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Network: ABC (US)

In the first season of Murder one, Theodore Hoffman is a prominent defense attorney in a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. After successfully defending the wealthy but suspicious Richard Cross in a lurid murder trial, he is now involved in the defense of Neil Avedon. Neil is a famous young actor who has had severe drug and alcohol problems and was subsequently charged with the murder, after Cross was exonerated. This single case will run an entire television season (interspersed with bits from other cases that the firm is involved in). The show continued on for a second season, though withought the main character Theodore Hoffman.

Chapter Twenty-Three

#1 - Chapter Twenty-Three

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Apr 23, 1996

Ted meets with Julie to ask for her help in getting Richard to testify that the tape of the murder is authentic. When she refuses, Chris begins playing the tape. After viewing it for a few minutes, she tearfully agrees to help them. To be lucid enough to testify in court, Richard will need to take a drug which will also further weaken his immune system. In response to his initial resistance, Julie tells him that he owes it to her and Jessica, and he finally relents. Chris is approached by a man who represents a judge on the Court of Appeals who is willing to convince two other judges to overturn Neil's verdict and to get him released on bail immediately in return for $100,000. Chris refuses, telling him that the firm is not in the practice of bribery, to which Ted agrees when Chris fills him in about this encounter. Judge Bornstein grants Ted a hearing where he presents expert testimony that the tape has not been doctored. Richard takes the stand and testifies that he installed a video

star 8.25
40 votes
Directors: Michael Fresco
Writers: Charles H. Eglee, Doug Palau, Geoffrey Neigher, Steven Bochco, William M. Finkelstein
Chapter Twenty-Two

#2 - Chapter Twenty-Two

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Apr 22, 1996

At the sentencing hearing, Neil still maintains his innocence, and is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Later, Neil is attacked in prison by a man with a knife, and is terrified for his life. Justine and Arnold try to convince Julie to reveal Richard's whereabouts. Eventually, she gives in and arranges a meeting where Richard tells Ted that the tape is in Richard's office safe. Ted takes the tape to his office, and everyone gathers around to watch it. They see Neil with Jessica and watch him leave while Jessica is still alive. Later, another person enters the room and Justine whispers, "Oh, my god!"

star 8.02
42 votes
Directors: Joe Ann Fogle
Writers: Charles D. Holland, Charles H. Eglee, Steven Bochco, William M. Finkelstein
Chapter Ten

#3 - Chapter Ten

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Jan 8, 1996

Jury selection continues with Hoffman and Grasso grilling each potential juror. Meanwhile, Hoffman presents a motion to the court to dismiss the charges against Avedon using Holly Gerges's letter as evidence that she was, in fact, the actual murderer. However, after a few days, the DA, Grasso, gets Det. Polson to testify before the judge, having found the credit card records placing Holly far away from the crime scene. The motion to dismiss, is, of course, denied and Neil is visable upset. Later that night, Hoffman gets a call from Neil's girlfriend saying that his phone has been of the hook for hours. Hoffman and Chris rushed to Neil's apartment only to find him passed out on the floor. He said he couldn't take it. Richard Cross refers a man named Roberto to Hoffman. His son had been charged with date rape. Hoffman is paid $50,000 to represent him but suddenly his accuser is paid off and drops the charges. Late in the show, jury selection is completed.

star 7.92
39 votes
Writers: Geoffrey Neigher, William M. Finkelstein
Chapter Five

#4 - Chapter Five

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 19, 1995

The preliminary hearing begins for Avedon. The new judge evokes bail and puts Avedon back in custody. The coroner and Det. Polson testify. The case is handed over to the supreme court. Crosses alibi comes under question when a video tape shows up. This tape connects him to Beverly and her husband. Dave, the private investigator, says he can get the tape through a favour that someone owes him. Hoffman recieves a phone call from Dave. He tells about his difficulties getting the tape. Hoffman goes to his hotel room and discovers him dead. A man named Gary was involved in the transaction and Hoffman is suspicious of him. Later, Hoffman meets up with Gary in a restaurant and sees Cross with him. Julie comes to see Hoffman and says she is under treatment with Dr. Graham Lester.

