The WORST Episodes of South Park

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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Network: Comedy Central

South Park is an animated series featuring four boys who live in the Colorado town of South Park, which is beset by frequent odd occurrences. The show grew out of a short film that Trey Parker and Matt Stone created called The Spirit of Christmas, and has become an award-winning show that is a unique blend of humor and satire.

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#1 - Jakovasaurs

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 16, 1999

The boys discover a live prehistoric Jakovasaur while camping on Stark's Pond. The government and the citizens of South Park are interested in trying to help keep this endangered species alive, until they all realize how annoying the Jakovasaurs really are. The only one who really enjoys them is Cartman. The boys try distracting him while the town tries to send the Jakovasaurs to France.

star 6.64
1,358 votes
Directors: Matt Stone
Writers: David Goodman, Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Eat, Pray, Queef

#2 - Eat, Pray, Queef

Season 13 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 1, 2009

Someone played an April Fools joke on the boys and it didn't go over well. Butters is incapacitated, Cartman is furious and the rest of the boys are afraid someone might do it again.

star 6.85
2,074 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
Crippled Summer

#3 - Crippled Summer

Season 14 - Episode 7 - Aired Apr 28, 2010

Competition is the name of the game this summer. There is no time for Jimmy and his friends to slack off. They're working to be this year's champions at summer camp. Jimmy suits up and prepares to shred in the annual surfing contest.

star 6.89
3,074 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus

#4 - Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 1, 1998

The show starts off with the build up from last season's cliffhanger revolving around Cartman's paternal origins. However, just as it seems they are about to get on with the second half of "Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut," they do a 180 degree turn-around and reveal that for April Fool's Day they will be showing Terrance & Phillip in "Not Without My Anus."

star 6.90
1,432 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker, Trisha Nixon

#5 - Funnybot

Season 15 - Episode 2 - Aired May 4, 2011

At the school's first annual Comedy Awards, Jimmy announces that the Germans are the least funny people in the world. Germany is highly insulted. They vow that retaliation toward the kids at South Park Elementary will be swift and brutal.

star 6.95
3,663 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
Britney's New Look

#6 - Britney's New Look

Season 12 - Episode 2 - Aired Mar 19, 2008

While trying to escape her troubles in the secluded mountains near South Park, Britney Spears has a run-in with the boys. Stan and Kyle get swept up in her celebrity as well as the non-stop feeding frenzy that plagues her wherever she goes. The boys must take Britney to the North Pole when they learn the secret behind what makes her so popular.

star 7.02
1,631 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
A Million Little Fibers

#7 - A Million Little Fibers

Season 10 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 19, 2006

Towelie writes a book and it gets selected for Oprah’s book club. It becomes a best seller with everyone getting a lot help for their addictions; until a faction of Oprah's staff leak the truth about the book.

star 7.05
1,400 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls

#8 - Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Aug 19, 1998

A film festival moves to South Park, only to have a devastating effect on the sewer system. Mr. Hankey calls upon Kyle for help. The movie people interpret Kyle's pleading as a pitch and they quickly turn his story into a film starring Tom Hanks and a monkey they call "Mr. Hankey." Kyle is outraged that the filmmakers aren't hearing his pleas. Soon Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls energizes everyone.

star 7.05
1,192 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Matt Stone, Nancy Pimental, Trey Parker
Royal Pudding

#9 - Royal Pudding

Season 15 - Episode 3 - Aired May 11, 2011

The Prince of Canada is about to take a Princess and Ike is obsessed with the Royal Wedding.

star 7.08
3,531 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
The Problem With a Poo

#10 - The Problem With a Poo

Season 22 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 10, 2018

Mr. Hankey must defend his character or lose everything that is important to him. Mr. Hankey’s offensive behavior puts him in jeopardy of being fired as the Director of the Annual Christmas Pageant. Meanwhile, at South Park Elementary, Strong Woman and PC Principal face a whole new set of challenges in their relationship.

star 7.09
1,334 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

#11 - Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Sep 3, 1997

Stan's got a new dog-named Sparky. Stan proclaims his pet to be the toughest dog on the mountain. Though while Stan thinks his dog is ready for fighting, Sparky proceeds to hump Sylvester like a little bitch. The other boys taunt Stan about his gay dog and Sparky runs away to find someone who will love him for who he is.

star 7.11
1,882 votes
Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics

#12 - Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics

Season 3 - Episode 15 - Aired Dec 1, 1999

Mr. Hankey introduces 10 musical segments highlighting songs the on the CD "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics." The boys and all of the other South Park characters sing their own songs for the Holidays and realize that Christmas is all about the presents.

star 7.12
823 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker

#13 - Volcano

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Aug 20, 1997

The boys get together with Stan's Uncle Jimbo and Jimbo's war-buddy Ned for a hunting trip in the nearby mountains. After Cartman's mom makes sure her "little" boy is safe and sound (much to Cartman's dismay) the group heads off for adventure. As they drive away from the town, Jimbo explains the "finer" points of hunting.

