The Best Episodes Directed by Bethany Rooney

Holy of Holies

#1 - Holy of Holies

Touched by an Angel Season 8 - Episode 1

Andrew pays a visit to Catherine, an 88-year-old woman who lost her husband in WWII. She has since lost her youth as well as her faith in her children and grandchildren. All except for one that is, her grandson, Paul. She shows Andrew a copy of the Memoirs of Nehemiah, an ancient document pointing out the hiding place of the Ark of the Convenant. After this revelation, she secures his promise to take it to the post office and ship it to Paul, who is away at school. Meanwhile, Tess, Monica, and Gloria are floating around Paul's campus and eager to get started on their next assignment. Andrew arrives and tells them what he saw. Gloria masquerades as a student to infiltrate Paul's history class. Here, she meets Thomas, a history professor with a zeal for Arklore. Later on Paul stops by Thomas' office with the Memoirs of Nehemiah. He thinks it might "be something important", because his grandfather traveled extensively in the Middle East during the war. Thomas assures him that i

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Made in the U.S.A.

#2 - Made in the U.S.A.

Touched by an Angel Season 5 - Episode 21

Nick Stratton, owner of Stratton Apparel, hires Vietnamese women to work in his sweatshop because they are willing to work for little pay. Monica's assignment is to help Nick, a "good man with a bad attitude." Nick hires Monica as his accountant the same day that Am-Nhac Nguyen starts at the factory, pressing pants on a faulty steam press. Am-Nhac and the other women are willing to work for Nick because he will pay for citizenship classes if they meet their rigorous daily quotas. Tess, who teaches the class, tells Am-Nhac that her father, Cadao, can attend as well. The next day Nick, under pressure from his clients, raises the quotas, and Am-Nhac, in a hurry to meet hers, severely burns her arm. Nick fires Am-Nhac because her injury will slow her down. Monica asks Nick why he is so hard on his workers, and Nick tells her his story. As a soldier, Nick helped a captured Vietnamese boy escape. Nick knew the boy was not Viet Cong because he had a peace symbol, an American fad, tat

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Toby or Not Toby

#3 - Toby or Not Toby

Dream On Season 2 - Episode 15

Martin arrives at work to find Toby extremely happy. Martin questions her happiness, and Toby notes that it is her birthday. Martin's in trouble for forgetting, but can get out of it if he uses Toby's gift suggestions. Toby plans on celebrating her day with many activities, but strange currents are running against her (surprise wedding; many business calls; measles). Martin has to go to a wake for his Aunt Minnie, and Toby, sad that her day has been ruined, decides to join Martin. At the wake, Toby learns that Aunt Minnie is beginning to sound a lot like her. Considering the remarks made, and life described, Toby becomes rather sad. As Martin tries to lift Toby's mood, Toby responds relatively well. Then things take a turn for the worse. Then things turn ugly. Toby and Martin arrive back at work the next day very hung over.

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How Do You Spell Faith?

#4 - How Do You Spell Faith?

Touched by an Angel Season 4 - Episode 20

Monica and Tess arrive in the life of a single mother, Mary, to help her reconcile her relationship with her son Aaron. Herself a former athlete, Mary relates to her eldest son Michael, who is the star wrestler of Olympus High School. Aaron, on the contrary, is more cerebral and spends the majority of his time spelling out words to hide the pain he feels for not having a father and not being closer to his mother. While the entire school supports Michael's wrestling efforts, Aaron is ignored by virtually everyone except his brother, who has become something of a father to him. When Tess encourages Aaron to take the test to qualify for the Midwest Regional Spelling Bee, Aaron reluctantly agrees and Michael is quick to support him. When Michael is killed on route to a wrestling competition, Mary is less able to relate to Aaron and her distance causes him to leave home in search of his father. Following the address on letters from his father that were given to him by Michael, Aaron g

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God and Country

#5 - God and Country

Touched by an Angel Season 4 - Episode 19

Rafael enters the army in an attempt to befriend a bitter soldieer named Tomas. Tomas hates the army, in particular his commanding officer Colonel Victor Walls. Both men are Hispanic but Tomas feels that Col. Walls has rejected his heritage by failing to use his original surname, Paredes. Tomas requests a transfer from this base, but Col. Walls denies the request. Rafael meets with Col. Walls, who suggests he change his name to Ralph as a means to get along better in the army. When Tomas hear of this, a fight breaks out in the barracks between Rafael and, Tomas, and another soldier. Rafael gets a scolding from Tess for being the first angel to hit an assigment and all three soldiers end up in the military jail. It is in jail that Rafael learns that Col. Walls is actually Tomas' father and he has another son, Paul who is missing in action in Bosnia. This is a further source of frustration for Tomas because the army cannot give the family any straight answersregarding Paul's sit

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#6 - Legacy

Touched by an Angel Season 7 - Episode 2

Max Rigney shows up for his first day of college with his father, Sam, who is proud to show him the frat house of which he was once-president, the PIG House. Rafael meets them and introduces himself as a student. Tess and Andrew join Rafael, noting that Sam is paying for Max's education, but only if he goes to this school, pledges this fraternity, and takes all the right courses. Walking around the campus, Sam is greeted by Monica, he recognizes her voice and has a troubling flashback. He later discovers that Monica is a visiting philosophy professor, and secretly determines that Max will have to stay away from her, which shouldn't be a problem since he, Sam, has chosen Max's coursework. But that night, Rafael helps Max make a decision of his own and take one class his father hasn't chosen for him, Monica's philosophy class. He tells his mother about it on the phone, and mentions that he might not pledge PIG. He likes being his own man, but that night, his father drives two hour

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Secret Service

#7 - Secret Service

Touched by an Angel Season 3 - Episode 6

Marty Dillard, an overachieving Secret Service agent, is at odds with Monica, assigned as an agent to protect a Presidential candidate. While off duty, Marty enjoys fishing and befriends Ulysses Dodd, an older gentlemen who teaches her to enjoy the sport for its own sake rather for sheer competitiveness. Baffled by a series of death threats to Senator Hammond, Marty begrudgingly accepts help from Monica and Andrew, who's posing as a forensics specialist. Working together, they manage to apprehend the would-be assassin and save the senator's life. However, the assailant's wayward bullet strikes Ulysses, whom Marty had invited to the campaign rally. She visits him in the hospital and begins to suspect his diabetes may be more serious than he let on. Hammond, impressed with Marty's savvy, asks her to head up his presidential detail. Yet she doesn't feel like celebrating when she returns to the riverbank and finds that Ulysses is still in the hospital. There Tess, attending nurse,

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13 votes
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Heavans Portal

#8 - Heavans Portal

Touched by an Angel Season 8 - Episode 8

Nick Albright is having difficult time adjusting to the changes in his family. His dad's business is going under, his parents are splitting up, and on top of that it looks like there may not even be a Thanksgiving. It is all of this and Nick's curiousity that lead him to make a terrible decision. After an attempt at family counseling with Monica, a failed reunion between his parents, and the constant babysitting of Gloria, Nick plans to sneak out. He wants to find the peace, love, unity, and respect that is missing from his home life, at a Thanksgiving Rave called Heavan's Portal. Gloria is not about to let him go, but as she can't seem to stop him, she decides to go along instead. At the rave, they meet Celestine and Grover, a couple of ravers who tell them about how "we're all family". Inside, they dance to the techno beat and are offered ecstasy, a drug that will bring them closer to God. Nick is eager to try it, and Gloria is intrigued with the idea of "prayer in pillform".

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9 votes
A Womb With a View

#9 - A Womb With a View

In Plain Sight Season 4 - Episode 12

Mary protects a courtesan from the gangster father of her baby.

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Drag Me to Hell

#10 - Drag Me to Hell

In Plain Sight Season 5 - Episode 5

Even with Joanna babysitting Norah and Brandi addressing her alcohol problems in rehab, things are still chaotic in Mary's life. Douglas Hampton/Harvey, a drag performer, joins the program after accidentally interrupting a drug deal between a club manager and a member of a dangerous drug cartel. The team tells Douglas that he must leave Kandy and his performance act behind, but the frustration of his new life sends him back onto the stage and into the spotlight.

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The Feast of All Sinners

#11 - The Feast of All Sinners

The Originals Season 4 - Episode 13

The Mikaelsons find themselves out of options as they face the all-powerful and un-killable entity known as The Hollow. With the life of Hope at stake, Vincent proposes a final, desperate plan – one that will force Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah and Freya to make the greatest sacrifice their family has ever endured. Season Finale.

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1803 votes
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Close Encounters

#12 - Close Encounters

Picket Fences Season 3 - Episode 14

Littleton copes with his attraction to an 18-year-old assistant. Max and Kenny decide to put an end to their sexual tension.

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3 votes
A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Call Girl

#13 - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Call Girl

90210 Season 5 - Episode 18

Jordan asks Naomi to plan a launch party for the latest hot writer, known as Author X, which forces Annie to admit that she is Author X. Silver worries that Adrianna is not okay that she is dating Mark. Meanwhile, Dixon finds out that Michaela has feelings for Navid.

star 8.27
267 votes
Foreverwood (1)

#14 - Foreverwood (1)

Everwood Season 4 - Episode 21

While packing up her house and preparing to leave Everwood with Jake, Nina tells Hannah that she knows Andy bought an engagement ring for her. Hannah convinces Nina to sneak into the house while the Browns are out to get a look at the ring. Later, Jake finds out about the ring and confronts Andy once again about his feelings for Nina. At Delia’s Bat Mitzvah, Amy watches Ephram with his new girlfriend Stephanie, and realizes her feelings for Ephram are still strong. When one of Harold’s patients leaves her baby on the Abbott’s doorstep, Harold wrestles with the right course of action while Rose immediately becomes attached to the little girl.

