The Best Episodes Directed by Patrick R. Norris

Pryor Knowledge

#1 - Pryor Knowledge

American Dreams Season 1 - Episode 4

Jack surprises Meg with the announcement that Jimmy stopped by the shop and asked to take her out and he is allowing her to go.Patty takes a liking to a new boy who is also a finalist in the spelling bee competetion.She listens in as Roxanne gives Meg some dating tips and takes one to heart,a little to much. Rebecca invites Helen and Jack on a double date with her and her economics-professor husband Leo. Meanwhile J.J. won't take Beth to a mixer, because he can't dance, that is until Meg teaches him. Jack can't stand Rebecca's out spoken boyfriend and wants to end the night early.Meg and Jimmy's first date goes from bad to worse, as she first talks on and on about cars and later accidently bloodies his nose. Beth tells J.J. she would rather go alone to the mixer.Not being able to reach her parents, Meg accepts an offer from Sam to walk her home, only to be stopped by the police. With the family looking on, Patty loses the spelling bee,only to be outed by Roxanne who knows she blew it o

star 8.57
6 votes

#2 - Destiny

Roswell Season 1 - Episode 22

After escaping from Pierce, the aliens save Nasedo. Michael accidentally kills Pierce. Nasedo, as the aliens' guardian takes Pierce's place to help the aliens. The aliens figure out how to use the devices and release a message from Max and Isabel's real mother. She says Max is their leader and Tess, his fiance and that Michael is Second in command and he is Isabel's fiance. After hearing all this Liz runs out.

star 8.56
252 votes
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Max to the Max

#3 - Max to the Max

Roswell Season 1 - Episode 20

Tess's book suggests that she and Max are predetermined mates, as are Michael and Isabel, who thinks she might be pregnant -- with Michael's baby. Meanwhile, Nasedo disguises himself as Max and kidnaps Liz as part of a plan to trap FBI agent Pierce.

star 8.50
253 votes
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A Roswell Christmas Carol

#4 - A Roswell Christmas Carol

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 10

Max witnesses a tragedy and is haunted by the ghost of a man he could have saved, leaving him overwhelmed with guilt and questioning his healing abilities. Isabel aka the Christmas Nazi (dubbed by Michael) tries to brighten up the holiday season and Tess tries to became a part of the Valenti family.

star 8.47
229 votes
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The Departure

#5 - The Departure

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 21

Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess struggle with goodbyes on what they believe to be their last night on Earth before they travel back to their home planet. In the final hours, Max frantically searches for the killer that is still out there and threatens the lives of everyone they love.

star 8.39
219 votes
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It's Too Late, and It's Too Bad

#6 - It's Too Late, and It's Too Bad

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 18

A startling breakthrough leads to a renewed connection for two of the gang. Differing reactions to a life shattering event creates tension among the gang, resulting in heartfelt revelations, hidden insecurities and thoughts of leaving Roswell. Meanwhile, Liz enlists Sean in her continuing quest for answers into the death of Alex.

star 8.28
220 votes
There's Something I Need to Tell You...

#7 - There's Something I Need to Tell You...

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 5

Kristina shares her health news with the family; Joel is nervous as Victor plays in his first baseball game; Sarah is caught in a tender moment with Hank.

star 8.28
461 votes
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The Gay-Straight Alliance

#8 - The Gay-Straight Alliance

Once and Again Season 3 - Episode 14

Grace pursues her teacher and Jessie develops an attraction for her friend Katie.

star 8.20
5 votes
Nipple Confusion

#9 - Nipple Confusion

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 3

Jasmine and Crosby struggle with the challenges of raising a baby; Julia and Joel are pushed into problematic directions; Sarah turns to Hank for help and comfort.

star 8.19
297 votes
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Off the Menu

#10 - Off the Menu

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 20

Brody Davis, his mind frazzled from an electric shock,holds several members of the gang hostage, when he begins to remember what happened when he was abducted, such as the New York City interstellar summit and the fact that Max is an alien. Max must use his healing abilities to fix Brody's mind so that he doesn't remember the alien mind that inhabits him. Tess must mindwarp Amy DeLuca into not remembering that Brody held them hostage.

star 8.18
219 votes
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Date Expectations

#11 - Date Expectations

Faking It (2014) Season 2 - Episode 7

Everyone has a date Saturday night.

star 8.15
265 votes
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The Ties That Bind

#12 - The Ties That Bind

The O.C. Season 1 - Episode 27

Summer is near and that means sun, surf and rejuvenation. Or to Ryan, Seth and Marissa, it may mean none of the above as each faces a critical crossroad. Just the same, Newport society rises to the occasion when Caleb and Julie do the "I do."

star 8.13
389 votes
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The Wrong Goodbye

#13 - The Wrong Goodbye

Gossip Girl Season 4 - Episode 22

Georgina Sparks turns up at the fundraiser looking for trouble. Serena and Vanessa reluctantly join forces to find Dan and Charlie. Blair must make a choice between the men in her life when her life is in danger.

star 8.12
991 votes
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#14 - Psychodrama

Chicago Hope Season 4 - Episode 14

Watters is confined to a wheelchair after a basketball injury and witnesses a murder. Austin receives a bird from Danny, the electrician she's been dating, which causes havoc in the hospital. Diane believes she has found her birthmother.

star 8.11
9 votes
The Heights

#15 - The Heights

The O.C. Season 1 - Episode 9

Calculus. AP Enlgish. History. The ways of the human heart. Not everything learned at Harbor High is on the schedule of classes. The Cohen casa is a house divided when Sandy takes an environmental case against Kirsten's father.

star 8.07
441 votes
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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

#16 - In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 4

Kristina's campaign challenges Adam's comfort zone; Sarah and Amber try to talk about the wedding; Drew works to get closer to Natalie; Zeek gets the opportunity to provide teaching moments to his grandchildren; Crosby deals with a difficult star.

star 8.04
314 votes
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Nobody's Perfect

#17 - Nobody's Perfect

Army Wives Season 1 - Episode 9

Joan finally comes back to the post and to Roland but Roland's guilt over his affair with a reporter begins to effect the future of his marriage. Frank's homecoming from having his unit shot down is put in further turmoil by Denise's job. Michael is about to have a career change. Meanwhile, Roxy tries to learn more about Trevor and Pamela finds out she loves her husband.

