The Best Episodes Directed by Masaki Tachibana

Let's Go Together

#1 - Let's Go Together

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 10

After Handa submits his "Star" calligraphy despite some trepidation, he gets roped into helping to build a stone wall and then into taking the girls to the summer festival. Meanwhile, Kawafuji gets the exhibition hall director to agree to welcome Handa back to Tokyo. How will he bid farewell to the kind islanders who've taught him so much?

star 8.85
85 votes
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Buddhist Chanting and Dancing

#2 - Buddhist Chanting and Dancing

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 8

It's Naru's birthday, and Handa wants to present her with a new rhinoceros beetle. However, Kenta not only refuses to help him catch one, but also declares a battle to get Naru the best bug! Later, Handa is invited along for a visit to the Kotoishi family gravesite, but finds the local Obon customs unusually cheerful.

star 8.62
85 votes
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case13 Wired Liar

#3 - case13 Wired Liar

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 1

In the world of spies, Ange works in the shadows but is suddenly moved when Eric makes a heartbreaking plea. Will Ange believe him?

star 8.50
104 votes
IN:  Aerial Bombing of Dejima; NUCLEAR POWER

#4 - IN: Aerial Bombing of Dejima; NUCLEAR POWER

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 2 - Episode 24

With the felling of Dejima Bridge by the refugees, a rumor circulates around the Cabinet that the refugees plan a mass suicide bombing using nuclear bombs. Fearing this, the Cabinet steps up the attack against the city. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kayabuki has been secretly arrested and taken to an unknown location. Aramaki, Togusa and Proto, in trying to help the P.M. are also taken into custody and secured in her office. With Section 9 having entered the non-communication zone and Aramaki being cut off from communication, Ishikawa and a Tachikoma make their way to Spring-8 on their own. Meanwhile, Gouda has sent an unwitting Section 4 after Section 9 to retrieve the plutonium.

star 8.50
261 votes
I am in Tokyo

#5 - I am in Tokyo

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 11

Handa has returned to Tokyo, to show his new "STAR" calligraphy to the gallery director he had punched and ask for forgiveness. However, Handa doesn't feel quite right about the work, and ends up smearing it before the director can. Could some inspiration from his time at the island help him create an even better work before the deadline?

star 8.48
57 votes

#6 - Gaia

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar Season 1 - Episode 13

All forces from various nations have banded to take down Babalun before he revives the Seikishin Gaia. The Swan and Kenshi make haste to stop Gaia's revival, but are stopped in their tracks by Dagmyer as he comes to duel Kenshi. With much ease, Dagmyer is defeated, at this point realizing how strong Kenshi really is. However, Gaia has been revived with Doll inside of it. Kenshi faces off against Doll and to everyone's astonishment, Kenshi is fighting on par with Doll. The tables are later turned when Babalun with merges with Gaia and begins to overpower him. Kenshi decides to go all out while Gaia continues to regenerate. He later hears Doll/Mexiah asking him to save her from Babalun/Gaia. In the midst of the battle, Kenshi goes berserk and starts to generate Light-Hawk Wings, causing him to destroy the main core of Gaia and saves Doll/Mexiah, who both have fallen in love with Kenshi. Babalun later emerges from the scraps, vowing to kill Kenshi, but Ulyte intervenes and kills Babalun, at which point he collapses and reveals his true identity as Leia. As all of the girls scream for Kenshi with their affection, Lashara, Maria, Yukine, Mexiah, Chiaia, Aura, Wahan and Leia all fight over who owns Kenshi, at which point Lithia points out that she and all the other girls in the Academy also want ownership and marriage rights to Kenshi. As they come to a decision that whoever catches him gets him first, Kenshi runs for it.

star 8.48
131 votes
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case23 Humble Double

#7 - case23 Humble Double

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 11

Ange must now fulfill her newest orders: assassinate the princess. With outside forces starting to make their move, what will happen to the Princess and Ange?