star 7.15
2,078 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Matt Stone, Trey Parker
A Very Crappy Christmas

#14 - A Very Crappy Christmas

Season 4 - Episode 17 - Aired Dec 20, 2000

Kyle and Ike anxiously await Mr. Hankey. When he doesn't show, Kyle calls the others for a late night emergency meeting. They find Mr. Hankey living with his alcoholic wife and their three little nuggets. He tells them that no one is into Christmas. They all decide to try and spread some Christmas cheer. Their effort fails and the boys decide to create an animated special of their own. Featuring Jesus, Santa Claus and themselves.

star 7.16
828 votes
Directors: Adrien Beard
Writers: Trey Parker
An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig

#15 - An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 10, 1997

Stan notices a new addition in their bus stop crew, an elephant standing alongside Kyle. At school, class lessons for the day involve genetic engineering (conveniently enough). Kyle questions the possibility of a genetically engineered elephant made smaller by design. The boys have to beat the rough kids in their genetics experiment, and will try anything to do it.

star 7.16
1,804 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Dan Sterling, Matt Stone, Trey Parker

#16 - #HappyHolograms

Season 18 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 10, 2014

Still burning over Ike calling him a Grandpa, Kyle teams up with some heavy hitters in the entertainment industry to create the most extravagant televised Holiday Spectacular ever. He’s sure that this event will be just the thing to bring families together again. Meanwhile, multiple holograms are still on the loose in South Park.

star 7.18
1,924 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
Weight Gain 4000

#17 - Weight Gain 4000

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Aug 27, 1997

Mr. Garrison starts the day off with a special announcement; one of South Park's own has won a national essay contest. Everyone is shocked to learn that the winner is Cartman, who doesn't even remember what he wrote about.

star 7.20
2,557 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Matt Stone, Trey Parker
City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)

#18 - City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Jun 17, 1998

While their school bus is dangling on the edge of a cliff, the boys remember some of their past adventures. Mrs. Crabtree catches a ride into town with a stranger and winds up doing a brief stint as a standup comedienne. Back in South Park, Mr. Mackey convinces the parents that their missing children must have run away. In the end it's all a dream within a dream.

star 7.23
1,206 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Nancy Pimental, Trey Parker
Stanley's Cup

#19 - Stanley's Cup

Season 10 - Episode 14 - Aired Nov 15, 2006

Stan becomes coach of a Pee Wee Hockey team and for the benefit of one his players he tries to make them into a team of winners. Meanwhile his father deals with the memory of Stan’s performance in a Pee Wee hockey game from years earlier, when Stan had the opportunity to score the game winning goal.

star 7.23
1,506 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker
Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods

#20 - Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Sep 2, 1998

The kids go on a field trip to the planetarium. All of the children except Cartman are acting weird. As usual Stan and Kyle, with Kenny's sacrifice, try to get to bottom of the mystery. Meanwhile, Cartman wins an appearance on a snack commercial. The four boys get to the root of the strange planetarium.

star 7.25
1,190 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: David Goodman, Trey Parker
Summer Sucks

#21 - Summer Sucks

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Jun 24, 1998

Schools out for summer and with Mr. Hat missing, Mr. Garrison is over the edge. The state has a ban on the sale of fireworks, and it screws up the boy's plans for a 4th of July celebration. Mr. Garrison seeks psychiatric help from Dr. Katz while Jimbo and Ned go to Mexico, in an attempt to smuggle fireworks back to the children of America.

star 7.27
1,377 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Nancy Pimental, Trey Parker
Merry Christmas Charlie Manson

#22 - Merry Christmas Charlie Manson

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Aired Dec 9, 1998

Kyle, Stan and Kenny accompany Eric and his family to a Christmas celebration with the Cartman family. One of Cartman's relatives breaks out of jail for the reunion, with his cellmate, Charles Manson.

star 7.28
1,207 votes
Directors: Eric Stough
Writers: Nancy Pimental, Trey Parker
Tegridy Farms Halloween Special

#23 - Tegridy Farms Halloween Special

Season 23 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 30, 2019

It's Halloween and Randy is dealing with his daughter's marijuana problem. Butters gets an unexpected surprise when he visits the Egyptian Artifact exhibit at the Denver Museum.

star 7.28
1,048 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker

#24 - Pip

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired Nov 29, 2000

This is the story of Pip's origin. Pip gets a job at the Havesham Estate where he meets Estella. She only spurns his optimism with insults. When Pip is offered the opportunity to become a gentleman he goes to London only to discover that Miss Havesham plans to break his heart. Her plan is to use Pip's tears to power her Genesis device and will allow her to gain revenge on all men.

star 7.28
1,132 votes
Directors: Eric Stough
Writers: Trey Parker
Moss Piglets

#25 - Moss Piglets

Season 21 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 15, 2017

Jimmy and Timmy’s experiment could win them first prize in the annual science fair.

star 7.28
1,991 votes
Directors: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker