The Best Episodes Directed by Tom Verica

A Traitor Among Us

#1 - A Traitor Among Us

Scandal (2012) Season 6 - Episode 7

After discovering new information about the assassination of Frankie Vargas, Olivia makes a shocking decision and asks Huck to complete one of the most difficult tasks yet.

star 8.13
2044 votes
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The Price of Free and Fair Elections

#2 - The Price of Free and Fair Elections

Scandal (2012) Season 3 - Episode 18

Election Day has arrived and nothing is off limits as the candidates try to capture votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to understand Maya's motives and Charlie makes a very surprising move.

star 8.07
1249 votes
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Survival of the Fittest

#3 - Survival of the Fittest

Scandal (2012) Season 6 - Episode 1

The election results for the presidential race between Mellie Grant and Francisco Vargas are announced, and the shocking results lead to an explosive outcome.

star 8.07
2217 votes
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A Choice Between Two Things

#4 - A Choice Between Two Things

For the People (2018) Season 2 - Episode 10

On Election Day, Jay turns to Kate and the team for help after his parents and other voters are illegally intimidated at their polling place. Meanwhile, Roger and Jill’s relationship is at an impasse when Sandra learns that they are romantically involved and challenges Jill’s judgement. Elsewhere, Seth gets assigned to the case of a lifetime, but his anxiety increases when he is appointed a bodyguard to help protect him, all while Sandra and Ted take their relationship up a notch.

star 8.06
231 votes
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The Fall Issue

#5 - The Fall Issue

Ugly Betty Season 3 - Episode 24

The sudden death of a Mode editor leaves Betty and Marc competing for the same job. Meanwhile, Matt lets his jealousy over Henry get the best of him.

star 7.97
233 votes
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A Door Marked Exit

#6 - A Door Marked Exit

Scandal (2012) Season 3 - Episode 10

Now that the truth is out there, things will never be the same and everyone will have to face the consequences of their actions.

star 7.97
1487 votes
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White Hat's Back On

#7 - White Hat's Back On

Scandal (2012) Season 2 - Episode 22

With the identity of the mole now closer than ever, Olivia and her team are in very real danger. Meanwhile, the latest White House scandal pushes Cyrus to his limits.

star 7.94
1396 votes
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That's My Girl

#8 - That's My Girl

Scandal (2012) Season 5 - Episode 21

As each presidential candidate gets ready to announce their running mate, Olivia finds herself in a potentially dire situation. Meanwhile, Cyrus is presented with damaging information that could alter the presidential race entirely.

star 7.91
1513 votes
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It's Handled

#9 - It's Handled

Scandal (2012) Season 3 - Episode 1

With Olivia's name out there as the President's mistress, both the White House and Pope & Associates face their biggest scandal to date, and a surprise allegiance is formed in order to get things handled. Meanwhile, Olivia's father, Rowan, will stop at nothing to carry out his orders and no one, including Olivia, can stand in his way.

star 7.91
1570 votes
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This Is What I Wanted to Say

#10 - This Is What I Wanted to Say

For the People (2018) Season 1 - Episode 10

Sandra defends a hydrologist accused of spying for the Chinese government, but the similarities between this and a former case she lost has her confidence shaken. Meanwhile, Jay faces his fears and goes up against Kate in a case involving a PTA president accused of selling drugs to students; and Allison receives a tempting proposition from her wine-forger client, and Leonard reaches out to Kate for advice that culminates with a surprising confession. Season Finale

star 7.90
343 votes
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The Belt

#11 - The Belt

Scandal (2012) Season 6 - Episode 4

Cyrus faces his ultimate challenge but continues to stop at nothing to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Olivia and the gladiators uncover shocking new evidence about the night Frankie was shot.

star 7.87
2050 votes
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No Days Off

#12 - No Days Off

Station 19 Season 3 - Episode 11

While at a lunch seeking Pruitt’s blessing for their relationship, Andy and Sullivan jump into action when ICE attempts to raid the restaurant. Meanwhile, Travis gets roped into an awkward lunch with Chief Dixon, Emmett and Emmett’s girlfriend; and Ben invites Grey-Sloan Memorial surgeons Owen Hunt, Teddy Altman and Jackson Avery to get a sneak peek of the new PRT vehicle.

star 7.84
334 votes
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First Inning

#13 - First Inning

For the People (2018) Season 2 - Episode 1

Sandra, with the help of new investigator Ted, must defend a teenage gamer whose online argument leads to a police raid that ends with the death of a United States senator. A personal connection to the “swatting” case makes Roger determined to charge the teenager to the fullest extent of the law and pushes Kate to her limits in the process. Meanwhile, Jay is tasked with defending New York’s most spoiled millennial from going to jail for her petty crimes.

star 7.79
297 votes
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White Hat's Off