star 8.01
175 votes
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Bridge over Troubled Watters

#18 - Bridge over Troubled Watters

Chicago Hope Season 4 - Episode 21

Dr. Watters' son is found dead in his apartment and Phillip must except the fact that he committed suicide. Dr. Austin brings her daughter to the hospital and she becomes fascinated with the blood and guts aspects of her mother's work. Dr. Catera becomes uncomfortable with Dr. McNeil's romantic pursuits, until she watches one of her patients (who is in much the same situation.)

star 8.00
8 votes
Return of the Owl

#19 - Return of the Owl

V.I.P. Season 2 - Episode 1

Tasha goes to meet a man but he shows up dead. She checks his pockets and finds a microchip in a little plastic bag. Kay cracks it open to discover that it's in Russian. According to Tasha it's a list of Tregoran sleeper spies. Tregoran was a scientist who would brainwash ordinary people and turn them into unwilling assassins who could be activated by a codeword or phrase. Tasha then goes to a museum to meet up with her ex-husband, a man known only as The Owl, to see if he can help her. As they leave two men attack them but are soon defeated. Val, Nikki and Quick show up and Tasha informs them that she's on the list of Tregoran sleeper spies. They decide to take Tasha off active duty because the wrong word or phrase can set her off. They have to monitor her every move. A man calls to meet with Tasha but they decide to send Val undercover posing as Tasha to meet with them. The men tell Val the codeword thinking it will set her off but since she isn't Tasha it doesn't. Her cover being bl

star 8.00
4 votes
Big Top Val

#20 - Big Top Val

V.I.P. Season 2 - Episode 2

V.I.P. are hired to baby-sit a millionaire's daughter. They take her to the circus where they run into trouble when they run into two guys from Nikki's past. Tommy Wipp and Tino Scarlatti had faked their deaths after ratting out Don Franco to the feds now they're back and selling guns.

star 8.00
4 votes
Max in the City

#21 - Max in the City

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 9

Max and Tess depart for the interstellar summit in New York City with Rath and Lonnie, Michael and Isabel's duplicates, who both harbor a secret agenda for their future king and an alliance with Nicholas, the Skin. Ava reveals to Liz that Rath & Lonnie murdered Zan. Tess is kidnapped by the dupes after Max learns of their true intentions. When Max finally finds Tess she reveals that they tried to read her mind to find the Granolith but she resisted. She then says that they're gone but did they die or are they still out there? Ava says goodbye to Liz and leaves Roswell.

star 8.00
229 votes
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'Faith' Is a Fine Invention

#22 - 'Faith' Is a Fine Invention

Dickinson Season 1 - Episode 9

During a solar eclipse, Emily confronts the Shadow of Death in her home.

star 7.96
178 votes
Chuck Versus the Cougars

#23 - Chuck Versus the Cougars

Chuck Season 2 - Episode 4

Chuck goes undercover at Sarah's 10-year High School reunion, where they meet the girl that tortured Sarah back in the old days.

star 7.96
3558 votes
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#24 - Kingdom

Friday Night Lights Season 5 - Episode 5

Coach discusses recruitment regulations. The Lions take a road trip. East Dillon's four stars make a pact. Julie's relationship becomes more complicated.

star 7.95
578 votes
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Touch and Go

#25 - Touch and Go

Pure Genius Season 1 - Episode 11

James and Zoe work to help a teenage girl with a rare skin blistering disorder, employing radical treatments to heal her skin in time for her to attend her school prom. Also, as Louis Keating’s GSS condition gets worse, James is tempted to use his experimental cure to save him. And Malik is jealous over the special connection between James and Zoe, while Zoe awkwardly meets James’ new crush, Nina.

star 7.95
971 votes
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Chuck Versus the Alma Mater

#26 - Chuck Versus the Alma Mater

Chuck Season 1 - Episode 7

Returning to Stanford, the University that expelled him, Chuck has to help a former professor who is a government agent being hunted for a sensitive top-secret file he has in his possession. At the same time, Chuck learns much about himself and about the death of his friend Bryce Larkin.

star 7.94
3881 votes
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Summer of '47

#27 - Summer of '47

Roswell Season 2 - Episode 4

Michael discovers the hidden history behind the 1947 crash when interviewing a World War II survivor for a school project. The story unfolds with familiar faces portraying people in 1947.

star 7.94
238 votes
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The Serena Also Rises

#28 - The Serena Also Rises

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 5

In the midst of Fashion Week, a furious Blair decides to sabotage her mother's show. Meanwhile, Dan starts hanging out with Chuck.

star 7.94
928 votes
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The Waiting Room

#29 - The Waiting Room

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 3

Camille and the kids anxiously await news about Zeek. Julia confronts Joel about their relationship status. Amber decides to face her future and Drew supports her. Sarah tries to bond with Ruby and finds herself in a sticky blended family situation. When the Luncheonette gets some unfortunate news, work pressures mount atop all the family stress, and Adam is in worst-case-scenario mode. Emotionally wracked Crosby seeks an escape.

star 7.94
253 votes
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#30 - Neverland

Dawson's Creek Season 3 - Episode 18

As Pacey prepares to tell Dawson about her feelings for Joey, she tries to avoid another kiss.

star 7.93
190 votes
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The Night Moves

#31 - The Night Moves

The O.C. Season 4 - Episode 15

Everything's okay. As okay as anything can be after a major earthquake. Now come coping, staying calm, helping...and somehow getting Ryan to the hospital before he bleeds to death.

star 7.92
332 votes
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I Am Jenna Hamilton

#32 - I Am Jenna Hamilton

Awkward Season 1 - Episode 11

As the night of winter formal approaches, someone shares the carefrontation letter with the whole student body, and Jenna must make a difficult decision.

star 7.90
1017 votes
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I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain

#33 - I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain

Dickinson Season 1 - Episode 10

Emily's relationships are challenged as she moves into a new chapter of life.

