The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Spiller

In or Out

#1 - In or Out

Ugly Betty Season 1 - Episode 13

While Daniel is still suffering from his break up with Sofia, Betty is doing her best to get him back to work and over Sofia. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina decides who will continue to work at Mode once her ambitions to be named Editor-in-Chief are realized.

star 8.50
56 votes
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Secrets and Lies

#2 - Secrets and Lies

Life As We Know It Season 1 - Episode 5

Dino wants to move to his father's new apartment as his relationship with his mother hits a new low. When things at home get to be too much for Jackie to handle, she turns to a support group for help. Ms. Young gets possessive with Ben, and Jonathan witnesses something shocking.

star 8.33
3 votes
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Everything Must Go

#3 - Everything Must Go

Good Girls Season 2 - Episode 5

Beth must turn to Dean for help as Turner gets closer to the truth about their crimes, but she unwittingly uncovers a troubling secret about Dean when a familiar face from the past returns.

star 8.09
572 votes
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State of Play

#4 - State of Play

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 1 - Episode 10

The Don't Bothers are forced to choose what's really important, as they face the Ducks at States.

star 8.06
125 votes
My Last Day

#5 - My Last Day

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 24

It's J.D.'s last day as an intern, and soon he will become a resident. Carla and Turk are arguing about dating other people. Elliot finally rebels against being everyone's doormat, and J.D. is just trying to stay out of people's way. Jordan has returned to get a physical and a new patient, Mr. Bober, has been admitted, because he needs his gall bladder removed. He really needs the surgery, but doesn't have the insurance to pay for it. They enlist the help of Dr. Cox, Dr. Wen and Jordan.

star 8.04
2158 votes
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Caught in the Act

#6 - Caught in the Act

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 13

The kids get a surprise of their own when they take breakfast in bed to Phil and Claire on their anniversary. Jay and Gloria's Vegas vacation plans are ruined by a brutally honest email accidentally sent to Claire,. Mitchell and Cam try to get into a new restaurant owned by a mom at Lily's preschool.

star 8.04
6317 votes
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Greg Gets Puppish

#7 - Greg Gets Puppish

Greg the Bunny Season 1 - Episode 4

The head of a puppets rights organization orders Greg to familiarize himself with puppish culture -- to the detriment of the show.

star 8.00
3 votes
Dead Calm

#8 - Dead Calm

The Riches Season 2 - Episode 6

Wayne struggles to regain Dahlia's trust while also attempting to keep Dale and the other Travellers away. Meanwhile, Cael and Rosaleen become closer, and Nina throws a party for Jim.

star 7.92
50 votes
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Droobie or Not Droobie

#9 - Droobie or Not Droobie

The Bernie Mac Show Season 3 - Episode 9

Bernie takes a film role because it stars Bryana's favorite character, Droobie, a Barney-like dinosaur. Bryana, unable to separate fiction and reality, is upset with Bernie because he plays the villain in the film and is mean to her cherished Droobie. She gives Bernie the silent treatment, and his plan to show her that the two are friends goes terribly wrong when Bryana catches him stuffing the Droobie costume into the trunk of a car and thinks he has killed her favorite dinosaur. Meanwhile, Jordan is selling candy bars to raise money for his school but is not having an easy time of it. To ease his pressure, Jordan eats the candy bars and then must come up with a way to pay the school back.

star 7.91
11 votes
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Best Man

#10 - Best Man

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 21

Mindy starts to question Danny's commitment to their relationship when he's a no-show for dinner with her parents. Meanwhile, when Morgan thinks he overhears Mindy saying Danny is not the father of her baby, he gathers all the guys with whom she's ever slept, in an attempt to figure out who is the real father.

star 7.91
482 votes
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My Funky Valentine

#11 - My Funky Valentine

Modern Family Season 1 - Episode 15

Phil and Claire break from their traditional Valentine's Day dinner date and plan a little "role play" excursion. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria's ideas of romance clash when he takes her to a comedy show, and Mitchell and Cameron play cupid for Manny.

star 7.89
6141 votes
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The Good, The Bad, and the Really Ugly

#12 - The Good, The Bad, and the Really Ugly

Big Shots Season 1 - Episode 3

James is back to dating but finds it's not as easy as it used to be. After Dontrelle is arrested Duncan asks Brody to help him get Dontrelle's little black book which mentions Duncan. Karl and Marla get worried when they find out that Wendy has hired a private investigator who now has photos. Terrence offers Cameron a job which doesn't set well with his rival Duncan.

star 7.88
33 votes
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It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To

#13 - It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To

Better Off Ted Season 2 - Episode 12

Veronica is suspicious that Ted might be using his daughter to bond with the boss in an effort to advance his career. Meanwhile, Phil and Lem tentatively start a friendship with Linda.

star 7.85
1171 votes
Manny Get Your Gun

#14 - Manny Get Your Gun

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 8

Manny is depressed about his birthday. Phil and Claire engage in a not-so-friendly car race on the way to the party, and Mitch and Cam get sidetracked when they stop at the mall to pick up a gift.

star 7.85
6354 votes
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See Ya

#15 - See Ya

New Girl Season 1 - Episode 24

When one of the roommates decides to move out of the loft, the gang makes an unexpected trip to the desert where Winston faces his fear of the dark, Cece and Schmidt’s relationship reaches a turning point and Jess and Nick square off with a coyote.

star 7.84
3960 votes
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When Good Kids Go Bad

#16 - When Good Kids Go Bad

Modern Family Season 3 - Episode 2

Lily has problems with Mitchell and Cameron’s plans to adopt another child, Jay tries to get Manny to confess to stealing a locket at school, and Claire goes to extreme lengths to prove that she was right in an argument.