star 7.89
44 votes
Directors: Nancy Savoca
Writers: Charles Holland
Chapter Six

#5 - Chapter Six

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Nov 2, 1995

In this episode, the firm hires a private investigater, Ray, to replace Dave. Julie calls Hoffman in his office and sounds like she has over-dosed on drugs. Hoffman immediately calls 911. Julie ends up in the hospital under Graham Lester's care. Cross even shows up to visit her right in front of Hoffman. Under the influence of Lester, who she has been having strange dreams about, leaves the hospital with him and gets a new lawyer other than Hoffman. A jury consultant is selected but most people in the city have already decided that Avedon is guilty. By a new judge, bail is reinstated and Avedon is set free. Ray digs up some information on a man named Rusty who Hoffman believes was involved in Dave's murder. He finds out that he used to live in Mexico and was addicted to drugs. It was believed that Rusty called Cross who later got Dave killed. Ray also finds out that Graham Lester was almost charged with given lethal prescriptions but was let off for some unknown reason.

star 7.88
42 votes
Directors: Jim Charleston
Writers: Gay Walch
Chapter Four

#6 - Chapter Four

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 12, 1995

Melissa confronts Hoffman about the tape, and Hoffman refuses her offer. Melissa sells it for $100,000 to a tabloid-news show, where Hoffman is interviewed and says that the tape could have been easily doctored by Melissa to make money. After the tape airs, Garfield files a motion for Avedon's bail to be revoked, but the motion is denied, on the condition that Avedon enters a different rehabilitation center. Avedon passes a lie detector test and reveals that he was drunk both the night the tape was made and the night of the murder, and can't remember anything. Hoffman meets up with Francesca'a divorce attorney, who offers Hoffman information about Cross which could get Neil cleared of the charges in an attempt to blackmail Cross into a quick and tidy divorce. When Francesca finds out, she drops him and hires another recommended by Hoffman.

star 7.86
42 votes
Directors: Michael Fresco
Writers: Geoffrey Neigher
Chapter Nine

#7 - Chapter Nine

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Dec 31, 1995

This episode begins with Avedon meeting Hoffman in the law office. He had just received a letter from an obsessive fan, whom he had previously had to obtain a restraining order against. It said, that she had been the one who killed Jessica and Avedon's girlfriend had better stay away or she'd be next. The fan's name was Holly. Hoffman's wife visits the office, having heard a rumor that Franchesca Cross and he were having an affair. Hoffman, of course, denies this and later confronts Cross about it. He thinks Cross started the rumor so he wouldn't have to pay as much money in the divorce settlement. Hoffman and the law firm's private investigator visit the home of Holly, the deranged fan. She believes that she has a personal relationship with Neil Avedon. Later, Holly shows up in at the law office and claims that she really has to talk to Neil. Eventually, she pulls a gun on Hoffman (who remained in amazing professional composure throughout the whole incident). However, Neil plays along

star 7.85
41 votes
Directors: Elodie Keene
Writers: Doug Palau, Steven Bochco, William Finkelstein
Chapter Seventeen

#8 - Chapter Seventeen

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Mar 11, 1996

Jury polls are taken from the public and show that fifty-nine per cent think that Neil Avedon is guilty of the murder of Jessica Costello. This is discussed by the firm. Neil's mother is brought in as a character witness to testify for the defense. Neil and his mother do not appear to get along very well because his father was abusive towards him as a child. She breaks down on the stand crying for forgiveness. Neil's old neighbour and Karen Lockwood (a friend of Jessica's) both testifiy that Neil is a good person with good intentions. Grasso husband dies of a heart attack in the night so she does not show up to court the next day. However, the procedings carry on. Grasso eventually gets back to her work and offers the defense a deal after Neil's mother's testimony, four years for involuntary man-slaughter. Neil thinks about the offer but ends up rejecting it. Julie tells Hoffman that Justine had arranged her meeting with Cross when they had gotten married. Hoffman confronts Justi

star 7.85
41 votes
Chapter Fifteen, Year Two

#9 - Chapter Fifteen, Year Two

Season 2 - Episode 15 - Aired May 26, 1997

Banks' trial begins; client must face news about his bride's past; Wyler wrestles with ethics when the firm learns a technicality may set Banks free

