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Last Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Network: Fuji TV

Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi, and Morita Shinobu are college students who share the small apartment. Even though they live in poverty, the three of them are able to obtain pleasure through small things in life. The story follows these characters' life stories as poor college students, as well as their love lives when a short but talented 18 year old girl called Hanamoto Hagumi appears.

The Two Affections Start to Turn

#1 - The Two Affections Start to Turn

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 21, 2005

Morita's motive for his terrible treatment on Hagumi is revealed in his website, and the stressed out Hagumi is enraged by what but he did. However, Morita soon repays her for her troubles.

star 7.22
45 votes
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda, Yuu Yamashita
Forward, In the Direction of the Light

#2 - Forward, In the Direction of the Light

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Aug 10, 2006

Kaoru thinks about his father again. In a laboratory, his father shows one of his employees an invention, only to be disappointed at his reaction. Kaoru then thinks back to when Shinobu made a remote-controlled airplane, and their father was very proud of Shinobu. It is revealed that their father cares more for Shinobu than for Kaoru. Their uncle, their father's business partner, tells Kaoru than the father is very much like Shinobu, reckless and eccentric. Their uncle was diagnosed with a disease, restricting him from working. The uncle stops working alongside the father. Instead, he joins with another business, Floyd Electric. Floyd Electric comes to the laboratory to see the father. The father knew already that the uncle betrayed him. The uncle tells the father about his disease, and that if he were to die, all the rights to his money goes to Floyd Electric, not the father. Shinobu, Kaoru, and their father leaves the laboratory after all this. Shinobu wakes up from a dream of how Kaoru envied Shinobu and his father. A windstorm whooshes on the campus grounds during the art exhibition, and something unexpected happens.

star 6.86
7 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
We Look For a Miracle

#3 - We Look For a Miracle

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired May 26, 2005

Shuuji Hanamoto has to be away for a year for a job assignment and he worries about whether he should bring his niece, Hagumi, along with him. Intending to give her uncle a good luck charm for his trip, Hagumi searches for a four-leaf clover.

star 6.71
41 votes
Writers: Koji Masunari, Yousuke Kuroda
With Honey and Clover

#4 - With Honey and Clover

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired Sep 14, 2006

Ayumi questions Shūji's love for Hagu. Takumi is happy for Shūji for admitting his love for Hagu. Ayumi regrets telling Shinobu about Hagu's accident. Takumi explains to Ayumi that Hagu had art as a part of her life, so her love for Shinobu was uncertain in the past. Shūji prepares to take a break from teaching, and then tells Rika about it. Rika explains to Shūji that Takumi scolded her about Shūji. Kaoru feels guilty for allowing the former boss of Floyd Electric to live with his children and grandchildren. Hagu compares Ayumi to a dove, and Hagu would want to make origami doves for Ayumi. Shinobu tells Kaoru about the fun employees and about the strong Hagu. Everyone celebrates the graduation of Yūta and Hagu. This will be the last night before Yūta leaves. Yūta and Hagu are sent to buy ice cream. Hagu worries about Shūji, but Yūta tells her not to worry. As Yūta leaves on a train, Hagu bids him farewell, giving him some bread. Within each sandwich, a four-leaf clover is seen.

star 6.67
39 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
The Past, Tears, and a Confession

#5 - The Past, Tears, and a Confession

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired May 19, 2005

The group visits a rather eerie zoo. Shuuji reveals to Mayamoto his history with Rika and her husband. In the second half of the episode, the students are hard pressed to complete their final term art work especially Morita.

star 6.66
41 votes
Writers: Kouichi Takada, Yousuke Kuroda
These Were Two Unrequited Loves

#6 - These Were Two Unrequited Loves

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Apr 28, 2005

Takemoto, Morita and Mayama are invited over to the Hanamoto's for a dinner party after Hagumi brings back some soba from her summer vacation in Nagano. However, Morita and Mayama fail to attend. Takemoto offers to help Hagumi with something but soon finds that he has taken on more than he can chew. And Mayama's job puts a serious strain on Yamada.

