life Season 1 - Episode 2

As April learns more about her cancer and prospective treatment, she is determined not to let it affect her progress at work. A new assignment to profile gubernatorial candidate Bruce Hendrie leads to an unexpected run-in with his son, Leo. April also makes a startling discovery about her family. Meanwhile, Sara makes progress with her online dating but struggles with solo parenting when she learns Brenna lied about her “extra-curricular” activities.

star 8.04
162 votes
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Departure of Summer

#11 - Departure of Summer

Switched at Birth Season 2 - Episode 21

John and Kathryn contemplate telling Toby their true feelings about his decision to marry. Daphne must own up to her mistakes while Bay works on a plan to continue her relationship with Ty while he is overseas. Meanwhile, Angelo finds himself in over his head.

star 7.96
285 votes
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Street Noises Invade the House

#12 - Street Noises Invade the House

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 30

The Kennish and Vasquez families are starting to fall apart. Daphne and Jeff's relationship is exposed, causing them major problems. Bay and Zarra take off without telling anyone. Meanwhile, the trial reaches a shocking conclusion.

star 7.94
394 votes
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#13 - Maternis

Stitchers Season 3 - Episode 10

In the summer finale, all your burning questions will be answered when Kirsten’s father Daniel Stinger shows up and Kirsten must perform the most important stitch of her life.

star 7.89
861 votes
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#14 - Pilot

Dawson's Creek Season 1 - Episode 1

Film-buff Dawson finds his best friend, Joey, growing jealous of his attraction to a neighbor's granddaughter. Meanwhile, pal Pacey falls in love with a mystery woman, who is really a teacher at Capeside.

star 7.84
367 votes
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Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows

#15 - Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows

Switched at Birth Season 3 - Episode 11

Bay sets out to find out The Real Story behind Emmett's girlfriend. Daphne questions her ability to volunteer at the clinic when she runs into someone from her past. Feeling guilty about her actions, Regina takes a chance at work. Meanwhile, Kathryn is shocked to discover that her book has been leaked ahead of publication.

star 7.79
237 votes
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He Did What He Wanted

#16 - He Did What He Wanted

Switched at Birth Season 2 - Episode 14

Angelo becomes a member of the country club. Meanwhile, Regina begins a new job; Kathryn's position as a senator's wife leads her to have an awkward encounter; Daphne is unsure about Jace's feelings; and Bay uncovers new info about Ty and Mary Beth.

star 7.78
333 votes
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This Is the Color of My Dreams

#17 - This Is the Color of My Dreams

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 23

Bay returns from a trip abroad with a new boyfriend, but she must face issues from her past concerning Emmett and Angelo. Meanwhile, Daphne seeks employment help from Kathryn; and Regina impulsively makes a big decision.

star 7.77
453 votes
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The Rescue (2)

#18 - The Rescue (2)

Wildfire Season 1 - Episode 2

Kris is a girl with a troubled past who gets a second chance when she goes to work at a horse farm. But being an outsider in a high-stakes world isn't easy. Her only friend is a horse named Wildfire. But when he's threatened she makes a decision that will affect both their lives forever.

star 7.77
105 votes
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And It Cannot Be Changed

#19 - And It Cannot Be Changed

Switched at Birth Season 4 - Episode 1

The family and Emmett discover Bay's impulsive decision to take the blame for Daphne, and no one is happy about it. Meanwhile, Daphne is determined to prove herself worthy of her switchster's sacrifice while also dealing with the challenges of starting college.

star 7.73
224 votes
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Insane in the P-Brane

#20 - Insane in the P-Brane

Eureka Season 3 - Episode 11

Tess Fontana (Jaime Ray Newman) shakes things up in Carter’s world when she’s brought in by Allison to re-open Section Five.

star 7.72
3209 votes
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#21 - 2.0

Stitchers Season 2 - Episode 1

Kirsten successfully revives Cameron, but finds that stitching into a live consciousness is now causing her to experience real emotions for the first time.

star 7.72
1246 votes
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#22 - Duplicity

Smallville Season 2 - Episode 3

Pete finds Clark's spaceship, forcing Clark to reveal his secret to his best friend. Dr. Hamilton is plagued by kryptonite-fueled illness and focuses on Pete. Meanwhile, Lana has to deal with Nell and her plans to remarry while Lex and Lionel adjust to life together.

star 7.67
975 votes
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Wildfire (1)

#23 - Wildfire (1)