star 7.83
6 votes
Writers: Charles H. Eglee, Nick Harding
Chapter Two

#10 - Chapter Two

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Sep 26, 1995

Richard is arraigned and denied bail. Beverly Nichols visits Ted, bringing an alibi for Richard. She tells Ted that she was out clubbing with Richard the night of Jessica's murder and was with him when he discovered Jessica's body. When Ted wonders why Richard didn't come forward with this information when he was arrested, Beverly claims that he was protecting her from her jealous husband, who had beaten her once before when he found out that she was with Richard. Although it's apparent that Ted doesn't believe her story, he accompanies her to Parker Center when she gives her statement to Polson. Polson doesn't believe her either, but he can't shake her story. Based on Beverly's statement, and over Polson's strenuous objections, Garfield drops the charges against Richard and orders him released from custody. Polson then arrests Neil after matching a DNA sample Neil gave in an earlier paternity suit to the DNA found at the crime scene. Neil begs Ted to represent him, but Ted declines, r

star 7.60
79 votes
Writers: Charles H. Eglee
Chapter Eleven

#11 - Chapter Eleven

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 15, 1996

Grasso moves to ban courtroom camera and Hoffman agrees with this motion. However, a representative from Law TV shows up and convinces the judge to move in favour of the media. Teddy's P.I. informs him that Roberto is a part of a drug cartel. Justine meets with Cross to discuss their "deal" further. Justine leaves after Cross keeps asking her about Hoffman (she says she is not allowed to discuss such matters). Lisa secretly saw the two. Later, Lisa confronts Justine about what she saw and they end up arguing. Opening statements begin. In the middle of Hoffman's statement, the judge is given a message and she calls all the lawyers into her chambers. She informs Hoffman that his daughter had been kidnapped. Hoffman leaves the court and almost as soon as he arrives home he gets a phone call from his daughter, Lizzie, who was left in the park. Hoffman, his wife, and the police rush to meet her. A detective interviews Lizzie about the woman who took her.

star 7.58
70 votes
Chapter Fifteen

#12 - Chapter Fifteen

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Feb 19, 1996

Gary Blando says he wants to testify for Neil, claiming he was such a wonderful kind-hearted person. However, when the time comes for him to testify in court his lawyer says he's unable. Apparently he had had chest pains and ended up in the hospital. The defense obtains photos of Blando, not ill at all, and he is forced to testify. Jessica's diary is entered as a business transaction journal since it details her involvement with various rich men. The names in the diary are called to the court. All of these were referred by Richard Cross. Cross wanted to patch things up with Julie so Justine allowed him into her apartment to talk with her. The next day, Julie is missing but shows up in court to testify. Julie refuses to answer questions about Cross, saying they have just been married. Meanwhile, Hoffman and Annie visit a marriage consellor.

star 7.51
71 votes
Chapter Seventeen, Year Two

#13 - Chapter Seventeen, Year Two

Season 2 - Episode 17 - Aired May 29, 1997

As the defense awaits the judge's ruling, Banks indicates his vendetta is not over; Wyler defends a young man of killing an octogenarian heiress.

star 7.50
6 votes
Writers: Geoffrey Neigher
Chapter Seven

#14 - Chapter Seven

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 9, 1995

Deadline America reports a rumor that the DA is about to introduce a "mystery" witness. Hoffman questions Miriam, the deputy DA, about this and it turns out that the witness is Susan Dominique, a night nurse at Graham Lester's clinic. When Detective Polson told her that Neil had called the clinic from Jessica's the night of the murder she confirmed it, however she never came forward with this information herself. A leak in the firm is suspected. It turns out to be the firm's intern who had been seduced by the host of Deadline America. Hoffman doesn't fire Sydney (the intern). Instead he gives him another chance. Hoffman visits Graham Lester and accuses him of going against what is best for Neil Avedon. Lester claims that Neil confessed to killing Jessica but Neil can neither confirm or deny this because he doesn't remember anything about that night. Hoffman discovers that Neil and Richard Cross have been keeping in touch throughout the whole "battle."