star 7.90
186 votes
Tomorrow Never Comes

#34 - Tomorrow Never Comes

Nashville (2012) Season 2 - Episode 10

Juliette is the main act at Teddy’s first annual Music City Festival, but the blowback by the fans and press over the Wentworths throws her for a loop and drags down the event. She demands that Glenn find out who leaked career-killing gossip to the tabloids so she can get ahead of the bad press by calling them out. Rayna is determined to buy herself out of her Edgehill contract once and for all, even though Tandy and Luke counsel otherwise. Should she risk all her assets on Highway 65? Deacon and Gunnar find themselves marginalized at the Festival and team up to to put on an unauthorized show, and Scarlett is freezing out Zoey and Gunnar but drawing closer to Avery.

star 7.88
528 votes
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Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

#35 - Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Chuck Season 3 - Episode 10

Casey carries out a side mission for his old commanding officer James Keller that leads to him committing treason. When Chuck learns the dark truth about Col. Keller, he and Sarah set out to break Casey out of jail and clear his name. Meanwhile, Awesome's plan to keep Ellie out of danger gets more difficult when she gets her dream fellowship.

star 7.86
4424 votes
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The Art of Separation

#36 - The Art of Separation

Army Wives Season 1 - Episode 3

Trevor wants to adopt Roxy's sons but her ex refuses to sign the papers. Pamela decides to reveal the truth about the babies' birth and Denise has had enough with Jeremy's violent outbursts.

star 7.86
198 votes
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Hi, Society

#37 - Hi, Society

Gossip Girl Season 1 - Episode 10

Serena's grandmother announces that Serena must go to Debutante Ball. A jealous Nate begins to suspect that Blair is seeing someone else. Jenny finds herself defying her parents.

star 7.85
1014 votes
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A dAngerous gAme

#38 - A dAngerous gAme

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 - Episode 24

Spencer is back home and presenting a good front, but Aria, Hanna and Emily are not so sure their friend is fully back after seeing how fragile she was just a day or so before. Unfortunately the girls don't have much time to ponder Spencer's health as shocking revelations are brought to the forefront. With so much happening and new information being uncovered, will the Liars be ready for what is waiting for them?

star 7.84
1052 votes
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First Loves

#39 - First Loves

Cupid Season 1 - Episode 5

Champ introduces Claire and Trevor to his long-time friend Sophie, a would-be singer who just signed a contract with a record company. When Sophie claims she does not believe in love, Trevor feels obliged to prove her wrong. They start discussing the past and Sophie's one-time crush, when she was a kid, comes to the surface. They decide to go back to her hometown and see what her old love interest has become, hoping that maybe something magical will happen. Claire is concerned and quite against the whole idea until her superior says that Trevor may have to be committed to a mental institute. She then feels that this little adventure may help her further her knowledge of Trevor and help decide on what to do with him... This episode contains a number of black & white flashbacks, offering scenes of Sophie's, Champ's and Claire's youth. Obviously, Trevor was left out of the loop...

star 7.83
6 votes
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We've Got All Our Junk

#40 - We've Got All Our Junk

Rise Season 1 - Episode 5

After their unresolved confrontation with Gordy, Lou and Gail try desperately to get through to him. Lou discovers a crucial element to the show needs a major overhaul, while Tracey resists a blossoming romance. As Gwen reels in the aftermath of a shocking announcement from her parents, Simon finds an unlikely ally. Robbie and Lilette grow closer just as outside forces conspire to put them at odds, and Vanessa takes a stand.

star 7.83
139 votes
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They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore

#41 - They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore

Nashville (2012) Season 2 - Episode 15

Juliette’s new song, “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet,” catches the ear of a high-powered, hit-making producer, Howie V. He wants to make her a superstar and brings her to Los Angeles to record, but marginalizes Glenn in the process. Meanwhile, Rayna takes charge with stoicism in the aftermath of recent events, and Scarlett feels lost and alone but finds Liam to be a receptive confidante.

star 7.82
582 votes
The Son Also Rises

#42 - The Son Also Rises

Witches of East End Season 2 - Episode 2

Joanna is thrilled with Frederick’s return, while Wendy remains suspicious of his behavior. Killian discovers he has a lot in common with new love Eva. Dash reluctantly deals with his blackmailer.

star 7.82
621 votes
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#43 - Crash

Roswell Season 3 - Episode 16

Michael witnesses a fatal crash between a fighter jet and an alien vessel, and embarks on his own investigation leading to the recovery of an artifact. Meanwhile, Isabel spends the day with her mother, who's harboring a secret agenda and is working with her husband to discover Max & Isabel's secret, which leads to a shocking revelation.

star 7.81
234 votes
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The Husband

#44 - The Husband

Secrets and Lies (2015) Season 2 - Episode 2

Eric’s shocking past transgression leads Detective Cornell to interrogate him, revealing the first of Kate’s many secrets. Desperate to prove that his life with Kate wasn’t just one big lie, Amanda helps him search for answers. Despite her strong objections, Eric wants to bring his new findings to Detective Cornell. However, once he sees an ex-girlfriend – one of his worst nightmares – with Cornell at the police station, his hopes of redirecting her investigation quickly fade.

star 7.80
886 votes
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Uncharted Territory

#45 - Uncharted Territory

Chicago Med Season 2 - Episode 9

Goodwin tasks Dr. Charles with evaluating a patient as a possible heart recipient, while Jeff makes a confession to Dr. Manning. Dr. Choi deals with two MMA fighters who are brought into Chicago Med in bad shape. Elsewhere, Dr. Stohl returns to the hospital from his sabbatical leave and immediately offers up different medical opinion regarding the treatment of a patient under the care of Dr. Halstead. April discovers her TB medication may lead to further complications.

star 7.79
1570 votes
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Bad Moon Rising

#46 - Bad Moon Rising

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 - Episode 3

Elena, Damon and Alaric take a road trip to Duke University and search through Isobel’s research on folklore and paranormal phenomena to see if they can uncover any clues to the mystery surrounding the Lockwood family. Isobel’s former student, Vanessa, offers to guide them through the research and ends up getting quite an education herself. Stefan comes face to face with a terrifying new danger in the woods, and Tyler makes a shocking discovery about Mason.

star 7.78
3740 votes
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#47 - Go

