The BEST episodes directed by Rodman Flender

Breaking Away
3 votes

#1 - Breaking Away

Life As We Know It - Season 1 - Episode 10

Tensions increase as Jonathon decides to make a move on Sabrina, but that turns out to be a BIG mistake. Jackie and Dino try to patch up their relationship by being friends first. Ben and Sue are confronted by their parents, who finally find out the truth about Ben and Ms. Young. Dr. Belber does his best to relieve the stress of half of the Whitman family.

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Colors of the Rainbow
10 votes

#2 - Colors of the Rainbow

Arli$$ - Season 1 - Episode 7

A reporter overhears Arliss talking about the Jaboos of South Street, a rival stickball team from his old neighborhood, and interprets this as a racial slur. A media siege begins and arliss is under fire. Meanwhile, free-agent relief pitcher (and white supremacist) Trevor Heath decides to let Arliss represent him upon hearing the comments.

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What About the Fans?
10 votes

#3 - What About the Fans?

Arli$$ - Season 1 - Episode 5

L.A. Kings owner Flora Lansing dangles part-ownership in front of Arliss if he can find a new home for her hockey team--provided there's a new stadium, complete with luxury boxes and PSLs. But this must be kept a secret! So Arliss shops the team to three prospective homes: Raleigh-Durham, Las Vegas and New Mexico.

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The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe
185 votes

#4 - The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe

Ugly Betty - Season 1 - Episode 5

It's Halloween and Betty is in for a series of frightful experiences, ranging from showing up dressed for the Mode costume contest until she learns that there isn't one, to dealing with her growing attraction to Henry, and tracking down a watch Daniel left at one of his many girlfriends' apartments, but can't remember which one. Meanwhile, Daniel pays a visit to his mom in rehab, and Wilhelmina is horrified to learn that she can't fit into a designer gown.

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Women on the Verge
6 votes

#5 - Women on the Verge

Chicago Hope - Season 2 - Episode 16

A friend of Kronk's seeks his advice about a health problem she thinks resulted from her sex-change operation. Austin treats an impressionable teenage boy with a heart condition and a crush on her. Dr. Konstadt, off her medication, acts injudiciously when Shutt seeks permission from a reluctant board to perform surgery on Eric.

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How to Live With the Academy Awards Party
284 votes

#6 - How to Live With the Academy Awards Party

How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) - Season 1 - Episode 3

The family celebrate their favorite holiday - the Oscars. Polly invites an old classmate over for the event and tries to impress him. Meanwhile, Max thinks that Elaine has too close a relationship with her brother, and tensions explode at the party.

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Manifest Destinee
250 votes

#7 - Manifest Destinee

On Becoming a God in Central Florida - Season 1 - Episode 4

Stricken with a bird disease, Krystal goes on an odyssey. A collection of vintage motivational tapes just might change Cody’s destiny. Ernie tries recruiting.

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Lost and Found
917 votes

#8 - Lost and Found

People of Earth - Season 1 - Episode 9

Ozzie leaves Beacon hoping to return to a normal life; Chelsea goes on the road with Operation Mongoose; the members of StarCrossed contemplate an uncertain future.

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2336 votes

#9 - Lice

The Office (US) - Season 9 - Episode 10

Pam accidentally brings lice into the office and lets Meredith take the fall, while Dwight vows to destroy the parasites. Meanwhile, Jim has a fantastic day in Philly wooing a potential business associate, and Phyllis, Nellie and Kevin meddle in Darryl's love life.

Mars or Bust
958 votes

#10 - Mars or Bust

People of Earth - Season 1 - Episode 8

Ozzie makes a surprising confession during an interview; Father Doug has an experience; Jeff is determined to find Kurt's killer.

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The Whale
2496 votes

#11 - The Whale

The Office (US) - Season 9 - Episode 7

The women of the office try to teach Dwight how to interact with female clients. Angela suspects the senator of cheating. Toby convinces some of the guys to grow mustaches.

The Love Lioness
347 votes

#12 - The Love Lioness

Super Fun Night - Season 1 - Episode 6

Kimmie and the gang decide to attend a seminar by Jane Spencer, “The Love Lioness,” a relationship guru who likens finding men to hunting prey in the wild. They try her theories out at a hotel bar. It works a little too well when Kimmie picks up Parker and isn’t sure what to do when he invites her up to his room.

