The BEST episodes written by Clay Graham

Walk on the Mild Side
18 votes

#1 - Walk on the Mild Side

Who's the Boss? - Season 3 - Episode 21

Sam wants to queue for cards for the Beastie Boys concert overnight.Tony allows it not without remarking he has done much wilder things in his youth. During the stories told by Tony and Mona, Angela realizes that she has missed a lot. Now she wants to catch up on some 'action'. So she makes up a list what to to: Among these is a meeting with Jake 'The Snake' and a trip to his 'Rock of Inspiration'.

There Goes the Bride
15 votes

#2 - There Goes the Bride

Who's the Boss? - Season 4 - Episode 3

Angela and Tony want to pair off Angela's cousin Christy and Tony's friend Lyle. The evening together didn't go as planned, but on the following day the both stand in the doorway announcing their wedding. But unfortunately the wedding coincides with an icehockey game. As the game is more important, Christy angrily cancels the wedding.

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Tony Kills
15 votes

#3 - Tony Kills

Who's the Boss? - Season 6 - Episode 14

When the neighbor Fred picks up Tony to go playing tennis, he makes up to Angela and Tony gets angry. During the tennis match Fred suffers a heart attack and dies. Now Tony blames himself of Fred's death. When Fred's brother Ed shows up Tony let himself be used because of his feelings of guilt.

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All in the Famiglia
14 votes

#4 - All in the Famiglia

Who's the Boss? - Season 4 - Episode 14

Tony's relatives from Italy are coming for a visit and uncle Aldo has a great surprise for Tony: he gives him a 12 hectare piece of the winery. Maurizio, Tony's cousin, has fallen for Angela and wants to marry her.

Nineteen Again
17 votes

#5 - Nineteen Again

Who's the Boss? - Season 5 - Episode 3

Tony has been invited to a frat party and Angela accompanies him. But there Angela drinks a little too much of the (with alcohol mixed) bowle and 'entertains' those present. In the end Angela and Tony land up in the campus jail.

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Housekeepers Unite
13 votes

#6 - Housekeepers Unite

Who's the Boss? - Season 4 - Episode 19

When a housekeeper finds out that Tony gets paid more than the other housekeepers on the block, all the housekeepers, even Tony, go on strike.

Moral Gray Area
870 votes

#7 - Moral Gray Area

Santa Clarita Diet - Season 2 - Episode 3

After an old nemesis asks for a favor, Joel and Sheila find themselves neck deep in Nazis, raffle tickets and surprisingly stunning woodwork.

Tony and the Princess
11 votes

#8 - Tony and the Princess

Who's the Boss? - Season 7 - Episode 22

The time has come for Tony to return a favor to Gus, a feared man in Brooklyn's underworld, who once saved him from the police. Tony should teach manners to Gus' daughter.

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A Trip to the Principal
14 votes

#9 - A Trip to the Principal

Who's the Boss? - Season 4 - Episode 4

Jonathan's grades are at the level where he can skip a grade. He goes from sixth grade to seventh grade. He meets a boy who gets him into trouble and Tony and Angela have to see the principal, concerning Jonathan's behavior.

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575 votes

#10 - Zombody

Santa Clarita Diet - Season 3 - Episode 9

Joel's eager to nail his interview and become a Knight of Serbia, but Sheila keeps salting his game. Meanwhile, Abby hits the town with a new friend.

Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose It
1596 votes

#11 - Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose It

Anger Management - Season 2 - Episode 2

Charlie wonders if his father is developing Alzheimer's.

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Teacher's Pet
14 votes

#12 - Teacher's Pet

Who's the Boss? - Season 5 - Episode 9

Mason should run a seminar at the college, which also Tony attends. Because Mason is quite nervous Tony and Angela give him some hints: among these is also the tip that he should concentrate on one person. And Mason has choosen this one person: Tony.

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373 votes

#13 - Fired

Are You There, Chelsea? - Season 1 - Episode 9

When Rick is promoted at the bar, his management style doesn't sit well with his co-workers; Nikki and Dee Dee go on a cleanse.