star 6.65
43 votes
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
The Day It All Began

#7 - The Day It All Began

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 14, 2005

An unusual transfer student arrives at the art school Takemoto attends and attracts the attention of Morita, causing him to go on a photo-taking spree on her. Mayama, Takemoto and Yamada soon discover her artistic talents.

star 6.63
51 votes
Directors: Kenichi Kasai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
Because I Can't Leave You Alone

#8 - Because I Can't Leave You Alone

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Jun 2, 2005

Hagumi and Ayama hold a dinner party and invite the guys over but it soon turns out that it's a special day for one of them. And in the second part of the episode, Hagumi has to spend a night alone in the apartment when Ayama has to return home to her family.

star 6.60
40 votes
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda, Yuu Yamashita
The Sudden Kiss, the Unexpected Parting

#9 - The Sudden Kiss, the Unexpected Parting

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Jul 7, 2005

It is spring again. The whole group attends the annual school festival. Some of them tell stories about what happened recently to them, while others think of their loved ones. Later on the next day, Hagu is still in an uncomfortable mood. She went out to buy tobacco for Professor Hanamoto and took a look of cherry blossoms for a while. Morita suddenly appears in his eccentric behavior, giving her his scarf and kissing her unconsciously. He ran away the moment he realized what he had just done. Hagu was quite shocked after that and she got a fever which, according to Professor Hanamoto, is often caused to her by stress. Professor Hanamoto told Takemoto about Hagu's uncomfortable feelings while going out with Morita last time, and he said she did not realize that was because she liked him. Takemoto, feeling depressed, comes back home, finding the person responsible for summoning Morita to work, who is seen breaking into Morita's overly secured room. The room shockingly resembled that of a master control room. This mysterious person then finds Morita's passport, in order to be delivered to the airport. He then tells Takemoto that Morita is about to go to Los Angeles for six months for a job. Takemoto jumps into the car with him to go to airport but he could not make it in time to bid Morita farewell. The person is later revealed to be Morita's older brother, Kaoru Morita, who also portrays eccentricity. Takemoto asks Kaoru whether Morita will return or not. In turn, Kaoru asks Takemoto whether or not he wants Morita to return.

star 6.59
39 votes
Writers: Kouichi Takada, Yousuke Kuroda
Pondering My Inabilities

#10 - Pondering My Inabilities

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Aug 24, 2006

Kaoru explains his jealousy of Shinobu, and Shinobu questions Kaoru's jealousy. Shūji tells Yūta and Ayumi that Hagu isn't doing so well. She waiting a very long time to be able to have feeling in her right hand, since it was numb after her surgery. Shūji then tells them that Hagu might suffer sensory impairments in her right hand for the rest of her life, and that she might not be able to paint anymore. Ayumi tells Nomiya that she would want a cell phone in order to contact Hagu during her stay at the hospital. Ayumi sews a sweater for Hagu, and then visits her in the hospital. Shūji meets with the physical therapist, as she gives him instructions to massage Hagu's stiff upper body. Yūta and Ayumi go to a garden to pick flowers for Hagu, and they visit her again. Shūji tells Yūta and Ayumi that Hagu will gain her sense of feeling over time, however he says to them that they should be concentrating on their lives, and not Hagu's. Yūta is worried to leave Hagu after graduation, because he doesn't want to see her in pain and suffering. He wants to be able to help Hagu recover, but he is struggling to decide whether to help her or leave her.

star 6.55
38 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
Once, When I Was Little, I Saw God