Quantico Season 1 - Episode 7

It’s midterm exam time at Quantico where the NATS are given an explosive assignment which results in some people going home for good. In the future, Alex continues to try and clear her name, finding Nimah and Raina who provide more questions than answers leaving Alex and the world to wonder, “who can you really trust?

star 7.77
3043 votes
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The Talk

#48 - The Talk

Parenthood (2010) Season 4 - Episode 4

Jasmine and Jabbar's family dynamic could change; Sarah spends time with her boss's daughter; Zeek makes a new friend; Victor tries an after-school activity.

star 7.75
368 votes
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A Parching Imbued

#49 - A Parching Imbued

Witches of East End Season 1 - Episode 9

A mysterious professor with old connections to the Beauchamps tries to help Freya regain her powers. Killian makes a decision about his future in East End. Mike reveals an interesting theory to Ingrid. Amidst wedding preparations, Dash tries to solve the mystery of the catacombs.

star 7.74
671 votes
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Act Naturally

#50 - Act Naturally

Hart of Dixie Season 3 - Episode 13

Zoe reluctantly agrees to allow Joel to throw her a birthday party at Lavon's to help cheer him up, but things go awry when her mom surprises her with a visit. Vivian wants to meet Wade's dad, but Wade is leery of how she might react. AnnaBeth gets an interesting request from the Belles that she was not expecting but, in light of recent developments might be the perfect distraction for her. Meanwhile, George is determined to prove to Tansy that his nemesis Scooter McGreevy has not changed and is fooling everyone.

star 7.74
911 votes
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Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms

#51 - Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms

Hart of Dixie Season 1 - Episode 13

Zoe decides that it’s too soon in her relationship with Judson to go to the annual Sweetie Pie Dance so instead she makes plans to have a sleepover with Rose, whose parents are going out of town. George misplaces the save the dates for his upcoming wedding which causes major trouble in Lemon paradise. Lemon wants her father to finally move on from her mother leaving him, so she secretly gets him a date for the dance.

star 7.73
1447 votes
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Quantico Season 2 - Episode 2

New CIA recruits run counter-surveillance exercises at The Farm; in the future, Ryan and Raina try to thwart the terrorists' plan to blend in with hostages

star 7.73
2972 votes
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Blue Christmas

#53 - Blue Christmas

Hart of Dixie Season 2 - Episode 10

Zoe finds herself anxious that her ever-critical mother will be visiting BlueBell soon for the holidays. In order to avoid spending quality time with her mother, she busies herself with a patient, but potentially ruins Christmas Eve for the whole town.

star 7.73
1243 votes
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A Boy in a Tree

#54 - A Boy in a Tree

Bones Season 1 - Episode 3

When the decaying corpse of the Venezuelan Ambassador's son is found hanging from a tree on the campus of an exclusive private school, a simple suicide case quickly turns into a web of lies, sex and scandal involving the school's staff and students.

star 7.72
2529 votes
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#55 - KUDOVE

Quantico Season 2 - Episode 1

While investigating the dark world of espionage at a mysterious CIA training facility, Alex becomes caught at the center of a conspiracy that threatens lives across the globe.

star 7.72
3267 votes
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The Gringos

#56 - The Gringos

The O.C. Season 4 - Episode 2

South of the border...Ryan slips away to Mexico to search for Volchok. Seth rides shotgun. And worried parents Sandy and Kirsten soon follow. Meanwhile, Summer has a surprise dorm visitor at Brown.

star 7.71
221 votes
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A First Time for Everything

#57 - A First Time for Everything

The Carrie Diaries Season 1 - Episode 12

When Carrie inadvertently complicates things with Sebastian, she tries to fix it by taking him to Madonna's "The Virgin Tour" launch party - but in her quest for the perfect night, only makes things worse. Despite Mouse's best efforts to avoid West, she can't seem to deny the romantic sparks flying between them. Dorrit turns to Donna LaDonna for advice about her budding love life. Meanwhile, Tom has an awkward encounter when he spends the night somewhere new.

star 7.70
285 votes
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Bachelorettes & Bullets

#58 - Bachelorettes & Bullets

Hart of Dixie Season 1 - Episode 18

Zoe makes a romantic connection with one of her patients, Jesse, and accepts his invitation to lunch. Lemon agrees to let Magnolia plan her bachelorette party as long as she follows Lemon’s strict instructions, but Magnolia has some more “interesting” plans in store for her big sister. Wade plans a hunting trip for George’s bachelor party.

star 7.69
1495 votes
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Chuck Versus the Beefcake

#59 - Chuck Versus the Beefcake

Chuck Season 2 - Episode 15

Chuck gets jealous when Sarah has to seduce a Fulcrum agent. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester start looking for the "Buy More Babe" as a way of finding a new employee.

star 7.69
3520 votes
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Bad News Blair

#60 - Bad News Blair

Gossip Girl Season 1 - Episode 4

Blair's mother chooses her to be the new face of her clothing line. Serena and Dan are reminded that they come from two very different worlds. Nate and Chuck have a boys weekend.

star 7.68
1172 votes
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Fallen Hero

#61 - Fallen Hero

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1 - Episode 23

The Enterprise is sent to the planet Mazar to pick up a Vulcan ambassador expelled for misconduct.

star 7.67
2127 votes
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Quantico Season 2 - Episode 21

After an impossible choice is made, a flood of new proposals shine a light on the final stages of the Collaborators’ plan. Fractured but not defeated, the task force, with the help of some old friends, work to put the pieces together before the Collaborators can enact an unthinkable terrorist attack.

star 7.66
1577 votes
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Maternity Liv

#63 - Maternity Liv

iZombie Season 1 - Episode 7

A group of teens get a scare when a disheveled young pregnant woman approaches them muttering for help. Unfortunately, the woman doesn’t survive but her baby does. Liv and Clive begin questioning suspects in her murder, and after consuming the victim’s brain, a fierce maternal instinct kicks in for Liv. Meanwhile, Major makes a shocking discovery.

star 7.66
2565 votes
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#64 - Oz

The Path Season 2 - Episode 9

Guilty over blackmailing members to pay off their debts, Sarah enlists Cal to speak at the World Faith Conference with her. Eddie has an epiphany about the future of The Movement, and reaches out to another Denier in the family. Hawk grows closer to Noa.