Car and Driver
11 votes

#14 - Car and Driver

Who's the Boss? - Season 4 - Episode 10

Sam and Jesse take Tony's car for a joy ride when delivering food, but she dents the car and when it's time to face Tony, she lies and says a boy, who caused the Bower family trouble in the past, dented the car. But on trial day, Sam confesses what really happened to Tony's car.

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Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats
1643 votes

#15 - Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats

Santa Clarita Diet - Season 1 - Episode 10

Dr. Wolf is ready to get down to work, but with Sheila growing more aggressive by the minute, Joel worries it might be too late.

Mother and Child Disunion
16 votes

#16 - Mother and Child Disunion

Who's the Boss? - Season 6 - Episode 6

Angela has reached the goal of her dreams when Braden, a V.I.P. in the advertising branch, offers her the merger. Suffering from this is Mona who gets fired by Angela. After some days has passed Angela realizes that she isn't really happy about this merger.

The All-Nighter
13 votes

#17 - The All-Nighter

Who's the Boss? - Season 6 - Episode 26

Tony must move with his studying group from the living room into a motel room. After an evening full of studying the others go home leaving Tony and Kathleen back alone. The both want to spend some more time learning but instead they are getting closer.

Charlie and the Grad Student
1128 votes

#18 - Charlie and the Grad Student

Anger Management - Season 2 - Episode 36

Charlie competes with Nolan for a hot grad student. Martin and Ed come up with a patriotic scam.

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We Let People Die Every Day
615 votes

#19 - We Let People Die Every Day

Santa Clarita Diet - Season 3 - Episode 3

Sheila and Joel want Anne out of their business. Hey, good luck with that. Also, Eric laments his heroics, and a woman's life hinges on potato salad.

Charlie and the Prison Riot
1058 votes

#20 - Charlie and the Prison Riot

Anger Management - Season 2 - Episode 32

Charlie is held hostage by his prison group during a riot. Charlie’s therapy group tries to hide it from his daughter by throwing a birthday party.

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We Can Kill People
2003 votes

#21 - We Can Kill People

Santa Clarita Diet - Season 1 - Episode 3

Sheila's tummy is growling and Joel needs to find her someone tasty ASAP. Meanwhile, Abby embraces her inner badass and helps out a friend in need.

The Bachelor Party
39 votes

#22 - The Bachelor Party

The Drew Carey Show - Season 3 - Episode 20

Drew and Nicki plan to videotape themselves having sex. Drew's parents come to town to celebrate his engagement, and arrive very early in the morning. After Nicki leaves, Drew tries to tell his mom about a problem involving the couple's relationship. Before he can finish, Kate, Oswald and Lewis stop by to share details of Drew and Oswald's bachelor party. Drew finally tells Beulah that he has called off the wedding. She pleads with him to go through with the bachelor party and let her break the bad news to George, as he has been depressed recently. Steve shows up in a dress, and Drew and Beulah plead with him not to tell George that he is a cross-dresser. Oswald nearly screens the video of Drew and Nicki at the bachelor party. After the guys try to give Drew a bunch of money as a wedding present, Drew breaks down and tells his father that he isn't getting married. Steve pops out of the cake in a dress. George and Beulah leave, but he seems to take Steve's news better than exp

Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?
12 votes

#23 - Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?

Who's the Boss? - Season 7 - Episode 4

Tony meets Kathleen's father, who takes him hunting, and later tells him he expects Tony to be the father of his grandchildren. Angela and Mona babysit a child from Tony's old neighborhood.