star 7.84
5905 votes
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Mother's Day

#17 - Mother's Day

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 21

Claire and Gloria's Mother's Day excursion with the kids turns into the mother of all disasters. Meanwhile, Phil and Jay share an awkward moment when they stay home to prepare dinner for everyone. Cameron worries about gender roles in his relationship with Mitchell.

star 7.84
5756 votes
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The Epidural

#18 - The Epidural

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 15

While Mel goes into labor, Sam does his best to make it to the hospital in time but ends up at the wrong one.

star 7.83
130 votes
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Punkin Chunkin

#19 - Punkin Chunkin

Modern Family Season 3 - Episode 9

An old neighborhood kid returning to town as a internet billionaire gets Phil thinking of what could have been. Jay feels Manny could use some constructive criticism, Cameron is offended when Mitchell questions the authenticity of his colorful childhood stories.

star 7.83
5728 votes
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#20 - Unplugged

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 5

In an attempt to reconnect the family, Phil and Claire challenge them to see who can abstain from using their electronic devices the longest. Mitchell and Cameron attempt to get Lilly into the best pre-school. Gloria deals with the neighbor's barking dog.

star 7.82
6445 votes
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Christmas Party Sex Trap

#21 - Christmas Party Sex Trap

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 11

Mindy plans an office Christmas party for the entire building, so she can spend more time with Cliff. However, things don't go Mindy's way when Brendan Deslaurier's date steals Mindy's thunder by performing a seductive "Santa Baby" dance for the party guests.

star 7.82
645 votes
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Hiring and Firing

#22 - Hiring and Firing

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 2

When Mindy is tasked with hiring a new nurse, she has to consider Morgan (Ike Barinholtz), a reformed ex-convict while Jeremy tests his breakup skills when he fires a problematic, elderly nurse.

star 7.81
827 votes
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The One That Got Away

#23 - The One That Got Away

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 16

Mindy reunites with her "first kiss," Sam. The two reminisce about their time at Jewish summer camp, and soon rekindle the sparks of their teen romance.

star 7.81
647 votes
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The Old Wagon

#24 - The Old Wagon

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 1

Phil finally agrees to sell the old station wagon but only after a family trip down memory lane; Cameron asks Jay for help when Mitchell decides to build a life-size princess castle for Lily.

star 7.80
6704 votes
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Aunt Mommy

#25 - Aunt Mommy

Modern Family Season 3 - Episode 15

Phil and Claire go overboard with drinks, and divulging personal information, on a night out to celebrate the sale of a house to Mitchell and Cameron’s friends.

star 7.79
5301 votes
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#26 - Tomatoes

New Girl Season 1 - Episode 22

Jess fears she and Russell don't share a fiery passion. Cece is not willing to admit her true feelings for Schmidt. Nick channels all of his energy into a new vegetable garden.

star 7.79
3969 votes
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#27 - Homewrecker

The Mindy Project Season 4 - Episode 26

A mishap at Leo's school forces Danny and Mindy to spend time together. Jody tries to win back Mindy's trust with an extravagant gift.

star 7.78
378 votes
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Express Christmas

#28 - Express Christmas

Modern Family Season 3 - Episode 10

The family puts together a quick Christmas celebration when they realize they won’t be together on the actual day.

star 7.78
5639 votes
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The Devil Wears Lands' End

#29 - The Devil Wears Lands' End

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 5

Mindy kisses a girl and doesn't like it while the boys play beer pong with Shonda Rhimes.

star 7.77
531 votes
The Cruise

#30 - The Cruise

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 - Episode 13

Jake and Amy are excited to go on their first real vacation together, but Amy’s perfectly planned cruise ship itinerary is thwarted when they discover an old adversary is on board with them. Meanwhile, Gina and Terry help Captain Holt survive a visit from his sister, Debbie, and Charles and Rosa vie for the same apartment.

star 7.77
3640 votes
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Me? Jealous?

#31 - Me? Jealous?

Modern Family Season 3 - Episode 14

Phil’s preoccupation with a business opportunity blinds him to his new partner’s inappropriate behavior around Claire. Jay and Gloria may regret letting Mitchell and Cameron be their temporary house guests when their home is being fumigated.

star 7.77
5472 votes
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#32 - Halloween

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 6

Claire gives each family member a role to play in spookifying the Dunphy house for Halloween, but Cameron hates Halloween due to a traumatic childhood experience. Mitchell had a terrible day at work, and Gloria acts weird after Jay and Manny tease her about her accent.

star 7.76
6314 votes
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Someone to Watch Over Lily

#33 - Someone to Watch Over Lily

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 20

Mitchell and Cameron assess their family members in trying to decide who would best take care of Lily should anything happen to them.

star 7.76
5546 votes
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My Catalyst

#34 - My Catalyst

Scrubs Season 3 - Episode 12

J.D. believes he may have finally found a mentor in Dr. Kevin Casey, a surgeon with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it turns out that Dr. Cox has always been jealous of the guy. Meanwhile, the Janitor and his new assistant help Kelso out with a garbage problem.

star 7.76
1873 votes
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We're a Couple Now, Haters!

#35 - We're a Couple Now, Haters!