star 7.65
499 votes
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May the Best Man Win

#65 - May the Best Man Win

Friday Night Lights Season 2 - Episode 15

Smash's hunt for a college football scholarship turns into something completely different. Tami comes across her high school boyfriend, whose job as a real estate magnate has brought him to Dillon, making Coach Taylor jealous. Jason is offered a life-changing opportunity. Riggins goes after Lyla this time using more unconventional methods.

star 7.65
772 votes
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The Revengers

#66 - The Revengers

Gossip Girl Season 6 - Episode 9

Blair grows alarmingly concerned for Chuck’s safety and devises a plan with Serena, Georgina and Sage. Chuck makes a deal that could change his life. Nate's financial dilemma finally lands him in a place that he never thought he would be.

star 7.64
954 votes
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It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy

#67 - It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy

Friday Night Lights Season 3 - Episode 6

Coach is furious with Tim and the team for a freshman hazing. J.D. wins the respect of the town and team. A late night swim at the lake turns into more for Julie and Matt. Tyra is shocked when a woman shows up claiming Cash owes her child support.

star 7.64
670 votes
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#68 - Restitution

The Path Season 2 - Episode 10

The Meyerists participate in Restitution, atoning for their worst sins of the year. Mary is pressured to leave The Movement with Sean. Eddie upsets Sarah’s family by bringing back an estranged family member, and learns the truth about Cal and Sarah.

star 7.64
482 votes
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Quantico Season 2 - Episode 15

While their newly appointed leader gets familiar with the team of CIA and FBI agents, Owen leads an investigation into the strange world of fake news. But hunting down the publishers of a fake story might lead to deadly consequences.

star 7.64
1861 votes
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#70 - Crazy

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 - Episode 7

With new key evidence in Alison's murder case, Hanna fears that "A" may be framing her after a visit from Det. Wilden. With paranoia setting in, Aria decides that she has to turn to Mona for answers if she is going to help Hanna. But is Aria ready to face her former tormentor, and more to the point, is Mona ready to give Aria the answers the PLLs are desperately looking for? Meanwhile, someone from Ali and Jason's past arrives in Rosewood and piques the girls' interest.

star 7.63
1111 votes
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It's a Wonderful Lie

#71 - It's a Wonderful Lie

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 12

As the annual Snowflake Ball approaches, Blair and Chuck make a bet that they can find the perfect date for one another. Aaron's ex-girlfriend expresses interest in Dan, creating mixed feelings for Serena.

star 7.63
921 votes
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Significant Others

#72 - Significant Others

Roswell Season 3 - Episode 3

With Alex's ghost as her guide, Isabel must finally confront her fears about love and her conflicted feelings for Jesse. Meanwhile, Maria happily discovers a whole new, human part of Michael in, of all places, a bowling alley, and Liz and Max struggle to remain together despite her father's insistent disapproval.

star 7.62
249 votes
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In the Skin of a Lion

#73 - In the Skin of a Lion

Friday Night Lights Season 4 - Episode 3

Coach betrays Tami's trust over a financial decision. tensions between Vince and Luke threaten the team's chances on the field. Tim helps Coach condition his players. Julie doesn't want to go to church.

star 7.62
649 votes
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A Beast, No More

#74 - A Beast, No More

The Path Season 3 - Episode 2

When the family of a novice publicly bashes Eddie, he must choose between turning the other cheek and using Vera as a weapon to fire back. An old Meyerist ritual brings out repressed memories for Cal, and as much as he wants to forget, destiny, and Mary, won’t let him. Sarah’s faith crisis deepens when she meets a College Professor of Religion who challenges everything she’s ever believed in.

star 7.60
211 votes
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The Past is Prologue

#75 - The Past is Prologue

Once and Again Season 1 - Episode 8

Lily and Rick deal with the ghosts of their failed marriages. Rick's becoming consumed with a project at work triggers Lily's memories of Jake doing the same thing in their marriage, causing its downfall. Meanwhile, Eli's frustration with his schoolwork reaches new depths.

star 7.60
5 votes

#76 - Metamorphosis

Marvel's Runaways Season 1 - Episode 6

During PRIDE’s gala, the kids set in motion a new plan to take down their parents for good. As the evening unfolds, everyone’s personal drama threatens to derail their plans.

star 7.59
1818 votes
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The Intruder

#77 - The Intruder

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 24

Regina's actions rock both families. John's baseball record is in danger of being beaten. Daphne and Emmett decide to enter their zombie film in a horror film festival. Emmett has a run-in with Toby. Meanwhile, Bay meets another street artist.

star 7.56
419 votes
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Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible

#78 - Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible

Chuck Season 4 - Episode 14

Casey, Chuck and Sarah are sent to Morocco to rescue Roan Montgomery. Morgan plans to meet Alex's mother and Mary spends some time with her family.

star 7.56
4479 votes
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The First Last

#79 - The First Last

Greek Season 3 - Episode 19

The KTs and OXs are preparing for the Gods of Golf Tournament, the winner of which will be named the top fraternity on campus. Meanwhile, the ZBZs are disappointed to learn that the annual Greek Week has been canceled. Casey talks to Katherine, who agrees to bring back the Greek Goddesses Pageant, under the condition that the competition focus more on strength of character and less on looks, of course. Which houses will end the year on top?

star 7.54
199 votes
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De Rerum Natura

#80 - De Rerum Natura

The Path Season 3 - Episode 4

A bomb threat on the Compound has everyone on edge, especially Eddie who feels responsible for it. Back with a vengeance, Cal uses information that may affect Vera personally to blackmail her into naming him CEO of Meyerism. In questioning her faith, Sarah discovers that The Ladder may have had another author, a woman, and she was forcefully silenced.

star 7.53
203 votes
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#81 - Stay

Friday Night Lights Season 4 - Episode 6

Coach searches for a strategy to shut down their toughest opponent yet. Tim reconnects with Lyla. Vince discovers he has a gift for car theft. Julie and Matt attend a concert in Austin and reach a critical juncture in their relationship.

star 7.51
679 votes
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Art of Darkness