star 7.49
71 votes
Directors: Donna Deitch
Writers: Doug Palau
Chapter Twenty-One

#15 - Chapter Twenty-One

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Apr 22, 1996

star 7.31
42 votes
Directors: Marc Buckland
Writers: Ann Donahue, Charles H. Eglee, Steven Bochco, William M. Finkelstein
Chapter Eighteen

#16 - Chapter Eighteen

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Mar 18, 1996

star 7.29
41 votes
Chapter Thirteen, Year Two

#17 - Chapter Thirteen, Year Two

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired May 25, 1997

Jimmy's mentor, Sidney Pomerantz, is dying of cancer and asks him to take over the case of Clifford Banks, a man accused of murdering 17 people.

star 7.29
7 votes
Writers: Doug Palau
Chapter Nineteen

#18 - Chapter Nineteen

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Apr 1, 1996

Richard flies into an irrational rage when Justine reports on her research into a pending acquisition. Later, on several occasions when Justine is alone in Richard's office, she looks through his personal files, unaware that a security camera is watching her every move. Richard confronts her in a rage and begins to choke her. He calms down suddenly, leaving Justine terrified. When she hands in her resignation shortly afterwards, Richard tears it up and offers her a substantial promotion and bonus. Justine shows Lisa the marks on her neck and tells her that she is now sure that Richard killed Jessica. Richard takes the stand and begins behaving strangely and making inappropriate remarks. When it becomes evident that he is unaware of his surroundings, Judge Bornstein calls a recess. Against the advice of the defense team, Neil insists upon testifying, so Chris and Ted prepare him for several hours. When his testimony is over, Neil thinks he may have reached a few of the jurors; privately

star 7.28
43 votes
Writers: Charles H. Eglee, William M. Finkelstein
Chapter Three

#19 - Chapter Three

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 3, 1995

Neil is arraigned, and bail is set at ten million dollars, conditioned on Neil's completing a thirty day inpatient rehab program. After Richard posts bail and he's released, Neil insists upon being treated at Lester's facility, over Ted's objections. Miriam floats a plea of involuntary manslaughter, which Ted turns down. Julie finds Jessica's diary in the trunk of her car, and she and Richard bring it to Ted. The diary contains a list of several prominent men in Hollywood men with whom Jessica had sex and drugs. Ted gives the diary to Davey and Justine for analysis and authentication. The next day, Gary Blondo tells Ted that Neil arrived at his house at 2 a.m., freaked-out about the contents of Jessica's diary. Realizing that Richard must have told Lester about the diary, and that Lester in turn told Neil, Ted visits Lester, accuses him of fraud and negligence, and warns him and Neil that Neil's next slip-up will land him back in jail. Melissa Griotte, one of Neil's sex partners, meets

star 7.27
51 votes
Directors: Joe Ann Fogle
Writers: Ann Donahue
Chapter Eight

#20 - Chapter Eight

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 16, 1995

Julie is in an accident when she apparently mixes alcohol and prescription drugs. She is put in jail temporarily until Cross and Hoffman show up. Lester ends up taking her home. A supposed "tape" of Neil strangling another woman shows up on Deadline America. It turns out to be an altered clip from an X-rated movie. Hoffman find out that it was Sydney, (the intern/leak) and fires him. Sydney said that he wanted to get revenge on the host of Deadline America. Neil and Hoffman come before the judge yet again to argue the admissablity of Susan Dominque's (the nurse, working for Graham Lester, who said that she heard Neil confess to the murder) testimony. The judge allows Susan's testimony in, but will not allow any testimony from Graham Lester in. A former patient of Graham Lester's surfaces. Stephanie Lambert meets with Julie Costello and tells her about her experiences with Graham Lester (including rape). Julie remembers those experiences, too.

star 7.27
44 votes
Writers: Ann Donahue, Charles Holland, Geoffrey Neigher
Chapter Twelve