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93 votes
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The Penalty Box

#15 - The Penalty Box

Touched by an Angel Season 7 - Episode 19

Star hockey player, Jeff McHenry, a senior at the exclusive St. Crispin's prep school enjoys the privileged lifestyle afforded to him by his father's wealth. With his team on the heels of the playoffs and his father's financial support to attend Harvard, Jeff's future seems secure. Jeff's arrogance fuels rivalry with teammate, Chase Jennings, and draws alliances from both on and off the ice rink. When Jeff's substitute History teacher, Andrew, tries to teach his class about the St. Crispin's Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry V, it is clear that Jeff has never understood or practiced the humility that made Henry V a great leader. Jeff's mettle is tested when a bad investment bankrupts his father. Jeff painfully accepts his transfer to a public school, but is allayed by his father's assurance that his college tuition is safe. Jeff's adjustment to the socially and economically diverse Eastside High proves to be a difficult one. He refuses Monica's invitation, as the interim hocke

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8 votes
A Clean Slate

#16 - A Clean Slate

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 5 - Episode 3

Brandon must make a speech at the campus debates when Josh fails to show because of car trouble. He is such a success that the duo's campaign takes off. Alex Diaz, a student senator and manager of another campaign, tries to force them out of the race by threatening to expose an unpublished article in which Josh accused Brandon of taking tests for D'Shawn. Andrea fears that Brandon no longer values her opinion, but her advice proves crucial. D'Shawn defends Brandon's character at a Senate meeting. As they await the results from the Peach Pit, a nervous Josh decides to go for a ride. He crashes his car into a delivery truck and dies, as Brandon looks on in horror. Kelly tells Brandon that they won the election. Valerie digs for info on Dylan and begins hanging around the pool hall. After sleeping with Val, Dylan is stunned to learn that she lives at the Walsh house. Clare moves in with Kelly and Donna, who must find a way to curb her snoring. Music: 'Baby What You Want Me to Do' by Jimmy Reed, 'Low Rider' by War, 'I Just Want To Celebrate' by Rare Earth, 'Sleepwalk' by Santo and Johnny.

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125 votes
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Second Chance

#17 - Second Chance

Hart of Dixie Season 3 - Episode 22

Zoe tries to be a supportive friend to Wade, but when she makes a grand gesture, Wade is forced to make a tough decision about his future with the Rammer Jammer and BlueBell. Lavon and George meet their hero Don Todd, who helps them see things in their life more clearly. Grandma Bettie tries to convince Lemon that she has to take her search for a suitable husband more seriously. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth is trying to picture her future with Davis.

star 8.10
869 votes
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And the Rocky Goes To...

#18 - And the Rocky Goes To...

Make it or Break it Season 2 - Episode 4

The Rock gears up for the annual awards banquet dinner, The Rocky Awards, and Lauren is determined to win the Miss Congeniality award the best way she knows how – with bribery and cheating. But even after all the free smoothies, barrettes and massages, will Lauren get her way or will she be usurped by a silent but strong contender – Emily?

star 8.09
285 votes
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Lorelai? Lorelai?

#19 - Lorelai? Lorelai?

Gilmore Girls Season 7 - Episode 20

After getting into a science camp, April tells Luke that she cannot go on the boating trip with him over the summer. Zach is asked to go on tour with another band. A drunk Lorelai serenades Luke at Karaoke night. Logan gets a job in San Francisco.

star 8.03
914 votes
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No Quarter

#20 - No Quarter

The Originals Season 4 - Episode 2

After being cured and woken, the Mikaelson siblings join Hayley in an effort to rescue Klaus from captivity – even if they must face Marcel in the process. Meanwhile, Klaus’ demons materialize in unexpected ways as he suffers from the effects of the Tunde Blade, and Vincent investigates a haunting that will prove to be much more sinister than he could have imagined.

star 8.03
2305 votes
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Aloha, Beverly Hills (Part 2)

#21 - Aloha, Beverly Hills (Part 2)

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 8 - Episode 2

Donna's boss becomes ill and asks her to coordinate the photo shoot. The event proves to be an unmitigated disaster, and the photographer berates Donna. Noah Hunter, a male model participating in the shoot, defends Donna; he also responds to an insult by punching the photographer. Donna's boss takes the blame for forcing her to shoulder too much responsibilty. Valerie spends the entire trip trying to get closer to Noah, although she is put off by the fact that he performs boat maintenance for a living. Brandon runs into Tracy and her new fiancé, a grad student at the University of Hawaii. Donna becomes unnerved when Brandon and Tracy frolic and play in the water. She places an emergency call to Kelly, who immediately flies over from L.A. Kelly is embarrassed after learning that Tracy is engaged. During a hike, David slips off some rocks and crashes into the water. Noah and Brandon dive in to rescue him, and David receives treatment for his injuries. Noah decides to return to Los Angele

star 8.02
53 votes
It's All Wrong, But It's All Right

#22 - It's All Wrong, But It's All Right

Nashville (2012) Season 2 - Episode 13

Jeff is expecting Juliette to formally apologize for her behavior during her Grand Ole Opry ceremony, but at the last minute she has a change of heart and decides to standby the choices she's made. Luke introduces Rayna to a power player that could help her get her distribution deal off the ground, and then surprises her with a NASCAR that is wrapped in Rayna Jayme's graphics. Deacon is discovering his record deal might not be what he expected and Scarlett's collaboration with Liam gets off to a rocky start. Will and Layla discover they aren't all that different and find comfort in one another's company and Teddy will stop at nothing to reveal Lamar's connection to Peggy's death.

star 8.02
580 votes
Fraud Alert

#23 - Fraud Alert

Parenthood (2010) Season 5 - Episode 19

Joel and Sarah celebrate their accomplishments; Adam takes Max on an adventure to cheer him up after a field trip gone wrong; Amber surprises Sydney and Victor.

star 7.99
187 votes
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We Have Not Long To Love

#24 - We Have Not Long To Love

The Originals Season 5 - Episode 9

As Vincent, Marcel and Josh work to clean up the city, an uprising of purist vampires leads the supernatural factions into a deadly showdown. Hope’s attempt to bring her family back together leaves her struggling with the consequences. Finally, Freya makes a life-changing decision.

star 7.98
868 votes
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Death Becomes Her

#25 - Death Becomes Her

In Plain Sight Season 3 - Episode 9

A woman wants to escape from her family, who are heavily involved in organized crime, but a secret from her past puts her eligibility for the Witness Protection program in jeopardy.

star 7.97
393 votes
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Perfectly Perfect

#26 - Perfectly Perfect

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 - Episode 24

Kelly continues to starve herself and abuse diet pills, and becomes extremely irritable. She freaks out and screams at a potential buyer for the house. Kelly believes that her friends are talking behind her back, until Steve explains that they are planning a surprise party for her eighteenth birthday. Brenda finds Kelly passed out in the Peach Pit's bathroom during the party. Kelly ignores the doctor's advice and refuses to admit that she has a problem. Steve and Brandon tape an appearance on the game show Love at First Sight; and end up vying for the same girl, Celeste. Celeste chooses Steve, who is disheartened to learn that he must go on their date immediately and miss Kelly's party. Celeste suggests cutting the date short after hearing Steve's dilemma, and asks to see him again. Brenda decides to re-establish ties with her friends back in Minnesota. Music: 'Land of 1000 Dances' by Wilson Pickett, 'Let Me Be Your Baby' by Geoffrey Williams.

star 7.95
144 votes
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When the Levee Breaks

#27 - When the Levee Breaks

The Originals Season 2 - Episode 19

Setting the stage for a bloody showdown, Dahlia gives Klaus and Hayley a deadline to turn over baby Hope. Elijah attempts to convince Klaus that they need to work together in their fight against Dahlia, but Klaus forges ahead with his own dangerous plan, leaving everyone concerned about his next steps. Meanwhile, when Hayley realizes their chances of outrunning Dahlia are slim, she devises a risky plan and enlists Aiden’s, help. Elsewhere, Freya gives Rebekah and Elijah an ultimatum, and Marcel strategizes on how best to deal with Klaus’ erratic behavior.

star 7.94
1249 votes
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The Ground Beneath Their Feet

#28 - The Ground Beneath Their Feet

Bull (2016) Season 3 - Episode 1

Bull returns to work following his heart attack with a new rich client for the firm to represent: an insurance company being sued by a dying mother for denying coverage of her liver transplant.

star 7.94
878 votes
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Lost and Found

#29 - Lost and Found

Touched by an Angel Season 2 - Episode 18

Monica and Tess are assigned to Detective Frank Champness at the Centre for Missing Children. Champness is very good at his job, but is haunted by his failures, the children who have died or have simply never been found. Andrew, is also taking his shift at the centre. Andrew is intrigued by computers, and shows Monica how computer simulated age progression works. Monica discovers that Kathleen, is Frank's new girlfriend, and is pushing him to the breaking point. She distracts him from his cases and undermines all the good he has done for missinig children, pushing him close to quitting his job. In a dueling revelation scene, Monica defeats Kathleen and brings Frank back back from the influence of evil. Then, with the help of Andrew's age progression expertise, Monica helps him solve a 15 year old missing child case.

star 7.94
17 votes
Having It All

#30 - Having It All

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 5 - Episode 2

Dr. Mike returns to work after giving birth to Katie, but has a hard time trying to balance her professional life, wifely duties, and being a new mother. Sully feels neglected.

star 7.93
15 votes
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#31 - Isolation

Crossing Jordan Season 6 - Episode 8

When Jordan autopsies a body that William Ivers orders her not to, she unexpectedly discovers a biohazard that has the entire city at risk. Jordan sweats out getting test results when she suspects she is also infected. Meanwhile, Bug’s concern is for a pregnant Lily who has come into contact with the mystery virus…and can’t take medications.

star 7.93
85 votes
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Can't Stop This Thing We've Started

#32 - Can't Stop This Thing We've Started

One Tree Hill Season 4 - Episode 4

Rumor surfaces that Brooke might be pregnant, causing Karen to worry as she fears that the baby might be Lucas'. Meanwhile, Rachel continues to get closer to Nathan when she confesses that she saw Keith during the accident.

star 7.90
344 votes
Mace vs. Scalpel

#33 - Mace vs. Scalpel

Crossing Jordan Season 5 - Episode 20

While attempting to return some personal effects Dr. Macy makes a startling discovery. Jordan and Lu butt heads over the morgue janitor and Lily prepares for the wedding.

star 7.90
86 votes
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#34 - Enlightenment

Crossing Jordan Season 5 - Episode 5

With the murder of a young boy and his mother, Jordan will go undercover to find this killer. Elsewhere Lily and Bug have a hard decision to make over… bodily fluids.

star 7.88
85 votes
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Good Grief

#35 - Good Grief

Drop Dead Diva Season 2 - Episode 11

Jane and Grayson work a case involving a man who dresses as a clown to deal with his wife's death; Parker and Kim represent a dating-show producer being sued by a participant; and Fred makes a decision about his relationship with Stacy.

