The Best Episodes Directed by Beth Mccarthy Miller

Steve Forbes/Rage Against the Machine

#1 - Steve Forbes/Rage Against the Machine

Saturday Night Live Season 21 - Episode 17

Sketches include ""Class Reunion,"" ""Nightline,"" ""House Workers,"" ""Entering Penn State,"" ""Seattle Today,"" ""Greyson-Moore,"" ""Gibberish Sergeant,"" ""Fuzzy Memories,"" ""Steve Forbes and the Flies""

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Dana Carvey/The Wallflowers

#2 - Dana Carvey/The Wallflowers

Saturday Night Live Season 26 - Episode 3

Live From New York, it's...Dana Carvey Sketches include: ""The Third Presidental Debate"", ""Magic Mouth"", ""Delicious Dish"", ""Church Chat"", ""Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Go Hunting"", ""VH-1 Vogue Fashion Awards"", and ""Ching Chang's Chicken Play"" The Wallflowers perform: ""Sleepwalker"" and ""Hand Me Down"" (a third performance is done by guest Baha Men)

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Val Kilmer/U2

#3 - Val Kilmer/U2

Saturday Night Live Season 26 - Episode 7

Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell Sketches include: Gore's Lawsuit, Wade Blasingame: Dog Lawyer, Behind The Music, Palm Beach, Veronica and Co., Seasons Greetings From SNL, Doing Voices, The Tyson Bros., and Corn Chip Nails (from the Rob Lowe/Eminem and Dido episode) U2 performs: ""Beautiful Day"" and ""Elevation""

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Mena Suvari/Lenny Kravitz

#4 - Mena Suvari/Lenny Kravitz

Saturday Night Live Season 26 - Episode 10

Sketches include ""Bill Clinton,"" ""Airport Metal Detector,"" ""Janet Reno's Dance Party, ""Rap Street,"" ""Veronica & Co.,"" and ""The DeMarco Brothers.""

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Alec Baldwin/Coldplay

#5 - Alec Baldwin/Coldplay

Saturday Night Live Season 26 - Episode 16

Sketches include ""George W. Bush,"" ""Delicious Dish,"" ""Military Soldier,"" ""Inside the Actor's Studio,"" ""Robert Goulet,"" ""Democrats.""

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Sean William Scott/Sum 41

#6 - Sean William Scott/Sum 41

Saturday Night Live Season 27 - Episode 2

Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell Sketches include: Bush Warns bin Laden, Law and Order: Parking Violations Movement, Snotty Department Store Guys, Emmy Awards Pre-Show, Jarrett's Room, The Patriotic Co-Worker, The ""How Do You Say? Ah, Yes"" Show, The Approval Center, and The Porn Star Blind Date Sum 41 performs: ""Fat Lip"" and ""In Too Deep""

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Jon Stewart/India.Arie

#7 - Jon Stewart/India.Arie

Saturday Night Live Season 27 - Episode 14

Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond Sketches include: Cheney's Concerns, The Cheese Game, MTV's Total Request Live, The Bloder Brothers, TV Funhouse: MTV Forum (Fun With Real Audio), Talkin' To The Stars, News Media, Jazzvisions, We Were Soldiers Who Knew What Women Want, and My Big Thick Novel India.Arie performs: ""Video"" and ""Ready For Love""

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Cameron Diaz/Jimmy Eat World

#8 - Cameron Diaz/Jimmy Eat World

Saturday Night Live Season 27 - Episode 16

Live From New York, It's...Will Ferrell & Ana Gasteyer! Sketches include ""The Culps In Lamaze Class,"" ""17th Annual Auto Show Spokeman Awards,"" ""MTV Spring Break 2002,"" ""SNL 530,"" ""Astronaut Jones,"" ""Celine Dion on CBS,"" ""Gorgeous Living,"" ""The First Female Peepers,"" ""MTV 4"", and ""My Big, Thick Novel."" Jimmy Eat World performed ""The Middle"" and ""Sweetness.""

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Alec Baldwin/P.O.D.

#9 - Alec Baldwin/P.O.D.