Wildfire Season 1 - Episode 1

Raintree is a thoroughbred horse-farm. Pete, its owner, left the Ritter family and serious debt, but Jean Ritter is determined to keep it in the family, rather then sell control to the wealthy and well-connected Ken Davis. Her invaluable horse trainer, Pablo Betart, who once has a record too, convinces her to hire a new ranch hand- it's Kris(ten) Furillo, who needs the job to convince the judge to end her detention term for car theft and resisting arrest. Her horse-skills impress everyone, from old Henry and young but extremely astute Todd Ritter to the young men on the ranch, good friends Todd Ritter and Kenny 'Junior' Davis. After their best horse comes only fourth is a high-prized race, Jean doubts whether she can hold out financially

star 7.66
151 votes
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Drive in the Knife

#24 - Drive in the Knife

Switched at Birth Season 2 - Episode 7

Daphne and Travis have a falling out that sets off a series of events that neither of them saw coming. Bay and Noah's relationship blossoms, but Emmett won't give up without a fight. Meanwhile, Toby meets a new girl at his father's campaign headquarters. Zoey Deutch guest stars as Elisa, a volunteer with a secret agenda.

star 7.64
360 votes
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The Declaration of Independence

#25 - The Declaration of Independence

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 27

Bay and Zarra search for a tagger who's been painting over their street art. Meanwhile, Daphne gets mixed signals from Chef Jeff.

star 7.63
445 votes
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Talk Derby to Me

#26 - Talk Derby to Me

Psych Season 3 - Episode 7

A surveillance tape from the latest robbery in a string of break-ins leads Shawn to believe that women are the culprits. He further narrows the suspects down to a local roller derby team and suggests that in order to pinpoint the people responsible, Juliet needs to go undercover as a member of their team.

star 7.61
1208 votes
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Hiroshima, Mon Frere

#27 - Hiroshima, Mon Frere

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 8

Kevin and Paul settle on doing a hamster/maze experiment for science class, but Wayne threatens to put a stop to it.

star 7.58
205 votes
Heart of Darkness

#28 - Heart of Darkness

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 1

Winnie starts hanging around the cool kids because she is now dating Kirk McCray.

star 7.57
326 votes
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The Door to Freedom

#29 - The Door to Freedom

Switched at Birth Season 2 - Episode 1

In the second-season opener, a newly wealthy Angelo buys expensive presents for everyone. Meanwhile, John and Kathryn contemplate entering the political arena; Bay faces cheating accusations; and Daphne lands in hot water because of Jeff.

star 7.55
436 votes
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#30 - Upgrade

Jake 2.0 Season 1 - Episode 16

Jake is assigned to protect Dr. Nanda Sang--a Nobel prize winning activist and diplomat--from the Junshi clan of assassins. However, for a man of peace, the Ghandi of East Asia isn't quite what they're expecting. Particularly Diane, who sees him as a hero. Meanwhile, Warner pays DuMont a visit.

star 7.55
49 votes
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Walk Out

#31 - Walk Out

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 10

Kevin and other students on the student council try to organize a walk out to protest America's involvement in Vietnam. Mr. Diperna threatens to mark it down on their permanent records if they do it.

star 7.53
228 votes
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#32 - Trust

Wildfire Season 1 - Episode 3

Kris returns to the Ritter ranch after being released from juvenile detention a second time. Later, Dani gets jealous when Matt pursues Kris, and she tries to get Kris in trouble with the law by tipping off a policeman about an illegal drag race that Kris is involved in.

star 7.53
108 votes
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Starry Night

#33 - Starry Night

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 11

Kathryn finds a nurse who may have known that Bay and Daphne were switched. Bay crashes a festival where Guitar Face (Toby, Wilke, and Emmett) is playing because she hears that Daphne is there; Emmett doesn't want a jealous girlfriend. Bay's friend and Wilke's ex-girlfriend Simone flirts with Toby.

star 7.52
589 votes
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#34 - Knightfall

Once Upon a Time (2011) Season 7 - Episode 13

Rogers strikes a deal with Eloise despite Tilly’s fair warning. Ivy struggles to find herself after Victoria’s death. Hook confronts Captain Ahab over a legendary magical talisman which can free Alice, only to learn that his quest may have unintended consequences.

star 7.52
687 votes
Expulsion From the Garden of Eden

#35 - Expulsion From the Garden of Eden

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 15

Angelo attends a dinner at the Kennishs' home; Emmett goes to live with his father where a nervous Bay prepares to meet Emmett's father and is high on nerves due to her disastrous relationship with Melody. Meanwhile, Wilke has some shocking news for Daphne and a woman who has a history with John shows up. Also during one of the aired commercials it is shown that Bay and Emmett might take their relationship to the physical level. It shows Emmett asking if Bay wants to quote "stay over, stay over."

star 7.51
508 votes
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#36 - Dance