star 7.88
457 votes
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The Elephant in the Room

#36 - The Elephant in the Room

Crossing Jordan Season 5 - Episode 11

Dr. Macy's job may be at risk due to a DUI charge, the night before he is supposed to testify as a witness in a high profile case. Jordan and Woody wonder where their relationship will go next… if anywhere?

star 7.87
87 votes
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Living Proof

#37 - Living Proof

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 2

Jane and Maura's relaxing day at an outdoor spa is anything but when they discover the murder of a pregnant woman serving as a surrogate mother. Soon the hunt is on to find the baby's biological parents.

star 7.87
1430 votes
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#38 - Bangs

The Protector Season 1 - Episode 8

Gloria and Michelle investigate the death of an elite hairstylist; Gloria tries to discover why Davey has been sneaking out at night.

star 7.86
214 votes
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Final Shot

#39 - Final Shot

Criminal Minds Season 9 - Episode 3

When a sniper strikes Dallas, the BAU investigates whether the upcoming anniversary of the Kennedy assassination is a motivating factor or if something else is driving the unsub.

star 7.86
1754 votes
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Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

#40 - Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

Castle (2009) Season 3 - Episode 9

Castle's latest theory is alien abduction after an astrophysicist's death is found to be from explosive decompression. A well know alien abduction expert gets involved in the case. To complicate things more, a government agent wants to shut down their investigation.

star 7.85
4642 votes
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State v. Queen

#41 - State v. Queen

Arrow Season 2 - Episode 7

Oliver is concerned when a mysterious illness sweeps the city, infecting hundreds of people, including Diggle. Oliver discovers Vertigo in Diggle’s blood and realizes The Count has broken out of prison and is once again distributing his drug. Meanwhile, Moira goes on trial for her participation in the Undertaking. ADA Adam Donner collapses in court with Vertigo symptoms so Laurel must step in and try the case against Moira. Oliver is torn between standing by his family during the trial and catching The Count. However, things change when Felicity follows a lead and walks straight into a trap set by The Count.

star 7.84
6997 votes
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Quid Pro Quo

#42 - Quid Pro Quo

Bull (2016) Season 4 - Episode 14

Bull is hired by a doctor who’s accused by the Manhattan U.S. attorney of bribing his way into college, just as Bull’s ex-wife is due to give birth. As Bull waits for her to go into labour, he contends with the trial’s national news, due to its connection to a high-profile college admissions conspiracy case.

star 7.83
466 votes
Bad Medicine

#43 - Bad Medicine

Bull (2016) Season 2 - Episode 18

Bull helps a doctor who crossed state lines to purchase a marijuana-derived oil to treat her patients in Virginia, where the oil is illegal. But the case is complicated when Assistant U.S. Attorney Sylvia Banner has the DEA arrest her for possession with intent to distribute.

star 7.83
1007 votes
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Locard's Exchange

#44 - Locard's Exchange

Crossing Jordan Season 4 - Episode 17

When a convicted killer is set to be released from prison Woody, Dr. Macy and Jordan race the clock to turn up new evidence. Jordan must decide how far she will go for this case as she takes the stand for the prosecution.

star 7.83
87 votes
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If It Bleeds, It Leads

#45 - If It Bleeds, It Leads

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 18

Brody believes that a sailor hit by a party bus in the French Quarter is connected to her sister’s death after the NCIS team discovers similarities between the two. The team prepares for St. Patrick’s Day festivities in New Orleans.

star 7.81
896 votes
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The Gun Song

#46 - The Gun Song

Desperate Housewives Season 4 - Episode 16

Susan and Mike try to name their son. Lynette is arrested for supposedly attacking Kayla, and Tom must do what he can to save his family. Bree is being stalked by Orson, and when she meets with Reverend Green, the reverend tries to hit on her. In the meantime, Gabrielle is still helping the police trying to detain Ellie for dealing drugs. Finally, Katherine is visited by her ex-husband, Wayne.

star 7.80
1169 votes
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#47 - React

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 15

When Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter learns her daughter has been kidnapped, the NCIS team partners with the FBI to track the case, determine a motive and bring her home. Also, McGee’s childhood friend, NCIS Special Agent Valerie Page is in town to assist the team with advance tactics training

star 7.80
1488 votes
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Second Time Around

#48 - Second Time Around

Political Animals Season 1 - Episode 2

Douglas discovers Elaine has plans to run for office again as T.J. revisits his old habits and hits rock bottom. Elaine has Bud negotiate for the lives of Iranian hostages, placing him back into the spotlight.

star 7.80
330 votes
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Who's Bugging Mary?

#49 - Who's Bugging Mary?

In Plain Sight Season 2 - Episode 9

FBI agent O'Connor arrests Brandi on charges of drug trafficking and murder. Insisting her sister is innocent, Mary works to help Brandi while ultimately trying to discover O'Connor's real motive for his actions.

star 7.79
369 votes
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Hope and Glory

#50 - Hope and Glory

Drop Dead Diva Season 6 - Episode 9

Grayson's experience prompts him to make a serious gesture; Jane offers her services to a community that is affected by fumes from a hot sauce factory; Kim must represent her mother in a divorce proceeding against her own father.

star 7.78
212 votes
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#51 - Lockdown

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 5

While visiting a pharmaceutical lab on a murder case, Abby is trapped with no communication to the outside world after armed men take over the building and hold everyone hostage.

star 7.77
1412 votes
The Trial

#52 - The Trial

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 29

The lawsuit against the hospital comes to a head as Angelo returns in time for the beginning of the trial. Meanwhile, Bay scrambles to return the money she "borrowed" from John to help Zarra. Daphne and Jeff struggle in their relationship; and Emmett, Nikki and Toby form a new band.

star 7.77
323 votes
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#53 - Beastmaster

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 22

After a Marine Sergeant is found murdered in a National Park, Gibbs and the NCIS team partner with Mounted Police Sergeant May Dawson to solve a string of related crimes in the park.

star 7.77
2115 votes
The Wall

#54 - The Wall

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 19

When a Marine is murdered at an event for the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit that arranges for veterans to visit the World War II, Korea and Vietnam War Memorials for free, the NCIS team must rely on an irritable Vietnam War veteran, Henry Rogers, to provide details on the victim’s whereabouts throughout the day. Also, McGee and Bishop investigate a juicy rumor about Quinn and Torres.

star 7.76
2134 votes

#55 - Hostage

Criminal Minds Season 11 - Episode 14

When an 18-year-old girl escapes from a suburban home where she was held captive for years with two other women, the BAU searches for the Unsub who kidnapped them.

star 7.76
1422 votes
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Lawrence Dane Devlin

#56 - Lawrence Dane Devlin

The Blacklist Season 5 - Episode 21

Samar lands in the crosshairs of an unconventional Blacklister, and Aram and the task force spring into action to find her before it's too late. Red journeys to Costa Rica to prevent the duffel bag of bones from being sold at an underground auction.

star 7.76
2586 votes
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The Morning After

#57 - The Morning After

The Fosters (2013) Season 1 - Episode 5

When things between Jesus and Lexi get hot and heavy, they are forced to face the possible consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, Callie gets closer to Wyatt but Brandon has serious reservations about Callie dating a "bad boy." Stef and Lena learn that two of their close friends, Kelly and Jenna, are having major relationship trouble and it causes them to look at the lack of romance in their own lives. Kelly and Jenna's hip and educated son, Garret, catches Mariana's eye and she becomes desperate to fit in with his cool, edgy crowd. Jude is bullied at school for being different.

star 7.76
172 votes
Dogs Playing Poker

#58 - Dogs Playing Poker

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 5

After learning that Bay has secretly been seeing Ty both John and Kathryn insist on having him over for dinner. Knowing that they're going to use the dinner to interrogate him, Bay tries to prepare, but she's nowhere near prepared for the secret Ty reveals. And Daphne's morals are tested when Toby ropes her and Emmett into a poker game, but it soon becomes clear that he may be in over his head.

star 7.75
570 votes
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Unnecessary Roughness

#59 - Unnecessary Roughness

Lethal Weapon Season 1 - Episode 16

A murder involving a high school football star draws Riggs and Murtaugh into the lucrative and corrupt world of college football recruiting; Murtaugh considers a change in his professional life; Riggs spends more time with Karen Palmer.

star 7.75
3950 votes
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My Left Shoe

#60 - My Left Shoe

Picket Fences Season 2 - Episode 20

Father Barrett may lose his parish after Jimmy and Kenny find women's shoes in his closet. Things get worse when the Mayor criticizes the Father on public-access cable, prompting a lawsuit. Matthew fears his sexual curiosities are a sin.

star 7.75
4 votes
Sight Unseen

#61 - Sight Unseen

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 20

NCIS searches for a petty officer suspected of assault who escapes when the sheriff transporting him crashes into a lake. Also, Torres works closely with Annie Barth, a key blind witness who heard vital evidence needed to solve the case.

star 7.75
1319 votes
The Third Man

#62 - The Third Man

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 23

The team partners with Homeland Security for the investigation of a Navy master diver's murder after learning the death could be linked to a foreign attack on the city.

star 7.74
1093 votes
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Out of the Easy

#63 - Out of the Easy

The Originals Season 3 - Episode 7

With a dire prophecy looming over them, Klaus and Elijah invite Lucien, Tristan and Aurora to a Thanksgiving gathering in an attempt to negotiate a truce. When Aurora reveals that she has powerful leverage over Klaus, Hayley and Freya take matters into their own hands, leading to a deadly three-way confrontation. Elsewhere, Marcel and Vincent are forced to take drastic measures when they realize Davina may be in over her head, and Cami finds herself face-to-face with a dangerous new threat.

star 7.74
1364 votes
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Return of the Future

#64 - Return of the Future

One Tree Hill Season 3 - Episode 11

The Ravens lose their second game in a row, so Whitey teaches them a tough lesson. Peyton and Ellie look for support for their album and hope to attract Nada Surf to the project. Meanwhile, both Dan and Haley upset Nathan, while Brooke plans a romantic thank-you for Lucas.

star 7.73
448 votes
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Forgiveness and Stuff