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 1

It is the beginning of 'firsts' for Mindy and Danny, as they try to set new relationship boundaries for each other in the office. Meanwhile, things get a little complicated when Jeremy tries to organize a charity event with Peter's girlfriend, Lauren.

star 7.76
568 votes
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Baby, Talk Is Cheap

#36 - Baby, Talk Is Cheap

Sex and the City Season 4 - Episode 6

Carrie sends Aidan an email saying that she misses him and when he doesn't respond she decides to give him a call. They go out with Miranda and Steve and Carrie senses that Aidan wants a relationship too even though he tells her that he doesn't want a relationship. She pursues him anyways and they have sex. He later shows up again and they go walking the dog. Samantha attracted a man by using fake nipples but discovers that he's a big baby when she tells him to stop using baby talk during sex. Miranda meets a man who she dubs Marathon Man because he's training for a marathon. They have sex several and she's shocked when he performs analingus on her. She wonders if she has to reciprocate so she confers with Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha and they all tell that they've never done except for Charlotte who seems to find it acceptable because she's married. Charlotte and Trey try to have a baby but after having dinner with married friends and their children they decide to stop trying

star 7.73
780 votes
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My Hero

#37 - My Hero

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 23

Ben takes the news of his diagnosis pretty well - at least better than his sister Jordan and J.D. Remarkably, it is Dr. Cox who is the voice of reason and compassion, until his own fears get in the way. Meanwhile, Turk and Elliot have their own issues to deal with. Turk is upset because he wasn't chosen to assist on a difficult surgery and Elliot is criticized during rounds by Dr. Kelso for the 100th time.

star 7.73
2099 votes
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The Long and Winding High Road

#38 - The Long and Winding High Road

Better Off Ted Season 2 - Episode 9

Ted insists on taking the high road after his nemesis at work comes up with almost the exact same project that Ted's team has been working on. But Veronica will stop at nothing to get the upper hand, enlisting Linda and even little Rose's help in sabotaging the rival project

star 7.73
1089 votes
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Super Hot Store

#39 - Super Hot Store

Superstore Season 2 - Episode 14

The storewide heater malfunction magnifies angry tensions between Amy, Jonah, and the back warehouse employees. Dina and Garrett find a way to pass the time. Cheyenne helps Glenn through an existential crisis.

star 7.73
1546 votes
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#40 - Earthquake

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 3

When an earthquake hits, Claire gets stuck in the bathroom with the plumber, Manny experiences an existential crisis while out with Jay, and Mitchell and Cameron use it as an excuse to get out of attending a party.

star 7.73
6333 votes
Princess Party

#41 - Princess Party

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 15

Claire and Cameron are dismayed by the guest list for Lily's princess-themed birthday party. Then DeDe attends with Claire's old high school boyfriend in tow. Jay and Gloria turn to their own unique methods of dealing with this gathering of misfits.

star 7.72
5584 votes

#42 - Chirp

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 7

Claire and Haley are stuck at home sick. Gloria and Manny's surprise visit at work causes a headaches for Jay. Cameron is swept up by all the lights and cameras when he goes behind Mitchell's back and takes Lily for a commercial.

star 7.72
6485 votes
My Day at the Races

#43 - My Day at the Races

Scrubs Season 5 - Episode 3

While planning his birthday, J.D. finds a list of things he wanted to accomplish, before he turned 30. He enters a triathlon to begin. Meanwhile, Elliot discovers a side of her boyfriend Jake, that freaks her out. And Turk is working hard to impress his bosses and takes on a patient, who wants to be hypnotized during surgery in effort to be promoted.

star 7.72
2059 votes
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Take Me with You

#44 - Take Me with You

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 24

When Mindy decides to go to Haiti on a volunteer mission with Casey, Danny and his ex-wife, Christina, throw a party for them that they will never forget.

star 7.72
630 votes
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It Had to Be You

#45 - It Had to Be You

The Mindy Project Season 6 - Episode 10

In the series finale of The Mindy Project, Mindy’s fertility practice is in danger and Annette’s upcoming surgery looms large. While Mindy and Danny wait for word on the surgery, Mindy attends Morgan and Tamra’s dream wedding, where she and the rest of the Shulman gang try to find their own happy endings.

star 7.71
295 votes
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The Last Walt

#46 - The Last Walt

Modern Family Season 3 - Episode 20

A visit from Cameron’s father features an awkward dinner for Jay and Gloria at Mitchell and Cameron’s house. Claire helps Luke face the death of an older neighbor, Phil and Alex have a father-daughter bonding experience. Haley throws a party without permission.

star 7.71
4813 votes
My Cool Christian Boyfriend

#47 - My Cool Christian Boyfriend

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 19

When Mindy goes on a date with a cute minister named Casey, she feels compelled to attend his church to show him that she is a good person. But when Casey admits to Mindy that he thinks she's a selfish person, she decides to go on the practice's volunteer trip to a women's prison to prove him wrong.

star 7.70
633 votes
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The Musical Man

#48 - The Musical Man

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 19

Cameron is overzealous in his planning of the spring musical performance at Luke and Manny's school. Jay's brother visits while Phil convinces the family to be in his new ad.

star 7.70
5471 votes
The Front Door

#49 - The Front Door

The Middle Season 1 - Episode 6

When Axl accidentally breaks down the front door, Mike insists that, he fix it in order to teach him a lesson, which leaves the Heck house wide open for days. At work, Frankie needs to sell a car within a week or she will have to wear a dog suit outside the lot for promotion. Meanwhile, it's picture day at school and Sue is concerned because she has never had a flattering picture taken of herself.

star 7.70
1235 votes
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Planes, Trains and Cars

#50 - Planes, Trains and Cars

Modern Family Season 3 - Episode 21

Phil buys a car without consulting Claire. Jay is on a mission to get to his high-school reunion with Gloria and Manny. Lily loses her favorite toy on a train.

