The Best Episodes Directed by Janice Cooke

Cinderella Story

#1 - Cinderella Story

Dawson's Creek Season 3 - Episode 17

Joey learns that there is someone else in A.J.'s life, Dawson tries to help his mother open the new restaurant.

star 8.49
163 votes
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The Second Time Around

#2 - The Second Time Around

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 - Episode 8

Carrie is delighted when she gets the chance to interview the CEO of Bongo Jeans – but the pressure is on when Larissa tells Carrie that this is her last chance to land a piece in Interview magazine. Mouse gets some news that drives an unexpected wedge between her and West, and Sebastian’s father delivers other news that could forever change Sebastian and Carrie’s relationship. Elsewhere, Walt finds a surprising father figure in Tom, and Maggie tries to muster the courage to tell her dad the truth about the last few months.

star 8.19
176 votes
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Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye

#3 - Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye

One Tree Hill Season 4 - Episode 8

Derek tells Peyton to give Lucas a chance just as Brooke tries to make up with him. Rachel asks Haley to tutor her when she discovers she is failing a class. And Nathan has more trouble with Daunte.

star 8.16
399 votes
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Someday We'll All Be Free

#4 - Someday We'll All Be Free

Star Season 3 - Episode 5

Carlotta goes missing, suspicions about Olivia rise as she continues to pursue a friendship with Alex to cope with the loss of her sister. Maurice and Mateo settle on an agreement that tests Noah's loyalty. Miss Bruce and Bobby connect over their similar pasts and Noah, Simone, and Star try to keep Carlotta's Music Festival afloat in her absence.

star 8.05
130 votes
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#5 -

Step Up: High Water Season 1 - Episode 5

Sage’s troubles start trending, and Dondre discovers Janelle’s been keeping a secret from him.

star 8.01
104 votes
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Let's Hurt Him

#6 - Let's Hurt Him

How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 - Episode 12

Annalise is forced to fight for her life. Gabriel approaches Michaela, Connor and Oliver with a theory about Sam’s murder. Frank and Bonnie have a heart-to-heart.

star 7.93
670 votes
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A Whole New Kind of Bitch

#7 - A Whole New Kind of Bitch

Ringer Season 1 - Episode 5

Gemma asks Bridget, who is still posing as Siobhan, to do her a favor that could cost Bridget everything. Henry is given some crushing news about his writing career, and Andrew has to deal with his tumultuous relationship with his teenage daughter Juliet. Bridget meets a potential new sponsor named Charlie at a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting, while Malcolm must face his demons when he is put in a position that could jeopardize his sobriety.

star 7.93
1277 votes
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Need to Know

#8 - Need to Know

Bluff City Law Season 1 - Episode 8

Emerson's mother, General Virginia Howe, arrives in town with a life-or-death case she wants Sydney and Elijah to take. Delia helps her son deal with her father's meddling behavior in the family business.

star 7.90
205 votes
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Better Off Dead

#9 - Better Off Dead

Medium Season 3 - Episode 9

Allison dreams about a strange friendship between two recently murdered ghosts. When she tries to help one of the ghosts solve his murder, she is surprised when he declines her help.

star 7.87
327 votes
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Poor Wandering One

#10 - Poor Wandering One

Station 19 Season 3 - Episode 9

When an Army veteran threatens to blow up a pawn shop, Sullivan reflects on his time as a Marine to deescalate the situation. Meanwhile, Vic and Dean try to reason with a man battling Alzheimer’s disease; and Pruitt takes a stand to honor fallen firefighters.

star 7.84
445 votes
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You've Got Yale

#11 - You've Got Yale

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 16

The students are stressed out as they find out who was accepted for early admission to Yale. Chuck finds an unlikely ally in his feud with Jack.

star 7.83
923 votes
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Blood Magic

