The Best Episodes of Robot Chicken

Fight Club Paradise

#1 - Fight Club Paradise 8.22

Season 5 - Episode 19

The chicken escapes! Sex and the City 3 tries to be more guy-oriented. Ranger Smith tries to stop Yogi Bear, Power Rangers style! The show celebrates 100 episodes with shocking ultra-violence! (What else?)

Lust for Puppets

#2 - Lust for Puppets 8.15

Season 2 - Episode 18

Montezuma gets his revenge. Cameron Diaz has just 24 hours to live. Some girl dates the Frankenstein monster which makes her father uneasy. Calvin and Hobbes have fun therapy adventures. Mario and Luigi stumble into the violent world of Vice City.

Directors: Seth Green
The Godfather Of The Bride 2

#3 - The Godfather Of The Bride 2 8.14

Season 5 - Episode 17

Remember when MTV used to actually be about music? The MTV logo does and it's out for revenge. The Robot Chicken Nerd dreams of hanging out with Michael Knight from Knight Rider. A bunch of Spocks from the future gather for a surprise party and the creators imagine what television will be like in the year 2013.

Book of Corrine

#4 - Book of Corrine 8.13

Season 2 - Episode 20

Vince Vaughn presents his new hit show, Vince Vaughn Bangs You Mom. Meet Casper’s` brother Jasper, the Douchebag Ghost. Ninjas compete in a game show. A nerd gives us a much needed lesson on Go-bots. The cast of Sesame Street deals with a viral outbreak. A robot learns what it means to be alive. Robot Chicken holds a telethon the goes horribly awry.

Directors: Matthew Senreich
Boo Cocky

#5 - Boo Cocky 8.08

Season 3 - Episode 15

Conan tells us "What is Best in Life" with a song. The Nerds find out Revenge comes with a price. President Jenna Bush trades the Oil Crisis for the Corn Crisis. The "Saved By The Bell" kids meet Jigsaw from "Saw," and Screech will never be the same. The Borg track the Enterprise to its hiding place...Las Vegas' "Star Trek Experience".

Directors: Chris McKay
Some Like It Hitman

#6 - Some Like It Hitman 8.07

Season 5 - Episode 13

A look at life at Hogwarts, Winnie the Pooh's addiction, Donald Duck's family history and Tommy Tapeworm's latest victim.

Endless Breadsticks

#7 - Endless Breadsticks 8.07

Season 3 - Episode 6

Another black man in a Fat Suit movie. Big Jim tries to score. A cat in a hat has his way with the family pet and the kids need to get lost. When Snarf kicks it, Mumm-Ra sees his chance to destroy the Thundercats as Lion-O's new nanny.

Directors: Chris McKay
Atta Toy

#8 - Atta Toy 8.05

Season 1 - Episode 13

In ""Ding Dong, King Kong."" A famous monkey breaks out of its cage, a Hollywood News and Gossip gets a nastly treament. The Smurfs are scrambling to find the one behind a string of serial killings in the village, killings that are mimicking the seven deadly sins.

Directors: Tom Root
Secret of the Booze

#9 - Secret of the Booze 8.04

Season 7 - Episode 3

The identity of an alien is questioned. A new room-mate moves in with Bert. The Terminator meets his new wife's kids from a previous marriage. Papa Smurf has to go undercover.

Directors: Zeb Wells
Hurtled from a Helicopter into a Speeding Train

#10 - Hurtled from a Helicopter into a Speeding Train 8.04

Season 6 - Episode 5

A "Lord of the Rings" spoof; more adventures with E.T.; a birthday gift for Ben 10; a new mission for Captain Planet.

Directors: Zeb Wells
The Departy Monster

#11 - The Departy Monster 8.04

Season 5 - Episode 12

Master Chief's face is revealed; life for Frankenberry is examined; Princess Toadstool's parents meet Mario; and Scarecrow navigates life in prison.

Suck It

#12 - Suck It 8.03

Season 2 - Episode 1

Seth Green slimes the [adult swim] creator. He is put into outer space. He comes back. He gets slimed. He is renewed. See what happens when terrorism is used in jokes. A new superhero is in town. "The Six Million Peso Man" is his name. Two space invaders have a little chat. Mr. & Mrs. Brady shows us how The Brady Bunch is involved in the assassin business.

