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Last Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Network: NHK

The series follows talented artist Moritaka Mashiro and aspiring writer Akito Takagi, two ninth grade boys who wish to become mangaka.

Votes and Charts

#1 - Votes and Charts

Season 2 - Episode 25

After working hard to make last minute changes to their manuscript, Muto Ashirogi leave "Perfect Crime Party's" fate in the hands of the readers.

star 9.37
27 votes
Disease and Drive

#2 - Disease and Drive

Season 2 - Episode 6

Mashiro is hospitalized, but refuses to stop drawing. Trap is put on hiatus.

star 9.19
16 votes
Comedy and News

#3 - Comedy and News

Season 2 - Episode 5

Trap begins to move in the rankings, but the competition is fierce. Overwork takes its toll on Mashiro.

star 9.14
14 votes
Anthology and Photobook

#4 - Anthology and Photobook

Season 2 - Episode 2

Mashiro and Takagi get to know their new assistants, while Azuki struggles with her decision to do an ecchi photo shoot.

star 9.07
15 votes
Hint and Best

#5 - Hint and Best

Season 2 - Episode 22

The team's newest work "Stopper of Magma" is rejected without consideration for serialization. Miura reveals he has been receiving advice from Hattori, who suggests they draw a serious comedy. Muto Ashirogi follow Hattori for inspiration, and develop the idea for their last chance manga.

star 9.05
20 votes
Life-and-Death and Standstill

#6 - Life-and-Death and Standstill

Season 2 - Episode 7

Trap is put on hiatus unless Muto Ashirogi's rivals boycott can stop it.

star 9.00
17 votes
Recall and Call

#7 - Recall and Call

Season 2 - Episode 8

The boycott is in full effect. Miura makes one last desperate plea to sway the chief into resuming Trap.

star 9.00
17 votes
Support and Patience

#8 - Support and Patience

Season 2 - Episode 4

As Trap's ranking continues dropping, Mashiro and Takagi consider major changes.

star 9.00
15 votes
Chocolate and NEXT!

#9 - Chocolate and NEXT!

Season 1 - Episode 11

Mashiro and Takagi work on Money and Intelligence while applying to the relatively easy North High School. Miyoshi questions why Mashiro and Azuki are not seeing each other, and Takagi concludes that Azuki wants to remain focused on her dream. Mashiro and Takagi get accepted into North High School along with Miyoshi and learn that their work will run in the seasonal magazine NEXT. Hattori tells them that the editors are planning to use them to make Nizuma look good by comparison, but he tells them this is their chance to impress them and win against Nizuma. 

star 8.96
24 votes
How It Should Be and How It Ends

#10 - How It Should Be and How It Ends

Season 3 - Episode 24

Following Azuki securing the role of the lead female character, Hattori, Mashiro and Takagi begin discussing their intention to end the Reversi manga in July. Later, Mashiro calls Azuki to congratulate her and they make plans to meet once the first episode of Reversi finishes airing. Hattori tells Heishi about Ashirogi Muto's plan, which he rejects and orders Hattori to convince them to continue the manga. Hattori explains this to Mashiro and Takagi and they decide to think about their final decision. However, Takagi has a separate meeting with Hattori. He states that he will end Reversi in 8 chapters and surpass Nizuma in both rankings as well as volume sales, making Mashiro the best mangaka in Shonen Jack, wanting this to be his wedding present. Hattori decides to take responsibility reflect the words of Director Torishima: 'when the company and authors are at odds, a good editor should stand by the author'. Heishi, having heard the same words before, sides with Ashirogi Muto and informs the animation studio of their decision, which they accept. When the final chapter is published everyone is awestruck at the spectacular climatic battle between the two protaganists. It is such a smashing success that the manga volumes sell out within a day, surpassing the sales of Zombie Gun by selling 1.22 million copies per volume. Finally, at Reversi's end, Heishi, summons Ashiro Muto to Yueisha where they meet Nizuma and their motivational rivalry continues.

star 8.96
24 votes
Cooperation and Conditions

#11 - Cooperation and Conditions

Season 1 - Episode 20

Mashiro and Takagi discuss how to improve the concept behind the story, now known as Detective Trap, and Takagi begins looking over many detective stories that Hattori sent him. The two meet with Hattori, insisting on proceeding with Detective Trap while still in high school, and Hattori tells them that in order to get serialized, Detective Trap must do well in the Golden Cup, and they must bring him a 19-page story every two weeks to show that they can do so every week with assistants. They succeed in keeping up in spite of the difficulty involved in doing so, and are officially entered into the contest. 