#12 - Blood Magic

Grimm Season 6 - Episode 10

After a series of brutal and deadly attacks, Nick and Hank find an unlikely lead in a local nursing home. Meanwhile, Eve goes to Adalind to get answers that only a Hexenbiest can provide. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard confronts Nick about the mysterious symbols and tries to strike a deal.

star 7.82
3425 votes
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Chapter Seven

#13 - Chapter Seven

Jane the Virgin Season 1 - Episode 7

Jane decides the best thing for her is to stay away from Rafael, but when her friends insist on taking her to the hot new club that he owns, she finds it hard to avoid him. Elsewhere, Xo and Rogelio each have dinner plans, so Rogelio suggests they have a double date, but the evening doesn’t work out as planned. Petra is once again scheming to make Rafael’s life more difficult.

star 7.81
758 votes
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All About My Brother

#14 - All About My Brother

Gossip Girl Season 1 - Episode 16

Georgina informs Serena that she is prepared to reveal a secret from Serena's past. Blair and Jenny's power struggle continues when each of them start spreading scandalous rumors about each other on Gossip Girl.

star 7.81
1056 votes
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Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

#15 - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

One Tree Hill Season 4 - Episode 14

Haley confronts Brooke regarding the stolen calculus test. Lucas and Peyton consider taking their relationship to the next level as Peyton and Brooke grow closer. In Deb's absence, Nathan throws a senior party at the Scott House where a sex tape from Nathan's past surfaces.

star 7.79
418 votes
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Last Dance

#16 - Last Dance

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 - Episode 9

It is prom time at Rosewood High School, except for Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer who have been banned due to "security" concerns. As the girls see this as the final humiliating blow to their high school careers, the girls' mothers try to make the best of a bad situation by offering a home prom in Spencer's barn. At first reluctant, the PLLs agree and try to make the best out of a bad situation. But one to never miss a formal, Charles has other plans in store to make this a night they will never forget. Meanwhile, Veronica, Pam, Ashley and Ella use prom night to touch base on everything that has happened to their daughters.

star 7.79
931 votes
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It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

#17 - It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

Ringer Season 1 - Episode 21

Andrew catches Catherine trying to fake Bridget's suicide, so she holds them both hostage along with Juliet. Running out of options, Catherine calls Olivia, who is revealed to be her lover. Olivia tells Catherine to bring Bridget to her house, so they can run away together. When Catherine and Bridget arrive, Agent Machado arrests Catherine, having heard the conversation at the apartment after Bridget secretly calls him. Meanwhile, the main witness against Henry dies of a drug overdose and Siobhan gives birth to twin girls. Henry asks the nurse for a paternity test, showing his doubts about Siobhan.

star 7.79
848 votes
Vaya Con Leos

#18 - Vaya Con Leos

Charmed Season 8 - Episode 10

The Angel of Death returns to visit the Charmed Ones but they're shocked to learn that he's there for Leo. To try to stop him from taking Leo, Piper casts a spell that backfires, making every man a Leo lookalike, forcing Piper to take drastic measures and ask the Elders and the Avatars for help. Meanwhile, Billie continues her search for the truth behind her sister's disappearance.

star 7.75
383 votes
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#19 - Armageddon

L.A.'s Finest Season 1 - Episode 12

As Syd and McKenna finally close in on Gabriel Knox, a shocking revelation makes their fight more personal than ever before.

star 7.74
331 votes
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#20 - Azonto

Step Up: High Water Season 2 - Episode 8

With Rigo's song about her going viral, Poppy is left with no choice but to respond. Collette takes full control of the tour while Sage is away. Davis helps Uncle Al outside of work.

star 7.74
23 votes
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Like a Sheep Among Wolves

#21 - Like a Sheep Among Wolves

Containment Season 1 - Episode 5

Lex and Dr. Lommers butt heads over how to pull off a food drop within the cordon; a group of thugs rattles Jake as he tries to control a desperate crowd; noticing the timeline leading up to the outbreak doesn't make sense, Katie looks for answers.

