The Best Episodes Directed by Joe Carnahan

Anslo Garrick (1)

#1 - Anslo Garrick (1)

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 9

An assassination attempt on Red brings the FBI under siege.

star 8.30
3771 votes
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#2 - Pilot

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 1

A criminal mastermind surrenders to the FBI with a stunning offer - but he'll only talk to a rookie profiler.

star 8.13
5580 votes
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Luther Braxton (1)

#3 - Luther Braxton (1)

The Blacklist Season 2 - Episode 9

When Red is arrested and taken to a secret detention facility, Liz and the task force set out to save him before he disappears forever. At the facility, Red encounters a thief with whom he shares a complicated history.

star 7.98
2408 votes
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#4 - Pilot

Those Who Kill (US) Season 1 - Episode 1

Detective Catherine Jensen teams with college professor Thomas Schaeffer to catch a serial killer. Both have troubled histories, and, although brilliant, their flaws may outweigh the positives as they try to track down the killer before he strikes again.

star 7.65
294 votes
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