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Kiss and Tell
1133 votes

#13 - Kiss and Tell

Gilmore Girls - Season 1 - Episode 7

Dean gives Rory her first kiss: fearful of her mother's disapproval, Rory decides not to tell her her yet. However Lorelai hears about the kiss and invites Dean over to watch videos and eat junk food.

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The Scare
122 votes

#14 - The Scare

Dawson's Creek - Season 1 - Episode 11

In honor of Friday the 13th, Dawson, plans a séance for the gang, they are all spooked by reports of a serial killer heading towards Capeside.

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Best Laid Plans
16 votes

#15 - Best Laid Plans

Party of Five - Season 2 - Episode 8

Kristen prohibits Dudley to give Charlie a bachelor's party, so he asks Bailey if he would do it. Charlie runs into a desperate woman in the hallway of the hotel. Her husband is cheating on her. They go to the bar and have some drinks, and she asks him to sleep with her. They go up to her room and Bailey sees them. Charlie tells her that he's in love with Kristen and he won't sleep with her. Bailey is mad at him, but when he finds out what happened, he says their parents would be proud of him. Justin is mean to Julia, and they run into each other at a concert. They see Justin's father with another woman. He asks her what to do, and she asks him to forget about Griffin. Claudia's plans to make a special night for Kristen fail. Charlie is not sure about the wedding and flips a coin for it.

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Happily Ever After
15 votes

#16 - Happily Ever After

Party of Five - Season 2 - Episode 20

Jake is missing and Bailey worries about him never coming back. He comes back and apologizes, but Bailey can't get over it. A woman calls Jake at the house, saying she's his daughter and is getting married. Bailey finds out and stalks Jake. Bailey talks to Lauren and she tells him that her father is always disappearing. Bailey, trying to protect his family, kicks Jake out of the house, which divides the family. Claudia is mad at him for taking away her grandfather. Later Bailey talks to him and asks him not to disappear entirely. Justin and Julia's relationship is getting very complicated. Since her pregnancy, she hasn't been the same and Justin misses her. Kathleen declares on television that she loves Charlie, who makes up a story about getting back with Kristen just to dump her. Kathleen finds out the lie and decides to get back at Charlie, saying that she'll buy the restaurant, which she invested so much.

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745 votes

#17 - Ghosts

Scream: The TV Series - Season 1 - Episode 8

Emma reels from yet another death; a secret from the past is uncovered.

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Let the Right One In
624 votes

#18 - Let the Right One In

Scream: The TV Series - Season 2 - Episode 7

Eli takes Emma on a criminal adventure while Noah’s relationship with Zoe escalates and the Killer lures Brooke and Audrey into a deadly trap.

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A Single Blade of Grass
115 votes

#19 - A Single Blade of Grass

Millennium - Season 2 - Episode 5

Frank learns more about his gift while investigating a murder at a Native American excavation site.

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I See Me, I.C.U.
129 votes

#20 - I See Me, I.C.U.

Ugly Betty - Season 2 - Episode 8

Following the wedding fiasco, Wilhelmina wastes no time and plots her next move to conquer Mode. Meanwhile, Betty tries her best to regain Daniel's affections.

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Inhuman Nature
52 votes

#21 - Inhuman Nature

Dark Skies - Season 1 - Episode 7

Following some sightings in Wisconsin, Loengard and Sayers question dairy farmer Kester Boehm about the strange lights he's been seeing and the unusual deaths of some of his herd. Finding one of his cows implanted with a trio of triangular nodules, they head to the University of Wisconsin to see Mark Waring, a veterinary school graduate student familiar with Boehm's problem. Though already warned by Majestic against discussing the case, Waring is persuaded to talk and reveals that the implants found in Boehm's cow were not unique.

Have No Fear
17 votes

#22 - Have No Fear

Party of Five - Season 2 - Episode 4

Joe suffers a heart attack and Charlie takes over management of Salingers. Julia assumes Griffin will want to have sex with her, but when he asks to sleep with her, it turns out he literally wanted to sleep. Bailey injures a teammate during football practice.

