The BEST episodes written by Justin Spitzer

All Sales Final (2)
620 votes

#1 - All Sales Final (2)

Superstore - Season 6 - Episode 15

The employees celebrate the past, present and future of Cloud 9.

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The Snap Out Of It Episode
2 votes

#2 - The Snap Out Of It Episode

Committed - Season 1 - Episode 7

Marni is up for a promotion at work, but when she doesn't get the job, she falls into a depression. Nate tries everything he can think of to snap her out of it, including seeing what he thinks is a therapist for advice.

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Product Recall
2813 votes

#3 - Product Recall

The Office (US) - Season 3 - Episode 20

It's crisis time at Dunder-Mifflin paper after a large quantity of paper is accidentally shipped out with an obscene watermark. Michael attempts to explain the situation to the media while Jim and Andy try to calm down the high school principal who has sent out prom invites on the affected stationary.

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Town Hall
941 votes

#4 - Town Hall

Superstore - Season 3 - Episode 22

As the store prepares to host a company-wide Town Hall meeting, Amy and Jonah are forced to put their conflicts aside and rally their co-workers to confront the CEO. Meanwhile Glenn struggles with the pressure of speaking to a global audience.

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Employee Appreciation Day
777 votes

#5 - Employee Appreciation Day

Superstore - Season 4 - Episode 22

Amy and Jonah find themselves on opposing sides as corporate tries to win over employees by showering them with treats. When the company’s tactics grow more extreme, everyone must band together to save one of their own.

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Back from Vacation
2582 votes

#6 - Back from Vacation

The Office (US) - Season 3 - Episode 11

A refreshed and rejuvenated Michael returns from his Jamaican vacation with an interesting photograph which circulates around the office. Meanwhile an awkward moment arises when Pam is caught in the middle of an argument between Jim and Karen.

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Did I Stutter?
949 votes

#7 - Did I Stutter?

The Office (US) - Season 4 - Episode 16

After Stanley snaps at Michael during a meeting, Toby tries to convince him that Stanley needs to be dealt with. Dwight buys Andy's car. Pam's forced to wear old glasses instead of her contacts.

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Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
4067 votes

#8 - Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager

The Office (US) - Season 7 - Episode 24

Dwight takes charge of the office and immediately imposes his will on the staff. Gabe hopes to get back together with Erin.

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The Michael Scott Paper Company
2707 votes

#9 - The Michael Scott Paper Company

The Office (US) - Season 5 - Episode 21

Tension and disillusionment begin to emerge as Michael, Pam, and Ryan move the Michael Scott Paper Company into a cramped "workspace" at the business park.

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Garden Party
3153 votes

#10 - Garden Party

The Office (US) - Season 8 - Episode 4

Andy plants the seeds of trying to impress Robert California by throwing a garden party at Schrute Farms. Andy's parents and brother also attend the event, only to make him feel awkward.

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Moroccan Christmas
2833 votes

#11 - Moroccan Christmas

The Office (US) - Season 5 - Episode 10

Phyllis' Moroccan-themed holiday party goes up in flames when Meredith's hair catches on fire and Michael is forced to deal with the accident. Meanwhile, Dwight corners the market on the hottest toy of the Christmas season.

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Grand Re-Opening
1363 votes

#12 - Grand Re-Opening

Superstore - Season 3 - Episode 1

It's Cloud 9's "Grand Re-Opening." Amy and Jonah confront their awkward kiss. Glenn discovers something about himself. Garrett avoids Jonah. Mateo worries about a voicemail he left on Jeff's phone. Dina meets her match in Howie Mandel.

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1381 votes

#13 - Tornado

Superstore - Season 2 - Episode 21

In the Season 2 finale, Glenn tries to figure out which employees to lay off. Jonah copes with the fallout of an admission he made to Amy. Garrett and Dina spar. Mateo creates an alliance to keep his job. Also: a a tornado warning goes into effect and forces the staff into uncomfortable pairings.

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Shareholder Meeting
2789 votes

#14 - Shareholder Meeting

The Office (US) - Season 6 - Episode 11

Michael speaks out of line at the Dunder Mifflin shareholders meeting and creates a big problem for management, while Jim discovers that nobody in the office thinks he's the "real" boss.

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Angry Andy
2794 votes

#15 - Angry Andy

The Office (US) - Season 8 - Episode 21

Andy returns to the office to find Nellie in the manager's chair. Meanwhile, Kelly struggles to choose between Ryan and a new man.

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Body Language
2771 votes

#16 - Body Language

The Office (US) - Season 6 - Episode 23

Pam and Jim work on their first sales pitch together to Donna, the manager of a local restaurant. But Michael keeps misreading the signals she's putting out. Meanwhile, Dwight encourages Kelly to try out for the minority training program.

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Costume Contest
3408 votes

#17 - Costume Contest

The Office (US) - Season 7 - Episode 6

When Darryl takes an idea to corporate over his head, Michael freaks out. Everyone in the office is in a competitive mood as the Halloween costume contest gets underway. Meanwhile, Pam tries to get the truth out of Danny about their dating history.

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My Butterfly
1912 votes

#18 - My Butterfly

Scrubs - Season 3 - Episode 16

An ever present butterfly prompts the question on what could have happened different as Turk looks for his lucky do-rag for surgery, and Elliot tries to find a lost stuffed animal for a child needing a bone marrow transplant.

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Shots and Salsa
1956 votes

#19 - Shots and Salsa

Superstore - Season 1 - Episode 3

Glenn asks Amy and Mateo to sample salsa which leads to a racial intervention video for all the employees. Meanwhile, Jonah helps out customers which leads him to giving out flu shots in the pharmacy.

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2954 votes

#20 - Lotto

The Office (US) - Season 8 - Episode 3

The entire warehouse staff quits after winning the lotto, leaving Andy and Darryl to scramble for replacements while several of the office workers get a taste of the warehouse life.

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2491 votes

#21 - Pilot

Superstore - Season 1 - Episode 1

Jonah begins his first day on the job at big-box store Cloud 9 and immediately starts a rocky relationship with floor supervisor Amy when he comes off as elitist and mistakenly marks appliances for only a quarter. He is also the romantic target of aggressive assistant manager Dina, whose bible is the employee code of conduct. Pregnant Cheyenne shares a memorable moment with her boyfriend, Bo.

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168 votes

#22 - Pilot

American Auto - Season 1 - Episode 1

Payne Motors gets a new CEO on the same day they're rolling out a new self-driving (and problematic) vehicle.

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Patriot Acts
70 votes

#23 - Patriot Acts

Mulaney - Season 1 - Episode 6

When Jane starts dating a marine, John and Motif, feeling guilty for their lack of service, try to sign up for a USO Comedy Tour. Meanwhile, Lou recounts how war - and improv - are hell.

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