The BEST episodes written by Richard Day

Putting the Gay Back in Litigation
83 votes

#1 - Putting the Gay Back in Litigation

The Larry Sanders Show - Season 6 - Episode 10

Tired of Phil's gay jokes, Brian sues the show for sexual harrassment.

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Avery-body Dance Now
23 votes

#2 - Avery-body Dance Now

Dog with a Blog - Season 2 - Episode 13

Avery is excited to attend the school dance with Wes and secretly seeks dance lessons from her neighbor, Karl. However, things do not turn out as planned when Wes becomes suspicious of Avery spending so much time with Karl.

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Twas the Fight Before Christmas
26 votes

#3 - Twas the Fight Before Christmas

Dog with a Blog - Season 2 - Episode 7

When Ellen's self-obsessed sister comes over, due to a flight delay to Hawaii, Avery tries to help her mom to get through the visit. Meanwhile Stan, Tyler, and Chloe attempt to hide a stray dog named Sparky in the house for Christmas.

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Development Arrested
2144 votes

#4 - Development Arrested

Arrested Development - Season 3 - Episode 13

After returning home from Iraq, George Sr. is finally cleared of all charges, and Michael is relieved to be the head of a successful company for a change. The real brains behind the madness is revealed, and just as the family begins to celebrate their victory, a whole new set of problems emerge.

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The Penis
134 votes

#5 - The Penis

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 14

The Buchmans promise to name their baby, if it's a boy, after Paul's ailing Uncle Phil, then find out his real name. Meanwhile, Paul is suddenly sure of the baby's sex.

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Best Man
181 votes

#6 - Best Man

Running Wilde - Season 1 - Episode 6

Steve and Andy's rivalry for Emmy's affection reaches a breaking point.

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Mr. F
2049 votes

#7 - Mr. F

Arrested Development - Season 3 - Episode 5

Michael must deal with a huge mole problem in order to salvage a major real estate deal with Japanese investors. In an effort to help Michael, Gob and Buster team up with George Sr.'s surrogate, Larry, to devise a plan and save the deal, but their plan falls apart in a big way. Meanwhile, Tobias mistakes a CIA agent for a CAA agent and inadvertently betrays the family, and Michael makes Rita a proposal she can't refuse. Frankie Muniz makes a cameo as himself.

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The Handyman
139 votes

#8 - The Handyman

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 12

The perils of engaging Paul and Jamie's handyman are visited upon Lisa, whose fiance is more than willing to finance Paul's over-budget documentary project.

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The Fix-Up
7 votes

#9 - The Fix-Up

Ellen - Season 2 - Episode 5

When Ellen's blind date, whom she remembers as a childhood weirdo, turns out to be a perfectly normal guy, she's eager to pursue the relationship, but a series of complications convinces him that she's the one who's strange.

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The Pre-Nup
95 votes

#10 - The Pre-Nup

Running Wilde - Season 1 - Episode 12

Though Emmy isn't interested in becoming Steve's wife, she signs a prenup to prove she's not after his money. This then fulfills an engagement clause for Steve, which triggers a financial windfall for him.

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2085 votes

#11 - S.O.B.s

Arrested Development - Season 3 - Episode 9

George Sr. suggests a last-ditch effort to save the family by holding a fund raiser to raise money to pay their legal expenses. Michael suggests to Lindsay that she take over the house work, and he sends George-Michael to an expensive boarding school. Meanwhile, Maeby has trouble with a snowboarding film and Tobias tries to be a "discipline daddy".

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136 votes

#12 - Outbreak

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 7

The Buchmans decide the time and place of their grand announcement, but the leaks start early during Thanksgiving week.

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The Cockatoo
135 votes

#13 - The Cockatoo

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 18

Paul talks an unwilling Jamie into quitting her job at the mayoral campaign, but he is less successful in dealing with an exotic bird that flies into their lives.

