The Best Episodes of Barakamon

Let's All Go Together

#1 - Let's All Go Together 8.37

Season 1 - Episode 10

Seishuu is done with his work for the Narukain exhibit and meanwhile the president decided that Seishuu could return back home. When Naru and Seishuu were walking around he meets Kousaku and helps him with building a dam. While they were at it he also asked Seishuu to help him out at a shrine. He has to rewrite the names of the people who helped out with the shrine. While he was walking back home Akki told Seishuu that Kawafuji called him. There he is seen on the phone saying "I'll return." The next day everybody goes to the festival. After the festival Seishuu leaves the island, without telling anybody..

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Buddhist Prayer Dance

#2 - Buddhist Prayer Dance 8.11

Season 1 - Episode 8

It's Naru's birthday and they decide to hold a suprise party for Naru, but there's one problem. Seishuu doesn't know what he should get for Naru's birthday. After thinking for a while he decides to give her a beetle. So Seishuu goes outside and tries to buy a beetle from Kentarou for 10 yen, but Kentarou doesn't want to give him a beetle since he wanted to give Naru beetles for her birthday. Which leaves Seishuu with one option; he has to catch one himself. He goes back to his house to grab a ladder and afterwards goes back to Kentarou again, but when he finally had the chance to catch a beetle he was too scared to touch it. At the end of the day and after a lot of falling and mistakes, Kenterou gives Seishuu a beetle. Although the beetles bites Seishuu and flies away. Back at his house. Everything was prepared and when Naru came the first thing they did was giving Naru her presents and the first one who had to give his present was Seishuu. At the end his gift was a "I'll do anything you say" ticket and Naru liked her gift way too much. The next day Naru and Seishuu go to the graveyard since it's already the Bon Festival period. There they visit Naru's grandmother's grave and afterwards they have a lot of fun with everybody from the village untill late in the night.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
A High-Grade Fish

#3 - A High-Grade Fish 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 7

Seishuu, Kawafuji, Kosuke, Naru, Miwa, Hina and Hiroshi go fishing. But for Kawafuji, Kosuke and Seishuu it's their first, so they still have a couple things to learn. While Hiroshi plans to catch a Hisanio (=an expensive fish). There Kawafuji tells Kosuke isn't writing right now. Not since he saw Seishuu's latest work. Kosuke's been writing with Seishuu's calligraphy on his mind all the time. That's why he got anxious, he lost his point of reference when Seishuu changed his style. Kosuke's calligraphy looks just like Seishuu's old style and Seishuu's old style looked just like his dad's. It was getting late so, Hiroshi threw his last bait and after waiting for a while nothing catched it. Since he wanted to pack things up he gave his rod to Kosuke to hold it for a while. When Kosuke was holding it some big fish catched the bait and they all helped to catch the fish and just when they pulled the fish out of the water and realized it was a hisanio the bait broke and the fish fell into the water again. The next day Kosuke and Kawafuji leave the island and Kosuke apologizes to Seishuu for his rude behavior when they first met and also thanked him since he learned some new things.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Cheerful Child

#4 - Cheerful Child 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 1

After punching an elderly man (the curator of the exhibition) in the face for insulting his calligraphy, Seishu Handa is unofficially exiled to a small village on an island near Kyushu where he plans to improve his craft. Seishu has trouble dealing with the culture shock of the village compared to his Tokyo upbringing: the people speak with strange accents, the house arranged for him has technology from decades ago, and a small girl considers the home to be her "base." Despite Seishu's attempts to kick her out, the little girl (Naru) keeps finding ways inside and pestering Seishu, even using his calligraphy brush and paper. After arguing with Naru for a bit, he suddenly realizes what the curator meant when he said his calligraphy was too textbook-like. Later that day, Seishu is briefly introduced to several of the villagers as they gather to help him move in the rest of his belongings from Tokyo.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Mochi Thrown in Celebration

#5 - Mochi Thrown in Celebration 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 3