Saturday Night Live Season 27 - Episode 18

Live From New York, It's...The Parrot From ""Barretta"" Sketckes include ""FOX News: Robert Blake Murder,"" ""Kotex Classic"" (rerun from the Ian McKellen/Kylie Minogue episode), ""Gay Voice Mail,"" ""When White Men Date Old Black Women,"" ""Ozzy Osbourne's Problems,"" ""Let's All Hate France"", ""TV Funhouse: The Anatominals"", ""The Cardinals"", ""Lovers' Birthday Party,"" and ""The Tony Bennett Show."" P.O.D performs: ""Alive"" and ""Youth of the Nation""

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Rosie O'Donnell/Whitney Houston

#10 - Rosie O'Donnell/Whitney Houston

Saturday Night Live Season 22 - Episode 9

Sketches include ""Bill Clinton and Bob Dole,"" ""Spartan Cheerleaders,"" ""Mary Katherine Gallagher,"" ""Delicious Dish,"" ""Goat Boy,"" ""Rita Delvecchio,"" and ""The Local News with Joe Blow.""

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Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey/G-Unit with 50 Cent

#11 - Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey/G-Unit with 50 Cent

Saturday Night Live Season 29 - Episode 10

Live from New York, it's... Jeff Richards Sketches were: ""Howard Dean HQ,"" ""Tylenol Extreme,"" ""Joey Mack,"" ""El Cantador Restaurant,"" ""American Idol,"" ""MTV Future,"" ""American Beef Council,"" ""The Sharon Osbourne Show,"" ""Panty Shopping,"" ""Bubba Sparxxx Ad Jingles,"" and ""Tuna of the Dirt."" G-Unit performed ""Stunt 101.""

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Conan O'Brien/Don Henley

#12 - Conan O'Brien/Don Henley

Saturday Night Live Season 26 - Episode 14

Live from New York, it's...Will Ferrell Sketches include: Bush's Good Health, Subshack, The Boston Teens At The Liquor Store, Moleculo: The Molecular Man, Napster Testimony, Taint-less Ted, Find The Black People At The Knicks Game, VH-1 Diva-Thon, Democratic National Committee, and Sports Century: The White Boxer Don Henley performs: ""Everything is Different Now"" and ""Heart of the Matter"" (the second performance was cut on the NBC rerun and replaced with a DeMarco Bros. sketch where Chris Parnell, Chris Kattan, and Conan O'Brien audition for Don Henley)

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Chris Farley/The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

#13 - Chris Farley/The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Saturday Night Live Season 23 - Episode 4

Sketches include ""Farley Gets Permission to Host,"" ""Morning Latte,"" ""Mary Katherine Gallagher,"" ""Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker,"" ""Goth Talk,"" ""The Sally Show,"" ""Monday Night Football Song,"" ""Superfans,"" and ""El Niño.""

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Colin Firth/Norah Jones

#14 - Colin Firth/Norah Jones

Saturday Night Live Season 29 - Episode 14

Sketches include; Nightline, Bad Southern Accent, Show Biz Grande Explosion, TV Funhouse: FCC-Approved Cartoons, Tim Calhoun In Court, The Horny Bellhop, Meet the Press, The Sopranos, and Hollywood vs. History: Jesus Christ.

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#15 - Reunion

30 Rock Season 3 - Episode 5

Liz is opposed to going to her high school reunion, but Jack manages to convince her otherwise. Meanwhile, Don Geiss (Rip Torn) wake up from his coma only to shock Jack with his declaration of who will be GE's CEO.

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Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning

#16 - Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 12

Liz tries to exploit the situation when a reality show follows Tracy's wife. Jack pre-tapes disaster telethons.

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Secret Santa

#17 - Secret Santa

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 8

Jack reunites with his high school crush, Nancy Donovan (Julianne Moore), thanks to a social networking site. Meanwhile, Liz struggles to find Jack a perfect gift, the writers invent a religion to avoid Kenneth's secret Santa gift swap, and Pete enlists Danny in his crusade for revenge against Jenna.

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Live Show (East Coast)

#18 - Live Show (East Coast)

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 4

On show night, Liz Lemon grows increasingly infuriated when no one seems to remember that it's her 40th birthday. Just before the taping, Tracy Jordan becomes convinced that nothing is funnier than a performer laughing and breaking character, which he elects to do all night, much to Jenna Maroney's chagrin. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy struggles with the consequences of his promise to give up drinking while Avery is pregnant. The episode was filmed twice. The East Coast version aired for the Eastern, Central and Mountain time zones. The West Coast version was aired in the western, Alaskan and Hawaiian time zones.