star 7.69
5326 votes
Change on the Fly

#51 - Change on the Fly

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 1 - Episode 8

With the State Tournament on the horizon, Alex realizes she likes winning more than she thought.

star 7.69
118 votes
In the Club

#52 - In the Club

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 3

When Shauna takes the office to the hottest nightclub in town, Mindy meets an unlikely potential suitor named Josh, who works as a lawyer for the New York Knicks. Meanwhile, Jeremy attempts to hit on a bride-to-be, and Morgan unexpectedly makes some extra cash as the club's bathroom attendant.

star 7.69
836 votes
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Up All Night

#53 - Up All Night

Modern Family Season 1 - Episode 11

Gloria does not like Jay's reaction to the arrival of Manny's father; Phil is rushed to the hospital; Mitchell and Cameron try to sleep train Lily.

star 7.66
6294 votes

#54 - Manternity

black-ish Season 3 - Episode 18

Dre considers taking paternity leave after he realizes that Zoey is arguably the best child and their bond developed while he was unemployed when she was born. Meanwhile, Bow tries to hide her pregnancy in order to get a promotion, and Ruby convinces the kids that their nanny, Vivian, is stealing from them.

star 7.66
966 votes
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Ghost Town

#55 - Ghost Town

Sex and the City Season 4 - Episode 5

Miranda is invited to the opening of Steve's bar, but is afraid to go because he seems to be getting on with his life while she's been living the same life she did except she's still single now. She asks Carrie to join her, but Carrie is reluctant once sees that Aidan is Steve's partner. However, after mature thinking, Carrie decides that if Aidan can be a bigger person and invite her, she can be even bigger and buys him a plant. When she enters the bar Steve tells her Aidan didn't invite her; he did. Shocked, Carrie flees the scene before she runs into the ghost of Aidan. Meanwhile, Charlotte is faced with a ghost of her own when Bunny insists they buy her preferable mattress. Suddenly Charlotte realizes that their apartment is more Bunny than her and decides to take a stand in the name of her marriage. Samantha is bored with all the talking and soaking of her lesbian relationship, and Maria buys her a strap-on to make up for Sam's dick abstinence. Unfortunately she never knew how har

star 7.66
833 votes
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#56 - Thanksgiving

The Middle Season 1 - Episode 8

Frankie's plan to have an idyllic family Thanksgiving backfires when Mr. Ehlert demands his staff work over the holiday. Brick goes missing in a corn maze.

star 7.65
1298 votes

#57 - Twindependence

black-ish Season 2 - Episode 15

Jack and Diane are tired of being twins, and after much pleading, Dre and Bow give in to letting them explore their lives as individuals. Meanwhile, Dre buys Zoey her first car, and she is over the moon. But when he shares the news at work, his colleagues bring up all the terrible things teens do with cars, and Dre starts to question whether Zoey is ready for one after all.

star 7.65
629 votes
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The Other Dr. L

#58 - The Other Dr. L

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 2

As Mindy adjusts to her long-distance relationship with Casey, she also must adjust to the fact that she is no longer the office's "Dr. L" - her office, patients and dignity have been overtaken by Dr. Paul Leotard - so she challenges Paul to get her former life back. Meanwhile, Danny has a new extracurricular activity following his breakup with Christina.

star 7.65
642 votes
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Mother Tucker

#59 - Mother Tucker

Modern Family Season 2 - Episode 9

Mitchell tries to tell Cameron how he feels uncomfortable with his mom, Barb Tucker. Haley breaks up with Dylan to Phil's dismay and Claire's delight. Jay has a little stomach ache that gets exacerbated when he and Manny look it up on the Internet.

star 7.63
5910 votes

#60 - Thanksgiving

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 6

Mindy decides to cook Thanksgiving dinner at Gwen's house, but she is completely caught off guard when her former blind date, Dennis, arrives with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, a lonely Danny mans the empty office while Betsy and Jeremy visit Betsy's eccentric family for the holiday.

star 7.63
713 votes
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Move-In Ready

#61 - Move-In Ready

black-ish Season 7 - Episode 17

Against the warnings of Dre and his coworkers, Junior is resolute about his decision to move in with Olivia. They go on an apartment hunt together, but tensions rise when Olivia compares Junior to Dre. Meanwhile, Bow challenges Dre to get comfortable being alone.

star 7.61
96 votes
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Harry & Sally

#62 - Harry & Sally

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 13

Mindy thinks she finally meets the perfect guy, Jaime, only to find that he's way too close to his female best friend, Lucy. Then, when Danny gets dumped by Jillian, he tries his best to get her back with the help of Morgan.

star 7.61
690 votes
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All My Problems Solved Forever…

#63 - All My Problems Solved Forever…

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 1

As Mindy and Casey adjust to their new life in Haiti, their blissful time is cut short when Mindy suddenly falls ill and is airlifted back to New York. Meanwhile, Schulman & Associates welcome their new resident OB/GYN Paul Leotard, a charming, former model who also happens to be a sex therapist and offers sex therapy advice to Danny and Christina.

star 7.61
694 votes
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My Bright Idea

#64 - My Bright Idea

Scrubs Season 5 - Episode 16

Turk finds out, that Carla is pregnant, before she does, so J.D. convinces Turk to tell the entire hospital staff to surprise Carla with the news. But Carla wants to personally share her baby news with everybody, so Turk and J.D. have to quickly contain the hospital gossip. Meanwhile, when Elliot puts Dr. Cox into an embarrassing situation, he decides to get even with Elliot through Keith and Carla.

star 7.60
1748 votes
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The Search