star 7.73
1730 votes
Doubt of Africa

#22 - Doubt of Africa

Royal Pains Season 8 - Episode 4

Hank works his first shift at the emergency room in years. Jeremiah bonds with his patient. Divya worries about Lena.

star 7.73
420 votes
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The Dark Night

#23 - The Dark Night

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 3

Blair and Chuck question the lack of passion in their relationships. Nate struggles with his feelings for Vanessa and his relationship with Catherine. Serena and Dan are forced to confront their issues.

star 7.70
925 votes
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#24 - SHTF

Animal Kingdom (2016) Season 4 - Episode 9

J faces the consequences of his missteps with Mia. Pope worries about Smurf's disappearance, while Smurf visits someone from her past. Craig grows frustrated with Deran's secrecy after Deran recruits him for a dangerous assignment.

star 7.70
664 votes
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The One That Got Away

#25 - The One That Got Away

Stitchers Season 2 - Episode 3

When Fisher's mentor turns up dead, Kirsten's stitch reveals the officer was murdered by a serial killer she's been chasing for years. The Stitchers team picks up the detective's leads in an effort to finally bring the suspect to justice, but danger arrives in an unexpected form when Cameron is trapped with the killer. Camille's rebellious older brother Theo arrives in town with a whole lot of trouble. Meanwhile, Cameron is finally honest with Kirsten about his feelings for her.

star 7.69
1166 votes
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Family Business

#26 - Family Business

Animal Kingdom (2016) Season 5 - Episode 5

As Deran and J compete for control of the family, Pamela presents the Codys with a risky proposition. Pope processes an additional loss by exploding in violence and Craig does business with Frankie.

star 7.68
374 votes
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It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

#27 - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

One Tree Hill Season 5 - Episode 4

Peyton wants Haley to work with Jason on his music but he refuses to. Mouth is involved in a relationship with his boss and age is a factor in it. As the opening of Clothes over Bros approaches, Brooke finds herself in a few problems. Nathan takes strides to help Quentin.

star 7.65
380 votes
The Guilty Girl's Handbook

#28 - The Guilty Girl's Handbook

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 - Episode 8

Hanna comes up with a desperate plan to save her mother from a conviction and turns to the only person she thinks can help — Mona. Caleb tries to convince her Mona can’t be trusted, causing Mona to prove her loyalty in the most unexpected way. And Spencer returns to an old haunt to investigate new evidence relating to Wilden and his surprising ties to another mysterious death. Meanwhile, “A’s” recent machinations take their toll on Emily and her mom, driving Emily to reconnect with her old boss Zoe to look for an escape. And Aria relies on Jake to help her understand Mike’s new attitude, leaving them both confused about the nature of their relationship.

star 7.64
954 votes
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A Bigger Boat

#29 - A Bigger Boat

Royal Pains Season 6 - Episode 12

Hank treats Cinco when his sore wrist turns out to be more complicated than a simple sprain. Evan and Paige help Emma set a trap to catch Oz. Divya and Jeremiah treat a boat-builder who resents being left behind when his business partner takes a job sailing around the world. Hank helps Charlotte adjust to regaining her vision but the learning curve is steeper than either of them anticipated. Meanwhile, Boris takes a major step towards expanding his foundation.

star 7.64
312 votes
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The Great Unknown

#30 - The Great Unknown

The Carrie Diaries Season 1 - Episode 9

When Dorrit goes missing under Carrie's watch, Carrie lashes out at Sebastian, the one person who can help her find Dorrit. Mouse butts heads with West, a popular jock who, much to her chagrin, stole her spot as number one in the class. Walt surprises himself when he confides in someone completely unexpected. Meanwhile, Tom finds himself in uncharted territory when it comes to women and turns to Larissa for advice.

star 7.64
280 votes
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Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

