The BEST episodes directed by Donna Deitch

Brother's Keeper
103 votes

#1 - Brother's Keeper

NYPD Blue - Season 6 - Episode 4

The word goes out to the uniforms to look out for any possible donors for a heart for Simone. Sipowicz, Medavoy and Martinez investigate the homicide of an elderly woman whose hands and feet were cut off of her body. Bobby is transferred over to the surgical staff, where his new doctor recommends that waiting for the heart transplant is his best option. The woman's two sons are probable suspects, one son, Arnold Struel, shows no remorse over her death, the other, Stanley an alcoholic junkie, who didn't like her, at least shows some compassion. Sipowicz finally gets Arnold to give it up. Later, when he returns to the interview room, he sees that Arnold is hanging himself. He debates about waiting until he is dead, to provide a donor for Bobby, but circumstances (Medavoy) prevent him from waiting. By chance, an off-duty cop is shot in the head and for all practical purposes is dead; Fancy makes a pleas with the widow, for a directed donation. Eventually she consents and Bobby is prepped

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Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax
61 votes

#2 - Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax

NYPD Blue - Season 11 - Episode 9

Andy bangs on the neighbor's door at 5:00 AM; the neighbor is practicing his bassoon for a big concert later that evening. He returns to bed, only to receive a call to a crime scene. He arrives with Clark at the scene of a retired cop, Roy Shaughnessy, and his wife who were beaten and robbed in their home. Sipowicz worked with the cop at the 20th precinct. Shaughnessy has been taken to the hospital; his wife tells the detectives what happened. While leaving Clark makes an off-hand comment about "old-timers," or rather as he corrects himself when Sipowicz appears annoyed "all-timers." The neighbor comes across the hall and gives Connie complementary tickets for her and her husband to his recital. Medavoy and Jones are on the scene of arson, where Barry Tytel, the author of a book "Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax," has found that his vehicle has been torched. Medavoy is more interested in the content of the Tytel's book rather than the arson. Michael's foster father comes to talk to

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Torah! Torah! Torah!
119 votes

#3 - Torah! Torah! Torah!

NYPD Blue - Season 3 - Episode 2

A father suspects his retarded son of killing his daughter. Simone and Sipowicz get the case. Lesniak keeps reporting on James' condition. Morrisey's tactics with a suspect in a murder don't sit well with Fancy; however, the facts in this case match Andy & Bobby's case. While Simone and Morrisey work out the details of their combined case, Andy and Greg pose as Hasidic Jews to recover a stolen Torah. Sylvia takes another test (results positive) and asks Andy to be discrete. Later she discovers his level of discretion.

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Bottoms Up
63 votes

#4 - Bottoms Up

NYPD Blue - Season 10 - Episode 13

Clark Sr. stops by to see his son. He offers to help, but he is denied his request when his son tells him that it is being taken care of in house. Clark Sr. realizes that Sipowicz is probably on the job. Meanwhile out on the street, Sipowicz is on the job, shaking down a drug dealer named Gordo who he tells that he is looking for any information on any cops that may have been shaking down any dealers. Back at the squad, the detectives are mulling over Clark Jr.'s situation when Jones comes in with information about an arrest that Laughlin made the previous week. The individual he busted for pot had a previous record involving heroin. McDowell and Ortiz begin an interview with a mother and daughter who've come in to report that the daughter had been assaulted the night before. When they get the mother to leave the room Annalise, the daughter girl confesses to them what really happened. She and her boyfriend were attacked. Both she and her boyfriend were knocked out with chlorof

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Dead Man Talking
69 votes

#5 - Dead Man Talking

NYPD Blue - Season 5 - Episode 6

A family's home is broken into it, the wife and baby are shot in the head and the father only has a belly wound. Simone and Sipowicz like the father for the crime, theorizing he may have done it for insurance money. Retired detective Vince Gotelli is the insurance investigator. An old friend of Arthur's shows up at the precinct. He is dying and has a story about a 15-year-old murder. Russell, Martinez and Medavoy investigate the murder of a record company executive who wasn't very popular.