#82 - Art of Darkness

Witches of East End Season 2 - Episode 7

Tarkoff, an old friend of the family’s, pays a visit to Joanna and Freddie. Wendy, Freya, Ingrid and Dash attend an art gala where Wendy encounters someone from her past. Killian has doubts about his feelings for Eva.

star 7.51
606 votes
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No Doubt

#83 - No Doubt

Awkward Season 1 - Episode 10

Jenna feels like she and Matty are actually on solid ground for the first time when he asks her out on their first real date. But, when Tamara reveals her suspicion that Matty wrote Jenna's care-frontation letter, Jenna starts to question everything about her romance with Matty.

star 7.51
1116 votes
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#84 - Singularity

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 2 - Episode 9

While Enterprise is surveying a black hole in a trinary star system, the stellar phenomenon causes strange effects on the crew.

star 7.51
2120 votes
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Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore

#85 - Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Gossip Girl Season 4 - Episode 8

Chuck and Blair decide it’s in both their best interests to put the past behind them. Nate confronts Juliet after discovering a secret she's been keeping. Dan and Nate realize they both still have feelings for Serena.

star 7.50
1265 votes
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The Dream Lover

#86 - The Dream Lover

The O.C. Season 4 - Episode 11

Take her, I want her. Ryan overcomes his indecision and competes with Henri-Michel for Taylor's affections. Che leads Seth on a trek of spiritual renewal. Embrace your inner otter, Seth!

star 7.50
233 votes
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#87 - In-Between

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 8

Amber gets a taste of what her mother had to deal with when she decides to let Seth stay with her. Adam tries to get physical with Kristina while Crosby struggles to come to terms with the idea of another man in Jabbar's life. Drew and Amy decide to take a step forward in their relationship.

star 7.49
594 votes
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The Hole

#88 - The Hole

The Path Season 1 - Episode 5

Upon learning about Hawk’s ongoing relationship with Ashley, Eddie and Sarah find themselves at odds. Meanwhile, Abe meets with Alison and suspects The Movement may be involved in criminal activity. Hawk tries to break up with Ashley. After confronting Sarah, Cal returns to the Ridge estate to declare his support for her actions.

star 7.47
666 votes
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Chuck Versus the Masquerade

#89 - Chuck Versus the Masquerade

Chuck Season 4 - Episode 16

Valentine's Day is interrupted when Chuck and the team are sent on a mission to England to protect a reclusive young heiress, Vivian McArthur. Meanwhile, Casey gets an offer from the mysterious Jane Bentley. Back at home, Ellie and Awesome find an unlikely solution to a parenting problem, as Morgan ponders a big move.

star 7.47
4411 votes
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Samuel Rising

#90 - Samuel Rising

Roswell Season 3 - Episode 9

When Max is fascinated by an intriguing autistic child he wonders if his own lost child is attempting to reach out to him. Meanwhile, Michael plays Santa to Maria and Liz's elves at a charity event. Isabel and Jesse share their first holiday together as husband and wife.

star 7.46
219 votes
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#91 - Homecoming

Friday Night Lights Season 1 - Episode 7

As the Panthers get ready to face the dominating Laribee Lions, the 2000 State Champ quarterback, Lucas Mize is set to join the team.Smash catches his chance to convince a college scout of his talents. A focused Tim quits drinking. Jason's suspicions of Lyla and Tim's affair grow. Tyra and Billy set up an after game homecoming party.

star 7.45
906 votes
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Put Yourself Out There

#92 - Put Yourself Out There

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 9

Sarah convinces Amber to meet with an important colleague of Gordon's. Meanwhile, Kristina frantically attempts to obtain a birthday invite for troublesome Max. Camille takes a class with the man she once had an affair with, making Zeke jealous. Elsewhere, Crosby and Joel band together to direct Jabbar's school play. Haddie's relationship with an unexpected love interest deepens.

star 7.43
526 votes
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None of the Above

#93 - None of the Above

Dawson's Creek Season 3 - Episode 3

Dawson is faced with an ethical dilemma when Eve gives him a copy of a major college entrance exam.

star 7.41
132 votes
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What Lies Beneath

#94 - What Lies Beneath

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 - Episode 10

After learning that Noel and his family's cabin had something to do with "that night" and possibly Maya's disappearance, the girls work to try and put the pieces together. Hanna and Emily head out to the Kahn family cabin looking for clues linking Maya to the site, while Spencer does some snooping of her own on Noel. Could Noel have had a hand in this after all, or are he and Jenna just bluffing to send Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer down the wrong path? Meanwhile, Aria must deal with the aftermath of meeting Ezra's mom and the information about Ezra's past.

star 7.41
1146 votes
Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

#95 - Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 22

Georgina returns to the Upper East Side. Chuck and Nate's relationship is at a crossroads. Serena's relationship with Gabriel gets more complicated.

star 7.41
956 votes
Old School

#96 - Old School

Marvel's Runaways Season 2 - Episode 4

Topher helps the kids break into Atlas Academy, but the plan is blown when Dale and Stacey trigger an earthquake and the parents rush to the scene. Jonah’s body continues to break down as he leads Karolina into the hole.

star 7.39
940 votes
Crush Landing

#97 - Crush Landing

Greek Season 2 - Episode 2

Casey and Ashleigh discover that they have the same crush for the ZBZ Crush Party. Meanwhile, Rusty meets his new RA and turns to him for help.

star 7.34
216 votes
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When You Wish Upon A Car

#98 - When You Wish Upon A Car

Jack & Jill Season 1 - Episode 12

In the morning, Jack and Jill lie sleeplessly in their respective beds when a passing ice cream truck sets off a loud car alarm. Both of them run out to shut it off, but Jill must finally yank out a wire. The Ice Cream Man is so grateful that he promises to grant Jill his greatest wish. The next day, at Major Toys, Jill's boss announces that he is putting one of Jill's creations, Zantopia, into development. Jill tells the great news to Allison, who focuses on the career implications. Later, Jill becomes concerned when his boss makes changes to the project. Jack understands Jill's disappointment and sympathizes with him, while Allison thinks Jill shouldn't be upset since he is going to be promoted to vice president. Meanwhile, Jack is deeply in debt. She refuses to let Matt lend her money, choosing instead to work as a waitress at the @ Bar, where Mikey is a bartender. She is a terrible waitress and must quit. She pawns an antique brooch that her grandmother gave her. Matt buys it and g

star 7.33
3 votes
Daughter of Pomira

#99 - Daughter of Pomira

Xena: Warrior Princess Season 4 - Episode 11

Xena and Gabrielle set out to recover a young girl who was kidnapped six years ago by the Horde, but they don't count on the fact that the child has been raised as one of the Horde and doesn't want to leave the only family she knows.