#11 - Once, When I Was Little, I Saw God

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Aug 31, 2006

Ayumi visits Hagu again, but Shūji took Hagu to do a contrast bath therapy session after her physical therapy session. The physical therapist tells Ayumi that Hagu is strong person, never giving up because of feeling pain. However, it is possible that Hagu may never be able to paint again, due to her condition. In Spain, Takumi goes out of his way to prevent the Spanish architect from seeing Rika. Shinobu, unexpectedly returns to go see Hagu, very worried about her condition. A jealous Yūta accidentally injures himself when he finds out that Ayumi caused Shinobu to return. Borrowing Ayumi's bicycle, he quickly rides to the hospital. Shūji tests Hagu's level of pain in her right hand. She doesn't cry like other children would, however Shūji tells that it is alright to cry. Hagu reminds herself that drawing was a part of her life. Later, Yūta arrives and finds Shūji to ask where Hagu is. After Shūji was uncertain, Yūta determined that Shinobu took her with him. At his place, Shinobu tries to comfort Hagu, kissing her. Meanwhile, Shūji tells Yūta that he will take a break from teaching. Yūta wonders if Hagu will be with Shinobu, but Shūji ignores him, making his way back to the hospital.

star 6.53
38 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
I Won't Let You Go Anywhere

#12 - I Won't Let You Go Anywhere

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 20, 2006

The art exhibition has begun again. Shūji thinks back to when Hagu decided not to submit her paintings in the previous art exhibition. Shūji tells Hagu of when he went to an art exhibition and purchased a postcard of a painting of the moonlight reflected on the sea. It reminded him of how Rika's husband died and how Rika got severely injured on the beach under the moonlight. Shūji reminisces about his feelings for Rika. Takumi goes on a train with Rika to Sapporo, surprising her. After they both take a shower, they both go to sleep for the night. Once they have arrived, Takumi and Rika drive north to a barren land. Rika visits her father's gravestone, then she visits her dog's gravestone. She thanks Takumi for coming with her to Sapporo. Rika tries to sneak out of the hotel, making Takumi angry, but then he begins to sob, not wanting to lose sight of her. Takumi goes on an airplane back to Tokyo, while Rika goes on an airplane to Spain. At the Harada Design Office, Takumi noticed that the hotel room in Spain had two bedrooms, one for Takumi and one for Rika.

star 6.50
38 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
I Think of My Mother in My Hometown

#13 - I Think of My Mother in My Hometown

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired May 12, 2005

Takemoto reluctantly returns home for the New Year and meets Kazuo, his step-father. In the second part of the episode, the gang takes a road trip to a hot spring using the money won from a lottery ticket.

star 6.47
40 votes
Writers: Goro Taniguchi, Yousuke Kuroda
Please Give Me Your Life

#14 - Please Give Me Your Life

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Sep 7, 2006

After spending the night with Shinobu, Hagu wakes up and sees her right hand swollen, frightening her. Shinobu takes her back to the hospital, meeting up with Shūji. Yūta encounters Shinobu outside the hospital. Yūta takes Shinobu to Hagu place, questioning himself if Hagu will be able to paint again. Shūji visits Hagu again, and Hagu asks if Shūji can give up his life for her, and Shūji reluctantly accepts. Hagu reminisces about the time she was with Shūji when she was younger. Shūji was always with her. Yūta and Shinobu wake up early in the morning. Yūta and Shinobu soon begin to fight over Hagu, but soon reconcile. Shinobu delivers a box to Shūji, but Shūji only takes some money and gives the box back to Shinobu. Shūji admits his love for Hagu.

star 6.46
37 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
That Brooch Was So Heavy

#15 - That Brooch Was So Heavy

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Jun 9, 2005

Everyone is working late preparing their exhibits for the school festival including Hagumi, who has trouble with her wax work. She later finds a white broach that someone had made for her. The broach is quite similar to the one she had doodled on her notebook. Hagumi also gets a job to help Yamada sell Christmas goodies at her family store but they have to compete with a new supermarket that has opened nearby.

star 6.45
40 votes
Writers: Michio Fukuda, Yousuke Kuroda
The Boy and Girl are Swayed