#21 - Chapter Twelve

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Jan 22, 1996

Lizzie Hoffman identifies the woman who abducted her. She was a school teacher who cleam that she had seen Lizzie, apparently abandoned and took pity on her. All she said she was doing was a "good deed." Polson tells Teddy that Lizzie would have to testify in the court against this woman. Teddy agrees but Annie does not. The first witnesses are called and tell of how the victim, Jessica, died. Rumor also circulates that Cross is HIV positive and may have been black-mailing Jessica, eventually killing her. Cross takes the stand.

star 7.27
44 votes
Directors: Rick Wallace
Writers: Charles H. Eglee, William M. Finkelstein
Chapter Twenty

#22 - Chapter Twenty

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Apr 8, 1996

Eduardo Portalegre surprises Justine in Richard's office while she is working. After a few moments of small talk, he makes a pass at her. As she resists, he turns violent. Richard enters the office and burns Eduardo with his own cigar to stop the attack. After Eduardo leaves, Richard seems somewhat distant and cannot seem to remember that Eduardo was there just a few minutes earlier. The closing statements begin. Miriam shows the jury graphic pictures of a bruised Jessica as well as the tape of Neil strangling Melissa, over Ted's objection. Ted argues that Miriam's case is built on a fabric of lies woven by Richard, Graham Lester, and Susan Dominick. During a settlement conference in their divorce action, Annie angrily tells Ted that a reporter called her asking for a comment about Ted's affair with Judge Bornstein. Ted tells her that the affair was over long before he and Annie were ever involved. Garfield finds out about the affair and requests that Judge Bornstein recuse herself. Wh

star 7.27
41 votes
Writers: Doug Palau, Geoffrey Neigher
Chapter Thirteen

#23 - Chapter Thirteen

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 5, 1996

The tapes become an issue in the courts. (The one of Avedon strangling a woman in a passionate moment and of Beverly, her husband and Cross together.) Beverly is ordered to appear in court. Julie is set to testify for the defense. Also, Polson testifies. Julie walks out on Cross and stays with Arnold. Hoffman disapproves of this, but founds out after. Cross confronts Arnold about Julie. Amy Scott is a surprise witness for the DA. She was in a drup support group with Neil and he had apparently threatened her. Teddy's wife asks him for a seperation. She says that the trial has been too much.

star 7.26
43 votes
Directors: Jim Hayman
Writers: Doug Palau, Geoffrey Neigher
Chapter Eleven, Year Two

#24 - Chapter Eleven, Year Two

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 23, 1997

The defense team discusses strategy in the light of Rickey's confession to Jimmy and Justine. Chris suggests that Rickey not be put on the witness stand. Justine says that they should do whatever they can to present a sympathetic view of Rickey to the jury. Jimmy is adamant that Rickey should confess on the stand and hope that the jury finds that he was justified in killing Fortas. This angers Aaron, and he leaves the room. Gwen announces her engagement. Since her fiance is being transferred to New York right away and she wants to go with him, she bids Jimmy a fond farewell. Jimmy begins to look for her replacement. After several disastrous interviews, Jimmy is at a loss until Louis returns from Europe and Jimmy hires him on the spot. Rickey's mother and a former professional basketball player who Rickey is helping financially testify as character witnesses for him. Michaelson, a prostitute and a madam give damaging testimony about Fortas's character. Rickey replaces Michaelson with Hi

star 7.25
8 votes
Writers: Charles H. Eglee, Geoffrey Neigher, Nick Harding
Chapter Fourteen

#25 - Chapter Fourteen

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Feb 12, 1996

The court order's Graham Lester's records of Neil Avedon to be unsealed...much to the dismay of the defense. Lester refuses to testify and ends up in jail because of his protest. Eventually, he says he could not take it anymore, and agrees to testify against Avedon. He visits Hoffman who sees through his act of trying to get the jury to see him as a "good person." Lester testifies before the court that he saw Neil the night of Jessica's murder and he had confessed to him. Neil yells out in the court, outraged by Lester's accusations. The judge scolds him. Romantic problems among the jurors disrupt the court when two men argue over a woman in the jury. The judge has to halt the court and call the two jurors into her chambers. Eventually the two jurors who have become romantically involved are dismissed. The woman poses in Penthouse and the man plans to make a movie.

star 7.24
42 votes
Directors: Randall Zisk