The Best Episodes Directed by Andy Wolk

Police State

#1 - Police State

The Practice Season 8 - Episode 11

When the police torture a man they believe shot one of their own, Eugene, barely able to contain his emotion, takes the lead in seeking justice.

star 9.22
63 votes
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#2 - Evil-Doers

The Practice Season 6 - Episode 21

An accused rapist and his identical twin muddy a trial; the Hannibal Lecter copycat continues to terrify Lindsay during a commitment hearing.

star 9.20
56 votes
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#3 - Payback

The Practice Season 5 - Episode 12

Bobby is arrested for conspiring to murder serial killer William Hinks. The entire firm, with Eugene at the helm, must now rally to defend him. Meanwhile, Rebecca discovers foul play in the wrongful death suit of a friend's husband.

star 9.15
67 votes
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Dangerous Liaisons

#4 - Dangerous Liaisons

The Practice Season 6 - Episode 9

Bobby fears that his protective feelings for a vulnerable female client may threaten his objectivity in her case. Lucy goes above and beyond the call of duty to help an elderly rape victim get the only thing she wants from her attacker — an apology.

star 8.76
88 votes
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Equal Justice

#5 - Equal Justice

The Practice Season 8 - Episode 10

Alan Shore uses unorthodox tactics when he's appointed by the court to defend a young man accused of murder. Meanwhile, Tara must try her first case when she's thrown into covering Shore's previously scheduled client.

star 8.72
60 votes
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Fire Proof

#6 - Fire Proof

The Practice Season 6 - Episode 18

An arson case inflames Jimmy when he has to defend a respected Italian-American businessman who is an old friend. But his suspicious furniture-store fire killed a night watchman.

star 8.63
57 votes
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The Confession

#7 - The Confession

The Practice Season 5 - Episode 18

Helen Gamble uses trickery to coerce a confession from an alleged carjacker represented by Jimmy Berluti. While Gamble feels that her means were legal and necessary to get a dangerous man off the streets, Berluti and Eugene disagree and ask a federal judge to rule the confession inadmissible, a decision that would set the carjacker free.

star 8.61
64 votes
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Final Judgment (2)

#8 - Final Judgment (2)

The Practice Season 7 - Episode 12

Ellenor continues her desperate attempt to stop the execution of a mentally ill woman Denise Freeman on death row. The firm is torn over a controversial settlement in their case against an alcohol company.

star 8.50
24 votes
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#9 - Shattered

Fairly Legal Season 2 - Episode 10

Justin and D.A. Davidson oppose Kate and Ben. Meanwhile, Lauren negotiates the purchase of an airline for a client.

star 8.49
636 votes
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The Family That Lies Together

#10 - The Family That Lies Together

Chasing Life Season 1 - Episode 5

Dominic takes April to see a psychic for fun, but the results disturb both of them, leading Dominic to come clean to April about a family secret. When her own family secrets become too much for her to bear alone, April enlists Dominic’s help in learning more about her "sister," Natalie. Meanwhile, April receives an official diagnosis from George and Sara’s mounting concern for April’s health leads to a confrontation.

star 8.23
114 votes
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Start Me Up

#11 - Start Me Up

Fairly Legal Season 2 - Episode 2

Justin asks Kate to negotiate a deal between the FBI and a local hospital. The case seems simple until Kate discovers another patient was bumped from the donor list to accommodate the FBI.

star 8.23
699 votes
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Win Some, Lose Some

#12 - Win Some, Lose Some

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 - Episode 1

After Carrie’s boyfriend Sebastian and best friend Maggie betrayed her last season, Carrie is determined to make the most of her summer, living with Walt in Manhattan – and all the grit and glamour it has to offer – even agreeing to a night on the town with Donna LaDonna. But when Donna shows up with Sebastian, Carrie decides to go out on her own, and by a series of surprising events meets one of the greatest loves of her life, Samantha Jones. Back in Castlebury, Mouse shuts out Maggie when she sees her working at the country club, and Dorrit has her own problems to contend with when Tom finds out about her boyfriend Miller.

star 8.16
185 votes
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Second Crime Around