#65 - The Search

The Office (US) Season 7 - Episode 15

An emergency call from Helene forces Jim to abandon Michael at a gas station restroom, and Holly, Erin, and Dwight set out to rescue him. Gabe becomes offended at submissions to caption Pam's latest work of art.

star 7.60
3216 votes

#66 - Hymn-a-thon

Perfect Harmony Season 1 - Episode 12

Arthur gets a surprise visit from a former Princeton colleague, causing him to re-examine his life in Conley Fork. The choir holds an all-night Hymn-A-Thon to raise money for regionals. Ginny attempts to prove that they are not dependent upon Arthur.

star 7.59
79 votes
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My Balancing Act

#67 - My Balancing Act

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 13

J.D. is frustrated when his budding romance with an ex-patient wilts as their dates are constantly interrupted by emergency calls, while the beastly Dr. Kelso becomes less fearsome to the wide-eyed interns, when Dr. Cox informs them how to avoid the blowhard's bite. In addition, a perplexed Carla and Turk deal with their first sexual intimacy complication.

star 7.58
2346 votes
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The Hypnotherapist

#68 - The Hypnotherapist

Samantha Who? Season 1 - Episode 6

As a last ditch effort to try and regain some of her lost memory, Sam seeks professional help from a hypnotherapist, but doesn't get the help she expected. Sam hears a bombshell confession from Todd.

star 7.57
195 votes
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My Quarantine

#69 - My Quarantine

Scrubs Season 4 - Episode 16

J.D. tries to impress Kylie by paying a hobo in the hospital to fake a heart attack, when everything becomes boring due to a quarantine that he caused. Turk learns, that Carla dated Cox and gets mad at her for not telling him. The Janitor makes a bet with Dr. Kelso, who is starving, that will make him pay $700, unless the Janitor is able to get a "face cake," in order to satisfy him, from Laverne. Also, Danni Sullivan returns to annoy everyone, causing a constant fight between Ted and Doug.

star 7.57
1689 votes
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You Are the Boss of Me

#70 - You Are the Boss of Me

Better Off Ted Season 1 - Episode 8

Lem and Phil reluctantly invite Ted to their Medieval Fight Club. Linda tries to befriend Veronica.

star 7.57
1434 votes
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My Journey

#71 - My Journey

Scrubs Season 3 - Episode 2

J.D. is feeling left out of his friendship with Turk and gets hurt when Turk is scared of opening up to him. Meanwhile, Carla is driven crazy over an unidentified urine sample, and Elliot tries to balance Sean and her career, so that one doesn't end up getting in the way of the other.

star 7.56
1867 votes
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My Brother, My Keeper

#72 - My Brother, My Keeper

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 14

Turk is still waiting for Carla to answer his proposal and asks his brother to stay over a few days to help him deal with it. Dr. Townshend, an old friend of Dr. Kelso and one of the nicest doctors around befriends J.D. Elliot accidentally finds out the sex of Jordan's baby, becoming the object of Dr. Cox's anxiety.

star 7.55
1740 votes
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My Kingdom

#73 - My Kingdom

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 19

Turk takes J.D. up to surgery, and right from the start J.D. steps all over Turk when trying not to be the geek among the surgeons. Paul hears Elliot say "I love U2" while she was rearranging her CDs and thinks she said "I love you too." Dr. Cox decides to get even with Dr. Kelso by telling everyone he's dead, revealing what people really think of him.

star 7.54
1833 votes
My Drug Buddy

#74 - My Drug Buddy

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 14

Alex and Elliot argue over missing medication, and J.D. needs to choose sides. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso gives Carla a ride to work and she sees a totally different side of him. Turk develops a conflict with Dr. Cox after he finds out that Dr. Cox has secret feelings for Carla.

star 7.54
2306 votes

#75 - Stanford

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 12

Mindy heads to Stanford University, where she makes a less-than-stellar first impression.

star 7.54
363 votes
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Enough is Enough

#76 - Enough is Enough

black-ish Season 5 - Episode 16

After Kyra’s estranged father, Perry, shows up and wants to bring Kyra home to Houston, Dre and Bow work to show him the amazing life they can provide for her. Meanwhile, the kids go on a mission to get her one last chili dog from Larry’s.

star 7.53
229 votes
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Angels and Mermaids

#77 - Angels and Mermaids

Superstore Season 3 - Episode 11

Amy finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between Cheyenne and her ex-convict mom. a personal agreement between Glenn and Dina gets heated when Glenn brings in a lawyer. Jonah finds out that Kelly believes in angels.

star 7.53
978 votes
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While I Was Sleeping

#78 - While I Was Sleeping

The Mindy Project Season 4 - Episode 1

Since Danny won’t propose, Mindy dreams of married life with the perfect man. Meanwhile, Danny tries to stop Mindy’s parents from marrying her off to an eligible Indian bachelor.

star 7.53
506 votes
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Five Spies and a Baby

#79 - Five Spies and a Baby

Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 - Episode 6

The team must return a kidnapped baby to its parents while also taking down the human trafficking network that led to his capture.

star 7.53
644 votes
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My Case Study

#80 - My Case Study

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 3

When Dr. Kelso challenges the residents by offering a trip to a medical conference in Reno as a reward to the individual, who presents the most interesting case study, J.D. refuses to play along, earning him the respect of Dr. Cox. In the meantime, Turk misses his opportunity to ask for a new laser on the one day of the year, that Dr. Kelso grants favors, so he is forced to find another way to come up with the goods.

star 7.52
2052 votes
Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame

#81 - Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame

Monk Season 2 - Episode 3

When a ruthless CEO and his wife are lured to an industrial park and are shot dead in their car, Monk connects their murders to a star baseball player's (Christopher Wiehl) quest for the single season home run record.