Naru believes she's become more "adult" as she is better able to read kanji. Seishu goes to get some more ink from the village's general store and finds that Naru's friend Tamako also wants the ink as she plans to use it for a manga she wants to submit to a shounen magazine. Seishu offers to read her draft copy, only to find that the story is very inappropriate, but Tamako is convinced it will be unique and bestselling. That night, Tamako decides to go tell Seishu an excuse before he thinks she's a "fujoshi," but ends up witnessing what she sees as a yaoi-inspired scene between Seishu and Hiroshi and forgets all about her original mission. The next day, Seishu receives word that his calligraphy contest entry only received second place compared to another entrant five years younger than him. In an attempt to cheer him up, Naru and her friends drag her to a mochi-catching contest in honor of a new boat that was built by Kenta's father. Seishu has trouble seeing the point when everyone else outmuscles him for the mochi, when one old woman advises him to wait for the opportunities in front of him instead of fighting the others. Later, he returns home to find that one of the top mochi-catchers made a mochi-based soup for him and the other villagers.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Going Swimming at the Beach

#6 - Going Swimming at the Beach 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 5

While Seishu is pondering what to write for an upcoming contest, Naru's grandfather visits with a large bag of konomon (pickled daikon radish) as a gift. Seishu instantly gets hooked on the snack and suddenly can't think of anything else. When Naru, Miwa and Tamako come over and ask for help with their writing homework, Seishu tries to impress upon them his own calligraphy training routine, but the girls aren't as interested. Later, the village chief invites Seishu to watch the children as they go down to the beach. Miwa, Tamako, and even Hiroshi decide to tag along. To Seishu's dismay, the "beach" is actually a rocky shore with no sand in sight, but the children immediately run down and jump in the ocean. Seishu tries to follow them but slips on a slick rock and bangs his head, knocking himself out repeatedly. Seishu walks back home, muttering to the group that he was actually caring about their safety. The village children (sans Hiroshi) decide to embrace him. After resting at his home, Seishu misses a call from his agent, who is at the nearby airport along with a younger calligrapher in tow.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Guys From Tokyo

#7 - Guys From Tokyo 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 6

Seishu's agent and only real friend Takao shows up drunk at his house with prodigal calligrapher Kosuke Kanzaki carrying him. Upon realizing that Kosuke is the younger calligrapher who beat Seishu in a previous contest, Miwa and Hiroshi try to get him to leave. Naru inadvertently helps out by giving Kosuke a ball full of stinkbugs, which he breaks open. As Kousuke and Takao leave, Seishu tells the others that he knew who Kosuke was, but already moved on. The next day, Kosuke visits Seishu's house and shows him all the magazines and interviews that Seishu did in the past as his inspiration, though Seishu feels only embarrassment when he hears his own lines read back to him. Kousuke begs him to return to Tokyo with him, saying that Seishu's art has gone downhill since he came to the island. Seishu has another breakdown, as he feels unable to reconcile writing for a prize with writing for his own satisfaction, when Naru and Hina start throwing paper planes made from the pages of Kosuke's magazines. After that brief interruption, Seishu reiterates his decision to stay in the village for now. Later, Seishu finds that the magazine pages with his interviews have spread across the village as the villagers all line up at his door for an autograph.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Glad You're Back

#8 - Glad You're Back 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 12

Seishuu's mother is really against him going back to the island. While he was in a discussion with his mother he finds out that his father also used to live on the island. After their discussion Seishuu's mother brought Seishuu a box send by the people from the island. After she saw how delighted Seishuu looked she finally agreed to let him go back to the island. The next day he goes back to the island by plane. Arrived back at the island everybody suprised him and he also got a call from Kawafuji saying he got fifth place, but he wasn't sad about it. Since it was a work he could be proud of. -His work included all the names from the people from the island and he wrote the names of the people he cared a lot about (like Naru, Miwa etc.) bigger then the others.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
I Am in Tokyo