#31 - Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

90210 Season 2 - Episode 3

Annie is humiliated that the entire school received her sext message and is on a mission to reveal Naomi as the sender of the revealing photo. Harry and Debbie attempt to discuss Annie's situation but the conversation only causes more tension, leading Harry to open up to Kelly about his family problems. Dixon meets his dream girl, Sasha and sparks immediately begin to fly, though he fails to reveal his true age. Silver continues to get over Dixon while Adrianna and Navid deal with Teddy's presence in their life. Liam, fed up with the lies between Naomi and Annie, retreats to his garage to work on a mysterious project. The gang joins Teddy on his father’s yacht for an afternoon of ocean-filled drama

star 7.64
465 votes
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#32 - Corkscrew

MacGyver (2016) Season 1 - Episode 8

When MacGyver comes face to face with Murdoc, an international assassin hired to kill him, Mac must defend both himself and Bozer, armed with only a corkscrew and paper towel rolls. Also, Bozer feels completely betrayed when he finally learns Mac’s true identity.

star 7.64
1771 votes
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Here You Come Again

#33 - Here You Come Again

Hart of Dixie Season 3 - Episode 14

When Zoe's mom takes her on as a client, Zoe is secretly thrilled that she will finally get her mother’s undivided attention. Brick is surprised to hear that Lemon is returning to town soon, so he enlists Lavon’s help to throw a welcome home party for her. However, her return hits an unexpected snag and she is forced to turn to Wade for help. Meanwhile, George is roped into helping Magnolia.

star 7.63
940 votes
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Thrown from the Ride

#34 - Thrown from the Ride

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 - Episode 4

With Ali now back in Rosewood, she attempts to regain the role of leader of the group, but she finds her four friends are not as willing to blindly follow her every whim as they once were. Besides feeling the pressure from Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are also feeling under the microscope at school with the high school focusing their attention on the Liars. While most kids are morbidly curious about what happened to Ali, some are more focused on planning for Ali’s return to school. Meanwhile, Aria’s depression continues to spiral, and she looks for comfort from an unlikely source.

star 7.63
845 votes
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Hell's Belles

#35 - Hell's Belles

Hart of Dixie Season 1 - Episode 11

When Zoe goes in search of some family history in Bluebell, she discovers that she is a legacy to the Bluebell Belles. Of course, once Lemon catches wind of the news, she makes it her sole mission in life to make sure Zoe doesn’t become an official Belle and puts her through a humiliating initiation. With the help of Wade, Lavon attempts to jump back into the dating scene, but he finds it difficult because Didi is telling everyone that he’s in love with her. Meanwhile, George devises a plan to stop a huge chainstore from building near Bluebell and as a result driving business away from the town.

star 7.61
1527 votes
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#36 - Shuffle

Step Up: High Water Season 1 - Episode 4

Janelle and Dondre can’t seem to hide their true feelings, while alliances at High Water are challenged.

star 7.59
44 votes
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Even Fairy Tale Characters Would be Jealous

#37 - Even Fairy Tale Characters Would be Jealous

One Tree Hill Season 6 - Episode 10

Tension arises backstage at Peyton's USO show as Lucas deals with Peyton and Julian's past. While Haley tries to find a way to ease her stage fright, Nathan grapples with a decision that could forever change his career. Meanwhile, Brooke receives a call that could end her relationship with Sam and Millicent confronts Mouth over Gigi.

star 7.59
403 votes
…My Lovely

#38 - …My Lovely

L.A.'s Finest Season 1 - Episode 6

With Dante back in her life, it’s impossible for McKenna to keep hiding the truth about her mother’s death from Syd. At the same time, Syd is in a mess of her own as Arlo plots against those she loves. As if this isn’t enough on Syd and McKenna’s plate, our team continues its hunt for answers in the murder of the trans woman and her fiancé.

star 7.57
395 votes
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All About Appearances