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For British Eyes Only
1961 votes

#14 - For British Eyes Only

Arrested Development - Season 3 - Episode 2

Investigating his father's claim that a British group set him up, Michael goes to "Wee Britain" and is smitten with a beautiful woman named Rita. Lindsay attempts to seduce the new family attorney, and Gob goes to extremes to avoid his newly discovered son.

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6 votes

#15 - Gladiators

Ellen - Season 2 - Episode 19

Ellen reluctantly becomes a contestant on American Gladiators, then becomes fighting mad when her female combatant, Ice, ruins her budding romance with gladiator Nitro.

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On the Road
109 votes

#16 - On the Road

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 17

To escape Jamie's baby shower, Paul hits the road with Ira and Marvin in the latter's van, but his urge to tell insensitive jokes quickly leads to trouble.

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The Touching Game
139 votes

#17 - The Touching Game

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 19

A very pregnant Jamie insists on helping out at David (Paul's cousin) and Jared's new coffee shop, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Ira and Paul help a pregnant woman on a bus.

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Mr. Smith Goes to Nam
4 votes

#18 - Mr. Smith Goes to Nam

It's Garry Shandling's Show - Season 2 - Episode 17

Vet Leonard Smith has nightmares about Vietnam.

Ballet Class
7 votes

#19 - Ballet Class

Ellen - Season 2 - Episode 16

Determined to fulfill a childhood dream, Ellen takes ballet lessons and sets her sights on dancing the lead in her class recital.

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The Thanksgiving Show
367 votes

#20 - The Thanksgiving Show

Spin City - Season 4 - Episode 9

A newly rich Paul thinks Caitlin is hitting on him. The mayor wants a senator's endorsement and invites him, along with his staff, to Gracie Mansion for Thanksgiving. The senator thinks that Mike and Caitlin are a couple so they must share a room. Stuart and Deidre are back together.

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The Grant
142 votes

#21 - The Grant

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 2

Jamie tries to stay awake, avoid coffee and continue to manage Brockwell's campaign. Meanwhile, while Paul is trying to figure out how to use a sizeable grant that has come his way, his Uncle Phil asks Paul and Ira to visit him in Brooklyn.

Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place
104 votes

#22 - Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place

The Drew Carey Show - Season 4 - Episode 4

Mrs. Louder asks Drew to fill in as store manager while Mr. Wick is in rehab. He refuses, as he is having a great time with his band and doesn't want to deal with all the hassles of the job. Mrs. Louder reluctantly gives the job to Larry. A man approaches Drew and offers the Horndogs the chance to go on a tour of all the Ramadas in Ohio. He decides to accept the offer and quit his job. Kate doesn't think this is a good idea, as she ended up working as a "booze wench" at the Ramada after quitting Winfred-Louder. A plastered Wick shows up at Drew's show and says that he was kicked out of rehab because of a change in his health insurance. Drew discovers that Larry changed the employee coverage to an HMO so that he could spend $100,000 on a Jacobs Field skybox for Mrs. Louder. Drew is upset because he had fought hard to get good coverage for everyone. The employees plead with him to go through the budget and find some way to make up the lost money and get their health plan back.

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The Refrigerator
11 votes

#23 - The Refrigerator

Ellen - Season 1 - Episode 9

Ellen and Adam struggle to find the perfect refrigerator.

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The Gym
135 votes

#24 - The Gym

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 9

Paul so likes playing the mystery man at a local gym that he talks Jamie out of working there, whereupon she hands over her free pass to a homeless acquaintance from the neighborhood.

The Soft Touch
13 votes

#25 - The Soft Touch

Ellen - Season 1 - Episode 10

Convinced she's responsible for getting a car salesman fired, Ellen hires him to work at Buy the Book. Meanwhile, Ellen's parents unwittingly interfere with her plans to buy a new car.

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Mrs. Koger
34 votes

#26 - Mrs. Koger

Ellen - Season 2 - Episode 10

Ellen speaks her mind to her cranky old neighbor who then dies. Meanwhile, she hires a pushy new bookstore manager with a history of mental problems.