Dawson's Creek Season 1 - Episode 2

Dawson casts Jen as the new leading lady in his film, but creates a messy off-camera scene during her date at the school dance. Meanwhile, Joey confronts Mrs. Leery about her liaisons; and Pacey gets under Tamara's skin with his public flirting.

star 7.51
248 votes
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I See You

#37 - I See You

Stitchers Season 1 - Episode 4

When Cameron's neighbor is killed, the Stitchers group works to determine if the bullet was really meant for Cameron. As they stakeout the location from Cameron's apartment, Kirsten finds that she enjoys the reconnaissance, maybe a little too much. Meanwhile, Cameron shares more details with Kirsten about Marta's disastrous stitch.

star 7.50
1211 votes
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Dance Amongst Daggers

#38 - Dance Amongst Daggers

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 4

Kathryn host the annual benefit for the school at the house and soon the newly mixed family become the subject of Mission Hills gossip. And things don't get better for them all personally when Kathryn becomes jealous of John's new friendship with Melody. Also, Regina accepts an invite for dinner with one of Kathryn's best-friends ex husbands and Bay becomes finds it hard to accept that Daphne has started hanging around with Liam.

star 7.49
542 votes
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When Darkness Falls

#39 - When Darkness Falls

Stitchers Season 1 - Episode 11

While Camille preps for her annual Halloween bash, the Stitchers team investigates the suicide of a young man, who may have abducted a missing college student. The stitch leaves Kirsten spooked, and she begins to worry she's being haunted by him as they race to find the missing girl.

star 7.47
853 votes
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The Shock of Being Seen

#40 - The Shock of Being Seen

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 25

Daphne feels like she's a minute away from being fired after she causes a major accident at the restaurant. But things take a turn when her new boss, handsome Chef Jeff, asks her to stay late one night. Meanwhile, Bay uses Angelo as her excuse to get around John's rules. And Kathryn is upset when Regina gets all of the attention in her interview for the new book.

star 7.47
438 votes
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#41 - Christmas

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 3

Kevin and his brother try to convince their Dad to buy a color television. Kevin tries to find a present for Winnie after she unexpectedly gives him a present.

star 7.46
247 votes
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#42 - Pilot

Chasing Life Season 1 - Episode 1

In the series premiere of this drama about an ambitious reporter who won't give up on her dreams, April gets a chance to impress her boss and her office romance begins to prosper, and then she receives unexpected news: She's been diagnosed with cancer.

star 7.46
257 votes
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#43 - Loosiers

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 9

Paul likes to play basketball, but he's really bad at it. Kevin doesn't like to see his best friend humiliated during Physical Education class.

star 7.42
207 votes
Identity Crisis

#44 - Identity Crisis

The Gates Season 1 - Episode 9

An FBI agent searches for a criminal who may have taken refuge in The Gates; Andie grows weaker by the day; Charlie finds himself with an unexpected new crush; Dylan and Claire struggle to repair their bond.

star 7.41
819 votes
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#45 - Discovery

Dawson's Creek Season 1 - Episode 4

Dawson turns to Jen after learning of his mom's affair, and Joey's knowledge of it. But he regrets doing so when she tells him some of her problems; meanwhile Pacey and Tamara continue to tempt fate with their fling.

star 7.39
185 votes
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This Is Not a Pipe

#46 - This Is Not a Pipe

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 1

Bay Kennish discovers during a biology class that she has a rare blood type which is different from her parents. Intrigued by her new discovery, Bay convinces her parents, Kathryn and John, to visit a genetic testing facility where it’s confirmed that Bay is not their biological daughter. There was a mix up at the hospital and both families took home the wrong babies. Days later, the Kennishes are introduced to their biological daughter Daphne and her mother Regina Vasquez. The Kennishes are surprised to see that Daphne is deaf. John and Kathryn immediately research ways to help Daphne and suggest the possibility of Daphne attending Bay’s private school, which doesn’t sit well with Bay. Regina is against Daphne attending the school but agrees to move her family into the Kennish house to deal with their new family situation.

star 7.37
927 votes
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Where's Marty

#47 - Where's Marty

Make it or Break it Season 1 - Episode 2

The exit of Coach Marty and one of "The Rock's" top guns, Lauren, causes chaos at the gym. Prompting Payson, Kaylie and Emily (with Becca in tow) to head for Denver with a plan to confront them about their defection. All of this happens at the same time as the Cruz's (Ronnie and Alex) invite everyone to the mansion for a meeting. Meanwhile, Lauren is less than pleased at the cool greeting she receives at the new gym. And shocked by the discovery that she makes concerning her father and his 'Personal Assistant', Summer.

star 7.37
182 votes
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American Gothic