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Under Covers
69 votes

#6 - Under Covers

NYPD Blue - Season 8 - Episode 19

Sorenson visits the strip club where Kristen works and encounters an obsessed fan of hers. They have a minor exchange that doesn't get too confrontational, at least for now. He leaves with Kristen and she stays the night, telling Danny in the morning that the next time he comes into the club the owners want to talk with him. Sorenson arrives late to the scene of a homicide that Sipowicz and McDowell are investigating. Sipowicz bust his balls for showing up with the smell of alcohol on his breath. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Jones work another drug related homicide where someone who was in search of a dealer invades a couple's home. Later that morning, Katie stops by the squad to tell Andy that she's taken the initiative on getting them a new apartment, she's made a deposit on a place, which doesn't immediately sit well with him, because he's rejected the last "two hundred" she's found. Andy appears to have some misgivings about his decision from a couple of weeks ago, which is exempli

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I'll Draw You a Mapp
98 votes

#7 - I'll Draw You a Mapp

NYPD Blue - Season 6 - Episode 20

Sylvia decides that Danny would be a much better witness than Andy would in the pending trial of Cullinan. Sipowicz seems to still have unresolved issues with Sinclair that would jeopardize the case. She works with Sorenson and Kenny, the drug courier, to ready them for the trial. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that he is still in contact with Dolores' father, although he says he is not providing him with any more information pertaining to the case. Meanwhile, the other detectives investigate the death of a woman's husband. They believe she may have done it for the insurance money and her son gives them evidence that coaberating evidence. Although the woman and another person they interview during their investigation keep reminding them about the Diallo case, something they'd all rather not be reminded about. Sinclair promises Sipowicz that he will get him on the stand, even if the DA won't let him. Sipowicz tells Sorenson that he will be taking the stand. Sylvia disagrees with him, but whe

In the Butt, Bob
120 votes

#8 - In the Butt, Bob

NYPD Blue - Season 2 - Episode 10

Lesniak is flashed, brings the perpetrator in and deals with his "high priced lawyer and shrink," especially when he repeats the offense. Another detective uses his pull to take a possible serial killer case away from Bobby after he brings in a possible suspect. One of Fancy's old contacts, Vinnie Greco, brings in a tip about a couple of guys looking for some heavy hardware to do an armored car job; Sipowicz works with him but the guy is really working for someone else against Fancy. Fancy discovers this and has Vinnie wear a wire for him. Andy invites his son over for dinner and finds out Andy Jr. is joining the Air Force; later, Andy proposes to Sylvia; this time she accepts.

564 votes

#9 - Mask

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 12 - Episode 13

Debbie Shields comes home to find her partner Ann Jackson being raped by a man wearing a haunting mask. Shields contacts Ann's father to notify him of her critical condition. As detectives Benson and Stabler interrogate Ann's father, Captain Jackson, his sordid past is revealed filled with sexual and alcohol addiction. Jackson's new role as a sex therapist is hindering the detectives from getting the information they need to solve the case and if Jackson won't comply, the detectives are going to have to get creative.

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Thin Ice
86 votes

#10 - Thin Ice

Crossing Jordan - Season 5 - Episode 18

A pro baseball player is accused of rape. Nigel sets out to find the family of a fighter pilot who was been discovered… frozen. With the relationship of Woody and Lu growing, Jordan’s jealousy grows.

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Dead Wives' Club
157 votes

#11 - Dead Wives' Club

Crossing Jordan - Season 2 - Episode 19

A woman is kidnapped and, thirteen years later, her body washes up in Boston. Jordan is convinced the killer is the husband but the evidence does not support her theory. Meanwhile, Dr. Winslow has to identify a body at the morgue.

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78 votes

#12 - Caulksmanship

NYPD Blue - Season 4 - Episode 9

Diane wakes up the following morning in Jimmy's apartment not remembering anything that happened that night. She goes into the squad, where everyone comments on her appearance. She catches a case where a man with muscular dystrophy was killed in a very tight knit community. Witnesses are very reluctant to come forward. Meanwhile, Bobby and Andy work on a case that may have been "masterminded" by a married couple whom Fancy wrestles with Bass and knowledge of the fact that Bobby is going to be promoted to detective first grade and Andy is not. Diane confronts Jimmy with her gun (which she fires) about what had happened last night. He claims nothing.

58 votes

#13 - Shattered

Crossing Jordan - Season 6 - Episode 2

Lu and Jordan are working together on the suicide of a teen. A note left by the teen suggests that he had been molested. A woman has been hit by several cars on a freeway, Woody is investigating. Later an investigator pops in and starts digging around. Dr. Macy offers Jordan a word of advice; Lily gets some surprising news.