#65 - Forgiveness and Stuff

Gilmore Girls Season 1 - Episode 10

Things are still chilly between Rory and Lorelai. Lane gives Rory advice about the right Christmas gift for Dean. The Gilmores are forced to settle their differences as a tragic event bring them closer.

star 7.73
1257 votes
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Split Hairs

#66 - Split Hairs

Bull (2016) Season 3 - Episode 12

Bull mounts the defense of New York City’s chief medical examiner, Julia Martin, when she is charged with tampering with evidence tied to the years-old case that made her career. As Bull worries that his client’s propensity for brutal honesty could affect her chances in court, he aims to fill the jury with individuals inclined to believe she made a mistake rather than conspired to tamper with forensic evidence.

star 7.72
666 votes
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Seven Kinds of Lonely

#67 - Seven Kinds of Lonely

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 6 - Episode 15

Dr. Mike tries to prevent Loren from leaving Colorado Springs when she learns he secretly plans to sell his store and move away out of grief over the death of Marjorie. Meanwhile, the town prepares for its annual "Sweethearts Dance," but melancholy seems to reign. Jake broods over how to ask Teresa to marry him, and Grace's continued drinking threatens her marriage to Robert E.

star 7.72
18 votes
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The Scale of Affection Is Fluid

#68 - The Scale of Affection Is Fluid

Parenthood (2010) Season 6 - Episode 5

Max gathers intel on his new friend in search of common ground. Though Kristina fears he'll get his heart broken, he is more determined than ever to pursue this new relationship -- especially after some botched advice from Adam. Amber makes an unexpected connection and finds herself smitten. Julia's new love interest shows up at the family BBQ and runs into Joel. Crosby lets loose with Zeek and Jasmine grows concerned about her husband.

star 7.72
207 votes
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There's No Place Like Mode

#69 - There's No Place Like Mode

Ugly Betty Season 3 - Episode 15

Fashion Week hits town which causes problems for the staff at Mode. Betty has to split her time between working on her Yeti assignment and working with a new designer. Elsewhere, Wilhelmina has lost her way because of Connor and there's a new person working at Mode.

star 7.72
255 votes
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Nerd, Wind and Fire

#70 - Nerd, Wind and Fire

Scorpion Season 4 - Episode 16

On Valentine’s Day, Team Scorpion must set aside their romantic plans to help a doctor and pilot trapped inside a helicopter that crashed atop a skyscraper. Toby and Happy wait for news on their fertility results. Sylvester realizes that he may have feelings for Florence.

star 7.71
1354 votes
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The Game

#71 - The Game

Desperate Housewives Season 4 - Episode 3

Bree informs the housewives of what she overheard in the Mayfair house. Stella makes some special brownies to help Lynette through chemotherapy. Susan throws a charades party for the whole neighborhood.

star 7.71
1063 votes
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Dark Secrets

#72 - Dark Secrets

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 12

After a seemingly happy and successful Navy Lieutenant appears to have taken her own life, Gibbs and the team conduct a thorough investigation, interviewing family and friends from her past and present.

star 7.70
1428 votes
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

#73 - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

GCB Season 1 - Episode 4

When Carlene’s Uncle Burl returns to town with his wife, Bitsy, Gigi promises to throw them a homecoming party requiring guests to come dressed as their favorite Texan. Meanwhile Blake recruits Amanda to consult for Cricket and Blake’s denim line, Pastor Tudor counsels Sharon and Zack during their rough patch -- resulting in Sharon’s working at the church and Zach’s taking over Sharon’s duties at home -- and Heather is after Burl’s 500 acres of land for her client, Andrew.

star 7.70
279 votes
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A House Divided

#74 - A House Divided

Touched by an Angel Season 6 - Episode 13

Andrew, on assignment as a sixth-grade teacher, resides over a parent-teacher night at the school. A simple game the parents plat turns into a scene when a divorced couple, Martin and Janet, argue over who better knows their son, John is humiliated in front of his classmates, but quietly hides his grief as Tess and Monica watch, unseen. As Andrew builds a relationship with John, he begins to understand the tug-of-war that is John's life. John lives with his mother and her new husband Phil, and spends the weekends with his father. When Martin and Janet do have to deal with each other, their communication is riddled with subversion and insults. One weekend while John and Martin eat pizza at a local restaurant, they run into Andrew and Monica, who describes herself as an "advocate", someone who helps people. When Janet arrives at the restaurant to deliver John's homework another fight erupts, and John decides that he would like to enlist Monica's services to help him divorce his par

star 7.70
10 votes
Never Say Never

#75 - Never Say Never

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 - Episode 18

Emotions are running high in the Walker family when Nora and Saul find out their mother, Ida, has passed away.

star 7.70
394 votes
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#76 - Suspicion

Revenge Season 1 - Episode 9

Having discovered that her most valuable ally has turned against her, Emily desperately reaches out to her mentor for advice. Victoria's worst nightmare comes true when she finds herself totally alone both in her life and her home, while the threat of Tyler's negative influence continues to grow.

star 7.70
3821 votes
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Sleeping Beauty

#77 - Sleeping Beauty

Crossing Jordan Season 6 - Episode 12

Dr. Macy escorts Jordan to the hospital where she will undergo brain surgery, that will hopefully save her. While Dr. Macy waits to hear about Jordan’s surgery everyone else throws themselves into work. Woody sets out to keep his mind busy by investigating a murder with an eyewitness who is about to testify.

star 7.68
116 votes
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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

#78 - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 - Episode 7

There are mixed emotions in the DiLaurentis household when Charles declares he is coming home for his birthday. Mr. DiLaurentis wants to quickly get out of town to hide Ali and Jason from their brother, while Jason sees this as an opportunity to finally validate all of the early childhood memories he has of "Charlie." The PLLs are just as split with Spencer and Hanna seeing this as the best chance they have to capture Charles, while Emily and Aria want to stay as far from him as possible. Will Jason be reunited with his brother, or is this just another of "A's" traps? Meanwhile, Mona is shutting Mike out and Hanna gets an unwelcome surprise.

star 7.68
847 votes

#79 - Grounded

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 9

While stuck at the Dulles airport due to inclement weather, DiNozzo, Bishop and her husband Jake work an NCIS case involving an elevated terrorist threat at Northeast airports during the Thanksgiving travel surge. Jamie Bamber guest stars.

star 7.67
1526 votes
X-Ray + Penny

#80 - X-Ray + Penny

MacGyver (2016) Season 2 - Episode 4

When Murdoc drugs and kidnaps MacGyver, Mac uses a needle and his teeth to escape and join the team to save Murdoc’s next victim.

star 7.67
1132 votes
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Wanted: Dead or Alive

#81 - Wanted: Dead or Alive

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 - Episode 6

The Rosewood P.D. begins to unravel the Liars’ cover-up, which leads them to question Rollins’ death altogether. Hanna deals with an inward battle on whether or not to tell the cops the truth, while Ezria struggles with an awkwardness in their relationship. Jenna reveals part of her plot and a new partner she is in cahoots with. Ali learns that the Liars gave her up as Charlotte’s killer in order to free Hanna, which does not go over well. Meanwhile, someone is murdered for playing with the wrong team.

star 7.67
1222 votes
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Day 8: Against Type

#82 - Day 8: Against Type

Ten Days in the Valley Season 1 - Episode 8

Jane’s search for Lake reaches a climax. Meanwhile, Ali finds herself in an unexpected situation with PJ, Jane’s drug dealer.

star 7.67
209 votes
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Chapter Fifty-Nine

#83 - Chapter Fifty-Nine

Boston Public Season 3 - Episode 15

Anxiety besets Winslow staffers, scrutinized by the mayor's spy; a teacher's sex scandal is grist for the mill of student TV-journalists; boyfriend-related tensions affect school-musical star Aisha.

star 7.67
9 votes
Men Will Be Boys

#84 - Men Will Be Boys

Jack & Jill Season 1 - Episode 8

When Jill's co-worker Stan takes credit for his idea, Jill challenges him to a boxing match at Mikey's Office Fight Night at the bar. Jack and Matt cover the story of Jill's fight for WNKW and which causes Jill's jealousy to rise. Meanwhile, Barto asks Audrey out to celebrate a good review of her musical and Elisa feels a connection with a stranger she passes on the street.

star 7.67
3 votes
Scream for Me

#85 - Scream for Me

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 - Episode 8

Hanna’s insecurities and current situation continue to plague her when Alison moves into the Marin house while her Dad is out of town. Now forced to live with the one person she is trying to avoid, Hanna retreats further into abusing alcohol and ends up in a sticky situation. Meanwhile, Aria drops the ball on her maid of honor duties when Ella returns to town to plan her wedding and Spencer and Emily pursue a dangerous lead, trying to solve the mystery of the dead girl in Alison’s grave.

star 7.66
801 votes
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Who Says You Can’t Go Home

#86 - Who Says You Can’t Go Home

Hart of Dixie Season 3 - Episode 1

After spending the summer in New York City, Zoe is ready to make her move more permanent, but first she must return to BlueBell for one last thing. Upon her return Zoe, discovers that no one in town is very happy to see her, except for Lavon. Desperate for Brick to give her a good reference, she agrees to help him track down George and get him to resurrect the Founders Day parade that has been canceled. Needing to find George quickly, Zoe enlists Lemon’s help but accidentally discovers Lemon is hiding a dirty little secret. Meanwhile, Lemon also devises a plan to help Wade save face in front of Zoe.

star 7.66
1188 votes
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#87 - Trapped

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 6

After a petty officer is found murdered on a golf course, McGee spends hours on the victim's ham radio trying to locate a key witness. Also, Palmer asks his co-workers to donate to a charity that builds playgrounds for kids of all abilities, and Torres surprises them with his generosity.

star 7.66
1583 votes
When the Rains Came

#88 - When the Rains Came

Bull (2016) Season 3 - Episode 21

Bull helps mount a defense for Taylor’s brother-in-law, Ralph Kelly, a prison guard charged with manslaughter for the drowning deaths of two inmates in the middle of a hurricane. During the trial, Bull aims to convince the jury that his client tried to prevent a “greater harm” when he abandoned his prison command to evacuate his own family.

star 7.65
631 votes
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Trust, Truth and Traffic