#48 - American Gothic

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 2

The Kennish family invites Regina, Daphne and Adrianna over to breakfast, but since they’re in the middle of unpacking their new home, only Daphne goes. She is quickly overwhelmed with how fast they speak and has difficulty understanding. Meanwhile, Kathryn suggests Daphne and her family come to their weekly grill night, but she and John are secretly upset when Daphne gets a ride to school on Emmett’s motorcycle. John and Kathryn see their attorney about filing a lawsuit against the hospital. And Regina tells Bay about her time in AA and that alcoholism runs in their family. Kathryn and John talk to Regina about joining the lawsuit and also how they don’t like Daphne riding on a motorcycle. The three adults all get into a big fight about their parenting styles at grill night. Later, Kathryn, John and Regina all agree they can’t control each other’s parenting styles. Then Regina tells the Kennishes she’s not interested in pursuing a lawsuit. Bay escapes the madness to hang out with Ty, while Daphne escapes to hang out with Liam. While together, Liam and Daphne run into Liam’s friends who make fun of Daphne’s disability – and Liam does not stick up for her.

star 7.37
729 votes
Steady as She Goes

#49 - Steady as She Goes

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 4

Kevin continues to pine for Winnie, but is becoming frustrated with being alone - especially as Paul has Carla. Even though he's just looking for someone to make Winnie jealous, he ends up boyfriend to Becky Slater.

star 7.35
276 votes

#50 - Baby

Dawson's Creek Season 1 - Episode 6

Capeside is abuzz with rumors of a teacher's indiscretion, rumors that prove fateful for Pacey and Tamera. Meanwhile, Joey and Jen get a life lesson when Bessie is aided by an unlikely source when she gives birth in Dawson's living room.

star 7.32
155 votes
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Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear

#51 - Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 13

As Angelo makes Regina a business offer, Daphne finally confronts him about the reason he left. Meanwhile, Melody's opinion of Bay and Emmett's relationship doesn't improve when he gets in trouble. And the Kennish's entire case against the hospital is put in jeopardy when they learn some new disheartening information about their lawyer.

star 7.29
554 votes
Skipping School

#52 - Skipping School

Summerland Season 1 - Episode 9

Ava begins to thinks that it might be in Nikki's best interest to skip her last year of junior high and go straight to high school, but Nikki does not think that it is in her best interest. Sarah invites Bradin to run away with her to Mexico, but he soon discovers that she's actually attempting to get out of going away to a strict boarding school. Also Erika's estranged mother shows up unannounced and attempts to get Erika to leave Jay and Playa Linda to come home to live with her.

star 7.29
7 votes

#53 - Fate

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 12

When Kevin confronts the school bully, he's driven by his love for Winnie.

star 7.28
196 votes
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#54 - Mothers

Wildfire Season 1 - Episode 4

Kris's mom shows up at the ranch wanting her to come back home. Jean's ring goes missing and Kris accuses her mom of it before she found out that Matt took it. And yet another Ritter develops a crush on Kris.

star 7.24
104 votes
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She Talks to Angels

#55 - She Talks to Angels

Dead of Summer Season 1 - Episode 10

In the first-season finale, the summer of 1989 at Camp Stillwater comes to a terrifying end. What was supposed to be a fun summer that the Camp Stillwater counselors would never forget quickly turned into a horrible experience they will be lucky to survive. As summer comes to a close, the centuries-old battle between good and evil at Lake Stillwater will be settled once and for all.

star 7.23
416 votes
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The Christening

#56 - The Christening

Felicity Season 3 - Episode 1

Javier tells Felicity that a friend is giving away his furniture before moving out of state. She goes to the man's apartment and falls in love with the place. She decides that it would be romantic to live there with Ben. Felicity rents the apartment before Ben has even returned to New York. He agrees to live with her, but discovers that the apartment is a ""hell hole"" with major plumbing and electrical problems and a roach infestation. Felicity is so excited that he cannot bear to tell her how he feels. Felicity grows wary of their downstairs neighbor, a beautiful dancer. She is furious when Ben reluctantly allows the woman to use their living room tub. Ben later apologizes and promises to try harder to make the arrangement work. Felicity reveals that she has given up the apartment, but they discuss plans to live together after graduation. Meghan takes Felicity's place in a student apartment with Elena, Julie and a new student. (""She's British. That's all we know."") Sean is asked to tur

star 7.17
52 votes
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Birthday Boy

#57 - Birthday Boy

The Wonder Years Season 2 - Episode 13

When Kevin's birthday party is scheduled for the same day as Paul's Bar Mitzvah, Kevin feels put out, but also becomes interested in family traditions.

star 7.10
191 votes