#16 - The Boy and Girl are Swayed

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired May 5, 2005

Mayama's love life still remains difficult. Hagumi feels the stress of being different from everyone. And Morita organises a Christmas party for the Christmas Eve.

star 6.44
41 votes
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
We Fly Across the Sky

#17 - We Fly Across the Sky

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Jun 23, 2005

The five friends decide to take a ferry ride over the Sumida river and visit the Kasai Seaside Park.

star 6.44
39 votes
Directors: Kenichi Kasai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
All I Wanted to Hear Was That Little Thing

#18 - All I Wanted to Hear Was That Little Thing

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Jul 14, 2005

Takemoto later announced the news about Morita leaving to Los Angeles to Hagu and the rest. Later, they all went to Morita's room, since the door was destroyed by Kaoru. Takemoto asked Hagu whether or not she wants Morita to return, but her stern and straightforward answer before was really hurting him. The story mainly talked about Yamada and her feelings later on. To save money, Mayama asked Yamada to help making some artwork for his firm's project. Takemoto, seeing Hagu all fired up creating her latest work, reminded him of Morita's dedication in his work. Yamada invites Hagu along with the gang to the fireworks display that will be taking place that evening. Both Hagu and Yamada choose their yukatas for the event. Later that evening, Yamada, being conscious with her look, revealed that she just wanted Mayama to compliment her on her yukata.

star 6.44
39 votes
Writers: Hideki Tachibana, Yousuke Kuroda
Love Pushes us Around

#19 - Love Pushes us Around

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Jun 30, 2005

Takemoto and Yamada talk about Mayama's future and how Hagu has grown before they are interrupted by Professor Hanamoto's sudden and early return from his trip to Mongolia. Everyone then gathers at night to hear about Professor Hanamoto and his teacher's trip. The next day, Hagu goes out shopping with Morita for art supplies due to everyone else being busy. Hagu wrests with her feelings for Morita as he treats her coldly the entire day. Eventually, Hagu returns and cries to Professor Hanamoto, nearly regressing to the past where she only trusts Professor Hanamoto.

star 6.41
39 votes
Writers: Daisuke Takashima, Yousuke Kuroda
I Don't Want to See Your Tears

#20 - I Don't Want to See Your Tears

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Jul 13, 2006

Hagu views Ayumi's snow globe collection, given to her as souvenirs. Tamazaki discusses about Nomiya's feelings for Ayumi. At the Harada Design Office, Rika receives a fax that she will participate in a design competition in Spain for an art museum, which then agitates Takumi. Rika explains that Takumi will also participate as well. However, it would take a long time to sort out the paperwork needed to participate, so they are not able to go. Later, Takumi explains to Ayumi that Rika checks the weather forecast on her home town, Sapporo, since she hasn't been there in a long time. Nomiya calls Ayumi to ask how she is. At the Fujiwara Design Office, Miwako tells Nomiya that Ayumi went to Tottori to see him. The next day, Yamazaki takes Ayumi around town. Nomiya arrives, only to fall asleep in front of her. Nomiya takes Ayumi to see sand dunes in the morning. Nomiya expresses his love for Ayumi.

star 6.38
37 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
We Had No Idea

#21 - We Had No Idea

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Aug 17, 2006

Yūta tells Hagu that he wants to work with the carpenters, restoring temples and shrines. Hagu mentions that after graduation, everyone will part ways. The windstorm starts to whoosh when the art exhibition will soon start. Takumi meets with the Spanish architect, developing jealousy over him for Rika. Takumi is upset to find out that the hotel bedrooms were two separate rooms, not one room. The unexpected occurrence during the windstorm was that Hagu got severely injured outside the apartment. Everyone becomes very worried. Shinobu and Kaoru buys out Floyd Electric, making them in charge. Yūta says that Hagu was operated on her head and her right hand, having stitches for her injury. Yūta and Ayumi visit Hagu in the hospital, but Shūji asks them to leave. Shūji explains to Hagu that her stitches will come off in ten days, but she will remain in the hospital for two months and undergo physical therapy.

