The BEST Episodes of Crossing Jordan

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Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Network: NBC

The Boston Medical Examiners office brings us Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, who is fearless, smart and sexy. Dr. Garret Macy is Chief Medical Examiner and it is his job to keep Dr. Cavanaugh in check. With her methods a little on the unorthodox side her relationship with Detective Woody Hoyt is constantly being tested. It is not just Medical Examiners and Detectives we also have grief counselor Lily Lebowski, criminologist Nigel Townsend, and forensic entomologist "Bug". This dynamic team takes us though the crime solving process and keeps us guessing.

Secrets & Lies (2)

#1 - Secrets & Lies (2)

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired May 13, 2002

With Jordan still at the psychiatric hospital she agrees to look into a triple homicide. Typical Jordan gets herself in over her head and Woody is there to lend a helping hand…again.

star 8.37
152 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
Writers: Tim Kring

#2 - Retribution

Season 6 - Episode 1 - Aired Jan 14, 2007

Following J.D.’s murder Jordan has traveled to the nation’s capital to prove her innocence. She is tracking the news story that J.D. was working on in an effort to find out what happened the night he was murdered. Lu decides to bring in an independent medical examiner, to prove her case against Jordan. Dr. Macy travels to D.C. to find Jordan while the rest of the team work to prove her innocence.

star 8.28
92 votes
Directors: Roxann Dawson
Fire and Ice

#3 - Fire and Ice

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Jan 20, 2004

A methamphetamine lab explodes and takes the life of a young girl. Jordan tries to help the grieving mother and manages to tick off the D.A. Elsewhere, Lily and Bug work a case together.

star 8.19
154 votes
Directors: Arvin Brown
Writers: Diane Ademu-John, Kathy McCormick
The Ties That Bind

#4 - The Ties That Bind

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 8, 2001

A woman’s torso is found and linked back to the prison system. Jordan is assigned to find out who the victim is and who is responsible for her death.

star 8.05
250 votes
Directors: Andy Wolk
Writers: Ian Biederman
Pandora's Trunk (2)

#5 - Pandora's Trunk (2)

Season 2 - Episode 22 - Aired Feb 17, 2004

With the secrets the car held for years out in the open, Jordan still has questions. Dr. Macy makes a hard decision regarding Jordan and Woody has a case to solve.

star 8.04
124 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
Writers: Tim Kring
One Twelve

#6 - One Twelve

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 28, 2003

Jordan and the team are sent to lead the recovery effort at the site of an explosion. Amongst the rubble is a lone survivor and Jordan must keep him talking till help can get to him. The grim task of identifying the victims falls on Dr. Macy.

star 8.04
159 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
Writers: Damon Lindelof
Save Me

#7 - Save Me

Season 5 - Episode 17 - Aired Apr 9, 2006

Woody and Lu team up to find the killer of a young girl and the search will prove to be difficult with the possibility of the killer being mentally ill and living in a halfway house. Jordan has taken in Kayla, while the state tries to find a home for her.

star 8.03
87 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
Writers: Linda Gase
Mysterious Ways

#8 - Mysterious Ways

Season 5 - Episode 19 - Aired Apr 23, 2006

A supposed miracle worker dies; Woody and Jordan work the case. Elsewhere while in the process of breaking and entering a man dies.

star 8.02
55 votes
Directors: Miguel Ferrer
Writers: Lawrence Meyers

#9 - Hubris

Season 6 - Episode 7 - Aired Mar 7, 2007

An internet psycho reeks havoc in Boston as he goes on a bloody rampage leaving bodies in his wake. Woody and Nigel pair up to put a stop to this serial killer, who's leaving cryptic message on Nigel’s Blog. Elsewhere Jordan is auditing past autopsies, and discovers that Bug might have put an innocent man behind bars.

star 8.02
56 votes
Directors: Roxann Dawson
Writers: Melissa R. Byer, Treena Hancock
Don't Leave Me This Way

#10 - Don't Leave Me This Way

Season 5 - Episode 21 - Aired May 7, 2006

When Jordan wakes up to find J.D. dead beside her, she has no memory of the events from the previous night. Accused or murder Jordan will turn to her friends to help piece everything together.

star 8.00
85 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
Writers: Linda Gase, Robert Rovner
Crazy Little Thing Called Love

#11 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Season 6 - Episode 4 - Aired Feb 11, 2007

Cross Over Episode with Las Vegas Danny and Delinda, from the show Las Vegas, are vacationing in Boston. It does not take long for their vacation to turn into a crime-solving trip while helping Jordan and Woody, track a killer. Elsewhere, Bug is working the case of a woman found in the Charles River…her watery grave since the 1980s. Also, a pregnant Lily returns to the morgue and identifies the baby’s father.

star 7.99
83 votes
Directors: Roxann Dawson
Writers: Rob Wright
Death Toll

#12 - Death Toll

Season 5 - Episode 14 - Aired Mar 12, 2006

A bomb has detonated on a Boston train, leaving many victims dead or injured. A lot of the victims are school-aged children which triggers bad memories. What is worse is that there is another bomb… somewhere.