star 8.43
80 votes
case20 Ripper Dipper

#8 - case20 Ripper Dipper

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 9

As Ange is painting, she is reminded of the first time she met the princess. With fiction and reality clashing, Ange questions herself.

star 8.42
78 votes
case7 Bullet & Blade's Ballad

#9 - case7 Bullet & Blade's Ballad

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 5

The Princess must host Lord Horikawa during his time in the Kingdom of Albion. Only to be met with assassination attempts directed towards them both!

star 8.38
87 votes
Glad You're Back

#10 - Glad You're Back

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 12

With his calligraphy exhibition entry finished, Handa wants to return to the island and the people he cares about there. Unfortunately, his mom is dead set against it. How will he convince her to let him go?

star 8.37
62 votes
Going Swimming at the Beach

#11 - Going Swimming at the Beach

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 5

After the job from Miwa's dad breaks his artist's block, Handa's ready to get writing! But some distractions come up, in the form of the girls demanding penmanship help, a day taking the kids to the beach, and Naru's Grampa's addictive pickled daikon...

star 8.36
58 votes
Mochi Thrown in Celebration

#12 - Mochi Thrown in Celebration

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 3

Tama hides a deep, dark secret, and meeting Handa may have led her to reveal it. Is it too late for her to save her reputation? Meanwhile, Handa is suffering his own angst after not placing first in a calligraphy competition. Maybe a friendly mochi-picking session with the villagers will cheer him up...

star 8.36
73 votes
Cheerful Child

#13 - Cheerful Child

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 1

Handsome young master calligrapher Handa Seishuu has been exiled to a far-western island for punching a critic. He plans to focus on his writing in solitude, but rambunctious little Naru won't leave him alone...

star 8.34
86 votes

#14 - Annoying

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 2

A week after coming to the island, Handa is trying to focus on improving his calligraphy. However, he keeps getting interrupted by Naru and her friends, including middle-school girls Miwa and Tama, who want their old base back!

star 8.34
75 votes
case1 Dancy Conspiracy

#15 - case1 Dancy Conspiracy

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 2

Ange has just transferred into Queen's Mayfaire Academy, and she's on a mission to recruit the Princess. The only thing standing in her way is the Princess' agenda.

star 8.34
92 votes
C:  The Copycat will Dance; MEME

#16 - C: The Copycat will Dance; MEME

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 - Episode 6

The Superintendent-General's press conference quickly descends into chaos after the Laughing Man's assassination threat. Kusanagi suspects that the Laughing Man has inserted a virus into the police units assigned to guard the event. As Section 9 members struggle to evacuate the Superintendent-General to safety, the anti-virus team at HQ races to develop a vaccine to protect against it. However, random civilians begin joining in the assassination attempt as well, without any sort of external influence. After escorting the Superintendent-General to safety and apprehending all of the assassins, the police are left wondering about what caused dozens of completely unrelated people to attempt to murder a single man. After the immediate threat is averted, Aramaki orders Section 9 to open their own investigation into the Laughing Man case

star 8.33
353 votes
IN:  To Those Without Even a Name...; SELECON

#17 - IN: To Those Without Even a Name...; SELECON

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 2 - Episode 12

Section 9 has uncovered Shō Kawashima's ("FAKE FOOD") external memory device on the net. Hidden in a route to the Asian matrix only accessible through the European array, Section 9 concludes that the device was hidden by Gouda. Unfortunately, Gouda has left no trace of his movements in the device. The Major prepares to dive into the device with Bōma and Ishikawa watching her closely. However, before she can dive, Aramaki notifies her that someone even more important than the external memory device has just surfaced...

star 8.30
320 votes
Almost Got Badly Hurt

#18 - Almost Got Badly Hurt

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 9

It's only two weeks until the Naruka Exhibition. Handa waits for inspiration as he deals with a broken bath heater and various scuffles with the kids. Unfortunately, not long after inspiration falls, so does Handa...

