The BEST Episodes of Spin City

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Last Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Network: ABC (US)

This situation comedy takes place in New York's City Hall. It centers on Mike Flaherty, the deputy mayor, who has to protect the slightly moronic mayor, Randall Winston from those who want to ruin his political career, and from himself, cause he is constantly making an ass of himself and Mike has to try and make sure that his little escapades are either not made public or have very little negative effect on the mayor. Helping Mike is Carter, probably the least quirky member of the mayor's staff and Nikki and James. Stuart and Paul are two members of the staff who cause just as much problems. Mike's secretary, who joined the show during the second season was Stacy. Mike's girlfriend during the first season was Ashley, but the character was dropped, his next girlfriend, during the following season was Laurie, and during the third season it was Nikki, and in the fourth season it was Caitlin Moore, the mayor's campaign manager. Michael J. Fox would leave the show after the fourth season. During the next season, the new deputy mayor would be Charlie Crawford.

Goodbye (2)

#1 - Goodbye (2)

Season 4 - Episode 26

Mike and Caitlin have sex. The staff works damage control but Mike ultimately fires himself to save everybody else. The staff says their goodbyes at the bar. Caitlin promises Mike that she's not going anywhere. Mike says goodbye to the mayor and walks out of City Hall for the last time. Six weeks later, Mike turns up as an environmental lobbyist in DC.

star 8.05
51 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Bill Lawrence
An Affair Not to Remember

#2 - An Affair Not to Remember

Season 6 - Episode 18

Caitlin takes a trip down memory lane and realizes that she and Charlie met years before and that he was the reason why she lost what might have been the best relationship of her life. Flashback to a preppy and conservative Caitlin and a cool, life-of-the-party Charlie at an old college bash. The flashback makes Caitlin realize that her current boyfriend, Tom, might not be right for her, and she ends up kissing Charlie! Meanwhile, the Mayor bartends at a fundraiser at which Paul is trying to pick up a woman, and the woman's friend has fallen for Carter, who is gay.

star 7.84
32 votes
Directors: Ted Wass
Writers: Bill Callahan, Philip Wen

#3 - Chinatown

Season 6 - Episode 11

Charlie endangers his relationship with Jennifer when he realizes that he loves his staff more than her. The Mayor decides to propose to Claire, but she says no because he's in the public eye and must be dishonest. This causes problems, because it's Election Day, and a truth-telling campaign by the Mayor could jeopardize his re-election.

star 7.83
36 votes
Directors: Ted Wass
Writers: Bill Callahan, Philip Wen
There's Something About Heidi

#4 - There's Something About Heidi

Season 3 - Episode 2

After Mike's picture with model Heidi Klum is in the tabloids, people assume he's dating her. But, he soon is after she asks him out. As a result, Nikki reveals to Carter that she has a secret crush on Mike. And The Mayor can't stop laughing at VERY inappropriate times.

star 7.74
70 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Amy Cohen, Michelle Nader
O Mother, Where Art Thou?

#5 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?

Season 6 - Episode 13

Caitlin finds love with an older man, Tom -- whose daughter, Tracy, flirts with Charlie. Meanwhile the Mayor is depressed by the anniversary of his mother's death, but Carter introduces him to a woman, Christine, who cheers him up in more ways than one. Later, though, Carter reveals that Christine is the receiver of the Mayor's mother's donor heart, potentially threatening their relationship.

star 7.74
34 votes
Directors: Ted Wass
Writers: Jon Pollack
A Friend in Need

#6 - A Friend in Need

Season 6 - Episode 22

Charlie and Caitlin are caught having sex on a surveillance camera in the Mayor's office and their secret affair is blown. Carter is finally granted a foster child, but is frustrated when he sees that Paul is better with the baby than he is - until the Mayor helps him tap into his paternal instincts.

star 7.73
33 votes
Writers: Tom Hertz
The Commitments

#7 - The Commitments

Season 4 - Episode 24

Mike and Caitlin return from Paris as a couple. Caitlin wants more than a physical relationship, so Mike bets her that he can resist her for a week, while tries to break his willpower. The mayor falls in love with Rags after filming an animal rights commercial with him.