star 8.95
21 votes
Alliance and Classmates

#12 - Alliance and Classmates

Season 2 - Episode 13

Takagi gets advice from Aoki, which leads to problems in his love life.

star 8.94
18 votes
Love and Rejection

#13 - Love and Rejection

Season 2 - Episode 20

Feeling they will never beat Niizuma with their current manga, Ashirogi Muto consider quitting Tanto.

star 8.87
23 votes
Yes and No

#14 - Yes and No

Season 1 - Episode 25

Thirteen series are submitted for the serialization meeting and are discussed by the team captains, editor in chief and deputy editor. Of all 13, Detective Trap and Otter 11, a manga by newcomer Kazuya Hiramaru, are chosen for serialization. Mashiro receives congratulations from his rivals, who promise to get serialized themselves to compete with him. Mashiro then reflects on how far he has come and how far he has yet to go, before he receives a call from Azuki, who congratulates him and tells him that their dream will come true. Hattori stops by with a man called Miura, who will be their new editor.

star 8.85
26 votes
Window and Snow

#15 - Window and Snow

Season 2 - Episode 3

Nakai vows to do whatever it takes to renew his partnership with Aoki.

star 8.81
16 votes
Dreams and Reality

#16 - Dreams and Reality

Season 3 - Episode 25

Hattori meets with the production staff and cast of Reversi's anime as production gets underway. At the studio, Mashiro reveals to Miyoshi of his intention to propose to Azuki after Reversi's premiere and thanks her for creating their pen name: "Ashirogi Muto". As Miyoshi leaves, Mashiro and Takagi reflect on their journey thus far. Elsewhere, Azuki reveals her and Mashiro's plans to meet after the anime to her mother, while Mashiro reads his uncle's diary. Later, after the anime premieres, Mashiro picks up Azuki in an fashion, honoring one of his late uncle's dreams and they talk about the times they had been together. Soon, Mashiro takes Azuki to visit her former home where they recreate the scene of the first time Mashiro approached her at her house, before proposing. Azuki answers by kissing him and promises that they will be together forever. Eventually everyone attends Hiramaru and Aoki's wedding where Azuki catches the bride's bouquet of flowers. Finally, Azuki and Mashiro move into Azuki's old house together with the intention to officially have a wedding ceremony if Ashirogi Muto's newest work gets a serialization. With their dreams finally achieved, Mashiro ends the series with a monologue, stating that dreams are not achieved by someone telling you so, you have to make them a reality yourself.

star 8.79
24 votes
Imagination and Presentation

#17 - Imagination and Presentation

Season 2 - Episode 24

The committee decides the fate of "Perfect Crime Club," and the team gets a new editor.

star 8.77
22 votes
Fate and Star

#18 - Fate and Star

Season 2 - Episode 19

In an effort to motivate them, Hattori snubs Ashirogi Muto at the Christmas party. +Natural is released to critical acclaim, but Tanto is holding steady.

star 8.77
22 votes
King and Savior

#19 - King and Savior

Season 2 - Episode 16

Aoki asks Nakai to draw the art for her new manga but he states he only will on the condition she will go out with him, angering her to the point she slaps him. Afterwards she continues her in search for someone to help her draw sufficient panty shots in order for her manga to have a more "shōnen" feel to it, but isn't able to find anyone suitable. After many events, Fukuda ends up offering his help, since his manga Kiyoshi Knight is doing so well due to his own well-drawn panty shots. Aoki is a hesistant to accept his help but under the circumstances she has little choice but to accept it in the end.

star 8.73
15 votes
Winning and Losing

#20 - Winning and Losing

Season 2 - Episode 23

"Perfect Crime Club" gets rave reviews, but the serialization committee must decide if it can beat "Crow" and "+Natural."