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The Truth
472 votes

#23 - The Truth

The O.C. - Season 1 - Episode 18

Julie wears out her welcome with Caleb: true. Seth thinks Summer's hot: true. Oliver is crazy-mad about Marissa: true. Now sure of it, Ryan races against time to keep Oliver from hurting himself or Marissa.

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Light My Fire
230 votes

#24 - Light My Fire

10 Things I Hate About You - Season 1 - Episode 7

Bianca tries to us another opportunity to impress Chastity, when local residents suffer a bushfire and are relocated to Padua High. She tries to find a private room for Chastity in the school. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to have a moment alone with Kat to confess his feelings, but with the panic of the fire his chances might be ruined. They finally find a moment alone together in the school rooftop. Can Patrick get to tell her how feels?

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About a Boy-Yoi-Yoing
564 votes

#25 - About a Boy-Yoi-Yoing

Suburgatory - Season 3 - Episode 6

When Tessa is forced to remind George to not get sucked into Chatswin culture, he decides to take a trip to the city with Fred; Tessa reveals what she thinks of Evan.

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Misery Loves Company
38 votes

#26 - Misery Loves Company

Party of Five - Season 3 - Episode 17

Will surprises Bailey showing up at his place. Will thinks Bailey drinks too much, and asks Sarah what's going on, but she doesn't want to talk about Bailey. He tries to advice Bailey about his drinking, but Bailey says it's no big deal. Callie asks him to move into her room. Grace's place burned down, so she moves into the house. Charlie doesn't want Julia to turn down Stansford. Julia, angry with Charlie, moves to Sam's so she won't have to listen to him. Charlie doesn't want her there, and they have a big fight. Sam tells Julia she should go back to the house. Claudia tries to get Bailey to help, but he ignores her.

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Operation: Rent Money
1 votes

#27 - Operation: Rent Money

The Knights of Prosperity - Season 1 - Episode 10

The Knights want to rent the expensive apartment next to their new target. To get the $1.5 million dollar ring, the Knights must find some money, so they decide to Kidnap Louis and hope his wealthy father will pay ransom to save him. But the plan isn't working as they planned.

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Go with Glorg
414 votes

#28 - Go with Glorg

Super Fun Night - Season 1 - Episode 5

Kimmie gets new insight into her "frenemy" Kendall when the two end up together on an alcohol-fueled girls’ night out. Meanwhile, Marika and Helen-Alice go to the Murna Princess Warrior Convention and are shocked to find that their idol, Murna Princess Warrior (or rather Alison, the actress who portrays her), isn’t who they expected.

The Value of Loyalty
5 votes

#29 - The Value of Loyalty

Arli$$ - Season 2 - Episode 2

One of Arliss' long-term friends and clients leaves him when his fiancee declares it's time for a ""fresh start."" Meanwhile, Rita is dating a client and Arliss wants it to stop, or else.

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Rumour Has It
200 votes

#30 - Rumour Has It

Finding Carter - Season 2 - Episode 10

On a camping trip with friends, Carter debates whether or not to reveal a secret that could change everything for the people she loves the most.

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Food for Thought
134 votes

#31 - Food for Thought

Tales from the Crypt - Season 5 - Episode 4

Zambini is a circus mind-controlling psychic who controls his beautiful helper with his telepathic powers. One day he learns that she has a crush on the fire eater. Zambini goes into a terrible rage and kills him. Connie flees in terror never to return. Zambini uses his powers to call her back but it contacts the pet gorilla instead.

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Kirby Carlisle, Trouble-Shooter
5 votes

#32 - Kirby Carlisle, Trouble-Shooter

Arli$$ - Season 2 - Episode 6

When Arliss throws out his back, his dream of playing in the Crosby Pro-Am with golf client Ryan Mason III is shattered. Enter Kirby Carlisle, Arliss' Man Friday. Kirby steps in to partner with Mason, and assist the pro with his club selection.

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99 & 44/100% Pure Horror
151 votes

#33 - 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror

Tales from the Crypt - Season 6 - Episode 14

Willa is a married artist who is pushed around by her ad campaign husband. When his company decides to drop her idea, Willa plans to come up with a new idea but nobody's interested. Willa wants revenge when a graffiti artist comes up with an idea and everyone is interested. Willa kills her husband and turns his body into soaps. She decides to shower with them but soon she regrets it.

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