The BEST Episodes of Superstore

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2019

America Ferrera and Ben Feldman star in a hilarious workplace comedy about a unique family of employees at a super-sized mega store. From the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the clueless summer hires and the in-it-for-life managers, together they hilariously tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions.

Town Hall

#1 - Town Hall

Season 3 - Episode 22

As the store prepares to host a company-wide Town Hall meeting, Amy and Jonah are forced to put their conflicts aside and rally their co-workers to confront the CEO. Meanwhile Glenn struggles with the pressure of speaking to a global audience.

star 7.99
656 votes
Directors: Matt Sohn
Writers: Justin Spitzer, Jonathan Green, Gabe Miller

#2 - Tornado

Season 2 - Episode 21

In the Season 2 finale, Glenn tries to figure out which employees to lay off. Jonah copes with the fallout of an admission he made to Amy. Garrett and Dina spar. Mateo creates an alliance to keep his job. Also: a a tornado warning goes into effect and forces the staff into uncomfortable pairings.

star 7.97
1,203 votes
Directors: Matt Sohn
Writers: Justin Spitzer
Sal's Dead

#3 - Sal's Dead

Season 3 - Episode 5

A dead body is found in the drywall, making for an extra-creepy Halloween at Cloud 9, and Amy creates an awkward situation when she messes with Jonah's online dating profile.

star 7.86
952 votes
Directors: Geeta V. Patel
Writers: Gabe Miller
Employee Appreciation Day

#4 - Employee Appreciation Day

Season 4 - Episode 22

Amy and Jonah find themselves on opposing sides as corporate tries to win over employees by showering them with treats. When the company’s tactics grow more extreme, everyone must band together to save one of their own.

star 7.84
407 votes
Directors: Jeffrey Blitz
Writers: Justin Spitzer
Safety Training

#5 - Safety Training

Season 3 - Episode 14

When Mateo gets injured, Jonah tries to help him keep his immigration status a secret. Amy attempts to convince everyone that she likes Kelly.

star 7.82
706 votes
Directors: Rebecca Asher
Writers: Bridget Kyle, Vicky Luu

#6 - Aftermath

Season 3 - Episode 21

Amy and Jonah deal with the consequences of their recent interactions. Glenn and Dina enlist Garrett’s help to win the store a visit from Cloud 9’s CEO.

star 7.82
688 votes
Directors: Ryan Case
Writers: Justin Shanes, Owen Ellickson
Black Friday

#7 - Black Friday

Season 2 - Episode 9

Cloud 9 braces for the biggest shopping day of the year when the employees all suddenly get sick.

star 7.80
1,361 votes
Writers: Eric Ledgin
Maternity Leave

#8 - Maternity Leave

Season 4 - Episode 6

Amy faces a nightmare day at work when she learns she doesn’t have maternity leave – made worse by Cheyenne and Mateo’s campaign to change her baby’s name. Jonah and Garrett take on hiring the new seasonal help.

star 7.78
524 votes
Directors: Jackie Clarke
Writers: Jackie Clarke
Video Game Release

#9 - Video Game Release

Season 3 - Episode 13

When gamers invade Cloud 9 for the release of a hot new video game, Jonah tries to help Amy secure herself a copy of the game. Mateo helps Garrett make a good impression on one of his heroes.

star 7.75
721 votes
Directors: America Ferrera
Writers: Jackie Clarke

#10 - Amnesty

Season 3 - Episode 15

Glenn and Dina offer amnesty to the employees for any bad things they confess. Garrett and Cheyenne try to decide how to take advantage of it. Jonah and Amy try to defuse an awkward situation that has the whole store gossiping.

star 7.75
696 votes
Directors: Keith Powell
Writers: Eric Ledgin

#11 - Labor

Season 1 - Episode 11

Amy finds out that Cloud 9 does not offer maternity leave so the employees come together to help Cheyenne despite the talk of unions.

star 7.75
1,212 votes
Writers: Owen Ellickson
Spokesman Scandal

#12 - Spokesman Scandal

Season 2 - Episode 4

Glenn grows concerned that he doesn't know enough about his employees after Cloud 9's spokesman is accused of a crime. Dina exploits Glenn's concerns by implementing storewide drug testing. Meanwhile, Amy and Jonah have a flirty day avoiding work; Cheyenne annoys Garrett by talking about her baby; and Mateo tries to understand his ambiguous relationship with Jeff.

star 7.74
1,415 votes
Directors: Ken Whittingham
Writers: Gabe Miller
Health Fund

#13 - Health Fund

Season 3 - Episode 6

Mateo turns to stranger and stranger home remedies for an ear infection. Amy and Jonah decide to offer an alternative to Cloud 9’s terrible health insurance plan. Glenn enlists Dina to help him get medical attention for his own embarrassing condition.