star 8.71
21 votes
Silence and Party

#21 - Silence and Party

Season 2 - Episode 1

The story picks up directly where the Season 1 finale left, introducing Miura as Moritaka and Takagi's new editor and introduces Hiramaru at the New Year's Party

star 8.69
16 votes
Battles and Copying

#22 - Battles and Copying

Season 1 - Episode 14

Mashiro has come to the conclusion that doing mainstream battle manga is the way forward, and draws characters from other battle manga to polish his skills at drawing this type of manga, Meanwhile Nizuma's manga "Yellow Hit" is on the verge of being serialized, but Nizuma's editor learns that he is planning on submitting "Crow" instead, and brings him down to the editorial offices. At the same time, Mashiro and Takagi are meeting with Hattori, who tells them that they are not suited to mainstream manga and that the mainstream authors who are popular are considerably more talented. Nizuma meets Mashiro and Takagi, telling them that he liked Money And Intelligence and wants to be friends with them, before drawing a name in front of them. Hattori hopes that demonstration will convince them that they're not able to compete with him in mainstream manga, but they remain determined to do so, and he gives them six months to submit a good mainstream work before he steps down as their editor.

star 8.68
19 votes
Imitation and Unconsciousness

#23 - Imitation and Unconsciousness

Season 3 - Episode 13

As Mashiro and Azuki ponder the effects that the robbery would have on PCP and Takagi, the Chief and Hattori decide to support Ashirogi Muto as much as possible. However, Takagi's mental state has already been greatly affected. This causes him to write lower quality stories and eventually he reuses old ideas he once rejected. This results in PCP's ranking dropping from the top five to the 12th place. As PCP enters a slump, Yujirou confides in Hattori of Nizuma's deal to cancel one manga should he get the top spot in the rankings, which may happen soon. This leads Hattori to become fearful of PCP's serialization. As another bank robbery occurs, the thieves leave a card, claiming they are PCP, which enrages Takagi but he finally finds a way to resolve this.PCP's next chapter is about a copycat crime intended to make it seem like the PCP protagonists had done it, but is foiled by their rival who realized the real PCP wouldn't commit criminal acts, much less claim it was their doing. As the results of the rankings come in, PCP jumps back to 3rd place with Mashiro and Takagi expressing that their manga does not condone crime.

star 8.68
22 votes
Correction and Declaration

#24 - Correction and Declaration

Season 3 - Episode 22

Hattori announces that the Reversi anime will begin airing in October and Mashiro breaks into tears as their dream is at last within reach. Heishi calls Nizuma and explains why he rejected Zombie Gun, since it will help Ashirogi Muto to rise to his level and secure the future of Shonen Jack. Azuki calls Mashiro to congratulate him and recites lines from Reversi. Later Ririki Kitami blogs about her meeting with Mashiro and his involvement with Azuki, which goes viral across the internet. As rumors begin spreading, everyone worries the public will accuse Ashirogi Muto of favoritism to Azuki, something that could damage her career. This is confirmed when Mashiro, Takagi and Hattori meet the animation committee for Reversi. Mashiro tells Azuki that she should deny any relationship with him on her weekly radio broadcast to preserve her image. However, instead she goes public with her relationshiptells everyone about their promise. This has a mixed effect on the public. In the end, Mashiro calls the show and tells the public to believe in Azuki as they always have and adamantly states that she will get the part of the lead female role in Reversi by her skills alone.

star 8.68
22 votes
Mic and Script

#25 - Mic and Script

Season 3 - Episode 23

After the radio broadcast, Azuki's fans seem to have calmed down and Reversi gets a lot positive attention. The anime producers want to hold a public audition for the female lead role and let the public vote who should get the role, which would be unfavorable for Azuki sinds she won't be judged objectively. Despite this, Mashiro agrees, not wanting to let people think she got the role through connections. During the auditions Azuki's performance is excellent but people notice that she mentioned "Schwarz" instead of "Weiss" during her performance, like all the voice actresses did before her. Worried how the different line in the script will affect her, everyone is worried. Later, during the show, the director of the program makes a short announcement in which he states the script was based on the published Shonen Jack magazine edition, where the mistake was printed in, but that this was corrected in the manga volume. Since Azuki used the manga volume to learn the lines, she didn't make the "mistake" the other voice actresses did without knowing. He tells the public that no one is "wrong" and that this fact should be considered in the votes. In the end Azuki wins by a huge margin and Mashiro, Takagi and Miyoshi celebrate Mashiro and Azuki's dreams finally getting fulfilled.

star 8.68
22 votes