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Prologue and Aftermath

#19 - Prologue and Aftermath

House of Lies Season 1 - Episode 10

Jeannie embarks on a gig to establish her own legend in the consulting world when she leads the Pod to her hometown on a mission to resurrect an ailing church; Marty enters into custody mediation with Monica but her powers of manipulation are in full force, threatening Marty's relationship with April.

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#20 - Freeze-Frame

Californication Season 4 - Episode 5

After a personal grooming mishap, Charlie discovers that his vasectomy was botched and that Marcy's baby could be his; Hank's relationship with lawyer Abby gets more personal but a good deed yields a compromising photo that could ruin Hank's life.

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Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land

#21 - Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 21

With Avery out of town, Nancy shows up to visit Jack. Liz revisits her old boyfriends and yet again runs into the unshakable Wesley. Tracy eschews a gritty, Oscar-caliber role to do a Garfield movie.

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The Head and the Hair

#22 - The Head and the Hair

30 Rock Season 1 - Episode 11

There are some new power players around when Jack and Kenneth the page switch roles for the day and Liz finds herself clicking with a gorgeous hunk.

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502 votes
Somebody to Love

#23 - Somebody to Love

30 Rock Season 2 - Episode 6

Jack falls for a congresswoman he meets at a cocktail party and despite the fact that they hold opposite views, the couple agrees to put politics aside and have a secret affair. Meanwhile, Liz believes her Middle Eastern neighbor to be a terrorist and tips off Homeland Security, creating a big mess.

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Señor Macho Solo

#24 - Señor Macho Solo

30 Rock Season 3 - Episode 7

Jenna is concerned that Liz's attraction to a new guy (Peter Dinklage) has to do with her longing to have a child. Jack hits it off with his mother's nurse. Elisa (Salma Hayek) helps Tracy and Angie (Sherry Shepherd) arrange a post-nip, and tries to get Jenna an audition for the title role in a Janis Joplin biopic.

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Into the Crevasse

#25 - Into the Crevasse

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 2

Jack finds himself answering to Devin Banks (Will Arnett) and the government's microwave oven task force. Tracy seeks retribution from Liz when he discovers that most of the relationship "deal breakers" in her book were based on him still angry about a potential new cast member. Jenna abandons TGS to shoot a werewolf movie in Iceland.

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The Fabian Strategy

#26 - The Fabian Strategy

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 1

Jack begins to meddle in Liz's new relationship with Carol.

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TGS Hates Women

#27 - TGS Hates Women

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 16

Liz hires a new female writer who is, unfortunately, very stereotypically female. Jack works to position himself in KableTown's line of succession.

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402 votes
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Heart Broken

#28 - Heart Broken

Modern Family Season 4 - Episode 15

Claire and Phil’s Valentine’s Day romp ends with Claire in the hospital; Jay and Gloria’s attempts at romance are interrupted by the kids; after hosting a wild party, Cam and Mitch are left with hangovers and a new housemate.

star 7.81
1792 votes
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P&P Romance Factory

#29 - P&P Romance Factory

Happy Endings Season 3 - Episode 5

Penny meets a terrific new guy, Pete, but her frantic attempt to hide the fact that she's wearing a prescription helmet because of her concussion really limits their potential romance. Jane tries to break into the "boys' club" at the car dealership and enlists Brad to be her "trophy wife". Max and Dave's fist bump issues bring back painful childhood memories.

star 7.80
271 votes
Audition Day

#30 - Audition Day

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 4

Liz and Pete try to rig the TGS auditions as everyone else jockeys for a chance to audition for the show or, in Tracy and Jenna's case, tries to sabotage the proceedings. Amid the chaos, Jack is treated like a pariah because of a bedbug infestation.

star 7.79
448 votes
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#31 - Khonani

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 18

After discovering that her staff regularly goes out without inviting her, Liz vows to prove that she can have fun. In an effort to avoid making a difficult decision in his personal life, Jack focuses on a dispute over janitor shifts. Kenneth helps Tracy be a better husband to Angie.

star 7.78
425 votes
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Winter Madness

#32 - Winter Madness

30 Rock Season 4 - Episode 11

Jack brings TGS to Boston in an effort to spend time with Nancy. Stuck in a strange and cold city, the staff turns on Liz, who searches for a scapegoat. Meanwhile, Tracy feuds with John Hancock.

star 7.78
412 votes
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The Audit