#14 - White Hat's Off

Scandal (2012) Season 2 - Episode 1

Quinn's identity is finally revealed, and the more the Pope & Associates team learn about her past, the more they realize she could be their biggest scandal yet. Meanwhile, a senator seeks Olivia's help when his personal life is about to become a public disgrace, and President Fitz is stuck between a rock and hard place when Mellie and Cyrus put him in a very compromising position during a live television interview.

star 7.79
1506 votes
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The Trail

#15 - The Trail

Scandal (2012) Season 1 - Episode 6

As Gideon investigates Amanda Tanner's past, a series of events from the past reveal the contentious primary race between Fitzgerald Grant and Sally Langston, Olivia's first meeting with Grant on the campaign trail and the formation of the Pope & Associates team.

star 7.78
1558 votes
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Red Gold

#16 - Red Gold

The Mentalist Season 3 - Episode 15

When a modern-day prospector is found dead near a mining site and Lisbon is injured during the initial stages of the investigation, Agent Hightower joins Patrick Jane in the field for the first time.

star 7.73
4376 votes
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Red is the New Black

#17 - Red is the New Black

The Mentalist Season 4 - Episode 13

Jane and the CBI narrow down the list of suspects after a disgraced clothing designer on the verge of a comeback becomes a fashion victim. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Darcy continues her investigation into finding Red John.

star 7.68
3932 votes
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Ride, Sally, Ride

#18 - Ride, Sally, Ride

Scandal (2012) Season 3 - Episode 11

The White House deals with a bombshell announcement from Sally Langston. Meanwhile, Olivia finds herself in a challenging new role.

star 7.68
1400 votes
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Going Viral (2)

#19 - Going Viral (2)

Body of Proof Season 2 - Episode 19

The team needs to quickly figure out how to treat the virus when more and more people are becoming ill and dying.

star 7.68
921 votes
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Tainted Obligation

#20 - Tainted Obligation

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 - Episode 4

When Meredith and Lexie's father, Thatcher, returns to the hospital with a failed liver, it's up to Meredith to save his life. Meanwhile, Izzie empathizes with a patient riddled with tumors, as Mark, annoyed with Cristina's competitive zeal, tricks her into assisting on an unusual surgery.

star 7.66
2091 votes
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Molly, You in Danger, Girl

#21 - Molly, You in Danger, Girl

Scandal (2012) Season 2 - Episode 18

When details from an old case don’t add up, Olivia’s team must backtrack to figure out if they made a mistake. Worse still, this mistake has potentially put them all in serious danger. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jake’s relationship starts to heat up, while at the White House Fitz and Mellie’s relationship hits a new low.

star 7.65
1674 votes
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Pink Tops

#22 - Pink Tops

The Mentalist Season 4 - Episode 8

In order to find the killer of an undercover narcotics cop, Jane and the CBI team retrace her investigation. Samaire Armstrong (“Dirty Sexy Money”) guest stars as Summer Edgecombe, a prostitute who helps Cho with the investigation. Dean Norris (“Breaking Bad”) guest stars as Sergeant Don Henderson.

star 7.64
4032 votes
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#23 - Desire

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 - Episode 21

The attendings vie to be Chief. Two people who haven't slept together before, will. McSteamy's 60-day vow of chastity has a conclusion. We meet a boss, his assistant, and his wife. We also get to see someone being treated in the clinic. Derek has more questions about his relationship with Meredith. The chairman of the hospital board is admitted as patient. Callie confronts Izzie about her relationship with George.

star 7.63
1249 votes
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18 Miles Outside of Roanoke

#24 - 18 Miles Outside of Roanoke

For the People (2018) Season 1 - Episode 3

Sandra and Kate go head-to-head on a high-profile case involving a young woman accused of leaking classified information, but they learn to find common ground in their fight for justice and pursuit of the common good. Allison struggles to make a case for her client as the courts look to new technology to avoid bias, and Leonard seeks professional legitimacy at the cost of a personal relationship.

star 7.62
426 votes
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The Lawn Chair

#25 - The Lawn Chair

Scandal (2012) Season 4 - Episode 14

A tragedy in D.C. gains national attention and the White House must deal with their problematic VP.

star 7.62
993 votes
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Mad About You

#26 - Mad About You

Boston Legal Season 4 - Episode 11

Denny puts the whole firm on edge when he unilaterally takes on a high-profile murder case and refuses help from anybody else, especially Alan. Meanwhile, Jerry and Katie represent a woman whose husband divorced her after being "brainwashed" by an ad campaign from a sleazy lawyer.

star 7.61
741 votes
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Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

#27 - Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

Scandal (2012) Season 4 - Episode 1

Nearly two months after Olivia and Jake boarded a private jet to stand in the sun together, everything has changed. With another four years in the White House, Fitz and Cyrus are doing everything they can to make a positive impact on the nation. Meanwhile, Mellie struggles to cope with the loss of her son and the gladiators feel the impact of Olivia’s absence.