#89 - Trust, Truth and Traffic

90210 Season 4 - Episode 15

Annie has to make a decision that could expose her work as an escort when Dixon gets arrested in connection with a fire at a sorority house. Adrianna and Silver attempt to put their past behind them, which results in disaster for Silver's relationship with Greg. Vanessa helps throw a party to re-launch Liam's bar, where the All-American Rejects perform.

star 7.65
463 votes
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What Could Have Been

#90 - What Could Have Been

One Tree Hill Season 2 - Episode 21

Nathan is released from the hospital and returns home to a pile of unpaid bills and an eviction notice. Lucas, Peyton and Brooke throw a fundraiser Tric to raise money, but Dan is the one that comes to Nathan's rescue. However, his gift comes with strings - he wants Nathan to ask Haley for an annulment.

star 7.64
391 votes
Storm Warning

#91 - Storm Warning

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 7 - Episode 23

Joey returns to the beach apartment. He tells Kelly that he ran away because he believes that his mother no longer needs him, as she has remarried and is expecting a child. Brandon, Tracy, Clare, Kelly and Joey help Steve lay sandbags in front of his father's Malibu home in anticipation of a possible storm. Kelly contacts Joey's mother, and Joey has a happy reunion with his mother and stepfather. David visits Dr. Martin's office and asks his help in dealing with Felice. Dr. Martin collapses with a stroke, and Donna initially blames David. Rob irritates his manager by seeking Val's advice about whether to sign on for a new movie. Rob's manager pays Valerie $10,000 to convince Rob to do the film. Jim and Cindy invite Brandon to spend spring vacation in Hong Kong. Brandon hesitates to give his second ticket to Tracy, but she whines until he invites her along. Clare plays a practical joke on Steve to teach him a lesson about his insensitive behavior. Music: 'Ready to Go' by Republica.

star 7.63
54 votes
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Labor Days

#92 - Labor Days

Bull (2016) Season 4 - Episode 1

As Bull prepares for fatherhood, his work at TAC suffers without his top attorney, Benny, who quit in reaction to Bull’s romantic reconnection to his ex-wife and Benny’s sister, Isabella. In addition, the team faces a difficult time in court as they mount a defense for a young bartender on trial for involuntary manslaughter.

star 7.63
648 votes
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San Vicente

#93 - San Vicente

Melrose Place (2009) Season 1 - Episode 12

Jonah and Riley decide to head to Las Vegas to elope but the day doesn’t quite go as planned. Ella arranges a pitch meeting for Jonah with an important producer who is interested in buying his film. Meanwhile, Lauren calls David after she gets in trouble with one of her male clients and Auggie confesses his true feelings for Riley. Also, Michael gives David information about Sydney’ killer and Amanda bonds with Violet over Sydney, but of course Amanda has an ulterior motive in getting to know Violet.

star 7.62
99 votes
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Last Tango in Pasadena

#94 - Last Tango in Pasadena

Brothers & Sisters Season 4 - Episode 5

The Walker family, with the exception of Nora, are surprised by the charms and tango lessongs of Luc Laurent, Sarah's new lover. However, Nora quickly uncovers that her French houseguest is a very good comfort during a very difficult time. Meanwhile, Robert needs to distract Kitty from the cancer, and he uses his most romantic efforts into the situation.

star 7.61
304 votes
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After You've Gone

#95 - After You've Gone

Nashville (2012) Season 4 - Episode 19

Rayna makes a last-ditch effort to protect her oldest daughter from the perils that befall young artists. Juliette reunites with her “Shenandoah Girl” co-star Noah West (Derek Hough) on the Oscar campaign trail, where she meets Kesha, who guest stars as herself. Elsewhere, Scarlett grows wary of Gunnar’s budding friendship with Autumn Chase (Alicia Witt); Layla fears falling into obscurity before her career even takes off; and Will suffers a devastating loss,

star 7.61
717 votes
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All That Matters

#96 - All That Matters

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 6 - Episode 2

Dr. Mike, Matthew, Brian and Daniel find a seriously wounded Sully and move him to a cave near the homestead so they can nurse him back to health while hiding him. Dr. Mike starts working to clear Sully's name.

star 7.60
15 votes
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The First Time

#97 - The First Time

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 1 - Episode 4

Sheryl, Brandon's old girlfriend from Minneapolis, stays with the Walshes for the weekend. A concerned Cindy asks Jim to have a talk with Brandon. Before he gets around to it, Sheryl spends the night in Brandon's room. Sheryl seems obsessed with wealth and fame, and takes a liking to Dylan and his Porsche. Brandon believes that Dylan is hitting on Sheryl and punches him. Brandon is stunned to learn that he was not the first guy to sleep with Sheryl. Sheryl's mother calls Cindy and reveals that her daughter ran away following a fight with her stepfather. Brenda babysits for her handsome algebra teacher, with 'help' from Kelly and Donna. She no longer finds him appealing after watching his wife push him around. Music: 'In the Mood' by Glenn Miller, 'I Wanna Be Rich' by Calloway, 'Hippychick' by Soho, 'Dreamlike State' by Erasure.

star 7.60
212 votes
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A Presumption of Innocence

#98 - A Presumption of Innocence

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 - Episode 11

Gil is relieved of his duties after Sue charges him with sexual harassment. Andrea offers her friendship to Sue, while Brandon stands behind Gil. Gil quits without fighting the charges; he confesses to Andrea that a former student committed suicide when he rejected her advances, and he does not want to drive Sue over the edge. During a dinner with Andrea, Sue's Uncle Henry badgers her into admitting that the allegations are fake; she tried to kiss Gil, and he rejected her. David and Donna visit Sue and find the eerily cheerful family holding a barbecue, with plans to move to Oklahoma. Fearing that Henry is becoming too close to her little sister, Sue reveals that her uncle molested her. Dylan picks up a bacterial infection from surfing in polluted waters. He wishes to support a clean water initiative but finds he can't vote because he failed to register before the deadline. Brandon seeks David's help in learning to dance, but cancels the lesson. He refuses to dance with Nikki at a club, then gets jealous when she dances with other guys. Music: 'Dance' Ruffneck featuring Yvonne, 'You Really Got Me' by the Kinks, 'Why' by Cathy Dennis, 'Saving Forever for You' by Shanice, 'Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)' by Marvin Gaye.

star 7.59
146 votes
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Write a Lonely Soldier

#99 - Write a Lonely Soldier

Switched at Birth Season 1 - Episode 19

Kathryn and her lawyer meet with Angelo's lawyer, who reveals the hospital plans to argue that Regina switched the babies on purpose. Regina meets with a mother whose daughter lost her hearing. Daphne is playing basketball at the Carlton School for the Deaf; she doesn't get along with a boy named Theo.

star 7.58
440 votes
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The Mystery of the Locked Box

#100 - The Mystery of the Locked Box

The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 - Episode 3

When a technology wunderkind is murdered in a seemingly impenetrable high-security building, Laura and team must unravel the puzzling murder before someone steals the victim's billion-dollar ideas.

star 7.58
333 votes
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Things to Do on a Rainy Day

#101 - Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 2 - Episode 26

On a rainy Saturday afternoon Brenda, Kelly, Donna and David head to the Bel Age Hotel to meet Donna's favorite group, Color Me Badd. David rents a room so that the foursome can get into the hotel. Donna sees her mother, supposedly at the hotel for a conference, and fears that she will get in trouble. Kelly lifts a key to the penthouse and gets to hang out with the group. Donna, fearing reprisal, jumps out of the elevator on an earlier floor. She sees her mother come out of a room and kiss a man in the hallway. When Felice later confronts Donna about being at the hotel, Donna forces her to admit that she is having an affair. Donna is devastated, but Cindy explains that her parents' marital problems do not have anything to do with her. Kelly attends the Color Me Badd concert with a free pass, and brings the group to the Peach Pit to serenade the forlorn Donna. Steve, Brandon and Dylan hire a stripper, but their plans are complicated when Andrea shows up at the house. The stripper turns out to be an engaging young woman (a grad student and mother), and Brandon and Dylan won't let her perform because they now consider her a friend. Music: 'I Adore Mi Amor' / 'I Wanna Sex You Up' / 'All 4 Love' by Color Me Badd.

star 7.57
135 votes
Neon Terror

#102 - Neon Terror

Criminal Minds Season 13 - Episode 8

When an UnSub in Miami sensationalizes his crimes by giving the local media exclusive footage, the BAU is called in to investigate.

star 7.57
1555 votes
More Now

#103 - More Now

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 - Episode 17

Pride is adamant the elusive “Baitfish” has returned and, in attempt to locate his nemesis, he has the team investigate crime scenes and chase leads from New Orleans to Charleston, SC.

star 7.57
844 votes
Home Is Where the Ducks Are

#104 - Home Is Where the Ducks Are

Ed Season 1 - Episode 6

Carol shocks Ed by announcing that she is leaving Stuckeyville to become a writer; Ed concocts Stuckeyville's first-ever Festival of Ducks to boost the town's reputation; Phil becomes mentor to a young bowler.

star 7.56
61 votes
If the Shoe Fits

#105 - If the Shoe Fits

Criminal Minds Season 10 - Episode 6

The BAU is stumped to find the common denominator among male victims in Montana, making in difficult to profile the UnSub. JJ confronts her feelings about her sister's tragic death.

star 7.55
1390 votes
Haunt You Every Day

#106 - Haunt You Every Day

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 - Episode 5

It's Halloween at Seattle Grace! There may be jokes, pranks, and/or scare tactics. Some of the women form a club based on an experience they all share. A man volunteers for what most of the doctors believe is an unnecessary surgery. One of the patients is in the hospital because they tried to carve a pumpkin in an unconventional manner.

star 7.55
1472 votes
The Sea Change

#107 - The Sea Change

90210 Season 5 - Episode 2

Naomi and Max’s honeymoon plans are put on hold after Alec informs Max that his whirlwind wedding has caused a public relations problem and lowered their tech company’s stock price. Naomi decides to throw a high-class reception to reassure Max’s investors that their marriage isn’t a cause for concern. Adrianna discovers that club promoter Taylor, her one-night stand from Las Vegas, is partnering with Liam and Navid to re-launch The Offshore. Adrianna insists that their fling was a one-time thing, but Taylor suspects she has deeper feelings. At physical therapy, Annie and Dixon encounter fellow patient, Riley, who warns Annie to stop babying Dixon so he can learn how to manage on his own. At home, Dixon explodes on Annie and tells her that he’s tired of her help. Liam offers to buy out Vanessa’s portion of his movie contract, but Vanessa blackmails Liam to be her boyfriend again by threatening to show the police hidden camera footage of Liam. Silver invites Liam to be her date at Naomi’s reception, but gets a surprising answer. Liam confronts Vanessa after the reception, but their argument is cut short by a shocking accident.