#13 - Second Crime Around

In Plain Sight Season 4 - Episode 5

Mary works with an unapologetic con artist.

star 8.15
450 votes
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Doll Parts

#14 - Doll Parts

Defiance Season 2 - Episode 11

With Nolan searching for Irisa, Amanda is forced to take on the badge as Deputy when the shocking murder of one of their own rocks Defiance.

star 8.13
1971 votes
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Four Marshals and a Baby

#15 - Four Marshals and a Baby

In Plain Sight Season 5 - Episode 2

With Jinx out of town and Mark busy with a last minute business trip, Mary has no choice but to head to work with Norah in tow. But when Mary arrives, Delia points out the obvious: Mary can't be with Norah and a witness at the same time. Meanwhile, Marshall and Abigail are trying to determine whether or not Kristi Owens should enter WITSEC and Associate Director Campbell gives Stan some surprising news about the future of the Albuquerque office.

star 8.11
454 votes
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The Ties That Bind

#16 - The Ties That Bind

Crossing Jordan Season 1 - Episode 3

A woman’s torso is found and linked back to the prison system. Jordan is assigned to find out who the victim is and who is responsible for her death.

star 8.06
246 votes
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#17 - Checkmates

The Practice Season 4 - Episode 14

Ellenor defends a 'slow' teenager accused of killing a younger boy. A witness comes forward claiming to have information exonerating her client, but Ellenor suspects he's lying. Helen calls in a police officer when his son is under suspicion in a homicide. Representing the accused, Bobby argues the officer was acting as an agent of the court, not a father.

star 8.06
67 votes
Under Pressure

#18 - Under Pressure

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 - Episode 9

Larissa gives Carrie some harsh advice about her relationship with Sebastian. When Harlan asks Tom to work overnight on a top-secret case, Dorrit decides to throw an impromptu get-together, which quickly spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Mouse and Donna get surprisingly close and Sebastian makes a hasty decision after another fight with his parents.

star 7.98
147 votes
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Reasonable Doubts

#19 - Reasonable Doubts

Close to Home Season 1 - Episode 15

When Annabeth has to prosecute a man for killing his mother-in-law, his defense attorney creates a case against his own wife by claiming she committed the murder in order to establish reasonable doubt for the jury. The judge throws out the defendant's testimony after his lawyer claims that he was not given legal counsel during his interrogation. When Annabeth learns of a hidden secret in the defendant's past which easily explains why he killed his mother-in-law, the defense tries to deliberately mislead the jury into believing the defendant's wife committed the murder in order to create doubt.

star 7.94
65 votes
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Double Abandando

#20 - Double Abandando

NYPD Blue Season 2 - Episode 7

Donna's sister Dana moves in with her and Greg; later she tries to move in on Greg. Shots are fired at the school across the street, but Bobby doubts the confession of his friend's son, the 11-year-old murder suspect in a gang related shooting. A lothario appears to be targeted by a woman he's infected with HIV, Lesniak and Martinez try to bring him down for reckless endangerment.

star 7.92
75 votes
Whatever It Takes

#21 - Whatever It Takes

The Client List Season 2 - Episode 13

Riley volunteers at a charity golf tournament and learns that a judge is spearheading a task force that could put her and the Rub in serious jeopardy. Later, Travis tricks Kyle into hosting a sleepover; and Riley and Derek get an unwelcome surprise when they respond to an alarm at the spa.

star 7.90
317 votes
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When the Levee Breaks

#22 - When the Levee Breaks

Bluff City Law Season 1 - Episode 5

Sydney and Elijah help a twelve-year-old girl find justice for the failed levee system that flooded her town. Della and Anthony fight for an old blues musician's song rights.

star 7.84
230 votes
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#23 - Doppelgänger

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 19

The team investigates a missing woman's boyfriend, with whom she lived. However, they determine that he has a twin brother and quickly turn their attention to him.

star 7.81
110 votes

#24 - Priceless

Fairly Legal Season 1 - Episode 2

Kate mediates a settlement between the State of California and Steve Jenks, a wrongfully convicted man who spent 22 years in prison. As Kate tries to put a price on the years he lost, Steve escapes into a prison of his own making, refusing to deal with the pain of his past -- until, when pushed, he explodes.