Miss Right
199 votes

#24 - Miss Right

The Drew Carey Show - Season 1 - Episode 2

Mr. Bell hires Mimi as his assistant to prevent her from filing a complaint against the store for Drew's so-called "harassment" of her. She vows to make Drew's life a living hell. While conducting interviews for the window dresser position, Drew develops a rapport with Lisa, an attractive applicant who engages him in friendly banter. She seems very interested in Drew. However, Lisa is the most qualified applicant for the job, and Drew fears that it would be improper for management to date an employee. She takes the initiative and asks Drew out, but they agree to avoid the appearance of a date. Mimi and some co-workers catch them kissing at the Warsaw. Drew decides that he wants to keep seeing Lisa, and will ignore what others think. Unfortunately, Mr. Bell tells him that his relationship with Lisa is making the staff uncomfortable. Drew has to break up with her so that she won't be fired. Meanwhile, Drew tries to deal with the antics of his redneck neighbors--including a man

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9 votes

#25 - Ton-an-Enterprises

Who's the Boss? - Season 5 - Episode 12

Again Sam comes home with an expensive T-shirt. This time Tony wants to show her that she can have them cheaper and produces some of them himself. Angela and Sam persuade him selling them at the flea market. Both of them help him, especially Sam hopes she can get rid of her debts which she has made at Jonathan. But it happens what has to happen: Angela and Tony quarrel.

I Dream of Genealogy
12 votes

#26 - I Dream of Genealogy

Who's the Boss? - Season 6 - Episode 20

After researching her family tree, Sam discovers that her great-grandfather, assumed to be deceased, is still alive in Italy. He is flown to Connecticut to meet the family. Tony soon discovers that the man is not who they believe he is.

The Dating Consultant
69 votes

#27 - The Dating Consultant

The Drew Carey Show - Season 3 - Episode 24

Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw who recommends that he sign up for her dating advice service (for $250). He is reluctant, but finally agrees. She embarrasses him by taking hidden video of his date and using it as a "teaching aid" for the class. Drew becomes the laughingstock of the class, despite the fact that most of the students are dorks and losers who have never had sex. Drew seeks the help of the Better Business Bureau to have the service shut down. However, he ends up enlisting tips from the class to get a date with the Better Business Bureau employee. He quickly scares her off with his overeager behavior, and ends up back in the class. Lewis interviews potential new roommates, but Oswald keeps driving them all away. Lewis enjoys the freedom of having the place to himself. Mr. Wick bribes Lewis into letting him use the extra bedroom for a one-night stand. Mimi messes with Oswald's head by trying to convince him that Kate really loves Drew.

In Ramada Da Vida
45 votes

#28 - In Ramada Da Vida

The Drew Carey Show - Season 4 - Episode 2

Drew entertains a group of investors from Vietnam who are considering opening a store in Hanoi. They have drinks at the Airport Ramada Inn. When the house band goes on break, Drew and the guys fulfill the investors' request for music by taking the stage for a song. The manager feels that they are better than the regular band and asks them to play for a week. Drew fears that this would be too much of a distraction and wants to focus on his new job. He changes his mind after a groupie hits on him in the parking lot. The guys audition guitar players, and hire a free-spirited guy named Ed. Kate becomes dissatisfied with her job and tries to get fired. Drew agrees to let her go, but promises to re-hire her if she can't find a better job in a week. She doesn't have any luck, but Drew backs out of the deal because he wants her to find the kind of happiness he now has with his band. Drew blows off a party at Mrs. Louder's house, and later skips work to fool around with Darcy. The ho

The Gynecologist
485 votes

#29 - The Gynecologist

Are You There, Chelsea? - Season 1 - Episode 5

Chelsea accepts an invitation to go deep sea fishing with her new doctor, Dr. Thomas (Tom Parker), and his partner, Dr. Rosen (Josh Meyers), and brings Nikki and Dee Dee along for the trip. As Dee Dee hits it off with Captain Steve (Nate Torrence), Nikki and Chelsea plot to pair off with the eligible doctors, but the girls are in for a surprise when it becomes apparent the doctors are more than just business partners.

Drew's New Assistant
121 votes

#30 - Drew's New Assistant

The Drew Carey Show - Season 1 - Episode 16

Drew is thrilled when Mr. Bell tells him that he can have a personal secretary. However, Bell is just dumping Mimi off on Drew so that he can hire Suzie as his own assistant. Drew and Mimi continue to bicker constantly, especially after she belittles him in front of an interviewee. Mimi throws a stapler at Drew and ends up breaking the window of Bell's office door. Bell suspends Drew and Mimi and threatens to fire them unless they get their act together. Oswald and Lewis fill in on Jay's moving crew. Drew tags along when they make a delivery to Mimi's apartment and tries to talk with her. He finds a cabinet filled with photographs of him, and fears that Mimi is secretly in love with him. Drew gives Suzie a job in jewelry so that Bell will re-hire Mimi as his assistant. Mimi explains that she took the photographs of Drew to send to male prison inmates, but never went through with the prank.