star 7.54
421 votes
Chapter Thirty-Eight

#108 - Chapter Thirty-Eight

Boston Public Season 2 - Episode 16

Mikki, an 18-year-old Winslow student, tricks Harper and the administration into allowing Barely 18, a racy Maxim-like magazine to come to the school to shoot provocative photos of her. Ronnie, who stumbles upon the shoot, pleads with Mikki not to pose for the magazine, saying it is a decision she will regret for the rest of her life. Ronnie confides in Mikki that she was approached in college to pose for a pictorial, but thankfully decided against it. Later, Ronnie reveals to Senate that she actually went through with the shoot, but the photos were never published. Ronnie and Senate share a moment, but nothing materializes from it. Meanwhile, back at school, a student approaches Guber with information that Meredith hit her with her prosthesis during an argument. After some investigating, Guber reluctantly admits that he believes the student and fires Meredith. As a result, Guber and Meredith's relationship seems to be terminated as well. Also at the school, one of Lauren's students ha

star 7.53
15 votes
Reason to Believe

#109 - Reason to Believe

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 6 - Episode 1

After Sgt. O'Connor is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, everyone fears that Sully died too in the fall. Dr. Mike and friends go looking for Sully. Matthew quits as sheriff. The Dog Soldiers continue raids on the town.

star 7.53
15 votes
Queen Bee

#110 - Queen Bee

Ally McBeal Season 4 - Episode 21

Sydney Gale hires Cage & Fish to represent her in court. She's been sued for wrongful termination, and Richard and John take the case. An employee is suing Sydney because he doesn't want to 'serve' her anymore. In her firm, she only hires men who desire her, and thus make the company a lot like a beehive and Sydney their queen. John and Richard are driven crazy with lust, but they win the case. Meanwhile, Reverend Mark Newman is once again having problems concerning Lisa Knowles's performance at church. Now she's musically attacking Rev. Mark's new girlfriend, who's also a member of the choir. After Jackson's strategy fails, it's in Nelle's hand to fix the situation.

star 7.52
186 votes
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That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee

#111 - That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee

Gilmore Girls Season 7 - Episode 2

After Rory isn't able to go on the trip to Asia with Logan, Lorelai throws her an Asian-themed party. Lane and Zach return from their less-than-perfect honeymoon in Mexico. Luke and Lorelai begin to deal with their break-up.

star 7.52
896 votes
Change Partners

#112 - Change Partners

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 4 - Episode 22

Brandon and Kelly attend a weekend retreat. The chancellor's teenage daughter Clare develops a crush on Brandon. Brandon confesses his affair with Lucinda to Kelly. Brandon and Kelly realize they must discontinue the charade after they share a passionate kiss. Lucinda invites Dylan to her house to view her film, and makes a pass at him. Donna and Brenda befriend a stray dog, which they name Rocky. They learn that the animal escaped from the university's research lab, and are afraid to return him. Brenda takes an interest in an animal rights group that is protesting the lab. Andrea, who works at the facility, argues that the lab is researching potential medical breakthroughs. She returns the dog safely to Donna. Andrea is furious when Steve lets Muntz use her room for a rendezvous with his girlfriend. She fears that the resident adviser will kick her out, but Steve makes amends by sleeping with the woman. Music: 'Get Closer' by Seals and Crofts, 'All The Way' by Hoodoo Gurus.

star 7.51
95 votes
This Kiss

#113 - This Kiss

Hart of Dixie Season 2 - Episode 19

When the town decides to put on a performance of Shakespeare's most iconic scenes, George and Zoe refuse to play Romeo and Juliet, but eventually agree just to prove to everyone that they are over each other. Lemon and Wade are excited about taking over the reigns at the Rammer Jammer, but things come to a halt when they lose all the staff two days before opening. Meanwhile, Brick decides to offer a week of free counseling to everyone in BlueBell and winds up helping the two most unlikely people, but in his effort to help others he learns a secret he has been keeping from himself.

star 7.50
1118 votes
May Divorce Be with You

#114 - May Divorce Be with You

Dream On Season 3 - Episode 9

When Martin's parents arrive for Jeremy's thirteenth birthday, they announce they are getting a divorce.

star 7.50
2 votes
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Junk in the Trunk

#115 - Junk in the Trunk

Las Vegas Season 4 - Episode 16

Ed starts to consider retiring and buying the Montecito. Sam inherits a fortune and has to pay several million dollars as taxes. Danny and Delinda's condo is robbed after Danny rejects to help a gang. Mike finds a childhood friend.

star 7.50
167 votes
Strange Brew

#116 - Strange Brew

90210 Season 5 - Episode 15

Naomi decides to open a restaurant with her half-brother Mark, while Dixon books Michaela to perform at the restaurant opening, unbeknownst to Silver. Annie feels confused about her newly re-surfaced feelings for Liam and Navid agrees to escort Campbell’s fiancé to an event, only to find out Campbell is cheating on her.

star 7.49
228 votes

#117 - Highwire

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 - Episode 9

Brandon and Brenda are at each other's throats after their parents reveal that they can only send one child to an out-of-state college. Jim and Cindy decide to take a second mortgage so that they won't have to play favorites, but Brandon and Brenda each decide to apply to local California University. Brenda fears that she and Dylan are growing apart, while he and Kelly bond over their mutual ambivalence toward college. Andrea believes that Gil is discouraging her from applying to his alma mater (and her dream school), Yale. She has nightmares about Gil trying to knock her off a tightrope. Mrs. Teasley tells Steve that he doesn't have the grades to attend USC. He accepts the legacy key, but finds that it does not work. The janitor catches Steve trying to steal a master key, then sells it to him. Donna's art teacher raves about her talent and encourages her to apply to art school. David accidentally sees Kelly naked, and can't get the image out of his mind. Music: 'Venus' by Shocking Shocking Blue, 'The Oogum Boogum Song' by Brenton Wood.

star 7.49
146 votes
The New Day

#118 - The New Day

Ally McBeal Season 5 - Episode 12

Maddie keeps testing Ally for her patience and love, something that doesn't go through Ally's mind until Victor points it out. Ally, on the other hand, is being way too protective on Maddie, confronting her school principal, teacher and classmates. She decides to hire a nanny, but can't find one that is fits her standards (liking Moulin Rouge, for example), so she ends up hiring Victor, who has developed a very good bond with Maddie. As if she didn't have enough going on in her life, Ally is offered partnership on the firm now that John is gone. After a lot of consideration, Richard decided to ask her and change the firm's name from Cage & Fish to Fish & McBeal, which upsets Nelle, who thinks she should be the next partner, not Ally. After going through the firm's books, Ally discovers that they're losing money and have to fire someone to avoid problems. Since neither Richard nor John had the guts to fire anyone, Ally decides to do so. Meanwhile, Coretta and Raymond face each other in

star 7.49
213 votes
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Missed Congeniality

#119 - Missed Congeniality

Drop Dead Diva Season 5 - Episode 7

Jane and Grayson represent pageant contestant, Donna, when she's stripped of her crown after claiming the Miss Universal Globe competition has been rigged. As Kim's due date approaches, she represents her formerly estranged father, Larry, when he loses his job coaching a little league team. Stacy continues her crusade to convince Jane that Owen would be her ideal sperm donor. Grayson and Nicole struggle to define their relationship.

star 7.47
382 votes
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Van Nuys

#120 - Van Nuys

Weeds Season 5 - Episode 5

Nancy talks with her obstetrician about ending the pregnancy. After his teacher took his pot, Shane needs some help to get it back. Andy is still trying to get access to his late brother's bank account. Meanwhile, Silas and Doug need to see "The Wizard" to make their pot selling dreams come true.

star 7.47
1900 votes
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All of Me

#121 - All of Me

Ally McBeal Season 5 - Episode 21

The lawyers at Cage, Fish & McBeal split when both personalities of the same woman hires them to represent each in court. One of her personalities is a strong, decided and bitchy woman that goes by Helena Green. She wants to divorce her husband, who years ago married sweet, warm hearted but weak Helen Green. Helena has Liza and Richard on her side – a couple who is struggling with the imminent commitment – while Helen hires Ally and John – who but those two could represent a suppressed personality of a woman who has love as her life incentive?

star 7.45
211 votes
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An Ideal Husband

#122 - An Ideal Husband

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 - Episode 6

Everyone in the Walker family is willing to forgive and forget Scotty's infidelity. But when the family all put their best foot forward to help them reunite, things end up in a fist fight. Meanwhile Jack is reinvigorated by being back in the city and starts to pursue new ventures, but Kitty can't seem to picture herself in this new life, and Sarah and Luc share some exciting news with the family.

star 7.45
471 votes
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Perfect Mom

#123 - Perfect Mom

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 1 - Episode 7

Brenda is mesmerized by Kelly's hip and glamorous mother Jackie, a former model. Kelly insists that her mother is not all that she appears to be. Jackie is a recovering addict, and begins hitting the bottle again after her boyfriend dumps her. Cindy is hurt when Brenda initially fails to ask her to be in a mother-daughter fashion show. They eventually agree to appear, and are joined by Andrea, who draws raves. Jackie attempts to emcee the show while high on cocaine. She becomes disoriented and disrupts the show with a rambling tirade. Kelly convinces her to check into rehab. Kelly gains new respect for David when he gives her the fashion show tape to save Jackie from embarrassment. Jim becomes addicted to his new keyboard. Music: 'Stars' by Erasure.

star 7.45
194 votes
Cabin Fever

#124 - Cabin Fever

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 15

The NCIS team suspects Gibbs' arch-nemesis is behind an explosion at a global terrorism summit. Gibbs elects to sit out the investigation in order to help a grief-stricken Fornell, whose life is on the verge of imploding following his wife’s murder.