star 7.33
83 votes
The Election

#100 - The Election

Dawson's Creek Season 2 - Episode 9

In the competition for student council, Andie and Joey face a smear campaign; Jen tries to make Dawson enjoy being a teenager.

star 7.33
118 votes
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Forced Family Fun

#101 - Forced Family Fun

Parenthood (2010) Season 3 - Episode 7

Kristina plans a family night but it doesn't go as she expected. Crosby fears Jasmine's date will replace him as Jabbar's dad. Julia steps in Zoe's life and Zeek continues to question Sarah's involvement with Seth.

star 7.31
485 votes
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Picture This

#102 - Picture This

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 - Episode 9

Since Jason DiLaurentis came back to Rosewood, there have been a lot of questions about him. Some don't trust him and are suspicious of his motives for returning, while others see him in a different light. Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are no different. Spencer is determined to find out what Jason is hiding at his house and decides to finally get some answers. With Emily in tow, Spencer makes her move — but are she and Emily ready to deal with what they find out? Aria, on the other hand, can't seem to get Jason off her mind for a different reason. With Jason continuing to pop up in Aria's life, will she be able to resist their undeniable chemistry? Meanwhile, Hanna helps Caleb with a difficult decision about his family, which in turn could help put her relationship with her father into perspective.

star 7.30
1508 votes
Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

#103 - Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

Chuck Season 5 - Episode 2

As the team takes on a missing persons case, Chuck and company struggle to establish themselves as Carmichael Industries in the face of a rival security firm led by the tough and efficient Gertrude Verbanski (recurring guest star CARRIE-ANNE MOSS – The Matrix). Meanwhile, Morgan continues to adjust to the Intersect, while Chuck adjusts to being Morgan’s handler. Also, the Buy More finds an unlikely spokesperson to help motivate business. JEFF FAHEY (Lost, Grindhouse) and JUSTIN HARTLEY (Smallville) also guest star.

star 7.28
3258 votes
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About a Balcony

#104 - About a Balcony

About a Boy Season 2 - Episode 6

Marcus is ecstatic when a popular new teacher, Mr. Chris casts him as Romeo in the school production of notable Shakespeare scenes. Marcus asks Will to build the balcony set for his scene, however Will is more interested in watching "The Three Stooges" marathon with Marcus instead. Threatened by Mr. Chris’ growing relationship with Marcus, Will tries to impress them with the construction of his balcony. Elsewhere, Mr. Chris not only has gained a fan in Marcus, but Fiona as well.

star 7.28
250 votes
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Psychic Friends

#105 - Psychic Friends

Dawson's Creek Season 2 - Episode 17

Dawson tries to get a professor's opinion on his movie, and Joey seeks to date someone who is actually interested in Jack.

star 7.27
110 votes
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Ring True

#106 - Ring True

The Client List Season 1 - Episode 4

When Linette is made co-chair of a Beaumont social event, Riley balks at facing the community and the rumors about Kyle. Meanwhile, a law student comes to The Rub looking for extras, and Riley delivers—only to discover his connection to one of her co-workers. putting their secret in jeopardy.

star 7.25
838 votes
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Victory Party

#107 - Victory Party

Rise Season 1 - Episode 4

Robbie's two worlds collide at a house party where his football teammates face off with the drama troupe; Tracey reluctantly explores a new relationship with a not-so-secret admirer; a family road trip to visit Gail's sister goes sideways.

star 7.24
172 votes
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I Married An Alien

#108 - I Married An Alien

Roswell Season 3 - Episode 11

When a journalist friend of Jesse's comes to Roswell, Isabel discovers he's investigating her, Max and Michael, after he witnesses Michael using his powers. Meanwhile, Isabel fantasizes about what her life would be like if Jesse knew her alien secret through the device of a 1960s sitcom a la "Bewitched."

star 7.23
236 votes
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Games People Play

#109 - Games People Play

The Client List Season 1 - Episode 8

Tensions grow between Riley and her co-worker, Selena, when Selena and Evan begin dating. Meanwhile, Riley considers the lack of a male role model in the house when her son, Travis, gets caught in a "curious situation" with Taylor's daughter. Riley lends advice to one of her clients, a rodeo cowboy. when his relationship hits a wall. Linette tries to compete with Taylor when she applies for a loan to buy the salon.

star 7.21
682 votes
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Home Coming and Going

#110 - Home Coming and Going

Greek Season 4 - Episode 5

Lasker Parkes (Jonathan Silverman), Peter‘s dad, comes to visit Kappa Tau, and Cappie feels pressure to impress the him. Cappie plans an Everest party for Homecoming, complete with ice luges throughout the house. Lasker wants to know who is Peter‘s big brother in the. Rusty wants to be Peter‘s big brother, but Peter wants Cappie. Meanwhile, Casey tries to convince Ashleigh to find a job and move out, but Ashleigh keeps dragging her feet. Casey and Evan go to an alumni dinner because their law professor will be there. Casey gets into a fight with Ashleigh. To impress Peter, Rusty plans to steal the A&M goat mascot at night, but while they‘re in the process, Dale and some Omega Chi members interrupt with the same plan.

star 7.16
262 votes
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#111 - ThunderVal

V.I.P. Season 1 - Episode 16

When we last saw Dr. Tina Stokes (""Scents And Sensibility"") she apparently died in a car crash. But she's back and very alive. This time she hires V.I.P. and they head off to the Carribean. It seems as though she has turned her life around but she only hired V.I.P. as a decoy for the feds while her and her partner Angel(also from ""Scents And Sensibility"") plan to steal a toxin. While making their escape with the toxin on a sea-doo Val notices them grabs a sea-doo and follows them. She pulls ahead of them and shoots a harpoon into a lifeboat sending Tina and Angel into the water and the toxin into the air which Val manages to catch just in the nick of time.