#39 - All About Appearances

Privileged Season 1 - Episode 6

Megan's relationship issues with the opposite sex reach a new level when she realizes that Jacob is still interested in his ex-girlfriend and Charlie decides to put the brakes on their friendship. Meanwhile, Laurel is persuaded by Megan to include Sage and Rose in her marketing campaign.

star 7.56
45 votes
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#40 - Mother

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 - Episode 14

Alicia is held prisoner by Teddy. There, she reunites with old friends and must confront her past if she hopes to move on and escape.

star 7.56
945 votes
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The Wrath of Con

#41 - The Wrath of Con

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 23

Blair puts pressure on Georgina to help her in a scheme. The rivalry between Nate and Chuck reaches a boiling point. Lily makes a secret plan to help Rufus.

star 7.55
869 votes
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An Attempt to Tip the Scales

#42 - An Attempt to Tip the Scales

One Tree Hill Season 3 - Episode 4

It's Halloween in Tree Hill and everybody is celebrating at Tric, with special guest band Fall Out Boy. The masquerade ball gives the opportunity to Haley to win back Nathan while Brooke is trying to seduce Lucas. Also, Peyton decides to face her new mother and get to know her; Dan uses blackmail to become mayor but things don't turn out as easy as he thought they would when Deb gets in his way.

star 7.55
470 votes
The Stitcher in the Rye

#43 - The Stitcher in the Rye

Stitchers Season 1 - Episode 5

When the algorithm for the Stitchers program turns up among thousands of classified documents hidden by a conspiracy theorist, Kirsten starts to suspect her colleagues. Meanwhile, Kirsten starts getting cryptic messages from an unexpected source.

star 7.52
1180 votes
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Achy Breaky Hearts

#44 - Achy Breaky Hearts

Hart of Dixie Season 2 - Episode 8

Both Zoe and Lemon are having a difficult time accepting Lavon and Ruby’s new relationship, so they decide to find out Ruby’s true intentions. Wade agrees to supervise a Little Ranger’s camping trip to avoid a potentially awkward conversation with George. However, when George unexpectedly shows up on the trip, Wade has nowhere to hide, and their talk makes him see his relationship in a different light. Meanwhile, Brick wants to take the next step in his relationship with Emily, but is shocked about who is not on board with the plan.

star 7.49
1176 votes
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Land of the Noonday Sun

#45 - Land of the Noonday Sun

Manhunt Season 2 - Episode 5

The FBI search for Eric spins out of control as anti-government locals and Eric's family push back. Meanwhile, Richard must confront his inner demons as he prepares for a pivotal press conference.

star 7.45
216 votes
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The Unblairable Lightness of Being

#46 - The Unblairable Lightness of Being

Gossip Girl Season 3 - Episode 18

Chuck offers to throw a wedding for a very pregnant Dorota. Serena lies to Nate about who she has plans with. Rufus discovers that Lily has been lying to him about her whereabouts.

star 7.45
1163 votes

#47 - One-of-a-Kind

Instinct (2018) Season 2 - Episode 6

Dylan and Lizzie investigate when a street artist’s work is found with a victim’s body in the middle of it. Also, Ryan catches a suspect in the Sleeping Beauty Killer investigation and Dylan’s new book editor, Harry Kassabian, pays him a visit.

star 7.44
210 votes
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Army of God

#48 - Army of God

Manhunt Season 2 - Episode 6

Viewing him as a freedom fighter under siege, local militias rally around Eric and attack the FBI. As Embry continues to investigate, he learns that Eric is not who he claims to be.

star 7.43
220 votes
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The Way We Work

#49 - The Way We Work

Life Sentence Season 1 - Episode 10

Stella and Wes seek out relationship help. Meanwhile, Aiden gets some feedback on his business plan and Peter tries to focus on his future with Gina.

star 7.42
112 votes
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All Things Are Possible

