The BEST Episodes of Ugly Betty

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Last Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Network: ABC (US)

Smart but wholesome Betty embraces her unique appearance and independent attitude in the cutthroat world of New York fashion. It's amazing how Betty can stay true to herself, no matter how much drama the fashionistas throw her way. With the help of her proud yet far-from-glamorous family from Queens, Betty will continue to have big dreams and deal with any obstacle in her own unique style.

Hello Goodbye

#1 - Hello Goodbye

Season 4 - Episode 20

In the series finale, Betty's reluctance to tell Daniel about her future is holding her back, Justin and Bobby go in search of a new place - although Hilda doesn't seem too keen. Amanda struggles to deal with the death of her dog, Halston, and Marc thinks he is destined to be alone.

star 8.62
91 votes
Writers: Silvio Horta
Don't Ask, Don't Tell

#2 - Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Season 1 - Episode 18

Betty is in for some wild drama when Marc's mother stops by, given that the latter doesn't seem to know that her son is gay and Betty acts as his girlfriend to help him keep his secret. Meanwhile, Daniel and Alexis are forced to work together when Claire names them both co-editors-in-chief.

star 8.27
62 votes
Directors: Tricia Brock
Writers: Sarah Kucserka, Veronica Becker, Marco Pennette

#3 - Petra-Gate

Season 1 - Episode 20

After seeing her working relationship with Daniel, her close friendship with Christina, and her chance to date Henry all fall apart, Betty is left with no choice but to turn her back on all three. Meanwhile, romance is in the air: At MODE, Alexis catches the attention of a guy and he asks her out; Amanda flirts with a designer who she believes is gay; and Wilhelmina finds her latest advances very tiring. Over at the Suarez's, Santos gives Hilda a little surprise.

star 8.20
60 votes
Directors: Paul Lazarus
Writers: Harry Werksman, Gabrielle G. Stanton
London Calling

#4 - London Calling

Season 4 - Episode 18

Betty gets an assignment to cover London Fashion Week, accompanied by Amanda, and she brings Hilda along as a bachelorette party treat. She reconnects with Christina and also runs into Gio unexpectedly. Willie joins AA to get closer to Tyler and to double-cross Claire and Daniel, and Bobby can't figure out why Justin is spending all his time with Austin -- until he can.

star 8.17
83 votes
Writers: David Grubstick, Sheila Lawrence
The Past Presents the Future

#5 - The Past Presents the Future

Season 4 - Episode 19

As Hilda’s wedding day approaches, Betty asks Daniel to be her plus-one, Ignacio invites Elena, and Amanda is set on fixing up Marc with her new client, soap opera star Spencer Cannon. Meanwhile, Justin weighs whether his own plus-one could be Austin, Betty considers unexpected offers in her personal and professional life, and Wilhelmina finds a way to fight the Meade empire by using Tyler as her pawn.

star 8.16
92 votes
Directors: Paul Holahan
Writers: Jon Kinnally, Tracy Poust
Sugar Daddy

#6 - Sugar Daddy

Season 3 - Episode 17

The Suarez family attempt to buy their rented house from their landlord. Ignacio goes head to head with Frankie Burrata, a celebrity chef. While everyone in Mode comes to deal with their shock.

star 8.13
65 votes
Directors: David Warren
Writers: Brian Tanen
Bad Amanda

#7 - Bad Amanda

Season 3 - Episode 10

Amanda and Betty are forced to work together for an article called "How I Blew Ten Grand Without Spending a Dime."

star 8.12
64 votes
Directors: John Putch
Writers: Chris Black
In or Out

#8 - In or Out

Season 1 - Episode 13

While Daniel is still suffering from his break up with Sofia, Betty is doing her best to get him back to work and over Sofia. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina decides who will continue to work at Mode once her ambitions to be named Editor-in-Chief are realized.

star 8.12
65 votes
Directors: Michael Spiller
Writers: Myra Jo Martino
East Side Story