star 7.61
1274 votes
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You Can't Take Command

#28 - You Can't Take Command

Scandal (2012) Season 4 - Episode 22

Everything comes to a head when Olivia and the team finally make some big moves to take down Command, and Mellie’s fate is sealed as the election results are announced.

star 7.61
905 votes
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#29 - Defiance

Scandal (2012) Season 2 - Episode 7

Harrison leads the team in managing a billionaire businessman who seems to have lost his sanity; meanwhile, Olivia and the White House prepare to celebrate the President's 50th birthday, as James continues to investigate Cytron and discovers something that could change the fate of the country.

star 7.61
1746 votes
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What Is It About Men

#30 - What Is It About Men

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 - Episode 4

A stampede at a comic book convention leads to an influx of colorful characters in the ER; Mark continues to make life difficult for Jackson; Ben returns and realizes Bailey has moved on.

star 7.59
3066 votes
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I Will Survive

#31 - I Will Survive

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 - Episode 21

Personal and work pressures are adding up and have Meredith visibly on edge, Owen conducts formal interviews for the Chief Resident position, Cristina grows increasingly defiant, Alex and Lucy's undefined relationship gets tested, and Jackson suddenly backs out of the Webber's diabetes trial.

star 7.59
3193 votes
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Wild Card

#32 - Wild Card

Scandal (2012) Season 5 - Episode 12

While Fitz is preoccupied with his own interests, Cyrus begins to orchestrate his next master plan, and Elizabeth North uses David to mastermind a plan of her own. Meanwhile, Olivia continues to question what exactly Jake is planning in his new role as head of the NSA.

star 7.58
1140 votes
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Red Ants and Black Widows

#33 - Red Ants and Black Widows

Eastwick Season 1 - Episode 7

After Chad visits her one last time in a dream, a grieving Roxie resolves to fulfill his last wish -- if she can figure out what it is. Hounded by Max, her replacement at the Gazette, about her kidnapping ordeal, Joanna grapples with her own lingering questions while dodging his. And Kat, startled by a newfound ability, realizes that Bun's old friend Eleanor Rougement, may have answers for both of them.

star 7.57
342 votes
Over a Cliff

#34 - Over a Cliff

Scandal (2012) Season 7 - Episode 18

Series Finale. With the existence of B613 exposed to the world, the Gladiators make the ultimate sacrifice in order to take down Cyrus and Jake – but how far will they go to get justice?

star 7.57
762 votes
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Nobody Likes Babies

#35 - Nobody Likes Babies

Scandal (2012) Season 2 - Episode 13

As David uncovers the truth about the Cytron case, things come to a head for Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Hollis and Verna. Backed into a corner, the five conspirators go to extremes and, in some cases, unconscionable lengths to protect themselves and/or the ones they love.

star 7.56
1625 votes
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Baby, It's Cold Outside

#36 - Baby, It's Cold Outside

Scandal (2012) Season 5 - Episode 9

Olivia is feeling more and more frustrated as she takes on “First Lady” type responsibilities at the White House. Meanwhile, Mellie proves just how powerful she can be and Jake and Huck continue the hunt for Rowan.

star 7.56
1189 votes
It's Hard Out Here for a General

#37 - It's Hard Out Here for a General

Scandal (2012) Season 5 - Episode 10

It's been six months since Olivia and Fitz have broken up, and they are both handling their newfound freedom in very different ways. Meanwhile, the Pope and Associates team take on a case that could lead to a national crisis.

star 7.54
1337 votes

#38 - Run

Scandal (2012) Season 4 - Episode 10

The winter premiere picks up right where the finale left off, this time from Olivia’s point of view. Exactly what happened when Jake went to the bedroom? Who took Olivia and where did she go?

star 7.54
919 votes
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No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

#39 - No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 - Episode 21

As preparations continue for Meredith and Derek's wedding, Izzie receives a surprise hospital visit from her handful-of-a-mother, Robbie. Meanwhile, a newly sober Thatcher visits his daughters, Meredith and Lexie, in order to make amends, and the Chief and Meredith bitterly fight over a controversial medical case.

star 7.50
1837 votes
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Heavy Is the Head

#40 - Heavy Is the Head

Scandal (2012) Season 5 - Episode 1

Olivia and Fitz are back together again and enjoying every scandalous moment together while Cyrus, Mellie and Huck are all still dealing with the aftermath of helping Command. Meanwhile, when a visit from the Queen of Caldonia and her family turns into a tragedy, Olivia is hired to make sure the Royal family’s private life stays private.

star 7.50
1319 votes
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Shock to the System

#41 - Shock to the System

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 - Episode 2

Meredith finally tells Derek about her pregnancy and miscarriage; during a surgery, Cristina experiences PTSD; Bailey won't let Alex operate until he has the bullet in his chest removed.