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467 votes

#27 - Self-Deportation

Arrested Development - Season 5 - Episode 2

For varying reasons, most of the Bluths (even Steve Holt) feel compelled to run off to Mexico. Michael tries to convince Buster to go to the police.

171 votes

#28 - Therapy

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 3

Months after setting it up, Paul and Jamie decide to keep their appointment with the therapist Fran referred them to, but doing so delays Paul's shoot of his parents' reminiscences, with some interesting consequences.

Career Opportunities
217 votes

#29 - Career Opportunities

Dinosaurs - Season 2 - Episode 8

Robbie searches to find a first ever career opportunity for him to prove that he's grown and that can he can handle with hit. When the Job Wizard gives him the job of ""tree-pushing"" Robbie isn't comfortable, but makes Earl feel happy that he can finally spend time helping his son with his new job.

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The Feud
80 votes

#30 - The Feud

Mad About You - Season 5 - Episode 22

Theresa and Sylvia vie for the new crib honors, with predictable consequences. On another front, Paul wins big at poker but is paid off by Marvin in the form of specially-priced household chores.

Raja Sixteen
5 votes

#31 - Raja Sixteen

Aliens in America - Season 1 - Episode 18

Raja finds infatuation with Sadika Sadaqatmal, a local Muslim girl. Franny gets excited and plans a big date for them, which includes both sides of the family. Gary and Franny comment on how Justin doesn't even have a girlfriend yet, which causes him to ask out a neurotic girl named Donna. Claire begins dating the German exchange student staying with the Sadaqatmals.

One Hundred Thousand Miles
33 votes

#32 - One Hundred Thousand Miles

Aliens in America - Season 1 - Episode 14

When Raja prays at the airport, the Tolchucks are questioned there. After the incident, Raja feels bad, so he asks to be place with a new family. The Tolchucks search for Raja.

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Chain Migration
306 votes

#33 - Chain Migration

Arrested Development - Season 5 - Episode 11

As George Sr. attempts to win back Lucille, Michael assembles a mold of their scheme. Meanwhile, Buster gets caught up in Tobias and Gob's business.

Rocket Club
64 votes

#34 - Rocket Club

Aliens in America - Season 1 - Episode 3

When Franny loses her sense of boundaries and requests that Gary remove the locks from all the doors, Justin and his friends find time for themselves by creating the Rocket Club, which is their secret excuse to hang out and do whatever they want. Raja, however, does not fit in well with the group because he does not like the fact that all they do is nothing.

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36 votes

#35 - Tackin'

Sit Down, Shut Up - Season 1 - Episode 9

When Larry hears from the Deep South Council of Physical Fitness, he attempts to remove all the junk food from the school to help the kids get fit. Willard convinces Larry to give him all the junk food, and as a result, suffers an unfortunate heart attack. When he awakens, he shares his amazing journey and causes an unexpected frenzy.

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Kate's Family
96 votes

#36 - Kate's Family

The Drew Carey Show - Season 4 - Episode 11

After Kate loses another job, Drew suggests that she contact his neighbors about a paid housesitting gig. She meets Scott, a handsome plumber working on the house, and they become attracted to each other. The couple's two children are supposed to stay with a babysitter while their parents are away, but the woman has to leave town because of a family emergency. She leaves the kids with Kate. Scott offers to help her out, and the foursome begins acting like a family. Kate gets a little too caught up in the charade, and freaks out when Scott decides to go out with his buddies instead of staying over with her. She leaves the kids with Drew and tries to win him back, but Scott has tired of the situation and dumps her. Kate becomes depressed when the Fosters return early and reclaim their kids. Drew takes up swimming in the hopes of impressing avid swimmer Sharon, but only ends up with an ear infection. Sharon still refuses to date him. Mimi worries about how Drew will get his reven