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Starlight Memories
9 votes

#31 - Starlight Memories

Who's the Boss? - Season 7 - Episode 10

Tony and Angela each bring a date to a dance hall's final ball before closing. They meet a couple there who first met at the hall during World War II. Their story is told through flashbacks, where Tony and Angela play the couple as their younger selves.

What the Zoning Inspector Saw
121 votes

#32 - What the Zoning Inspector Saw

The Drew Carey Show - Season 2 - Episode 7

Drew catches the eye of an attractive stranger at the Warsaw. The woman, Bonnie, agrees to come back to his house to see his brewery. After she learns that he does not have a permit, she reveals that she is a zoning inspector and says that she must report him. Mimi (for a fee) suggests a way that Drew might get out of the situation. She says that the gang could organize a party and sell maps to the location, then give away the appropriate amount of beer. Bonnie comes to Winfred-Louder to apologize to Drew, and agrees to attend his party. She brings a policewoman friend to the gathering. Unfortunately, she threatens to arrest Drew and his friends for soliciting to sell alcohol unless they shut down the party and return everyone's money. Bonnie and Drew sleep together. She feels bad about causing him so many problems. She recommends that he get signatures on a petition and appear before the city council to request a change in the zoning laws for his neighborhood. The council h

Better Off Wed (1)
39 votes

#33 - Better Off Wed (1)

Who's the Boss? - Season 8 - Episode 17

Sam and her boyfriend Hank are planning to get married, and Sam must find the right moment and way to tell Tony. But a series of incidents, including Hank's plan of career change, a roofing accident, and an unexpected visit from Hank's parents, yield a chaotic scene. During the bickering that ensues, Sam and Hank sneak off to elope.

To Tony, With Love
43 votes

#34 - To Tony, With Love

Who's the Boss? - Season 6 - Episode 10

To fill out his semester class schedule, Tony takes an independent study course, expecting it to be an easy A, and that he won't have to do any work. The course puts him in a third-grade class, where the teacher orders him to assist her on the first day. After an initial struggle, he finds he is able to work well with the students, and is soon considering becoming a teacher.

Buzz Beer
145 votes

#35 - Buzz Beer

The Drew Carey Show - Season 1 - Episode 22

When an angry Mr. Bell throws a bunch of wadded-up papers at Drew and Mimi, they discover a secret memo announcing that a Dutch group plans to buy the store. Winfred-Louder has been struggling, so they assume that the Dutch want to fire everyone and build something else on the property. The gang goes to a small business expo and meets a man who sells equipment for home breweries. Everyone agrees to invest money in the venture, and Drew decides to take a chance and use his house to acquire a loan. He fears that he is doomed when they cannot come up with an idea. Lewis stays awake by drinking coffee between each beer tasting, and comments favorably on the taste. They decide to brew a coffee-flavored beer, which Oswald names Buzz Beer. A representative of the Dutch, Mr. Van Houten, visits the store and says that they are not firing anyone below management. They will decide who to keep from management on a case-by-case basis. He is impressed with Drew and asks him to stay. Mr. Be

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Mr. Micelli Builds His Dream House
40 votes

#36 - Mr. Micelli Builds His Dream House

Who's the Boss? - Season 8 - Episode 21

The house has a hole in the roof. This in conclusion leads to a rebuilding of Angela's bedroom. Joe, trained workman, carries out the job. But Tony, like it's his way, doesn't leave the workmen,like the others before them, in peace. This leads to a big argument between Joe and Tony - and Tony fires him and does the work now by himself. His team: Hank, Jonathan and Al.