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Stressed for Success
94 votes

#14 - Stressed for Success

NYPD Blue - Season 7 - Episode 15

Danny is disappointed and annoyed when he discovers J.B. left his apartment during the night. Later a junkie named Leslie comes into the squad to report to Sorenson that J.B.'s might be in trouble. A woman reports to Medavoy and Jones that she thinks she's bought some old dresses that are actually stolen property. Kirkendall brings in a woman named Lucy, who Laughlin from Anti-Crime recognizes as a repeat offender. According to Laughlin, Lucy's husband sends her out to do the crimes. The husband claims she is a "friggin' kleptomaniac". Sorenson arrives at the scene of a fire, only to discover a body that is J.B.'s. He returns to the squad and hopes to seek some comfort from Mary, but she gives him the realities of the situation, but he isn't prepared to listen. Meanwhile, Sipowicz is annoyed because he was taken out of rotation. Sorenson breaks down in the squad and Russell seems to be the only one who will comfort him. A woman comes to the squad to claim the stolen property that Jones

A Murder With Teeth in It
58 votes

#15 - A Murder With Teeth in It

NYPD Blue - Season 2 - Episode 14

Evidence in the death of a pimp points to a cop that once helped Andy out with a problem. Bobby mentions the case to his girlfriend, the reporter, and later regrets it when the story hits the papers. Donna's former lover, Harold, the ex-New York Ranger, returns to the city and meets with Donna and Greg overreacts. James tells Greg about his interest in Adrianne.

In Case of Missed Communication
503 votes

#16 - In Case of Missed Communication

A Gifted Man - Season 1 - Episode 8

In this holiday episode, the staff at Clinica Sonando celebrates Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Michael must save the life of Rita’s son. who is injured in a motorcycle accident after returning for a Thanksgiving reunion with his family.

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Chapter Fifteen, Year Two
6 votes

#17 - Chapter Fifteen, Year Two

Murder One - Season 2 - Episode 15

Banks' trial begins; client must face news about his bride's past; Wyler wrestles with ethics when the firm learns a technicality may set Banks free

Lost and Found
194 votes

#18 - Lost and Found

Crossing Jordan - Season 1 - Episode 16

Jordan and Detective Winslow find a young father murdered in an alley, they race to find the baby. Dr. Macy must find out why a student died, as well as help Abby deal with the loss.

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The Way We Were
652 votes

#19 - The Way We Were

Private Practice - Season 3 - Episode 2

Violet is physically recovering from her violent attack at home, but the emotional trauma she suffers from isn't going away, despite the best efforts of Pete and her other friends to help. Meanwhile, Addison and Naomi try to mend their tension-filled relationship, as Sam and Cooper treat a father, who has allegedly attacked his family, after he is stabbed by his wife.

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779 votes

#20 - Trophy

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 12 - Episode 7

A rape and murder investigation puts the detectives lives at risk.

115 votes

#21 - Faith

Crossing Jordan - Season 6 - Episode 11

A school bus full of children is hijacked then vanishes into thin air. Jordan and Woody must race against the clock to find them. Having few clues to follow finding the children after the bus is located will be harder than expected. Elsewhere, Dr. Switzer and Nigel find ‘Santa’ in the morgue. Everyone is concerned when the secret Jordan is keeping is revealed.

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304 votes

#22 - Home

ER - Season 2 - Episode 9

Carol and Jeanie try to find a home for a schizophrenic architect. Carter signs Benton up for an interview with Vucelich for a prestigious study. Carter and Harper try to find a place to make out. Jenn and Rachel are involved in a car accident; Mark is thrown for a loop when he learns that Jenn has been having an affair with a coworker. Doug dines with his mother. Susan receives $3000 in the mail from Chloe.

Full Moon, Saturday Night
288 votes

#23 - Full Moon, Saturday Night

ER - Season 1 - Episode 20

The moon is full and so is the ER - filled with popsicle pledges, a would-be werewolf, and others affected by "lunar lunacy" - and Lewis is the only resident available. Coping with emotional problems, Greene's not making a good impression on the new ER chief.

In Sickness & In Health
112 votes

#24 - In Sickness & In Health

Crossing Jordan - Season 6 - Episode 14

Jordan’s recovery has gone well and she is ready to return to work, Dr. Macy agrees to allow her return if she does not over do it. Bug is struggling with his experience with Homeland Security and refuses to talk about it. The murder of a groom on his wedding day has Nigel, Woody and Dr. Switzer occupied.

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Sight Unseen
2724 votes

#25 - Sight Unseen

Eureka - Season 2 - Episode 9

Strange happenings and spreading radiation at Global Dynamics lead to speculations that an abandoned research project concerning invisibility might have been revived. When Sheriff Carter accidentally becomes involved, the effects of invisibility threaten his life.

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Secret Truths (1)
31 votes

#26 - Secret Truths (1)

South of Nowhere - Season 1 - Episode 1

After their mother gets a new job, the Carlin family moves from small town Ohio to the big city of Los Angeles, California. Siblings Spencer, Glenn and adopted African American Clay must adjust to a new school, friends, and problems and must try and survive in a place where everyone else is also trying to find their identity.

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Nothing to Hide
2056 votes

#27 - Nothing to Hide

Heroes - Season 1 - Episode 7

Niki opens up to a friend when her son becomes the subject of a crisis. Hiro overcomes his doubts about his heroism. Nathan and his wife come up with a strategy to win the election and Peter provides some unexpected assistance. Claire finds out what happened to her missing video tape. Matt and Audrey continue their investigation of the serial killer Sylar.

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Magic Longworth
489 votes

#28 - Magic Longworth

The Glades - Season 4 - Episode 4

The death of a male stripper forces Jim to seek out Florida's purveyors of flesh and the women that love them.

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305 votes

#29 - Waste

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 4 - Episode 8

The investigation into the rape of a comatose woman leads to a doctor whose stem cell research is funded by a billionaire with Parkinson's disease who is desperate for a cure.

The Skull in the Desert
2121 votes

#30 - The Skull in the Desert

Bones - Season 1 - Episode 17

While on vacation, Angela's boyfriend goes missing . When a skull shows up, she asks Brennan for help in identification, concerned it might be her boyfriend or the female guide who went missing with him. The investigation leads the team to a violent boyfriend, the local sheriff and ultimately to a counterfeiting ring setup in the desert.

You Can't Go Home Again
154 votes

#31 - You Can't Go Home Again

Crossing Jordan - Season 1 - Episode 5

When the body of a firefighter is found Jordan is called to the scene. What she discovers will shock her and set her on a mission.

Chapter Seven
73 votes

#32 - Chapter Seven

Murder One - Season 1 - Episode 7

Deadline America reports a rumor that the DA is about to introduce a "mystery" witness. Hoffman questions Miriam, the deputy DA, about this and it turns out that the witness is Susan Dominique, a night nurse at Graham Lester's clinic. When Detective Polson told her that Neil had called the clinic from Jessica's the night of the murder she confirmed it, however she never came forward with this information herself. A leak in the firm is suspected. It turns out to be the firm's intern who had been seduced by the host of Deadline America. Hoffman doesn't fire Sydney (the intern). Instead he gives him another chance. Hoffman visits Graham Lester and accuses him of going against what is best for Neil Avedon. Lester claims that Neil confessed to killing Jessica but Neil can neither confirm or deny this because he doesn't remember anything about that night. Hoffman discovers that Neil and Richard Cross have been keeping in touch throughout the whole "battle."

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501 votes

#33 - Finishing

Private Practice - Season 2 - Episode 18

Addison flirts with a colleague at St. Ambrose Hospital; Sheldon and Pete try to convince Violet to take a paternity test; Sam accidentally calls Sonya by the wrong name.

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Blue Christmas
229 votes

#34 - Blue Christmas

Crossing Jordan - Season 1 - Episode 10

When a cop killer dies in police custody, Dr. Macy orders a coroner’s inquest to get answers. Elsewhere, Trey wonders what all Nigel’s invite to the mountains will involve, and Dr. Macy is upset for having Christmas Eve’s dinner with his ex-wife’s boyfriend.

Secret Truths (2)
15 votes

#35 - Secret Truths (2)

South of Nowhere - Season 1 - Episode 2

After their mother gets a new job, the Carlin family moves from small town Ohio to the big city of Los Angeles, California. Siblings Spencer, Glenn and adopted African American Clay must adjust to a new school, friends, and problems and must try and survive in a place where everyone else is also trying to find their identity.

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I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
2433 votes

#36 - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

Grey's Anatomy - Season 6 - Episode 12

After learning of Richard's drinking problem, Derek confronts him for the sake of his friend and the hospital, Izzie returns, hoping to reconcile with Alex, and tensions run high between Teddy, Cristina and Owen in the aftermath of Cristina's startling confession.