star 7.97
89 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
Writers: Melissa R. Byer, Treena Hancock
Scared Straight

#13 - Scared Straight

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 4, 2003

When the lover of a controversial lesbian talk show host is found dead, Jordan and Woody lead the investigation. Garret and Lily go head to head when a cancer patient dies.

star 7.96
177 votes
Directors: Arvin Brown
Writers: Elizabeth Sarnoff
Don't Look Back

#14 - Don't Look Back

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 11, 2003

Jordan and Woody are off to California to investigate the case of a Hollywood starlet found dead inside a truck in Boston. Elsewhere both Dr. Macy and Lily get visits at the morgue.

star 7.96
214 votes
Directors: Ian Toynton
Writers: Tim Kring
Justice Delayed

#15 - Justice Delayed

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 24, 2004

A black man was murdered 40 years ago in the deep South. The son asks for Jordan’s help in finding the truth. With questions to answer Jordan faces difficulty from a community that is not interested in the truth.

star 7.96
93 votes
Directors: Dianne Huston
Writers: Kathy McCormick
33 Bullets

#16 - 33 Bullets

Season 6 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 28, 2007

Police officers have shot an 8-year-old boy a staggering 33 times, which sends the city of Boston into a riot. Jordan and the rest of the team investigate the shooting, however one of their own could be lost.

star 7.95
87 votes
Directors: John Badham
Writers: Rob Fresco
Pandora's Trunk (1)

#17 - Pandora's Trunk (1)

Season 2 - Episode 21 - Aired Feb 10, 2004

Three people are found dead and seem to have no connection to each other. Woody takes on the task of solving the triple homicide. Meanwhile, Jordan is back on the trail of her mother’s killer when some new evidence surfaces.

star 7.95
127 votes
Writers: Damon Lindelof, Gary Glasberg
Born to Run

#18 - Born to Run

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 15, 2001

With what appears to be a cut and dry murder suicide, Jordan gets help from her colleagues to find the truth. Meanwhile, Dr. Macy faces the hard truth about his daughter on her birthday.

star 7.95
156 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
Writers: Damon Lindelof
Road Kill

#19 - Road Kill

Season 5 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 27, 2005

A copy cat killer starts to terrorize Boston, Woody and Jordan are left to break the case. When they have to turn to the original killer for answers, Jordan is less than comfortable when the killer starts to get personal.

star 7.95
92 votes
Directors: Roxann Dawson
Writers: Melissa R. Byer, Treena Hancock
Dead Wives' Club

#20 - Dead Wives' Club

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired Jan 27, 2004

A woman is kidnapped and, thirteen years later, her body washes up in Boston. Jordan is convinced the killer is the husband but the evidence does not support her theory. Meanwhile, Dr. Winslow has to identify a body at the morgue.

star 7.94
157 votes
Directors: Donna Deitch
Writers: David Amann, Ian Biederman
Thin Ice

#21 - Thin Ice

Season 5 - Episode 18 - Aired Apr 16, 2006

A pro baseball player is accused of rape. Nigel sets out to find the family of a fighter pilot who was been discovered… frozen. With the relationship of Woody and Lu growing, Jordan’s jealousy grows.

star 7.93
85 votes
Directors: Donna Deitch
Writers: Jon Cowan, Robert Rovner
Perfect Storm

#22 - Perfect Storm

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 9, 2003

Boston is at the mercy of a blizzard and the morgue staff at the mercy of an unknown toxin. With bodies piling up, and the lights out, the race is on stop this invisible killer before too many more die.

star 7.92
239 votes
Writers: Christopher Barbour, Kiri Hart
Under The Weather

#23 - Under The Weather

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 9, 2005

Jordan’s defiance of Dr. Macy ends up putting her own life in danger. With three boys missing and bodies turning up, Woody and Dr. Macy don’t realize they are also searching for one of their own.

star 7.92
90 votes
Directors: Roxann Dawson
Blood Relatives

#24 - Blood Relatives

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Jan 14, 2002

A mother and her two young sons turn up murdered, with the only suspect being the husband. This case will do more than test Jordan’s skills are a pathologist, but also test her mentally as some memories come flooding back.

star 7.92
164 votes
Directors: Arvin Brown
Writers: Gary Glasberg, Todd Ellis Kessler

#25 - Isolation

Season 6 - Episode 8 - Aired Mar 14, 2007

When Jordan autopsies a body that William Ivers orders her not to, she unexpectedly discovers a biohazard that has the entire city at risk. Jordan sweats out getting test results when she suspects she is also infected. Meanwhile, Bug’s concern is for a pregnant Lily who has come into contact with the mystery virus…and can’t take medications.

star 7.92
87 votes
Directors: Bethany Rooney
Writers: Ashley Gable