star 7.72
45 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Jill Cargerman
Internal Affairs

#8 - Internal Affairs

Season 3 - Episode 16

Mike and Nikki struggle with taking their relationship to the next level, i.e. sex. Stacy runs a phony psychic hotline on Paul. And the rest of the staff participates in a stakeout to demonstrate the city's new police technology.

star 7.72
64 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Gayle Abrams
Kiss Me, Stupid

#9 - Kiss Me, Stupid

Season 1 - Episode 16

It's Valentine's Day, and Carter's old flame Spence wants to meet with him. Meantime, Mike goes on a date from hell with a beautiful friend of Nikki's, and Paul's romantic evening with Claudia becomes unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

star 7.71
69 votes
Writers: Lee Shallat-Chemel
Criss Cross

#10 - Criss Cross

Season 1 - Episode 12

Michael substitutes for the Mayor on a political talk show, facing off against Ashley on a hot-button issue. Meanwhile, Paul plays City Hall Santa while battling a terrible bout of the flu that is sweeping the office. And everyone finds themselves going to Carter for romantic advice.

star 7.71
73 votes
Writers: Brian Buckner, Sebastian Jones
Politically Incorrect

#11 - Politically Incorrect

Season 3 - Episode 19

Nikki wants to make her relationship public knowledge. The mayor prepares to appear on "Politically Incorrect." Carter is dating a gay boxer. Paul becomes addicted to Stacy's aunt's meatball subs. The mayor accidentally outs his relationship with Janelle while on TV. Nikki and Mike fight after he's not ready to expose their relationship yet.

star 7.69
62 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: David Ronn, Jay Scherick
Taxi Driver

#12 - Taxi Driver

Season 3 - Episode 13

Mike can't stop thinking about Nikki. Nikki is ready to take the next step with Arthur, but Mike is worried about that. Paul unwittingly has an affair because Stuart needs him to. Stacy dates a job-obsessed cabbie just because he looks good. James inadvertently causes a taxi driver strike, which interferes with Arthur getting to the airport. You see, if Arthur misses a plane, he and Nikki will have sex.

star 7.69
60 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Tim Hobert
Rags to Riches

#13 - Rags to Riches

Season 6 - Episode 14

Caitlin surprises Charlie on his birthday by inviting his father, Ray, for a visit. What no one knows is that Ray is a con man who abandoned Charlie as a child, and who's about to con his way through City Hall as well. Meanwhile, Paul makes every effort to comfort Carter about Rags, who has passed into the great doggy beyond.

star 7.69
32 votes
Directors: Ted Wass
Writers: Mark Torgove, Paul A. Kaplan
Fight Flub

#14 - Fight Flub

Season 6 - Episode 10

The Mayoral race hits a snag when Mayor Winston's opponent suffers a heart attack which forces him to drop out of the running, but his wife, Nancy Wheeler, steps in to take his place and surges in the polls due to an outpouring of sympathy. Meanwhile, Charlie gets punched in the face by Caitlin's new love interest and she makes him promise to be the bigger man by not fighting back.

star 7.68
37 votes
Directors: Ted Wass
Writers: Paul A. Kaplan, Mark Torgove
Bye, Bye, Birdie

#15 - Bye, Bye, Birdie

Season 2 - Episode 21

The staff prepares for Paul and Claudia's bachelor and bachelorette parties as the city prepares to unveil a new statue that it commissioned. The girls play "I Never....". Paul's party is in the office because the Mayor can't go to strip clubs. The new statue, called "The Bird," is, you guessed it.... The girls think a visiting priest is a stripper because of a prank pulled by Stuart. James and Carter go to the hardware store and it is robbed with them in it. Mike is trapped in the store too, after he goes checking for James and Carter. Stacy sends the guys the male stripper Stuart canceled for the girls.

star 7.67
69 votes
Writers: Brian Buckner, Sebastian Jones
The Mayor With Two Brains

#16 - The Mayor With Two Brains

Season 3 - Episode 23

It's Nikki and Mike's four-month anniversary. James is still the only person who knows, but he wants to tell. Stuart takes Carter's job for a day, helping the mayor deal with various ethnic groups. James develops a rash from keeping the secret. Mike prepares for a magazine interview, but during the interview, the reporter's focus shifts to Carter. Stuart enlists Stacy's help with the ethnic groups. James spills the beans.