star 7.52
627 votes
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Twenty-Four Candles

#82 - Twenty-Four Candles

Ugly Betty Season 2 - Episode 14

Betty plans to spend her 24th birthday accompanied by Henry, but Charlie's sudden appearance jeopardizes her plans. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina plots against Renee and Daniel's relationship by hinting at secrets from a hidden past in her sister's life.

star 7.50
111 votes
Secrets and Lives

#83 - Secrets and Lives

Better Off Ted Season 1 - Episode 13

The team learns a shocking secret about Veronica when an invention goes awry. Meanwhile, Linda tries to set up Ted with another woman.

star 7.50
1219 votes
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My White Whale

#84 - My White Whale

Scrubs Season 3 - Episode 3

Finding difficulties training his interns, J.D. asks to Elliot for some help. She tells J.D. about Sean, who gave Elliot great tips based on his dolphin training that fit perfectly for her interns. Dr. Cox finds the ideal pediatrician for his son: Dr. Norris, who acts and looks just like him. However, Dr. Cox is quick to find a problem with him once Jack develops a cough that scares both him and Jordan.

star 7.49
1781 votes
My Big Brother

#85 - My Big Brother

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 6

J.D.'s brother is in town. Turk is thrown out of a patient's funeral for not knowing his name and feels even worse because earlier he made a bet with Dr. Cox over another patient's life.

star 7.49
1941 votes
Working Girl

#86 - Working Girl

black-ish Season 4 - Episode 10

Bow struggles to adjust as she returns to work after maternity leave. Meanwhile, Ruby gives the twins a “workaround” plan to get out of doing homework.

star 7.48
428 votes
Daddy's Girl ...

#87 - Daddy's Girl ...

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Season 1 - Episode 2

June begrudgingly lets Chloe set her up on a date; James teaches an acting class in which he can't escape his Dawson persona.

star 7.47
1867 votes
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The Leak ...

#88 - The Leak ...

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Season 2 - Episode 12

It is crunch time and James goes into serious training to be in top form for "Dancing with the Stars." Luther is tasked with the duty of keeping James on a strict regimen, but leave it to a jealous Chloe to try and sabotage it. Still, that's the least of their worries when embarrassing photos of James leak all over the internet.

star 7.47
542 votes
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Mad and Boujee

#89 - Mad and Boujee

black-ish Season 6 - Episode 5

When Dre is invited to join a private social club for the black upper class, Bow and the family jump at the opportunity to mingle with this new community, but Dre's not so sure these exclusive clubs are all they're cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Junior helps Pops pick a wedding date

star 7.46
211 votes
Hot Child in the City

#90 - Hot Child in the City

Sex and the City Season 3 - Episode 15

Carrie meets a new man, Wade Adams, at a comic store, and falls in love with his fabulous apartment, but not with his mother. Samantha is hired as the publicist for the Bat Mitzvah of Jenny Brier, and finds that Jenny and her friends are as over-sexed at 13 as Samantha is at 34. Charlotte searches the internet for a solution to Trey's sexual problem, and then demands that they see a sex therapist. Miranda is having to wear braces, which make her feel like a teenager, but she gives them up after a date fears he'll get caught up in them.

star 7.46
725 votes
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When Mindy Met Danny

#91 - When Mindy Met Danny

The Mindy Project Season 4 - Episode 13

The evolution of Mindy's relationship with Danny is examined through flashbacks to her start at Shulman & Associates.

star 7.46
381 votes
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My Drama Queen

#92 - My Drama Queen

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 21

J.D. carries on with his romance with Jamie, but finds himself at a dead end after realizing she's a drama queen. Dr. Kelso makes Dr. Cox give a class on how to approach the patients nicely in order to prevent possible law suits. Carla's mother dies and she wants to get married.

star 7.46
1879 votes
The Wedding

#93 - The Wedding

Samantha Who? Season 1 - Episode 3

Sam attends the wedding of one of her so called friends, only to realize that she forgot that she had been uninvited by the bride earlier.

star 7.46
203 votes
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#94 - Dusters

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Season 1 - Episode 2

Evan is skeptical of Alex's unique approach to coaching, as the team gets ready for its first game.

star 7.44
148 votes
My Saving Grace

#95 - My Saving Grace

Scrubs Season 8 - Episode 3

Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox have to work together again to get rid of Dr. Maddox, while Carla faces an incompetent intern.

star 7.44
2482 votes
The Ring

#96 - The Ring

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 6

Melanie and Sam are handed down the family wedding ring for use in their marriage, however disaster strikes when Sam loses it...

star 7.43
220 votes
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My Kids Barely Know Their Culture

#97 - My Kids Barely Know Their Culture

I Feel Bad Season 1 - Episode 10

When David's parents come to town for Hanukkah, Emet and David pretend the family is more observant than they actually are. But when Maya finds out, an in-law culture clash ensues. At GamePunch, the group discovers Chewey has adopted an American persona to win the affections of a girl.

star 7.42
85 votes
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Games People Play

#98 - Games People Play

Sex and the City Season 2 - Episode 13

Carrie meets a new man, Seth Robinson, in her analyst's waiting room. Samantha dates a sports fan whose sex life is in sync with his teams' successes. Charlotte joins a bridge club to try to meet someone. Miranda flirts with a Peeping Tom in the apartment opposite.

star 7.42
792 votes
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The Hand that Sits the Cradle