#9 - East Side Story

Season 1 - Episode 23

Betty and Henry's romance heats up. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina makes great strides in her ambitious power play, as Daniel descends further in a downward spiral. The Suarez family trip to Mexico takes a dangerous turn, with old ghosts creating new problems. Explosive secrets will be revealed, and everything will be tied together by a beloved Broadway musical.

star 8.11
63 votes
Directors: James Hayman
Writers: Marco Pennette, Silvio Horta
How Betty Got Her Grieve Back

#10 - How Betty Got Her Grieve Back

Season 2 - Episode 1

Betty's life is turned into turmoil after the numerous upsetting events that have recently occurred. Despite all this, she refuses to accept the fact that Henry's leaving has deeply affected her. Meanwhile, Amanda has a hard time coping with the news she recently discovered about who her real mother is and Wilhelmina plans to use all the recent tragedies to her advantage.

star 8.10
79 votes
Directors: James Hayman
Writers: Silvio Horta, Marco Pennette
I'm Coming Out

#11 - I'm Coming Out

Season 1 - Episode 14

Betty has her job cut out for her getting prepared for Mode's huge event during New York City's Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Marc and Amanda can't delay getting their hands on something everybody desires, Christina wishes to create her mark in the design world and Daniel calls for Hilda to grant her sister a hand.

star 8.08
64 votes
Directors: Wendey Stanzler
Writers: James D. Parriott
Sofia's Choice

#12 - Sofia's Choice

Season 1 - Episode 12

Betty meets a look-a-like -- Ruthie, an editorial assistant at MYW Magazine who dresses and looks like her. Meanwhile, Daniel is in for a surprising revelation from Sofia that leaves everyone stunned.

star 8.08
66 votes
Directors: James Hayman
Writers: Silvio Horta
In the Stars

#13 - In the Stars

Season 3 - Episode 22

Betty, Matt and Marc come together in order to succeded in their final YETI project, a photo session with singer, Adele. Love is in the air for one lucky couple as proposals are made. Claire and Wilhelmina continue to argue.

star 8.07
67 votes
Directors: Paul Holahan
Writers: Sheila Lawrence
Secretaries Day

#14 - Secretaries Day

Season 1 - Episode 21

Betty struggles with a dilemma as she attempts to bail her family out of a financial crisis while juggling with the task of planning MODE's big assistants week at a medieval-themed restaurant...where Amanda's past ties to the establishment has a link and could come back to haunt her in a surprising way. On the romantic front involving the Meade siblings, Betty tries to give Daniel advice about his endless sexual addiction, while Alexis ponders about whether she should start taking up Rodrigo's offer. Meanwhile, Hilda prepares for her first exam to determine her future at cosmetology school as Wilhelmina prepares for her future plans to take over MODE as she makes even bolder moves for domination behind the scenes.

star 8.07
55 votes
Writers: Henry Alonso Myers
Icing on the Cake

#15 - Icing on the Cake

Season 1 - Episode 17

Daniel keeps secret from Alexis the fact that he is the one who hired Grace to defend their father, something which Wilhelmina uses to bring the siblings apart. Meanwhile, when invited by Henry to Charlie's birthday party, a desperate Betty asks Dr. Farkas, her orthodontist, to be her date. Finally, Amanda catches the eye of an unusual designer who claims that she is his muse.

star 8.07
57 votes
Directors: Jeff Melman
Writers: Dailyn Rodriguez
Million Dollar Smile

#16 - Million Dollar Smile

Season 4 - Episode 17

Betty is thrilled to get her braces off, courtesy of her chatty new orthodontist, Dr. Frankel. But before this can happen, she gets knocked unconscious at a photo shoot of the "Million Dollar Bra" at the Guggenheim, spinning her into a dream sequence. An angelic Dr. Frankel shows her how different her life would have been had she never worn braces. She's the "pretty sister," while Hilda is homely, Ignacio is a compulsive gambler, Marc is a doting dad and Amanda is married to Daniel. But glam Betty is also mean - she's in cahoots with Wilhemina to terrify and overpower everyone at Mode.