star 7.81
1103 votes
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Bottom of the World

#25 - Bottom of the World

Defiance Season 2 - Episode 10

Nolan and Rafe race against the clock to rescue Amanda and Pottinger trapped in a deadly mine collapse.

star 7.80
1962 votes
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#26 - Boca

The Sopranos Season 1 - Episode 9

Tony and Sylvio plan drastic action when they hear some disturbing news about Meadow's soccer coach. Tony learns of a secret that Junior would rather keep under wraps. Tensions flare when they begin needling each other during a golf game. And this results in Junior giving up a long term relationship.

star 7.78
2713 votes
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Into the Woods

#27 - Into the Woods

Station 19 Season 3 - Episode 5

In an effort to increase morale, Maya takes the crew on a team-building camping trip that doesn’t exactly go according to plan. Their bond is put to the test as they work to save first-time campers after a gruesome bear attack. Meanwhile, Pruitt takes steps to repair his relationship with Andy, and Sullivan goes to extreme lengths to find relief from the pain in his leg.

star 7.76
405 votes
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I Am Number Nine

#28 - I Am Number Nine

Gossip Girl Season 5 - Episode 6

Blair holds a competition for the coveted bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding. Nate gets help from Charlie to make Diana jealous. Serena has to set aside her feelings about Dan so she can secure the film rights to Dan's book.

star 7.74
1215 votes
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All the World's a Stage

#29 - All the World's a Stage

Ugly Betty Season 4 - Episode 16

Justin loves his acting class, helmed by the eccentric Lena Korvinka, and finds himself in an unexpected triangle with his new pals, Austin and Lily. When Betty drops by class, she's smitten with a cool young playwright, Zachary, whom she will profile for Mode. But she challenges her own ethics when she starts dating him. And Wilhemina is hospitalized with a perforated ulcer, and can’t help her type-A personality even when bedridden, but then her roommate, Roberta, prompts an epiphany.

star 7.73
539 votes
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Can I Get a Witness?

#30 - Can I Get a Witness?

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 11

When a community activist is gunned down, one brave witness comes forward to testify against a well-known gang member who is thought to have murdered 15 people. While the detectives work diligently to put him away, television host Bill O’Reilly comes to town for a book signing and criticizes the police department on-air.

star 7.72
1431 votes
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A Moveable Feast

#31 - A Moveable Feast

Unforgettable Season 3 - Episode 5

Carrie and Al must find the connection between a murdered coast guard officer, a celebrity chef who threw him out of his restaurant and a missing block of C-4 before the explosives are used.

star 7.70
592 votes
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All the Wrong Places

#32 - All the Wrong Places

Hawthorne Season 1 - Episode 4

Christina tries to save a Korean woman and her little boy after a car accident; Bobbie helps a young woman on the verge of losing her arm because of gangrene.

star 7.69
220 votes
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#33 - Family

The Guardian Season 1 - Episode 14

Nick's Aunt Liz visits Burton & Nick and tells them she is dying.

star 7.67
80 votes
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Goodbye Blue Sky

#34 - Goodbye Blue Sky

Defiance Season 1 - Episode 7

Interesting relationships develop when the residents of Defiance are forced to stay indoors as a threatening Razor Rain storm approaches. Meanwhile, visions lead Irisa to the Spirit Riders and Sukar, who has fallen under the influence of a strange and mysterious force.

star 7.66
3384 votes
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A Door Into the Dark

#35 - A Door Into the Dark

Shadowhunters Season 2 - Episode 2

The hunt is on for Jace Wayland, and Alec and Isabelle hope to reach him before the rest of the Shadowhunters do. With orders from the Clave of “shoot to kill,” the Lightwood siblings must act fast. Also on his own search, Simon turns to Magnus for help when he finds himself at odds with both Raphael and Aldertree. Meanwhile, Clary struggles to find where she belongs since she doesn’t seem to fit into the Shadowhunter world, yet can’t go back to her mundane life.