#99 - The Hand that Sits the Cradle

Fresh Off the Boat Season 5 - Episode 2

When Jessica offers to help out exhausted new mother Honey with Zuo Yue Zi – which means “Sitting the Month” taking care of her – Honey begins to realize that 30 days of having to abide by Jessica’s strict rules and dietary regimen could leave her more harried then she already is. Meanwhile, after watching “Pumping Iron,” Eddie and Emery attempt to put together a workout routine in order to buff themselves up; and Louis tries to bond more with Evan, who is a die-hard “mommy guy.”

star 7.42
387 votes
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Deal or No Deal

#100 - Deal or No Deal

Champions Season 1 - Episode 10

Vince is torn when his old high school buddy offers him a dream job that would require him to move to Louisiana; Matthew graduates high school; Michael's crush joins the guys for dinner at their place so Vince can suss out his intentions.

star 7.41
82 votes
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Mindy's Brother

#101 - Mindy's Brother

The Mindy Project Season 1 - Episode 10

When Mindy's brother visits from college, he tells Mindy that he wants to drop out and start a rap career, immediately causing Mindy to panic. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy lift the spirits of their elderly landlord with the hopes that she will reduce their office rent.

star 7.40
677 votes
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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

#102 - Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Better Off Ted Season 1 - Episode 6

Ted inadvertently deletes himself from Veridian's system when he tries to fix his employee ID, and, as the lab falls into chaos, his peers try to remedy the situation.

star 7.39
1419 votes
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Making Rent ...

#103 - Making Rent ...

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Season 1 - Episode 5

After struggling to make ends meet, June comes up with a creative way to make extra money; James launches a line of super-skinny jeans.

star 7.39
1453 votes
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Danny in Real Life

#104 - Danny in Real Life

The Mindy Project Season 6 - Episode 9

Mindy and Danny can’t agree on the best way to care for an ailing Annette. Meanwhile, Anna throws a disastrous bridal/baby shower for Tamra, where Colette has a heated confrontation with her brother, Jody.

star 7.37
281 votes
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Sex and the Country

#105 - Sex and the Country

Sex and the City Season 4 - Episode 9

Carrie goes to Aidan's cottage with him and is bored, and scared of a squirrel, so she returns to the city where she has dinner with Mr. Big and he tells her that he's dating a movie star. She decides to give it another shot and returns to the country this time with Samantha. Samantha is bored until she sees Farmer Luke and she decides to ask if she can borrow some milk and they end up sleeping together. Miranda finds out that Steve has testicular so she tries to comfort him but it ends up pissing him off because he thinks she's pitying him. Charlotte and Trey go to Trey's mother's where they keep trying to have a baby.

star 7.34
774 votes
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#106 - Frenemies

Sex and the City Season 3 - Episode 16

Carrie gives a couple of seminars on meeting men to a packed audience of women, who ask some pointed questions that show her up badly. Samantha finds a new friend in Claire Anne, who turns out to be more than her equal. Charlotte succeeds in making herself more sexually attractive to Trey. At the funeral of a would-be boyfriend, Miranda agrees to a date with another man, despite Carrie's warnings to her.

star 7.33
816 votes
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#107 - Nepotism

Champions Season 1 - Episode 8

Vince is conflicted when Dana and Matthew fight over sharing an office at the gym; the musical Michael wrote is chosen to be produced at his school, and he auditions for the leading role; when Dana's dog goes missing, Vince and Matthew look for it

star 7.31
86 votes
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Our True Lies

#108 - Our True Lies

Scrubs Season 9 - Episode 10

A case of guilty conscience plagues the med school when a student cheats on an exam and Dr. Cox takes it out on the entire class. Meanwhile, Denise makes a startling admission of her own.

star 7.31
1580 votes
Indian BBW

#109 - Indian BBW

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 16

Mindy discovers an incriminating video of herself that is floating around the internet, and she enlists the help of Peter to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

star 7.31
596 votes
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Belles of the Balls

#110 - Belles of the Balls

Sex and the City Season 4 - Episode 10

Carrie goes to the country with Aidan and ends up accidently inviting Mr. Big when Willow breaks up with him. He calls Carrie and tells her that Willow dumped him and she says that she wishes that he could come over but it's too far but he's willing to take the long drive to see her. She gives him the directions and then tells Aidan who isn't pleased to hear that Mr. Big is coming over. He says that it's like a super hero thing and Mr. Big is Batman while he's the Green Hornet. Mr. Big gets drunk and Carrie won't let him drive so Aidan lets him sleep on the couch. The following morning Mr. Big tries to apologize to Aidan but Aidan starts a fight with him and Carrie steps in to stop them. It turns out that they really get along. Charlotte sends Trey to have his sperm tested but he can't do it in a cup. She comes in to see how things are going and they end up having sex in the little room. Miranda goes with Steve to see a specialist about getting a prostetic testicle but Miranda tell

star 7.30
770 votes
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I Won't Back Down

#111 - I Won't Back Down

Cougar Town Season 1 - Episode 4

When Jules inadvertently tells Grayson he's hot and he doesn't reciprocate, she's on a mission to get him to admit she's sexy. With a little help from Laurie and Ellie, Jules uncovers the ultimate burn to put Grayson in his place. Meanwhile, Ellie is feeling like she's lost her looks after the birth of Stan, and Bobby and Travis search for something to bond over.

star 7.30
2065 votes
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San Francisco Bae

#112 - San Francisco Bae

The Mindy Project Season 3 - Episode 13

While trying to make friends in her new city, Mindy runs into a nerd-turned-billionaire ex-flame from Princeton. She imagines the life of riches she could have had with him and questions her relationship with Danny. Meanwhile, back in New York, Danny and Morgan think they witness Lauren cheating on Jeremy with Peter, so they devise a way to spy on Peter

star 7.28
413 votes
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My Jerks

#113 - My Jerks

Scrubs Season 8 - Episode 1

Dr. Kelso's beautiful but unethical replacement, Dr. Maddox, shakes things up at Sacred Heart, while J.D. struggles to manage a new crop of incompetent interns and Carla helps Elliott put her ego in check.

star 7.26
2574 votes

#114 - L.A.