Chapter Thirteen, Year Two
7 votes

#37 - Chapter Thirteen, Year Two

Murder One - Season 2 - Episode 13

Jimmy's mentor, Sidney Pomerantz, is dying of cancer and asks him to take over the case of Clifford Banks, a man accused of murdering 17 people.

Heavy Losses
131 votes

#38 - Heavy Losses

Army Wives - Season 4 - Episode 7

Chase returns home and appears to be making an effort in reprioritizing his life with Pamela and the kids. Claudia Joy, eager to finish her law degree, has an interview with Alex Miller, the Dean of Admissions at Carolina Law School. Denise is faced with a difficult choice in regard to Jeremy.

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Chapter Twenty
42 votes

#39 - Chapter Twenty

Murder One - Season 1 - Episode 20

Eduardo Portalegre surprises Justine in Richard's office while she is working. After a few moments of small talk, he makes a pass at her. As she resists, he turns violent. Richard enters the office and burns Eduardo with his own cigar to stop the attack. After Eduardo leaves, Richard seems somewhat distant and cannot seem to remember that Eduardo was there just a few minutes earlier. The closing statements begin. Miriam shows the jury graphic pictures of a bruised Jessica as well as the tape of Neil strangling Melissa, over Ted's objection. Ted argues that Miriam's case is built on a fabric of lies woven by Richard, Graham Lester, and Susan Dominick. During a settlement conference in their divorce action, Annie angrily tells Ted that a reporter called her asking for a comment about Ted's affair with Judge Bornstein. Ted tells her that the affair was over long before he and Annie were ever involved. Garfield finds out about the affair and requests that Judge Bornstein recuse herself. Wh

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The Parent Trap
762 votes

#40 - The Parent Trap

Private Practice - Season 3 - Episode 9

Addison performs a complex utero surgery, proving not only her talents to her father but giving them some common ground. Sam and Naomi deal with have a family crisis when they discover Maya is growing up way too fast. Violet does the unthinkable.

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These Old Bones
77 votes

#41 - These Old Bones

NYPD Blue - Season 3 - Episode 12

A woman comes into the precinct and gives Andy some information about a murder that may have occurred 8 years ago. Greg and Andy look into the situation, but question a lot of people who don't care that the victim is missing. Meanwhile a domestic violence situation in Russell's parent's apartment leads to tragedy. Bobby presses to get the truth and finds out what really happened to Diane's father.

Judging Eric
10 votes

#42 - Judging Eric

Judging Amy - Season 4 - Episode 17

Amy, Bruce, Lauren, Sean and Maxine rally around Eric as he goes on trial before an eccentric but wise judge; Maxine takes issue with Eric on a question of ethics about his testimony which colors her reaction to his verdict; after Zola breaks up with her boyfriend, she unsuccessfully resists Bruce's efforts to woo her; Kyle is faced with a medical and ethical dilemma when his patient's routine problem takes an inexplicable and tragic turn; Eric tells Maxine about a new person in his life; Heather and Kyle grow closer.

With Honor
129 votes

#43 - With Honor

Crossing Jordan - Season 1 - Episode 18

One of America’s finest abandons her post in Afghanistan and is later found dead in Boston. Jordan is paired with an investigator from the Marines, to investigate the case. Elsewhere Dr. Macy is in the middle of a turn war…between pimps.

Chapter Ten, Year Two
30 votes

#44 - Chapter Ten, Year Two

Murder One - Season 2 - Episode 10

The defense team learns incriminating evidence against Latrell's agent; prosecution witnesses taint Latrell's wholesome image

Baby Love
95 votes

#45 - Baby Love

NYPD Blue - Season 9 - Episode 6

Valerie stops by Baldwin's apartment for some spontaneity. Sipowicz gets a page from Gibson's niece Cynthia, and agrees to have lunch with her. A baby is taken from hospital and all of the detectives move on the case, until Jones and Medavoy are diverted to an arson investigation. One of the Arab owners of the firebombed shop keeps pointing towards a man who has been hassling them a lot. Jones and Medavoy interview this man who's been holding a grudge since 11 Sep 2001. McDowell interviews a woman who recently had a stillborn and becomes angry when she realizes that she's a suspect. Cynthia tells Andy about her uncle's colon cancer and the fact that his family wants him at home, getting treatment. He promises her that he will do something, but his focus at the moment is on the missing baby case. Racial tensions erupt at the hospital when one of the store owner's accuses the police of doing nothing. Back at the squad a woman comes forward with info on the firebombing; she overh