star 7.66
1523 votes
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#36 - Containment

SEAL Team Season 1 - Episode 11

Jason and the SEAL team are sent to intercept the sale of nuclear weapons, but the mission goes sideways when they must make the treacherous journey back to base with nukes that have unsecured fuel rods. Also, Ray is sidelined with a shoulder injury, and Jason and Alana are shocked by their kids’ reactions when the topic of their reunion is brought up.

star 7.65
1714 votes
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Spell It Out

#37 - Spell It Out

Necessary Roughness Season 2 - Episode 7

A spelling bee whiz kid turns to Dani with a case of the st-st-stutters. Meanwhile, TK comes face-to-face with a problem he hoped was history, a league representative comes knocking on Nico's door, and Jeanette still hasn't told Augusto she's pregnant.

star 7.64
373 votes
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London, Of Course

#38 - London, Of Course

Damages Season 2 - Episode 11

Claire risks everything to oust CEO Walter Kendrick; Ellen discovers a secret about Patty's personal life.

star 7.63
920 votes
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The Fugitives

#39 - The Fugitives

Gossip Girl Season 5 - Episode 23

Blair enlists Serena to be her stand-in at an important meeting. Ivy and Lola team up to help Chuck with a personal vendetta/ Nate makes a decision about the future and Diana Payne.

star 7.62
930 votes
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No Guts, No Glory

#40 - No Guts, No Glory

Hawthorne Season 1 - Episode 8

Christina treats a female patient who appears to have been abused by her boyfriend; Bobbie helps a patient with abdominal pains; Ray helps a young man facing the possibility of being paralyzed; Camille gets a driving lesson from Kelly.

star 7.61
161 votes
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Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

#41 - Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

The Carrie Diaries Season 1 - Episode 13

Carrie is happy going to her junior prom, but when hidden secrets are revealed plans begin to change. Dorrit is determined to take her relationship with Miller to the next level, but things hit a bump along the way. For the first time in her life, Mouse decides to defy her parents to date whom she wants. Tom begins to struggle with sneaking around, especially when he thinks someone might be on to him. Elsewhere, Larissa makes Carrie and Walt an enticing offer.

star 7.60
217 votes
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Brothers in Arms

#42 - Brothers in Arms

Defiance Season 1 - Episode 6

An old war buddy catches up with Nolan at the same time a Castithan criminal with a history of violence enters the picture.

star 7.59
3573 votes
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Box to the Future

#43 - Box to the Future

Witches of East End Season 2 - Episode 12

The Beauchamps travel back in time to the 1840s where Freya encounters Edgar Allan Poe and Joanna is ensnared by a dangerous admirer. Killian does the unthinkable and risks his life for his one true love. The Beauchamps lives change due to the shocking and tragic end as they lose one of their own.

star 7.58
468 votes
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Ghost in the Machine

#44 - Ghost in the Machine

Medium Season 3 - Episode 5

Allison gets Joe a camcorder for his birthday. But soon she starts seeing disturbing images through it that may or may not be connected to a murder.

star 7.58
338 votes
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Safe Haven

#45 - Safe Haven

Criminal Minds Season 6 - Episode 5

The team pursues a serial killer targeting families in the Midwest; Morgan receives a visit from Ellie after she runs away from her foster family.

star 7.57
2603 votes
Unaccompanied Minors

#46 - Unaccompanied Minors

Manifest Season 2 - Episode 11

As Zeke's condition worsens and the clock ticks towards his death date, he must confront his past while Saanvi tries to secure him a future. A pair of connected callings lead Ben and TJ to a surprising loved one. Michaela faces a moral dilemma.

star 7.55
744 votes
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The Popular Kids

#47 - The Popular Kids

Criminal Minds Season 1 - Episode 10

The team investigates the death of one teen, and the disappearance of another , which may be linked to a satanic ritual.