The Mindy Project Season 2 - Episode 13

Jeremy sends Mindy, Danny, Peter and Morgan to Los Angeles to receive cosmetic injectables certification. Once they arrive, Peter attempts to track down the object of his affection, Maria Menounos, and Mindy runs into Casey.

star 7.25
624 votes
Decision 2016

#115 - Decision 2016

The Mindy Project Season 5 - Episode 1

Finding herself in a love triangle, Mindy must choose between Jody and Danny.

star 7.23
562 votes
Betty Suarez Land

#116 - Betty Suarez Land

Ugly Betty Season 3 - Episode 4

Gio returns to town, forcing Betty to attempt to make amends. However, Gio resists her attempts to make things right. Meanwhile, Daniel must cope with shocking family news.

star 7.20
167 votes
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Our Mysteries

#117 - Our Mysteries

Scrubs Season 9 - Episode 5

J.D. still clamors for Dr. Turk's approval as he approaches his final day of teaching at Sacred Heart, Lucy searches within herself for the courage to perform a basic medical procedure on a real human, and Denise and Drew make things official.

star 7.14
1703 votes
Our First Day of School

#118 - Our First Day of School

Scrubs Season 9 - Episode 1

J.D., Turk, Cox, Kelso and intern Denise return to Sacred Heart to teach med school, while new med students Lucy, Drew, Cole and Maya are put through the wringer on their first day of school.

star 7.13
2086 votes

#119 - Eclipse

Big Love Season 1 - Episode 4

Bill goes on a hunting trip with his son Ben, Barb tries to get accredited as a full-time teacher, and shopaholic Nicki realizes she can't pay her credit card bills. Meanwhile, Sarah goes to a house party but ends up needing her friend Heather's help.

star 7.11
348 votes
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Grandma Dearest

#120 - Grandma Dearest

Champions Season 1 - Episode 6

Vince begrudgingly reconnects with his mother, Gayle, so Michael can complete a school project.

star 7.08
84 votes
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The Puppy

#121 - The Puppy

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 13

When Sam sees a litter of puppies being born, he worries he might not be able to handle the birth of his own child.

star 7.05
249 votes
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Mom's Coma

#122 - Mom's Coma

Aliens in America Season 1 - Episode 11

Justin is terrified by the school bully, Trey. But he finds a way out of getting beaten up--by lying about his Mom's health. Meanwhile, Franny gets involved in a minor fender bender, but Gary makes things worse when he tries to prevent her from taking responsibility.

star 7.03
33 votes

#123 - Eviction

Big Love Season 1 - Episode 7

Bill considers running an expensive advertising campaign, Barb finds out about Nicki's secret, and Margie goes to church with Pam, their neighbor. Meanwhile, Sarah brings home a surprise guest, and Ben goes on a trip with his friends.

star 7.02
398 votes
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Bananas for Betty

#124 - Bananas for Betty

Ugly Betty Season 2 - Episode 10

Henry and Betty go on a double date with Hilda and Gio. Wilhelmina tries to change her image as the queen of mean but fails miserably.

star 7.00
83 votes
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Filing for the Enemy

#125 - Filing for the Enemy

Ugly Betty Season 3 - Episode 2

Wilhelmina, getting ready for her first issue as editor, offers Betty a job as her assistant. Meanwhile, Daniel learns he will have to undergo a custody battle if he wants to keep Daniel Jr. in the U.S. Later, Hilda's romance with Coach Diaz continues to heat up.

star 7.00
223 votes
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Five Stages of Bryana

#126 - Five Stages of Bryana

The Bernie Mac Show Season 3 - Episode 20

Bernie and Wanda struggle with how to discipline Bryana when she begins to change from their adorable baby girl into a bratty little bully. They consult a child therapist to determine what is making her suddenly throw tantrums, become a bully at school and fight with her siblings at home. Meanwhile, Bernie buys Bryana a guinea pig but it's Wanda who ends up taking care of the pet and eventually bonding with it

star 7.00
8 votes
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#127 - Pilot

Champions Season 1 - Episode 1

Vince plans to sell his family-owned gym and move to Florida, but he is derailed when his high school fling, Priya, unexpectedly drops off their 15-year-old son, Michael, on his doorstep.

star 6.89
198 votes
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I Think I'm Gonna Tolerate It Here

#128 - I Think I'm Gonna Tolerate It Here

Champions Season 1 - Episode 2

Michael is desperate to see New York but is unable to as Vince still hasn't told the gym he has a secret son.

star 6.87
135 votes
Tall Dark and Hairless

#129 - Tall Dark and Hairless

Big Shots Season 1 - Episode 2

James makes a decision regarding his marriage. Duncan comes up with a way to stop the reporter from ruining him, he tries to seduce her. Wendy wants Marla to go to couples therapy with her and Karl. Brody tries to put the spark back in his love life. Terrence Hill shows up and is out to get Duncan no matter what it takes.

star 6.50
64 votes
Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex

#130 - Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex

Life As We Know It Season 1 - Episode 4

Dino quits the hockey team in protest of his coach's relationship with Annie, which sparks trouble at home. Ben and Ms. Young find a way to be together. Jonathan is insecure about his relationship with Deb, and Dino meets a new girl.

star 6.00
1 votes