#33 - The Audit

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 - Episode 13

With the crime rate lowered, Brooklyn will be shutting down one of its precincts – permanently. The Nine-Nine is confident they will be evaluated fairly, until the official auditor turns out to be Amy’s ex-boyfriend, Teddy. The whole squad then must band together to try to save the precinct.

star 7.69
3358 votes
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Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary

#34 - Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary

Young Sheldon Season 2 - Episode 17

Inspired by his hero, Albert Einstein, Sheldon tries his hand at the violin. Also, Mary and Meemaw secretly buy a pregnancy test when Mary thinks she's pregnant.

star 7.64
889 votes
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The Ex

#35 - The Ex

Samantha Who? Season 2 - Episode 6

Sam thinks it's all right for Todd to be in her life as a friend while dating Owen, but doesn't like the idea of Owen's ex, Willow, being Owen's best friend. Meanwhile, Andrea gets Dena to take pictures of her in hopes of landing a professional basketball player.

star 7.64
33 votes
Torn Between Two Lovers

#36 - Torn Between Two Lovers

Modern Family Season 10 - Episode 4

Haley can’t seem to choose between her past and present relationships. Manny returns to college and dorm life while his girlfriend, Sherry, continues to stay at Jay and Gloria’s, and might be overstaying her welcome.

star 7.45
1259 votes
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Crystal on Ice

#37 - Crystal on Ice

Mr. Sunshine (2011) Season 1 - Episode 5

Ben discovers Roman has no place to stay and reluctantly takes him in, Crystal harbors animosity for a certain ice dancing group, and Alice feels guilty when she fails to keep up with her "perfect man."

star 7.43
65 votes
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Oscar's Overture

#38 - Oscar's Overture

The Odd Couple (2015) Season 2 - Episode 5

Oscar attempts to impress Charlotte by purchasing a table for a fundraiser to benefit The New York Philharmonic. At the event, Felix reminds Oscar about the importance of being honest and Teddy introduces his wife, Diane, to Dani for the first time.

star 7.41
355 votes
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The Banquet

#39 - The Banquet

Parks and Recreation Season 1 - Episode 5

During a banquet honoring her mother's public service, Leslie tries to convince a local zoning official to support her proposed park project. Meanwhile, Mark and Tom try to meet some ladies.

star 7.41
1517 votes
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Renter Portrait Plagiarism Scam

#40 - Renter Portrait Plagiarism Scam

Life in Pieces Season 3 - Episode 18

When Jen is offered a custom painting as payment from a hot new artist, she is thrilled until she sees the final product. Also, Sophia convinces Matt and Colleen to use her idea for a children's book but it isn't a new concept; Tyler and Clementine advertise their tiny house as a rental property; and John and Joan fall prey to a sleazy IRS scam.

star 7.36
286 votes
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Good Grief

#41 - Good Grief

Modern Family Season 10 - Episode 5

It’s another epic Halloween full of costumes, tricks and treats for the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker clan as they deal with huge, unexpected news.

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1272 votes
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Freddie Prinze Jr./Macy Gray

#42 - Freddie Prinze Jr./Macy Gray

Saturday Night Live Season 25 - Episode 10

Live from New York, it's...a singing Chris Kattan Sketches include: NBC Special Report: Elian Gonzales, Colonel Belmont's Old-Fashioned Horse Glue, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Boy Band Blowout 2000, Monica Lewinsky for Jenny Craig, Ugly Models, The Bad Doctor, The Sopranos, Charlie Rose, The Giffords, and Flacko And Teddy's World of Martin Luther King Day Trees Macy Gray performs: I Try and Why Didn't You Call Me

star 6.00
1 votes
Ben Affleck/Fiona Apple

#43 - Ben Affleck/Fiona Apple

Saturday Night Live Season 25 - Episode 13

Sketches include ""Peanuts,"" ""Mango,"" ""Party,"" ""Frett's Film Forum,"" ""Fanatic,"" ""The Zimmermans,"" ""Cop Training,"" and ""Who Wants to Be Groped by an $11,000-aire?""

star 6.00
1 votes
Christopher Walken/Christina Aguilera

#44 - Christopher Walken/Christina Aguilera

Saturday Night Live Season 25 - Episode 16

Live from New York, it's...Dana Carvey (as George Bush, Sr.) Sketches include ""George Bush and Son,"" ""Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult,"" ""Elian Gonzalez Musical,"" ""The Continental,"" ""Thanks, Viagra,"" ""Jenny Jones,"" ""The Census Taker,"" and ""Miss Greenwood Hills Beauty Pageant."" Christina Aguilera performs: ""I Turn To You"", ""At Last"", and ""What A Girl Wants"".

