The Best Episodes Directed by Satomi Nakamura

Call Checkmate on an Ash-Colored Chessboard

#1 - Call Checkmate on an Ash-Colored Chessboard

Gosick Season 1 - Episode 23

By the Spring of 1925, all the pieces of Albert's plan have fallen into place. Kujo has been deported and Victorique has long since been imprisoned in the Sauville royal palace. Using her wisdom, Albert exposes Jupiter Roget's identity as a Gray Wolf to the other nobility and runs him out, then persuades King Rupert to make an alliance with the rising power of Germany. In the Winter of 1925, while Kujo has been enlisted into the Japanese military, Albert is named the new Prime Minister of Sauville and has Grevil bring Victorique out during the ceremony to show off his power. However, sometime before the ceremony Cordelia switched places with Victorique, and confronts Albert, revealing his crimes to the entire country. When one of the Brian Roscoe twins stages a terrorist attack on the ceremony, Cordelia engages Albert in a swordfight using a pair of knives as weapons and successfully kills him, but is slain herself by one of Albert's minions. Meanwhile, the other Brian, who has taken Victorique away in a stagecoach, attempts to kill her to erase Cordelia's "pain."

star 9.04
45 votes
Howling Echoes from the Kingdom of the Past

#2 - Howling Echoes from the Kingdom of the Past

Gosick Season 1 - Episode 8

Victorica manages to find the culprit behind the recent deaths at the village and to clear her mother's name by exposing the woman who framed her. However, when the woman attempts to escape, she starts torching the entire village, and Kujo must confront her while protecting Victorica with his life.

star 9.02
52 votes
Two Monsters See Eye to Eye

#3 - Two Monsters See Eye to Eye

Gosick Season 1 - Episode 15

Kujo inquires Brian Roscoe regarding his connection to Victorique and her mother, but he only warns him to beware of her father instead. Meanwhile, Victorique succeeds to unlock the secrets behind Leviathan, the clock tower and the truth about her own origin.

star 8.92
50 votes
Lady Versus Magical

#4 - Lady Versus Magical

Ladies Versus Butlers! Season 1 - Episode 7

Meeting Pina Sformklan Estoh, an anime otaku princess makes her move, much to Principal Kaede Tenjōji's enthusiasm. Suggesting, Akiharu and Tomomi for assistance in helping to create a fabulous doujinshi of hers, she recommends them to finding suitable candidates for a cosplay photo gallery.

star 8.92
93 votes
The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck

#5 - The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck

Gosick Season 1 - Episode 2

Posing as the murdered Soothsayer, Roxane and her servant, Victorique and Kujo have boarded the Queen Merry. Once on board they discover they have fallen into another mystery, this one with deadly intent towards everyone.

star 8.48
111 votes
My Rice Is Warm Even After It's Cooled

#6 - My Rice Is Warm Even After It's Cooled

Minami-Ke Season 2 - Episode 6

The power goes out and the Minami sisters invite Fuyuki over.

star 8.36
63 votes
Mochi Thrown in Celebration

#7 - Mochi Thrown in Celebration

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 3

Tama hides a deep, dark secret, and meeting Handa may have led her to reveal it. Is it too late for her to save her reputation? Meanwhile, Handa is suffering his own angst after not placing first in a calligraphy competition. Maybe a friendly mochi-picking session with the villagers will cheer him up...

star 8.36
73 votes

#8 - Name

Noragami Season 1 - Episode 9

Daikoku and Kofuku only allow Hiyori to come through the borderline so she can cleanse her blight, stating that Yato will die unless Yukine receives punishment by ablution. Although Daikoku manages to enlist the help of Mayu, he struggles to find a third Regalia to help perform the ablution. Rejecting the thought of calling on Nora, as she might kill Yukine, Hiyori goes to Bishamon's shrine to request Kazuma's help. As the three Regalias get together, they discover Yukine's back is covered with phantoms and begin their ablution, in which Yukine must endure pain until he confesses to his sins, or otherwise transform into a phantom himself. Yukine admits his crimes and expresses his jealousy of the living and his envy of what they have. As Yukine's condition worsens, Hiyori and Yato calls out to him, reminding him that they are his friends, and the name Yato gave him is that of a person's. Hearing this, Yukine apologises for all the bad things he had done, allowing the ablution to be successfully carried out. With both Yato and Yukine back to normal, they both feel thankful towards Hiyori for saving their lives. Meanwhile, Nora has awakened a spirit named Rabo, who has a grudge against Yato.

star 8.28
237 votes
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Lady x Butler!

#9 - Lady x Butler!

Ladies Versus Butlers! Season 1 - Episode 12

Racing through the sport match, as the game begins to reach its climax between Selenia versus Tomomi, who will win? Selenia? Tomomi? Or just deal with Akiharu's density in understanding a lady's heart?

star 8.24
66 votes
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The Best at Being the Worst

#10 - The Best at Being the Worst

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Season 1 - Episode 13

When Hajime's classmates are threatened by a demon mage to "join or die", it's up to him to rescue them-- whether they like his methods or not.

star 7.80
76 votes
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Where Happiness Lies

#11 - Where Happiness Lies

Noragami Season 1 - Episode 4

Yato takes Hiyori and Yukine to meet a fellow god named Kofuku, and her Regalia, Daikoku. In the middle of their talk, Yato is summoned by a suicidal office worker named Usuke Urasawa, whom he accidentally knocks off the top of a building in the process. On the way down, Usuke explains how his luck and fortune went downhill in pursuit of love for a girl, who turns out to be Kofuku, revealed to be a Binbougami (God of Poverty) who causes bad luck and misfortune to those around her. Yato manages to use Yukine to sever Usuke's ties and memories to Kofuku, before ensuring he lands safely. After Yato collects his payment, Kofuku tells Hiyori that Yato had once killed before. Later, as Yato tells Hiyori to go to Kofuku and Daikoku should anything happen to him, Yukine encounters a strange woman, who is revealed to be Nora--Yato's former Regalia.

star 7.76
255 votes
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