star 7.74
887 votes
Writers: Jackie Clarke
Back To School

#14 - Back To School

Season 4 - Episode 1

On their first day back from suspension, Amy and Jonah steel themselves for a barrage of jokes and snide comments about their sex video, while Jeff goes to extreme lengths to win back Mateo.

star 7.74
597 votes
Directors: Matt Sohn
Writers: Jonathan Green

#15 - Blizzard

Season 4 - Episode 12

With a massive snowstorm beating down on St. Louis and an unsympathetic home office, the Cloud 9 employees and customers get snowed in, leading to escalating tensions and infighting.

star 7.73
491 votes
Directors: Amy York Rubin
Writers: Dayo Adesokan
Christmas Eve

#16 - Christmas Eve

Season 3 - Episode 7

Trying to prove how wild she can be, Amy turns a boring Christmas Eve at Cloud 9 into a holiday adventure. Jonah and Garrett’s roommate issues boil over. Glenn tries to prove to Mateo that Christmas is better than fine.

star 7.72
817 votes
High Volume Store

#17 - High Volume Store

Season 3 - Episode 10

Corporate announces that the store is getting an upgrade. Amy, Jonah, and Dina set out to discover the pros and cons. Cheyenne accidentally volunteers to be Glenn’s surrogate.

star 7.72
780 votes
Directors: Jay Hunter
Writers: Owen Ellickson
Wellness Fair

#18 - Wellness Fair

Season 2 - Episode 15

Amy sees Mateo out on a secret date with Jeff. Glenn resents Jonah for outshining him during Cloud 9’s Wellness Fair. Dina tries to prove that Amy faked an illness.

star 7.72
1,341 votes
Directors: Alex Reid
Writers: Owen Ellickson

#19 - Easter

Season 4 - Episode 16

Suspicious that people are making fun of her, Amy and Jonah spy on Cloud 9 employees through the security system. Dina tries to track down an unsanctioned Easter Bunny in the store. Glenn preps for his church’s play.

star 7.72
427 votes
Writers: Brian Gatewood, Alessandro Tanaka, John Kazlauskas
New Initiative

#20 - New Initiative

Season 4 - Episode 7

When a new Cloud 9 initiative forces employees to be friendlier to their customers, Amy ends up getting to know Jonah’s parents – and learns he hasn’t been completely truthful with them. The new policy also inspires Garrett and Dina to find out who can hold a smile longer.

star 7.72
519 votes
Directors: Ken Whittingham
Writers: Ben Dougan
Glenn's Kids

#21 - Glenn's Kids

Season 2 - Episode 18

Glenn invites all of his kids to the store, causing disaray among the employees; Jonah falls for Glenn’s 25-year-old daughter; Garrett, Dina and Cheyenne try to keep track of one of the toddlers; Mateo tricks the kids into working for him.

star 7.72
1,242 votes
Directors: Ruben Fleischer
Writers: Sierra Teller Ornelas
Valentine's Day

#22 - Valentine's Day

Season 2 - Episode 13

On Valentine’s Day, Amy and Glenn learn what happens when you try to force love.

star 7.71
1,316 votes
Writers: John Kazlauskas
Delivery Day

#23 - Delivery Day

Season 4 - Episode 5

Amy and Dina are both in labor! But while Glenn’s manager status gets Dina the royal treatment at the fancy hospital, Amy and Jonah have a far different experience at a nearby (and cheaper) clinic. At Cloud 9, Garrett struggles to express his best wishes for the new parents.

star 7.71
517 votes
Directors: Daniella Eisman
Writers: Gabe Miller
Halloween Theft

#24 - Halloween Theft

Season 2 - Episode 6

Dina throws a wrench in everyone's Halloween plans when something goes missing from the store and declares that no employee can leave until someone confesses to stealing. Amy is determined to find out who is responsible because she doesn't want to miss trick-or-treating with her daughter and Mateo prepares for his secret date with Jeff. Meanwhile, Jonah and Cheyenne struggle to bond until they discover they have more in common than they thought. Garrett has a difficult time defending himself during the store-wide investigation.

star 7.70
1,374 votes
Directors: Alisa Statman
Writers: Karey Dornetto

#25 - #Cloud9Fail

Season 4 - Episode 20

When a photo of a mess at the store goes viral, Amy and Jonah try to use it to their advantage. Dina hunts for the anonymous tweeter. Mateo, Cheyenne, Garrett, and Glenn sell their personal items in the store when money gets tight.

star 7.70
395 votes
Directors: Betsy Thomas
Writers: John Kazlauskas, Josh Malmuth