The BEST episodes directed by William M. Finkelstein

Finish Line
3 votes

#1 - Finish Line

L.A. Law - Season 8 - Episode 22

McKenzie throws the firm into a turmoil when he announces his plans to retire as they prepare to throw him a surprise 65th birthday party; thinking that he's reached rock bottom at the age of 42, Becker reaches out to Halliday for comfort and finds himself in church; Levinson represents an elderly clothing manufacturer sued by his son in a power struggle over their family business; Benny and Rosalie argue when Dominic urges him to invest money in a race horse.

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Chapter Nineteen
44 votes

#2 - Chapter Nineteen

Murder One - Season 1 - Episode 19

Richard flies into an irrational rage when Justine reports on her research into a pending acquisition. Later, on several occasions when Justine is alone in Richard's office, she looks through his personal files, unaware that a security camera is watching her every move. Richard confronts her in a rage and begins to choke her. He calms down suddenly, leaving Justine terrified. When she hands in her resignation shortly afterwards, Richard tears it up and offers her a substantial promotion and bonus. Justine shows Lisa the marks on her neck and tells her that she is now sure that Richard killed Jessica. Richard takes the stand and begins behaving strangely and making inappropriate remarks. When it becomes evident that he is unaware of his surroundings, Judge Bornstein calls a recess. Against the advice of the defense team, Neil insists upon testifying, so Chris and Ted prepare him for several hours. When his testimony is over, Neil thinks he may have reached a few of the jurors; privately

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Chapter Eleven, Year Two
8 votes

#3 - Chapter Eleven, Year Two

Murder One - Season 2 - Episode 11

The defense team discusses strategy in the light of Rickey's confession to Jimmy and Justine. Chris suggests that Rickey not be put on the witness stand. Justine says that they should do whatever they can to present a sympathetic view of Rickey to the jury. Jimmy is adamant that Rickey should confess on the stand and hope that the jury finds that he was justified in killing Fortas. This angers Aaron, and he leaves the room. Gwen announces her engagement. Since her fiance is being transferred to New York right away and she wants to go with him, she bids Jimmy a fond farewell. Jimmy begins to look for her replacement. After several disastrous interviews, Jimmy is at a loss until Louis returns from Europe and Jimmy hires him on the spot. Rickey's mother and a former professional basketball player who Rickey is helping financially testify as character witnesses for him. Michaelson, a prostitute and a madam give damaging testimony about Fortas's character. Rickey replaces Michaelson with Hi