The BEST episodes written by Masha Tivyan

Get Ready To Go-Go
6 votes

#1 - Get Ready To Go-Go

Phil of the Future - Season 2 - Episode 6

Keely finally gets the courage to ask Phil to the dance. Phil agrees to go and Keely walks away as students file past. The students clear and both Keely and Phil see the other doing a happy dance. Later, Phil's dad, Lloyd, tells the family that he has fixed the time machine and they are leaving the next day. Phil has to break his date to a crushed Keely. After Phil tells Keely he is leaving Lloyd breaks the time machine. Phil tells Keely he can now go to the dance with her but she already has another date, Owen. Phil is crushed and asks Via to the dance. At the dance Via and Owen help get Phil and Keely together.

Phil Without a Future
7 votes

#2 - Phil Without a Future

Phil of the Future - Season 2 - Episode 7

Mr. Messerschmitt insists his students take the Career Placement Test. However, Phil doesn't know what he wants to do and doesn't want to be trapped in a job for which is not suited.

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Baby Face
49 votes

#3 - Baby Face

The Drew Carey Show - Season 9 - Episode 15

Drew has trouble getting romantic with Kellie after a photo of the baby puts a lot of very strange ideas in his head.