star 6.00
2 votes
John Goodman/Neil Young

#45 - John Goodman/Neil Young

Saturday Night Live Season 25 - Episode 18

Live From New York, it's...Darrell Hammond Sketches include ""Who Want to Be a Millionaire?/Time Warner Attacks Disney,"" ""Platinum Mach 14,"" ""Wanna Be a VJ-3,"" ""Adele The Sleazy Office Flirt,"" ""TV Funhouse: The Life of an SNL Catchphrase,"" ""Christopher Lowell Show,"" ""Rock 'N Roll Heaven,"" and ""Bloder Brothers Get Arrested."" Neil Young performs: ""Razor Love"" and ""Silver and Gold""

star 6.00
1 votes
John Goodman/Ja Rule

#46 - John Goodman/Ja Rule

Saturday Night Live Season 27 - Episode 4

Live From New York, It's...Darrell Hammond Sketches include: ""MSNBC: Ashcroft's Press Conference,"" ""Hudson Valley Community Circuit,"" ""Herbal Essences For Men,"" ""E.P.T Pregnancy Kit"", ""Liberty Medical Supplies,"" ""She's The Girl with No Gaydar,"" ""CBS News Anthrax Update,"" ""HBO America Undercover,"" ""Bad Conceptual Theater with Leonard Pinth-Garnell,"" and ""Amateur Sleuths."" Ja Rule performs: ""Always On Time"" (with Ashanti) and ""Livin' It Up"" (by himself)

star 6.00
1 votes
Bernie Mac/Good Charlotte

#47 - Bernie Mac/Good Charlotte

Saturday Night Live Season 28 - Episode 16

Live from New York, it's...Chris Parnell Sketches include: ""The Situation in Iraq"", ""Boston Teens At Fenway Park"", ""Brain Busters"", ""Hot Sauce Carrying Purse"", ""Black People Watching 'The Pianist'"", ""The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary Present: The Four Stooges"", ""No Smoking"", ""Second Time Around"", ""Swiffer Sleepers"" (from the Sarah Michelle Gellar/Faith Hill episode), ""Saddam's Briefing"", and ""Don Banks', Kings Of The ""Comedy"" Suits"" Good Charlotte performs: ""Anthem"" and ""Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous""

star 6.00
1 votes
Ashton Kutcher/50 Cent

#48 - Ashton Kutcher/50 Cent

Saturday Night Live Season 28 - Episode 18

Live From New York, it's...Chris Parnell Sketches include: ""Bush Addresses The Nation on the USS Abraham Lincoln"", ""Count Chocula Silver"", ""Jarret's Room: 'Reloaded'"", ""Madonna: An American Life"", ""Plagiarism Class"", ""The Falconer vs. The Muskrateer/Backstage SNL: No 'Punking'"", ""Politics Today"", ""50's Ent."", and ""Global Century Investments"" 50 Cent performs: In Da Club (with G-Unit) and 21 Questions (with G-Unit and Nate Dogg) The ""Mom Jeans"" fake commercial from the episode after this (Adrien Brody/Sean Paul and Wayne Wonder) is added in the E! rerun of this episode

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Joshua Jackson/N*Sync

#49 - Joshua Jackson/N*Sync

Saturday Night Live Season 25 - Episode 14

Sketches include ""Tom Brokaw, Bernard Shaw, and Ted Koppel,"" ""Replacing Kathie Lee Gifford,"" ""Wedding Singers,"" ""7 Degrees Celcius,"" ""Frat Boys,"" ""Book Discussion,"" ""Colette Reardon,"" and ""Threesome.""

star 4.00
1 votes
Christopher Walken/Foo Fighters

#50 - Christopher Walken/Foo Fighters

Saturday Night Live Season 28 - Episode 13

Live from New's Christopher Walken Sketches include: Hardball, Pranksters, The Continental, The Bad Raft Captain, History Channel: African American Archives, Welcome Home Colonel Angus, Cabin Lovers, and The Rialto Grande. Foo Fighters perform: ""All My Life"" (by themselves) and ""Times Like These (One-Way Motorway)"" (with Jim Carrey playing his leg like a guitar).

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2 votes