#50 - All Things Are Possible

4400 Season 1 - Episode 2

As the 4400 become even more disenchanted with their accommodations, new rules have everyone on edge. Andre and LaDonna help Claudette push her new-found ability to new limits. Keisha and Jharrell explore a way to ease the tension for a small group of the returned and Shanice gets an unexpected visitor. Rev begins to believe he may be part of a higher calling.

star 7.40
282 votes
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I'm Moving On

#51 - I'm Moving On

Hart of Dixie Season 2 - Episode 21

Zoe's attempts at online dating hit a few snags until Rose and Max take matters into their own hands and play matchmaker. Faced with yet another set back with the Rammer Jammer, Lemon and Wade are close to throwing in the towel. George tries everything he can think of to prove to Tansy that they belong together, but she still has her doubts. Brick and Shelby decide that they might have acted too rashly, which forces them to make a difficult decision about their future together. Meanwhile, Lavon refuses AnnaBeth's help in stopping the feud with the competing town's Mayor, leaving her to take a different tact.

star 7.35
1177 votes
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#52 - Bombers

Cold Case Season 7 - Episode 13

The 1983 murder of a graffiti artist who died after spray paint was forced down his throat is investigated. Meanwhile, new details emerge about the person who mugged Valen's mother; and Lilly faces additional legal hurdles thrown her way by Moe.

star 7.29
355 votes
Deep Ocean Vast Sea

#53 - Deep Ocean Vast Sea

One Tree Hill Season 7 - Episode 6

Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) considers taking matters into her own hands as Nathan’s (James Lafferty) scandal threatens his endorsement deals. Julian (Austin Nichols) gives Alex (guest star Jana Kramer) another chance, and Brooke (Sophia Bush) reconnects with Chase (guest star Stephen Colletti). Millicent (Lisa Goldstein) questions whether she has what it takes to be a model. Meanwhile, Clay (Robert Buckley) lets Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) in on a big secret.

star 7.26
568 votes
Whores Don't Make That Much

#54 - Whores Don't Make That Much

Ringer Season 1 - Episode 14

Following her investigations from the last episode, Bridget takes Malcolm to Siobhan's secret office only to find it empty. Back in the Martin's apartment, Bridget gets a call that causes her to remember what drove her apart from her sister. Flashbacks from seven years ago reveal Siobhan's troubled relationship with Dylan, an ex-boyfriend who dumped her after she got pregnant, but after a few years wants to prove that he was a changed man. Bridget, who is babysitting Siobhan's son, Sean, allows Dylan to take Sean out just for one day despite Siobhan forbidding it. On their way home, Dylan asks Bridget if she can support him when he files to be Sean's legal guardian, and a car hits them in the middle of the road, killing Sean in the process. Back in the present day, Bridget, as Siobhan, forgives Dylan after understanding that what happened was an accident, and not necessarily their fault. In the meantime, after finding out that Henry has got the key to Siobhan's Safe deposit box, Malcolm, who's helping Bridget to find out who's chasing her, decides to keep an eye on Henry. Juliet's scheme takes a dark path when Tessa is brutally attacked after buying a car with Andrew's money, which causes Juliet to believe Mr. Carpenter did it. She then tells her father that she is willing to live with her mother in Miami for a "change of scenery." That leads to the revelation that Catherine was the one who had the idea for the scheme.

star 7.23
872 votes
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Past Is Prologue

#55 - Past Is Prologue

4400 Season 1 - Episode 1

Over the last century at least 4,400 who were overlooked, undervalued or otherwise marginalized vanished from the planet without a trace. One night, they were all inexplicably returned in an instant to Detroit, having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them. As the government races to understand the phenomenon, analyze the potential threat and contain the story, an empathetic social worker and a hardened community corrections officer, are among the civil servants called upon to deal with the uncanny refugees.

star 7.07
361 votes
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#56 - Homecoming

Close to Home Season 2 - Episode 6

Two football players are charged with a teammate's murder.

star 6.37
38 votes
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