#9 - I Am in Tokyo 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 11

Seishuu is back in Tokyo and is kind of worried about his new work since it's not really his style. When the director came he deeply apologized to him and he forgave him. Afterwards he looked at Seishuu's new work and thought it was good enough to win the first prize, but out of panic Seishuu accidantly said that that wasn't his real work and the real one for the competition was still being shipped. So now Seishuu has to write a new one, but he doesn't know what to write. But when the people from the island called him it made him happy and he got his inspiration back. He called his new work Stone Wall.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana

#10 - Annoying 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 2

The episode opens with the wife of the village chief asking her son to carry some food to Seishu, as no one else in the family bothers to eat her cooking. Meanwhile, two of Naru's friends come with Naru to revisit their "base" in Seishu's new house, but Seishu gets angry and kicks them all out. Later, the son of the village chief, Hiroshi, delivers his mom's cooking but finds that Seishu has worked himself near death. Naru arrives in time to save Hiroshi and the food, and shows Hiroshi the effort that Seishu puts into his work. The next day, Naru arrives to find Seishu collapsed from exhaustion, and he is rushed to the hospital where he is jokingly warned not to make any moves on the nurse because she's already married. After a brief scare with a near-empty IV bag, Naru holds the nurse call button tight and pledges to protect Seishu from a ghost. Seishu sees Naru and her friends off and gets some advice from an elderly patient in the hospital, but when he is discharged the next day, Seishu is told that he was the only patient there.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Island Dads

#11 - Island Dads 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 4

Seishu finds that both his computer and cell phone have stopped working, so he decides to go to the village's general store to make a call. Along the way, he stops at a house where stray cats gather to lift his spirits. The man of the house hands Seishu a stray cat to hold, which then scratches him. Seishu discovers that he's allergic to cats, and then continues walking to the store where Naru, Hina, and Tamako's brother Akki are hanging out. Seishu asks to borrow the phone only to discover that it is an old rotary phone and Akki has to help him use it. After calling his agent, Seishu is so busy thinking about the next contest he plans to enter that he knocks over a basket of seaweed belonging to Miwa's father. He uses the incident to persuade Seishu to write a long phrase in kanji as the name of his new boat. Seishu panics at having to write without his usual tools or flat surface, but after Naru and her friends stick handprints to the hull, Seishu has no choice but to write over them. Miwa's father is impressed and gives him the seaweed as payment, only to grow angry again when he discovers that Seishu practiced writing on wooden boards he was going to use.

Directors: Masaki Tachibana
Was Almost Seriously Injured

#12 - Was Almost Seriously Injured 0.00

Season 1 - Episode 9

There's only two weeks untill the Narukain Contest Deadline and Seishuu still hasn't got an idea what to make. Meanwhile Seishuu's bath boiler broke, so he asked Yuujirou for help and he suggested that he should warm the bath with a fire and for that they needed to go to the woods to find some wood. Seishuu actually didn't wanted to go, but he didn't have another choise. After he collected some wood with Yuujirou he asked Naru to keep an eye on the fire, but Miwa and Tamako came and started to mess around with the fire, making it really hot which made Seishuu angry. After he was finally finsihed with his bath and went to the kitchen he saw Hiroshi there. He came to make Seishuu's lunch since his mother couldn't. After they ate their lunch, a crying Hina came to Seishuu's house and said that Naru was being bullied. Both Hiroshi and Seishuu ran to the scene where they saw three kids from another village who were indeed bullying the kids from this village. After getting into a childish fight the bullies leave after seeing Akki. The next day Seishuu goes into the mountins together with Naru and his friends and on the way back when it got dark Seishuu accidantly falls of a rif. But Naru and his friends didn't notice it and thought Seishuu took another way. Meanwhile Seishuu was thinking he would die, but then he sees the beautiful sky (which also inspired him) and a falling star. He made a wish to get saved and that's when Miwa, Tamako and Naru find him. The episode ends with Seishuu seen on the phone saying: "I'l return".

Directors: Masaki Tachibana