Directors: Seth Green
Victoria's Secret of NIMH

#13 - Victoria's Secret of NIMH 8.03

Season 7 - Episode 15

The Count from Sesame Street has a run in with Blade, Jor-El has some very helpful advice for Superman, and a new nemesis comes to Gotham City.

Directors: Zeb Wells

#14 - 1987 8.02

Season 2 - Episode 6

Twinkie the Kid brings justice and good eating. Film directors turn to popular board games, such as Hungry Hungry Hippos, to make movies out of. Skeletor is visited by the local dentist, Darth Vader calls Emperor Palpatine about the Death Star, Johnny Cage recovers from a fatality, and Ted Turner attempts to clean up the environment.

Directors: Douglas Goldstein
Chipotle Miserables

#15 - Chipotle Miserables 8.02

Season 7 - Episode 19

Velociraptors from "Jurassic Park" learn to be clever; the possible cancellation of "Robot Chicken."

Directors: Zeb Wells
Squaw Bury Shortcake

#16 - Squaw Bury Shortcake 8.01

Season 3 - Episode 2

The Myth Busters team tackles masturbation myths. G-Force’s Tiny needs to shed a few pounds. Popeye’s friends hold an intervention over his addiction to spinach. Godzilla takes a rookie out for a Training Day. Tablesmasher attempts to defeat The Council of Evil Tables. Dirty Harry deals with a punk that does feel lucky. After retirement, Bob Barker handles the neutering personally.

Directors: Chris McKay
Fools Goldfinger

#17 - Fools Goldfinger 8.01

Season 5 - Episode 18

Harry finds a new owner. A lost Lord of the Rings manuscript gets finished by Tolkien's 6-year old grandson. Find out the trouble of a bleeding alien. A guy finds out that in the world of dating, anything can become a bomb. Gay Tony calls for other video game characters to embrace their homosexuality.

Noidstrom Rack

#18 - Noidstrom Rack 8.01

Season 7 - Episode 12

The Zybots try to unite with the Autobots. There's a look behind the scenes at what happened during medieval times. The night crew of the Enterprise go on a adventure. Man-E-Faces experience being a star.

Directors: Zeb Wells
Rebel Appliance

#19 - Rebel Appliance 8.00

Season 7 - Episode 4

A dad has an uncomfortable talk with his daughter about the birds and the bees, the origin of bagpipes is revealed, and the Robot Chicken writers let the Robot Chicken Nerd take a trip into The Game of Thrones.

Directors: Zeb Wells
Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone

#20 - Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone 7.99

Season 7 - Episode 13

Why no one plays the piano in Wayne Manor; what James Potter did while in animal form; Disney Princesses fight.

Directors: Zeb Wells

#21 - Monstourage 7.99

Season 3 - Episode 17

Vic Mackey from "The Shield" switches places with the Fantastic Four's Thing and it's funny. Cowboys on a cattle drive have it bad in biblical proportions. Bronson Pinchot and Ludacris star in the off-Broadway production of "Don't Be Ridiculous". Fraggle Rock meets Watership Down when the Fraggles are forced out of their home and onto a desperate hunt for survival.

Directors: Chris McKay
Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday

#22 - Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday 7.98

Season 6 - Episode 2

post-concert activities with Alvin and the Chipmunks; Mary Poppins' unusual behavior; the truth behind B.A.Baracus' distaste for flying; G.I. Joe's war experience

Directors: Zeb Wells
Up, Up, and Buffet

#23 - Up, Up, and Buffet 7.96

Season 7 - Episode 8

Our writers imagine how Scrooge McDuck would do on Shark Tank, Fred Flintstone gets a colonoscopy, Shrek has a moment of clarity, and Doc from Mike Tyson's Punchout passes on to the great arena in the sky.

Directors: Zeb Wells
Botched Jewel Heist

#24 - Botched Jewel Heist 7.95

Season 6 - Episode 17

A meeting between Jason Voorhees and Michael Meyers; a rap for pescatarians; the future of holidays.

Directors: Zeb Wells
G.I. Jogurt

#25 - G.I. Jogurt 7.95

Season 7 - Episode 1

Seth and Matt get Robot Chicken uncancelled, Gargamel sells Smurf Burgers, Catdog visits the vet, a drunken minotaur terrorises the British kids who own the cupboard leading to Narnia and GI Joe fight COBRA for a "Best P.S.A Award".

Directors: Zeb Wells