Drew and Mrs. Louder
163 votes

#37 - Drew and Mrs. Louder

The Drew Carey Show - Season 1 - Episode 9

Mrs. Louder, the elderly widow of the store's founder, asks Drew to lunch. She offers him a job as her personal assistant, with increased pay and a promise that he will be in line to become head of personnel. He isn't sure that he wants to change jobs, but fears that he will be fired unless he complies. Drew enjoys making connections within the corporate world, and is now allowed to date Lisa because he is no longer part of management. Drew and Lisa have a tryst in the restroom during the office Christmas party. Drew is demoted to his old job after Mrs. Louder catches them in the act. Meanwhile, Jules drives Drew crazy with his elaborate holiday lights display.

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Strange Bedfellows
119 votes

#38 - Strange Bedfellows

The Drew Carey Show - Season 3 - Episode 3

Nicki Fifer, a real-estate agent working with Drew's new neighbors, asks him to allow them to store a dumpster in his yard during construction. He agrees, even though she refuses his request that they not work too early in the morning. Drew realizes that he is a total pushover, and vows to become more assertive. Drew taps into the boardroom with his computer so that he can review footage of his meeting and hear the board's comments about him. Mimi discovers Kate watching the video, but Kate buys her off. Drew and Mimi see Larry and Mrs. Louder having sex in the boardroom. Wick continues to convalesce at Mimi's house, and she convinces him that the store is in ruins. She asks him what to do about Larry, but he has mellowed and doesn't seem upset by the tryst. Mrs. Louder fires Larry, telling him that Wick sent a memo threatening to expose the video of them together. Larry's wife finds out about the affair and throws him out. Drew is promoted to Larry's old job. The guilt-ridd

Drew's Dance Party Special
33 votes

#39 - Drew's Dance Party Special

The Drew Carey Show - Season 4 - Episode 10

The gang learns that its favorite local radio station is going off the air. They decide to have a slumber party at Drew's house and request a bunch of songs. The station has so many requests that the lines are busy for hours. Oswald goes out for beer, but instead goes to the station and pays the D.J. to let him take over. He plays all of his friends' favorite songs.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying
365 votes

#40 - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying

Are You There, Chelsea? - Season 1 - Episode 6

When Chelsea starts dating a sensitive customer to help Olivia get a job, she has to figure out how to cut him loose without hurting him....

Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics
93 votes

#41 - Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics

The Drew Carey Show - Season 1 - Episode 12

Winfred-Louder employees decide to go on strike a few weeks before Christmas. Drew sympathizes with their plight, but must hire temporary replacements to keep the store going. He and Kate promise that they will not let the strike affect their friendship. However, this proves difficult when she learns that Mimi and Oswald are handling the cosmetics counter. Drew and an uneasy Nora must work in the lingerie department. The strike goes on for three weeks. After Kate is forced to take a job busing tables at the Warsaw, Drew decides that he can no longer tolerate the store's actions. He declares that he will walk the picket line. Seconds later, Larry announces that the strike is over. Oswald takes a job with a parcel delivery service. Drew and Lisa begin secretly dating each other.

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Something Wick This Way Comes
98 votes

#42 - Something Wick This Way Comes

The Drew Carey Show - Season 2 - Episode 2

Drew serves as acting store manager while also fulfilling his regular duties. He is outraged when the store declines to make him the permanent manager, instead hiring Nigel Wick, an Englishman who makes it clear that he would rather be anywhere but Cleveland. Wick makes a stamp of Drew's signature and makes it appear as though Drew is responsible for cost-cutting measures such as the elimination of employee discounts. He coaxes Drew into agreeing to be the "bad guy" by offering him a promotion to assistant manager and a new desk. However, Drew draws the line after Wick tries to fire all of the employees with seniority right before their pensions kick in. He claims that the employees are staging a revolt, and Wick wins the staff's approval by eliminating all of "Drew's" cutbacks. Oswald and Lewis search for a way to fill a large order of Buzz Beer, which is due in just a few days. They put the neighborhood children to work bottling and delivering beer, much to Drew's horror.