star 7.48
3537 votes
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Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here

#42 - Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here

Still Star-Crossed Season 1 - Episode 6

An argument between Lord Montague and Lord Capulet leads to a senseless act of violence that makes tensions between the two houses run dangerously high. Meanwhile, Rosaline finds herself in a compromising situation when her fate is in the hands of an unsuspecting person.

star 7.47
77 votes
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Angel of Death

#43 - Angel of Death

Boston Legal Season 3 - Episode 11

Alan and Denny head to New Orleans with visiting attorney Vanessa Walker to defend a doctor who euthanized five patients during the Katrina hurricane.Meanwhile, Claire helps Clarence sue an all-female gym who refused to accept him unless he dressed as a woman, and Denise is overwhelmed by the sexual attention she is getting from the male attorneys.

star 7.46
931 votes
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#44 - Pilot

For the People (2018) Season 1 - Episode 1

The series premiere of the drama about six talented young lawyers who work on opposite sides of the law and handle the most high-profile and high-stakes federal cases in the country.

star 7.46
555 votes
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Kung Fu Fighting

#45 - Kung Fu Fighting

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 - Episode 6

A patient comes to the ER with a dream and a condition which may prevent him from realizing it. Two patients are competing to win something big. One of them convinces an intern to take their place.

star 7.46
1570 votes
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In the Midnight Hour

#46 - In the Midnight Hour

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 - Episode 9

Meredith, Cristina and Bailey come to Lexie and Sadie's rescue when a routine surgery goes horribly wrong, as Owen and Derek treat a man seriously injured while sleepwalking and Mark comforts the sleepwalker's distraught daughter.

star 7.45
1584 votes
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No Ordinary Accident

#47 - No Ordinary Accident

No Ordinary Family Season 1 - Episode 8

Stephanie tries to uncover the reason behind Jim's sudden loss of powers, which could put an end to his crime fighting days; JJ may be facing criminal charges after he's caught hacking into the school computer system by his teacher; Daphne uses her abilities to impress a boy; and Katie begins falling for her mysterious new beau.

star 7.42
2236 votes
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#48 - Triangles

Private Practice Season 3 - Episode 17

When Addison's patient and the life of the three unborn babies she is carrying as a surrogate hang in the balance, Sam's new girlfriend, Vanessa, and Addison are sharply divided on the course of treatment. Meanwhile Cooper seeks Sheldon's help with a young patient, but their personal quarrels over Charlotte get in the way, and Naomi has a dilemma of her own between William and an unexpectedly charming Dr. Fife.

star 7.40
1127 votes
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Breaking the Rules

#49 - Breaking the Rules

Private Practice Season 5 - Episode 2

While interviewing potential replacements for Naomi, the doctors at Oceanside Wellness don't understand Addison's resistance to hiring Jake Reilly; Cooper disregards the law as he tries to help a young, sick patient.

star 7.36
949 votes
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How Insensitive

#50 - How Insensitive

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 - Episode 21

Bailey preps the team with mandatory sensitivity training prior to admitting a 700-pound patient with compounded medical issues, and the case proves to be challenging in every sense of the word. Meanwhile Derek has to come face to face with a former patient's husband in a wrongful death deposition, and spending time with a heart patient's daughter opens up some old wounds for Cristina.

star 7.32
3210 votes
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Sins of the Father

#51 - Sins of the Father

Private Practice Season 3 - Episode 8

While Addison deals with the unwelcome arrival of her father, Cooper is arrested because he refused to cooperate in a case involving a longtime patient. Meanwhile, Pete will stop at nothing to keep a terminally ill patient alive for as long as it takes for him to meet his new daughter.

star 7.24
674 votes
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Things Fall Apart

#52 - Things Fall Apart

Ugly Betty Season 3 - Episode 16

Betty and Marc team up together to analyse Mode's budget. Matt continues with his pursuit to win Betty while she deals with some startling news on Facebook by a former flame

star 7.23
258 votes
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What You Do For Love

#53 - What You Do For Love

Private Practice Season 2 - Episode 21

Addison sends a pregnant woman to St. Ambrose for help from Noah after she experiences heart complications. Meanwhile, Sam begins to rethink his friendship with Naomi; Pete and Lisa's relationship becomes increasingly complex; and Sheldon takes a stand.

star 7.15
521 votes
As Time Goes By...

#54 - As Time Goes By...

Army Wives Season 3 - Episode 15

When Roxy and Pamela meet two older army wives, Elise and Virginia, in a nursing home, they get a glimpse into Fort Marshall during WWII. Elise and Virginia share their stories and relive their experiences through flashbacks. Roxy and Pamela discover the parallel challenges that army wives have dealt with throughout the years, while also seeing how society has evolved culturally.

star 6.87
97 votes
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