star 7.54
1991 votes
Papa, Oh Papa

#48 - Papa, Oh Papa

Hellcats Season 1 - Episode 12

Marti endures a tense ride to sectionals with the Hellcats on the heels of her admission that she hooked up with Dan. Alice’s father surprises Alice when he shows up to watch her fly. Alice confides to Lewis that she hasn’t told her father that they broke up or that she was replaced as a flier. Not wanting to disappoint her father, Alice blackmails Savannah into giving up her spot as a flier by threatening to tell the squad that Savannah helped get Memphis Christian a free ride to sectionals.

star 7.51
852 votes
Who's Cheatin' Who

#49 - Who's Cheatin' Who

The Client List Season 2 - Episode 2

Riley’s secret life at the spa is threatened as Detectives Monroe and Dunbar mistakenly assume Riley has information that would help their investigation against Kyle. Riley attempts to get Kyle’s bail money, but her mission backfires and winds up putting her in danger with Kyle’s former employer. Georgia introduces Riley to the new man in her life and reveals where she has been spending her time away from the Rub of Sugarland. Riley and Selena are overworked leading Riley to hire new spa girls. Evan takes Riley on a date and tries to take their relationship to the next level.

star 7.50
376 votes
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Snowflakes & Soulmates

#50 - Snowflakes & Soulmates

Hart of Dixie Season 1 - Episode 15

Zoe Hart is thrilled to see snow in Bluebell, but the rest of the town is superstitious that it will bring bad luck. When Lavon’s parents make a visit to Bluebell, Lavon thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce them to Didi, but the introduction doesn’t exactly go according to plan. Lemon and George make a big decision about their future.

star 7.45
1242 votes
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Soft Target

#51 - Soft Target

Numb3rs Season 2 - Episode 6

Don and his team are summoned to locate the person who released potentially lethal gas in the city's subway system.

star 7.37
725 votes
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Shelter from the Storm

#52 - Shelter from the Storm

Unforgettable Season 4 - Episode 9

Carrie, Al and a captured criminal hole-up in an abandoned precinct as a sinister storm approaches, with their captive's violent crew hot on their trail.

star 7.32
407 votes
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Portrait of a Lady Alexander

#53 - Portrait of a Lady Alexander

Gossip Girl Season 6 - Episode 4

Chuck’s investigation leads him to an event where he hopes to find the one person who can tell him the truth about Bart. Serena and Steven decide to reveal their romantic histories. Nate must make a difficult decision in order to keep The Spectator in business.

star 7.29
978 votes
Dead Man's Party

#54 - Dead Man's Party

Shadowhunters Season 1 - Episode 3

With Simon being held captive at The Hotel DuMort, Clary pleads with Jace, Alec and Isabelle to help her rescue her best friend. As the team readies for the mission, Jace helps Clary learn more about her Shadowhunter powers, Isabelle turns to her favorite Seelie for Intel, and Alec begins to question Jace's motives and his place in their partnership. Meanwhile, a very scared Simon gets very up close and personal with Camille, the leader of the vampire clan.

star 7.27
2125 votes
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Dream On

#55 - Dream On

Necessary Roughness Season 1 - Episode 6

Tyler Paxton -- an extreme sports star and entrepreneur -- appears fearless, but recurrent nightmares are starting to threaten his success. Dani attends her high school reunion, knowing Ray Sr. will be there. TK finds that there is such a thing as too much attention.

star 7.23
455 votes
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What If He's Not Alone?

#56 - What If He's Not Alone?

Day Break Season 1 - Episode 7

Hopper unexpectedly meets again with Jared - the guy who bit him in the fifth episode - and finds out that he is not the only one reliving the day over and over again. He also finds out that there was an eye-witness and that he was identified as Garza's murderer, while realizing that he has to deal with very powerful people. He also learns that people that are close to him might know more than they say they do.

star 7.23
161 votes

#57 - Spoiled

Tales from the Crypt Season 3 - Episode 13

Janet is a soap opera loving woman. She likes to watch soaps everyday. She even imitates them. One day she misses the end of her favorite soap opera when the TV goes on the fritz. She decides to get cable soon. Janet finds her self falling for the attractive cable installer. When her Surgeon husband discovers what's going on, he decides to make them part of his experiment.

star 6.80
129 votes
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