star 7.67
59 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Stephen Godchaux, Kirk J. Rudell
The Competition

#17 - The Competition

Season 1 - Episode 10

When the Mayor's office competes against City Council in an annual Thanksgiving contest, the stakes are high, since the losers must croon a show tune in front of the press. James has trouble breaking up with a longtime girlfriend visiting from Wisconsin.

star 7.65
81 votes
Writers: Sarah Dunn
Dog Day Afternoon

#18 - Dog Day Afternoon

Season 1 - Episode 11

Mike tries to appease the disgruntled Police Commissioner by honoring a beloved police dog who has recently died. But things go awry on the way to the funeral when Paul and Carter lose the canine's body. And Mike buys an air hockey table for the staff proving Stuart a very big talker.

star 7.64
80 votes
Writers: Jeff Lowell
Pride and Prejudice

#19 - Pride and Prejudice

Season 1 - Episode 4

Michael allows a TV crew into the office for a profile on himself, and one of his quotes lands him in hot water with Ashley. In the meantime, Carter goes behind Michael's back to get the Mayor to green-light a controversial project.

star 7.64
106 votes
Writers: Brian Buckner, Sebastian Jones
Quest for Fire

#20 - Quest for Fire

Season 3 - Episode 8

Paul has moved to Harlem and is annoying Carter and Janelle because he thinks that he's black. The Mayor is preparing to run the Olympic torch around City Hall, but can't because the Nigerian speed walker supposed to deliver the torch to him has disappeared, lost in the city. Mike struggles with the fact that he can't live without his job, while trying to take a vacation. Nikki finds a ringer to pose as her boyfriend, for them to have dinner with Mike. Stacy spills the beans to Mike about Nikki's feelings for him.

star 7.63
67 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Jay Scherick, David Ronn
Rebel Without a Chair

#21 - Rebel Without a Chair

Season 4 - Episode 5

Carter is named Activist of the Year. Stuart has a new paperweight that looks like a breast. Mike's continued jealousy of Caitlin causes him to make remarks to a gay magazine, which is misinterpreted, outing himself and the mayor. Paul is banned from the bathroom after insulting the new attendant.

star 7.63
63 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Jay Scherick, David Ronn
Dead Dog Talking

#22 - Dead Dog Talking

Season 3 - Episode 1

The staff prepares for the mayor's bid for re-election announcement. Mike becomes a hero when he saves a runaway baby carriage, but the reality of the situation isn't what it seems. Carter adopts his family's 19-year-old dog. And, Paul teaches Stacy how to get a sick day without being sick.

star 7.63
67 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Tom Hertz
Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day

#23 - Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day

Season 3 - Episode 10

The Mayor is disturbed by a campaign commercial by his opponent, starring his ex-wife. Mike plans the City Hall Thanksgiving, scheduled to be televised live throughout New York City, with the Mayor's father scheduled to attend. At the dinner, the Mayor blows up at his father on live TV. Meanwhile, Stacy mistakes Stuart for her boyfriend in the dark and lays a big wet one on him, making her think twice about her feelings for him.

star 7.63
68 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Tom Hertz
Three Men and a Little Lady

#24 - Three Men and a Little Lady

Season 3 - Episode 6

After the Mayor is photographed throwing a baseball "like a girl," Mike tries to give him a more macho image. But when a teenage girl mugs the mayor, Mike and Paul; Mike's got more damage control than even he can handle. Meanwhile, Stuart loses his heart to Deirdre, a woman who's just as detestable as he is.

star 7.63
65 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Tim Hobert
An American Deputy Mayor in Paris

#25 - An American Deputy Mayor in Paris

Season 4 - Episode 23

Caitlin prepares to marry Trevor and elopes to Paris, where Mike follows and reveals that he loves her. James becomes angered with the mayor when he receives an undeserved war award. Stuart asks Nikki to pose for a "charity" swimsuit calendar.

star 7.62
51 votes
Directors: Andy Cadiff
Writers: Philip Wen, Bill Callahan