star 7.44
1276 votes
Lover's Leap

#125 - Lover's Leap

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 6 - Episode 5

Valerie is haunted by nightmares about her father's suicide. David learns that his mother requires shock therapy to improve her chances of recovery. He does not support this course of action, and falls into a deep funk. Valerie tells him about her father and offers to help him. She takes David to a cliff overlooking the city and tests his will to live. David convinces his mother to undergo treatment, and Valerie overcomes her nightmares. Toni throws a dinner party while her father is out of town. Bruno catches Dylan snooping around in Marchette's study. He tells Dylan that Marchette is aware that he is Jack's son. Steve and Clare decide to attend the party together, and share a good-night kiss. Brandon convinces Susan to go out with him. Music: 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' by Robert John.

star 7.44
86 votes
Between Order and Randomness

#126 - Between Order and Randomness

One Tree Hill Season 2 - Episode 12

Nathan comes clean with Haley about his past relationship with Taylor, although Haley continues to email Chris without telling Nathan and Taylor finds out. Lucas and Karen remain at odds over his refusal to take the HCM test. Keith proposes to Jules. Meanwhile, Brooke fights for better working conditions at her new job. Lucas decides to take the HCM test.

star 7.44
453 votes
The Glamorous Life

#127 - The Glamorous Life

Desperate Housewives Season 6 - Episode 14

Gaby and Angie challenge each other's parenting skills, Susan befriends a stripper and takes her under her wing, Lynette and Tom argue the merits of their new therapist, and a concerned Bree keeps a watchful eye on Orson for fear he may take his own life.

star 7.43
2180 votes
Everybody Says Don't

#128 - Everybody Says Don't

Desperate Housewives Season 5 - Episode 23

Gabrielle runs into an old acquaintance who's lost everything, Lynette is upset with Tom for his latest "bright idea," Orson threatens to blackmail Bree, and Susan accepts Dave's "friendly" gesture.

star 7.43
1269 votes
Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

#129 - Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

Las Vegas Season 5 - Episode 15

After Sam's "whales" check out a strip club she calls in "The Cleaner" to help keep it secret from their wives. Meanwhile, Mike and Piper try to hire a sexy new bartender for the Montecito but instead find themselves sampling the cocktails and engaging in one of Vegas' oldest cliches. Cooper challenges Danny to bring more people to the Montecito while Delinda throws an unusual party.

star 7.42
219 votes

#130 - Scandalized

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 - Episode 11

A scandal like no other hits the Walker family which causes Kitty to over-think her future.

star 7.42
557 votes
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Greek to Me

#131 - Greek to Me

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 4 - Episode 4

Steve badgers Brandon into pledging the Kappa Epsilon Gamma fraternity. The frat brothers disapprove of Brandon's involvement with Josh and the Progressives. Brandon disassociates himself from the party when it proposes the elimination of all fraternities and sororities. He disappoints Steve by not joining the KEG house, but is made an honorary member. Kelly, Donna, Brenda and Andrea pledge the Alpha Omega sorority. Kelly runs into John Sears, a guy who spread rumors about her after they dated in high school. He insists that he has changed, and Kelly stays out late talking with him after a party (which Dylan refused to attend). Dan Rubin, Andrea's resident advisor, warns her of possible discrimination. Andrea wears a necklace of the Star of David to a ceremony, and the sorority president chastises her for "making an issue" of being Jewish. Leslie later explains that she is Jewish, but not very religious; she apologizes for projecting her personal issues onto the house. Only Kelly and Donna elect to join a sorority. Donna livens up the late night radio show when she compares David to a dog. Music: 'Disco Inferno' by the Trammps, 'Get Down Tonight' by KC and the Sunshine Band, 'Boogie Oogie Oogie' by A Taste of Honey.

star 7.39
144 votes

#132 -

Brothers & Sisters Season 4 - Episode 17

Kitty's newfound fame creates havoc for Luc and Sarah, as Luc faces possible deportation. Meanwhile, Nora swallows her pride and reaches out to Tommy to help her save the company from the Walkers' longtime nemesis, Dennis York.

star 7.38
385 votes
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Love on Holiday

#133 - Love on Holiday

Ally McBeal Season 4 - Episode 7

Elaine gets sued by a former office clerk because she called him "peanut" due his size. John thinks Larry was ridiculing him by making fun of his relationship with Kimmy and her mother. Nelle and Ling compete about who will have the most bids from the charity auction dinner date and Cindy (Mark's ex-girlfriend the transvestite) has plans for Richard for charity auction.

star 7.37
215 votes
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Worlds Apart

#134 - Worlds Apart

Private Practice Season 2 - Episode 10

Meg returns to Los Angeles and notices that Violet and Pete have grown closer; Kevin questions where he and Addison are headed as a couple; Cooper treats a young boy with a mysterious past.

star 7.36
640 votes
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Spies Like Us

#135 - Spies Like Us

Scandal (2012) Season 2 - Episode 6

Olivia receives an anonymous letter containing a coded warning which could expose Huck's dark past. Meanwhile another Pope & Associates secret has already been exposed and Olivia asks Harrison to step up and handle it. And in the White House, Cyrus and Fitz are dealing with the ramifications of Cyrus' husband's first front page news story.

star 7.36
1595 votes
The Pact

#136 - The Pact

Touched by an Angel Season 4 - Episode 6

The angels arrive at a camp for HIV positive teenage girls to find two veterans, Nikki and Erin picking on the "newbies" Melanie, Kim, and Abby. Acting as counselors, the angels get to know the girls and try to help them deal with their fears. Rafael speaks to Melanie, learning her mother died of Aids when she was a child. Melanie tells him of the song, "Duerte Me Lindo," which her mother used to sing. Meanwhile, develops a crush on Andrew and is heartbroken when he seemingly rejects her. Tired of painting the names of past participants who are no longer alive on a rock known as "the face," Erin talks the other girls iinto a suicide pact as some way of ending life their own way, without pain or pity. The girls then steal drugs from the infirmary where Rafael is working and prepare a suicide cocktail. As the girls all meet at "the face" to go through with the suicide, the angels arrive. Rafael begins playing "Duermete De Lindo" and Melanie loses her resolve to kill herself. As

star 7.34
38 votes
If You Bake It, He Will Come

#137 - If You Bake It, He Will Come

Brothers & Sisters Season 4 - Episode 20

Still reeling from his discovery of Nora’s buried secrets about his childhood, Kevin refuses to attend his own birthday party. Meanwhile Justin, Tommy and Kevin confront Dennis York.

star 7.33
437 votes
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Beale St. After Dark

#138 - Beale St. After Dark

Hellcats Season 1 - Episode 3

Savannah is nervous about her first date with Dan so Marti, Lewis and the rest of the Hellcats team accompany her on their date which ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Marti tries to impress her law professor Julian in the hopes of joining his legal team but he doubts she can balance both her studies and cheerleading. Desperate to get her spot back, Alice turns to pills to kill the pain so she can get medically approved to re-join the team. Vanessa decides to come clean with Derrick about her affair with Red...

star 7.33
902 votes
What If?

#139 - What If?

Drop Dead Diva Season 1 - Episode 11

Jane takes on a case where a woman believes she was switched at birth but finds she has her own “mommy issues” when she receives an unexpected visit from Jane’s mother. Meanwhile, Kim and Grayson must calm Parker’s nerves on a case for one of his closest friends, when they realize Parker hasn’t been in the courtroom in a long time.

star 7.31
589 votes
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Remembering Me (1)

#140 - Remembering Me (1)

Touched by an Angel Season 9 - Episode 8

When Monica observes her new assignment, David, at a zoo with his family, Tess talks with the angel, Sam. He tells her that she must be strong for what is coming, and not fear because God is with her. Tess says she isn't afraid for herself, she is afraid for Monica. Sam nods and leaves. David Shatterfield is a husband and a father, and while he loves his family, he doesn't have much time for them. Even now, at the zoo, he spends his time talking on his cell phone, when he should be watching the bird show with his daughter. He is unwilling to let the day go by with out getting a little business in. His company is going through a major transition, and he feels the need to involve himself in every aspect. Tess joins Monica in her observation, and gets David's name wrong. Monica corrects her, thinking nothing of it. Later on, Tess is watching some zebras, but forgets what they are called. She refers to them as "stripey-horse-things." These slip ups come to a head, when driving

star 7.29
34 votes
Hello, Little Girl

#141 - Hello, Little Girl

Desperate Housewives Season 4 - Episode 13

Bree and Katherine decide to start a catering business together. Lynette tries to deny her feelings for Rick. Mike learns the truth about his nearly fatal accident. Carlos gets a seeing-eye dog. Dylan meets her estranged father.

star 7.29
1181 votes
What About Secret Lovers…

#142 - What About Secret Lovers…

What About Brian Season 2 - Episode 18

Everyone seems to have secret lovers and must make decisions accordingly. Dave and Deena receive their divorce papers and they struggle with the decision on whether or not to sign them. Now that a picture of Brian and Stephanie kissing has made the tabloids, Stephanie asks her roommate Laura to act as Brian's date to a Hollywood party with her. Natasha wants a relationship with Adam and will stop at nothing less. Deena is having troubles with her cupcake business, until Nicole comes up with a plan to bring in more customers.

star 7.29
7 votes
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Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else

#143 - Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else

Desperate Housewives Season 5 - Episode 3

Bree's estranged daughter, Danielle, returns to Wisteria Lane and is met with a deluge of criticism. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Susan find themselves embroiled in a catfight brought on by an altercation between their kids. To her chagrin, Lynette comes home to find Tom and Dave have formed a garage band after she told him to get rid of his old things. Finally, Katherine and Mrs. McCluskey invite Edie to lunch to press her for more information on Dave.

star 7.28
1221 votes
Don’t Stop 'Till You Get Enough

#144 - Don’t Stop 'Till You Get Enough

Private Practice Season 5 - Episode 7

Amelia’s drug addiction spins further out of control as she plays hooky from work with a new fling, starts writing pill prescriptions for herself, and has a run-in with the cops; Addison and Jake are at odds when they must make the impossible choice between donating their patient’s organs or saving the life of her healthy, unborn baby; Violet begins working at Seaside Wellness again, and Cooper, Charlotte and Mason begin to form a family bond, much to Erica’s chagrin.

star 7.27
908 votes
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Stormy Weather