star 7.16
58 votes
The Last Temptation of Val

#112 - The Last Temptation of Val

V.I.P. Season 1 - Episode 13

While trying to get her credit limit raised Val foils a bank robbery with the help of an unknown man. Kay hacks into the bank's video surveillance and Nikki recognizes the unknown man as Japanese action star Johnny Loh. Johnny Loh fled from Hong Kong after a stuntman died on the set of his last movie ""Dragonsport 2"". He's now wanted by Hong Kong police for questioning in the 1997 death of the stuntman and by the Hong Kong mob for knowing the truth about his death. V.I.P. is hired by Jay Chesler now that his bodyguard (Johnny Loh) is on the lam. While doing her rounds Nikki sees someone is in the garage and goes to investigate. The person in the garage turns out to be Johnny Loh and he knocks her out and kidnaps her. He later returns to the scene of the crime with Nikki as insurance to get what he had earlier tried to get, his laptop with the truth about the stuntman's death on it. When he gets his laptop back a few members of the Hong Kong mob break in and try to get the computer, whic

star 7.11
28 votes
The Goodbye Girl

#113 - The Goodbye Girl

The O.C. Season 1 - Episode 21

Anna is leaving. Theresa is staying. Seth thinks he's the reason for Anna's planned return to Pittsburgh. And Ryan knows he's why Theresa is staying. But what is either guy going to do about it? Caleb is Riviera's Man of the Year (uh-oh).

star 7.06
383 votes
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Dangerous Liaisons

#114 - Dangerous Liaisons

Hidden Palms Season 1 - Episode 6

Johnny confronts Cliff about Greta's bloody Halloween dress; and Nikki discovers a surprising secret about Cliff. Meanwhile, the Hardys host Tess's birthday party; and Bob gets jealous when Skip flirts with Karen because it reminds him of how he met her.

star 7.00
12 votes
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It's Val's Wonderful Life

#115 - It's Val's Wonderful Life

V.I.P. Season 3 - Episode 21

A fiery explosion aboard a boat leaves everyone to believe that Val is dead. V.I.P. start losing all their clients and their faith, Johnny quits, Nikki leaves to go to work for her grandfather and Kay almost goes to Vegas to get hitched. Quick and Tasha are the only ones left and they form ""Dexter Williams Protection"", to avenge Val's death, which is a joke to everyone. Finally Val emerges having been saved by Mexican fishermen and gets the former members back together again to save the day.

star 7.00
1 votes
What to Do with Vallery When You're Dead

#116 - What to Do with Vallery When You're Dead

V.I.P. Season 1 - Episode 2

Victor Balick, a media mogul, is targeting Arnie Feign. Arnie is an Internet author who plans to release a tell all expose exposing Victor Balick who's real name is Ileat Petrovski. Petrovski is actually a cold-blooded killer. Arnie hires V.I.P. to protect him but at the same time Victor Balick is trying to hire V.I.P. to protect him. Why? Who Knows? The V.I.P. team goes to Arnie's place but he doesn't trust them, he thinks they're working for Balick behind his back. Vallery convinces him that they're not. Just then some of Balick's men open fire on them, they retaliate making it seem like there's more of them than there actually is. After this is all over they're back at V.I.P. headquarters discussing a payment plan. Arnie is going to make them a press kit instead of paying them. Just when Arnie thinks he's safe Balick pops out of the trunk of Arnie's car commanding him at gunpoint to get in the trunk and tells Val to drive. Luckily for Val he didn't wear his seat belt so she just ope

star 6.97
65 votes

#117 - Hunted

The Twilight Zone (2002) Season 1 - Episode 18

A futuristic society, without murder, discovers one of the old mutated apes, previously thought wiped out, is killing people. To save their society, a cop and his team have to track it down and kill it!

star 6.96
83 votes
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#118 - Resolutions

My So-Called Life Season 1 - Episode 16

It's New Year's Eve and while everyone else is busy making or breaking his or her resolutions, Rickie faces an increasingly difficult situation.

star 6.90
111 votes
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Power Play

#119 - Power Play

Nash Bridges Season 4 - Episode 20

Nash and Joe investigate a missing hockey goalie connected to the Russian Mafia with the help of kidnapper Tony B., who has lost all memory of the crime. Joe visits a fertility clinic when Inger decides she wants another child. Harvey and Evan shoot off the roof of the watch commander's brand new squad car and must get it fixed before he finds out.

star 6.73
40 votes

#120 - Sanctuary

The Twilight Zone (2002) Season 1 - Episode 20

Stranded in a modern day Garden of Eden, a man and woman cannot resist the temptation of technology.

star 6.72
79 votes
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#121 - Windsor

Melrose Place (2009) Season 1 - Episode 7

Ella and Riley meet the photographer Jo Reynolds at the Anton V photo shoot. To help Riley get in touch with her emotions Jo pressures her into doing a topless shoot. Jonah and Kendra meet up for drinks.

star 6.66
99 votes
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Death of an Angel

#122 - Death of an Angel

The Net Season 1 - Episode 5

Angela stages her death in an attempt to regain her identity and freedom from the Praetorians. She takes residence at the university where her father was a professor. There she meets Kyle, an aspiring law student. When Kyle's uncle, who is a judge, is falsely accused of child pornography over the internet, Angela helps out.

star 6.26
35 votes
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#123 - Survi-Val

V.I.P. Season 3 - Episode 1

Val is selected to be a contestant on ""Danger Island"", a new reality show where six people have to survive on a deserted island in order to win two million dollars, but when a contestant is killed on the pilot episode V.I.P. are called in to investigate. Jeff Groom, a network executive, says that since the island is already pre-rigged with camera's they only send along two crew guys with digi-cams and the show's producer so Quick volunteers himself and Nikki. Once on the island however two contestant and the show's producer are killed and another contestant has his brains fried from the inside but he manages to survive. After Quick mentions one of the weapons used by the killer Kay hacks into some military files and discovers that the killer is a Major Ving Talbot, an army weapons designer who is believed dead, who claims that the army prematurely tested his prototypes and on their own men as well. Tasha and Johnny drop in to help and a battle with Talbot ensues. He decides to reveal h

star 6.00
1 votes
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