Better Off Wed (2)
40 votes

#43 - Better Off Wed (2)

Who's the Boss? - Season 8 - Episode 18

Tony, Angela, Mona, Jonathan, Mrs. Rossini, and Hank's parents chase after Sam and Hank. They arrive at the chapel before the service began -- Sam did not want to be married without Tony present. Tony is still adamant against the union, but the ceremony goes forward as planned.

55 votes

#44 - Finale

The Drew Carey Show - Season 9 - Episode 26

Kellie finally agrees to marry Drew, but their wedding plans are thrown into disarray when she goes into labor.

They're Back
112 votes

#45 - They're Back

The Drew Carey Show - Season 2 - Episode 12

Kate alerts the guys to the fact that a hurricane has struck the near the neighborhood where Drew's parents live in Florida. As they watch the news report, Drew's parents suddenly show up at his house in their Winnebago. They have been on the road since losing their house for failure to make payments. They finally admit that Beulah lost their life savings in a land development scam. The Careys plan to stay with Drew for a few weeks until they receive their claim in a class-action lawsuit. Unfortunately, they lose the case. George and Beulah take over the house and prevent Drew from having any privacy. After his parents spoil a date, he begins spending all of his time at the store. He finally resolves to ask his parents to leave by laying a guilt trip on them. They prove too tough to crack, and Drew ends up staying with Lewis and Oswald.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
1 votes

#46 - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper - Season 1 - Episode 14

In the beginning of the episode, Robin is trying to convince the teachers to unite as a strike group, and reject a new contract with the school district that is unfair. Mark decides that the teachers should strike. The next day, the teachers and students make signs and strike. Mark is seen on television advertising the strike and telling the camera what they want. Tyler comes over to collect the rent money and Mark could not pay the rent. Mark decides to become a mail deliverer at Vanessa's office. Mark storms into Vanessa's office, interupts her meeting, and makes jokes. After that Mark does not follow Vanessa's orders, and Vanessa does not have the will power to fire him. Mark delviers coffee to the boss and also impresses a client. Vanessa finds out that Mark became friends with the boss and he becomes the assistant to the manager of Sales. Mark gets a higher position and a larger salary than Vanessa. He also gets a secretary. Vanessa finds out that she is the secretary to both

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In Vanessa We Trust
1 votes

#47 - In Vanessa We Trust

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper - Season 1 - Episode 12

The roommates' landlord dies, so they decide to use Vanessa's trust fund to buy the house.

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The Bataan Wedding March
25 votes

#48 - The Bataan Wedding March

The Drew Carey Show - Season 8 - Episode 26

As Drew prepares to marry Lily, his mother notes how upset Kellie seems and realizes that she has strong feelings for Drew. She believes that Drew feels the same way about Kellie. Drew and Lily go through with the wedding, but the union proves to be a brief one when they realize that they really are not right for each other. Drew winds up sharing a dance with Kellie.

Married to a Mob
102 votes

#49 - Married to a Mob

The Drew Carey Show - Season 7 - Episode 4

Oswald, Lewis and Steve are shocked to learn that Drew is married to both Nicki and Kate. Drew intends to clear up the situation immediately, but puts it off for two weeks. He alternates between wives, telling each woman that he is away in Toledo on business when he isn't with her. Unfortunately for Drew, Mimi finds out what is going on. Drew begs her not to rat on him. He tells her that he loves both women and is abstaining from sex until he can narrow it down to just one wife. Mimi still feels that his behavior is sleazy, and tries to set him up for a fall. Kate calls while Drew is with Nicki, and he ends up having to agree to a dinner with both of them. He tells Nicki that Kate has gone crazy and thinks that she is married to him. He then tells Kate that Nicki has gotten hooked on anti-depressants. He manages to keep them at bay until Kate finds wedding cake in the freezer that says "Drew and Nicki." Oswald and Lewis decide to look for a house because women are turned off

The Lie
7 votes

#50 - The Lie

Diff'rent Strokes - Season 6 - Episode 4

Willis' seemingly harmless disregard for the truth turns dangerous when a self-serving lie about knowing CPR jeopardizes Arnold's life.