#145 - Stormy Weather

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 5 - Episode 21

Dylan feigns an interest in Professor Finley's teachings in order to infiltrate the operation. He and Kelly get carried away and kiss after attending a wedding. Dylan discovers that Finley arranges romantic pairings to secure wealthy benefactors. He promises to donate all of his money if Finley can convince Kelly to take him back. Kelly tries to seduce Dylan, but refuses to believe his allegations about Finley. Brandon brings in one of Finley's former lieutenants to convince Kelly that the evolution is a fraud. Kelly leaves the group and reunites with Brandon, leaving Dylan heartbroken. Ray ends his fling with Valerie, although she doesn't seem to get the message. Andrea takes a researcher position at the hospital and spends most of her time fooling around with Peter. Music: 'Hold On' by Wilson Phillips (#1, 1990); 'House of Love' by Amy Grant and Vince Gill (#37, 1995).

star 7.27
92 votes
Careful the Things You Say

#146 - Careful the Things You Say

Desperate Housewives Season 6 - Episode 7

Susan believes that Katherine may be Julie's assailant. Angie invites reluctant Bree and Orson to dinner. Gaby struggles to home school Juanita. Lynette has her own suspicions about who attacked Julie. Angie confronts Nick.

star 7.26
1505 votes
Best Laid Plans

#147 - Best Laid Plans

Private Practice Season 3 - Episode 12

Maya shocks Sam and Naomi, while Pete and Fife disagree on patient care.

star 7.24
755 votes
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Owning It

#148 - Owning It

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 - Episode 14

Marc Wilson the president of Wexley University offers Kitty a job as a principle. Tommy goes behind Holly's back with Rebecca on his trail. Nora and Sarah surprise Kitty with a baby shower.

star 7.20
256 votes
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What I Did for Lust

#149 - What I Did for Lust

Dream On Season 2 - Episode 8

Eddie pushes an ""ugly"" sister onto Martin to score points with Marsha. The ""ugly"" sister (Chloe) has a book (""The Feminist Manifesto"") she wants Martin to read. Martin likes Chloe (who isn't actually ugly), but hates the book. Reluctant to reveal his true feelings, and hoping his publisher with reject the book, Martin passes the book to Gibby. Gibby really likes the books market potential.

star 7.20
30 votes
The Story of Lucy and Jessie

#150 - The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Desperate Housewives Season 5 - Episode 17

Susan tries to impress a teacher at work, Gaby talks Carlos into hiring Lynette, Edie continues to look into Dave's past.

star 7.18
1362 votes
Aloha, Beverly Hills (Part 1)

#151 - Aloha, Beverly Hills (Part 1)

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 8 - Episode 1

The gang has trouble finding work after graduating from college. Steve accepts a position as alumni representative for his fraternity (for a dollar a year). Valerie runs through a series of odd jobs. She tries to convince David to let her manage the club; although the After Dark is in dire straits, he turns her down. David refuses to move in with Donna until she reveals the true nature of their relationship to her mother. Steve alienates Carly Reynolds, the single mother of one of Erin's soccer teammates. She gets fired from her waitress job after a run-in with Steve and his date. Brandon and Kelly struggle to adjust to their new living arrangement. They decide to relax by taking a Hawaiian vacation, although Kelly doesn't want to postpone her new job. Donna seeks work as a second assistant for a designer, and winds up as the woman's only assistant. She is asked to help with a photo shoot in Hawaii, so everyone decides to take a vacation. Kelly backs out of the trip after catching Bran

star 7.16
71 votes
Love Bites

#152 - Love Bites

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 18

Jen's seemingly happy world comes crashing down when she learns that Grams has breast cancer. Meanwhile, Joey's tumultuous love life continues when Eddie reveals his true reasons for returning to Boston, and Pacey agrees to join Joey as she chaperones for Harley's school dance, but what should be a magical night doesn't feel right for Joey. Although he is at first reluctant, Pacey agrees to invest Dawson's life savings to finance his new film project.(the WB)

star 7.15
70 votes
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Terms of Employment

#153 - Terms of Employment

Dream On Season 3 - Episode 5

Martin is told he will have to take a pay cut, so he quits his job, only to find things are even worse elsewhere.

star 7.13
30 votes
Life of Riley

#154 - Life of Riley

The Client List Season 1 - Episode 7

A co-workers announcement to elope leads Riley to wonder about the imperfections of her marriage with Kyle. Meanwhile, the Curl Up & Dry Salon is up for sale, but Linette and Lacey balk at the prospective new buyer. Lacey reveals she has also been hiding a secret from Riley. Riley is concerned about a new girl in Evan's life. Riley coaches an insecure client on some basic dating techniques.

star 7.10
550 votes
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Home Is Where The Fort Is

#155 - Home Is Where The Fort Is

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 - Episode 16

Nora and Sarah fly out to Washington DC to "surprise" Evan for his birthday, but what they're really after is the truth behind Kitty's extended trip to the east coast. Meanwhile, Kevin and Scotty are thrilled to have officially signed the papers to be Olivia's parents, but the excitement quickly fades when Olivia seems a little nervous about moving in and starting a new life.

star 7.09
425 votes
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#156 - Spiderwebs

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 8

Dawson comes through with No Doubt concert tickets, but he and Natasha's first public date ends in a brush with the law. Joey and Eddie have to sneak into the concert, while Pacey come to blows with CJ at the concert when it is revealed that he slept with Audrey.

star 7.04
75 votes
A Melrose Christmas

#157 - A Melrose Christmas

Melrose Place Season 1 - Episode 18

Jo and Jake try to overcome their unhappy memories of Christmas; Michael is depressed when he and Kimberly cannot save a young gunshot victim, but his spirits are revived after delivering a baby; Jake and Jo observe that the necklace Billy plans to give Alison for Christmas is more than a ""friendship"" present.

star 7.00
10 votes
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What About True Confessions...

#158 - What About True Confessions...

What About Brian Season 2 - Episode 9

Nicole is anxious to finally have the baby and tries every old wives tale out there to induce labor. Deena and Dave each go out on seperate dates. Deena goes out with her rich client, TK, while Dave goes out with a woman much younger than he is. Brian and Dave cause a lot of problems along with damage at Ivy's bar and they are forces to do community service at a homeless shelter. Brian is very uncomfortable with the fact that Bridget and his father had an affair, and does whatever it takes to avoid her.

star 7.00
10 votes
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What Women Want

#159 - What Women Want

Dream On Season 3 - Episode 12

Martin's new girlfriend has just come out of a bad relationship. She and her former lover, Ryan, had many problems before their breakup. But now Ryan is trying to rekindle their relationship despite her new relationship with Martin. Now Martin finds himself competing against her former lover, and Ryan has qualities that may be more than Martin can compete with.

star 7.00
3 votes
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Red All Over

#160 - Red All Over

Dream On Season 3 - Episode 13

Martin has a great date with Jeanette, a writer's agent who happens to be black.

star 7.00
4 votes
The Rocky Marriage Picture Show

#161 - The Rocky Marriage Picture Show

Dream On Season 3 - Episode 14

When Judith convinces Martin its time to split up their photographs, they take a trip down memory lane.

star 7.00
4 votes
Martin Over Medium

#162 - Martin Over Medium

Dream On Season 3 - Episode 15

After having had lunch with a fellow editor, Martin is shocked to find him dead at his desk.

star 7.00
5 votes
My Way

#163 - My Way

Melrose Place Season 1 - Episode 7

Billy is depressed when the Melrose Times folds. He asks Alison to accompany him on a visit to his parents' house, then pleads with her to pose as his girlfriend. Billy tries to convince his parents that he is on the verge of becoming a successful writer, but is roped into helping run his father's furniture store because of a deal the two once made. He quits in a huff after his father questions his sales techniques, and later asks his dad to let him live his own life. Sandy gets a swelled head after landing a part in a horror movie, and ends up moving out. She comes down to earth after the director tries to insert nudity into one of her scenes. Michael injures himself at the apartment. He and Jane discuss their excitement and anxiety about the upcoming birth of their baby.

star 6.92
12 votes
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#164 - Birdman

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 6 - Episode 18

Michaela worries about Brian's friendship with an eccentric man who thinks he is a bird.

star 6.67
15 votes
Spring Cleaning

#165 - Spring Cleaning

Joan of Arcadia Season 2 - Episode 20

In the wake of Joan's difficult breakup with Adam, God tells her to do some therapeutic cleaning, which ends up putting her in the middle of a scandal involving her guidance counselor... As part of Joan's clean sweep, she returns everything Adam ever gave her, which only adds to the awkwardness between them. Meanwhile, when Joan returns some items to Mr. Tuchman that he loaned her, a jealous student with feelings for Tuchman vindictively tells the school authorities that Tuchman initiated intimate relationships with both her and Joan. Also, Kevin considers getting a place of his own.

star 6.54
102 votes
Flirting with Disaster

#166 - Flirting with Disaster

Melrose Place Season 2 - Episode 7

Jane throws Sydney out, but Amanda leases her an apartment in the building. Alison travels to a ranch to make a presentation to millionaire computer exec Steve McMillan, but it does not go as planned. Matt decides to marry Katya. Michael sleeps with Sydney while Kimberly is out of town at a conference.

star 6.47
38 votes
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Leap of Faith

#167 - Leap of Faith

Melrose Place Season 1 - Episode 5

Jane learns that she is pregnant, but doesn't tell Michael because he hadn't seemed thrilled by the prospect of having kids. She tries to get an abortion secretly, but changes her mind. Michael is furious at Jane for keeping him in the dark, until the joy over their child brings them back together. Billy is given a column in the neighborhood newspaper. He can't come up with a topic because his life is boring. Hoping to alleviate this problem, he convinces Jake and Matt to go bungee-jumping with him. After he is unable to go through with the jump, Billy writes a column about ""wimping out.""

star 6.39
46 votes
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Parting Glances

#168 - Parting Glances

Melrose Place Season 2 - Episode 20

Jake and Amanda pull out of Reed's business when Jake discovers some inconsistencies in his story, but Jo accuses him of jealousy. Reed picks up a shipment of drugs on the boat while Jo is sleeping on board. When Jo discovers drugs stored in a compartment below deck, Reed assaults and kidnaps her. Sydney overhears a semi-comatose Michael babbling about his plea for Matt to change his blood alcohol results. She lays the groundwork for a blackmail scheme. Frustrated by her inability to get in touch with Billy, Alison flies to New York to surprise him. She is stunned to find him having drinks with another woman. Jeffrey is transferred to the east coast after coming out of the closet.

star 6.31
35 votes
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