star 6.38
37 votes
Directors: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda
I Touched Her in My Dream

#22 - I Touched Her in My Dream

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Jul 21, 2005

Mayama dreamed of Rika-san. His co-worker said when one dreamed of another, that was because the person in the dream wanted them to meet so much that the soul escaped the body and came to the dream. Mayama was doubt about that but on the way came back from a conference, he and his co-workers passed a park where Rika-san was just behind a fountain watching him passing by. Mayama didn't notice until later on. But when he ran back to the fountain, she was not there anymore.

star 6.37
38 votes
Directors: Kenichi Kasai
Writers: Iku Suzuki, Yousuke Kuroda
He Came Back

#23 - He Came Back

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Aug 18, 2005

Morita, airing on television in a startling appearance, is given an Academy Award. After making a ruckus on the hospital ward, they were shocked to see Morita on the bed right beside Takemoto. The next day, they return to the hospital, only to see Morita well. After Professor Hanamoto drags Morita away for his thesis, Yamada asks Mayama about his work, realizing that she herself is being hurt from the fact that only Mayama and Rika are working together. Later, Morita was given a heavy lecture by Professor Tange, but still ends up graduating due to his graduation thesis being finished and submitted in time, being that his work was a self-portrayed hand-made sculpture made of gold. But he returns later, enrolled as a third-year student in the Japanese painting department.

star 6.35
37 votes
Writers: Kouichi Takada, Yousuke Kuroda
My Cowardly Self Starts Running

#24 - My Cowardly Self Starts Running

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Jul 28, 2005

Mayama's work is going well, but he still misses Rika-san. Her current assistant suddenly has health problem and needs to stay in hospital. Mayama meets Rika-san in hospital and asks her if he can come back, but she rejected. Nomiya at the same time wants to meet Yamada and really gets his eyes on her. Mayama tried to protect Yamada from him (much like a mother) as he says he wants her to meet a guy who treasures and don't just hook her up for fun. Takamoto was searching for jobs and doing his final project, which later on was given name by Hanamoto-sensei. This name made the idea become clear and his work masterpiece.

star 6.34
38 votes
Writers: Katsuichi Nakayama, Yousuke Kuroda
Time Begins to Move Again

#25 - Time Begins to Move Again

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Aug 25, 2005

Mayama arrives at the Fujiwara Design Office, only to found out that Yamada is there. After she leaves abruptly, Mayama mistakes Nomiya's business interest with Yamada for his love interest. Mayama then goes to the apartment to meet up with Takemoto and Morita. When the three gather to eat dinner prepared by Morita, Takemoto reminisces over the time when Morita departed to America. The following night, Mayama meets up with Takemoto, Morita, Yamada, Professor Hanamoto, Yamazaki, and Miwako at the annual school festival. Later after the festival, Yamada agrees to go with Nomiya, after she had an argument with Mayama. However, Yamada begins to have second thoughts about going out with Nomiya, as she faces the truth about her relationship with Mayama told by Nomiya. Meanwhile, at the Fujiwara Design Office, Yamazaki and Miwako talk with Morita and Mayama about Nomiya. Miwako explains to Mayama that he and Nomiya are alike in personality, which makes Mayama frustrated. Nomiya and Yamada bought food at a pastry shop. Nomiya brings her to the sight of a Ferris wheel at his place, while Yamada reminisces over her time with Mayama in the Ferris wheel. Yamada then admits that Nomiya was right about her relationship with Mayama, causing her to cry. The next morning, Yamada is shocked to have slept overnight with Nomiya, but Nomiya calms her down by offering her a ride on the Ferris wheel.

star 6.34
38 votes
Writers: Yousuke Kuroda