star 8.06
86 votes
Directors: Paul Holahan
Writers: Chris Black, Henry Alonso Myers
A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding

#17 - A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding

Season 2 - Episode 7

As Wilhelmina prepares for her flamboyant wedding, she quickly realizes that her maid of honor, Victoria Beckham, is stealing all her thunder. Meanwhile, Betty is filled with guilt about her pact with Wilhelmina to keep the latter's affair a secret and Ignacio prepares for his big day as he is about to become an official U.S. citizen. However, when Betty moves in with Henry the father/daughter relationship is strained.

star 8.06
70 votes
Directors: James Hayman
Writers: Silvio Horta, Marco Pennette

#18 - Crush'd

Season 3 - Episode 7

Betty wants to be noticed by her cute neighbor, Jesse, by coming home later each night. Meanwhile, Amanda unexpectedly moves in with Betty after having nowhere else to go. Elsewhere, Marc and Cliff mull over the idea of moving in together.

star 8.05
70 votes
Writers: Tracy Poust, Jon Kinnally
Punch Out

#19 - Punch Out

Season 1 - Episode 19

The Meades are in for some troubling times when a tell-all writer in possession of Fey Sommer's diaries starts stalking the family. Meanwhile, Betty has a hard time getting Daniel focused on his work now that he has reverted back to his old ways with women. Finally, Wilhelmina and Alexis both try desperately to get a hold of Fey's diaries, but each with her own intentions.

star 8.05
58 votes
Directors: Miguel Arteta
Writers: Oliver Goldstick
There's No Place Like Mode

#20 - There's No Place Like Mode

Season 3 - Episode 15

Fashion Week hits town which causes problems for the staff at Mode. Betty has to split her time between working on her Yeti assignment and working with a new designer. Elsewhere, Wilhelmina has lost her way because of Connor and there's a new person working at Mode.

star 8.05
67 votes
Directors: Bethany Rooney
Writers: Sheila Lawrence
Queens for a Day

#21 - Queens for a Day

Season 1 - Episode 3

Betty uses her Queens connections to lure big time photographer Vincent Bianchi to shoot for the magazine. When Bianchi insists that Betty meet him at a posh restaurant, she gets a makeover but things don't quite turn out as planned. In the mean time, Bradford tries to get his hands on Fey Sommers' death car and Wilhelmina primps for a big date.

star 8.04
69 votes
Directors: James Hayman
Writers: Marco Pennette
Odor in the Court

#22 - Odor in the Court

Season 2 - Episode 12

Wilhelmina tries to becomes part of the Meade family by any means necessary. Amanda withholds evidence and Betty applies a deadly perfume made by Fey Sommers.

star 8.02
66 votes
Writers: Bill Wrubel
Giving Up the Ghost

#23 - Giving Up the Ghost

Season 2 - Episode 9

A crisis caused by Wilhelmina has the team at Mode struggling to meet a deadline under extreme time constraints. Consequently, Alexis is forced to flirt with the printer for an extension, and Betty and Daniel try to free a teen star out of rehabilitation for a re-shoot.

star 8.01
61 votes
Directors: Gary Winick
Writers: Bill Wrubel
Burning Questions

#24 - Burning Questions

Season 2 - Episode 15

Renee becomes convinced that Betty is in love with Daniel and thus starts a rivalry between the two for his affections. In the meantime, Gina returns to Queens to flash her new life and rich husband before Hilda's face.

star 8.00
68 votes
Directors: Matt Shakman
Writers: Henry Alonso Myers

#25 - Brothers

Season 1 - Episode 15

Alexis' shocking announcement causes great commotion at both Mode and the Meade home. Betty tries to maintain the peace and order at Mode, however, she is about to face her own personal turmoil when Henry asks her out on a date and Walter tells her he's got a big surprise in store. Meanwhile, Whilhelmina plots her next move to conquer Mode and Justin gets sent home from school for fighting.

star 7.95
61 votes
Directors: Lev L. Spiro
Writers: Sheila Lawrence