star 8.30
56 votes
Guys From Tokyo

#19 - Guys From Tokyo

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 6

Handa's only friend, Kawafuji, arrives with a kid named Kanzaki Kousuke in tow, but their trip to Handa's house ends up being very roundabout. Why does Kousuke want to meet Handa so badly, and why did Kawafuji agree to bring him?

star 8.29
63 votes
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case22 Comfort Comrade

#20 - case22 Comfort Comrade

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 10

Control gives Ange and Dorothy a new assignment along with an old acquaintance. Unfortunately, old memories arise that can't be swept away.

star 8.20
80 votes
Island Dads

#21 - Island Dads

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 4

After his computer and cell phone break, Handa's only link to the outside world is the phone at the general store. He decides to focus on his entry for the upcoming Naruka Institute competition, but hits a wall. Can a job from Miwa's gangsterish dad help him break through it?

star 8.15
66 votes
A High-Grade Fish

#22 - A High-Grade Fish

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 7

To make up for the turmoil of the previous two days, the village kids and Handa treat his guests to a fun day of fishing before bidding them farewell.

star 8.10
62 votes
SA:  Chinks in the Armour of the Heart; Ag2O

#23 - SA: Chinks in the Armour of the Heart; Ag2O

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 - Episode 16

Sensitive information has been stolen from a U.S. Naval base, and the primary suspect is a former Paralympic silver medalist boxer named Pavlo Zaitsev, who works on the base as a hand-to-hand combat instructor. The Public Security office has instructed Batou to go undercover to spy on Zaitsev, a man whom he admires, to see if Zaitsev is somehow related to the missing information. Batou wants his suspicions to be wrong and for Zaitsev to be innocent. The assignment calls into question Batou's attitude on his duty towards Section 9 and the decisions it forces him to make. However, Batou discovers that Zaitsev is indeed the spy and reluctantly turns him in.

star 8.03
346 votes
C:  Corporate Graft; SCANDAL

#24 - C: Corporate Graft; SCANDAL

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 - Episode 22

The Head of the DEA is arrested for murder in connection with the raid at the Sunflower Society building. Aramaki orders Section 9 to go through all of the facility's records to determine who are the remaining members of the Narcotics Suppression Squad. As Aramaki leaves the building he shares an elevator ride with former prime minister Kanzaki, who privately discloses that the prime suspect "pulling the strings" has a lot of friends in high places and strong connections to the navy. Elsewhere, the remaining members of the Narcotic Suppression Squad attempt to frame Aramaki with drug trafficking, concocting a story about his homeless brother to lure him to the refugee district and arrest him, but their plan fails when Batou rescues the chief before the police arrive on the scene. Meanwhile, Kusanagi seeks to repair her prosthetic body after incurring severe damage in a battle against the government's latest prototype power armor.

star 7.93
307 votes
C:  The Man Who Lurks in the Darkness of the Net; CHAT! CHAT! CHAT!

#25 - C: The Man Who Lurks in the Darkness of the Net; CHAT! CHAT! CHAT!

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 - Episode 9

Using her net avatar, Kusanagi enters a chat room dedicated to the Laughing Man. Various theories are passed around the chat room as the members view various bits of evidence from the Laughing Man case. While in the chat room, Kusanagi homes in on an older man sitting at the table who seems to have more knowledge about the Laughing Man incidents than anyone else. After confronting the man and exchanging information with him, Kusanagi and one of the other guests are suddenly transferred out of the chat room and she briefly sees the Laughing Man.

star 7.86
409 votes
case16 Loudly Laundry

#26 - case16 Loudly Laundry

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 6

The girls have their next assignment, and they must infiltrate a laundry mill to find a deadly weapon. In the mill, they catch a glimpse of the workers' conditions.

star 7.81
85 votes
IN:  The Fact of Being There; ANOTHER CHANCE

#27 - IN: The Fact of Being There; ANOTHER CHANCE

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 2 - Episode 16

Ishikawa returns from the Peninsula with the latest intel on Kuze, but is surprised to learn of a possible refugee uprising. The Major and Aramaki are sent to see the Prime Minister to discuss this matter and the existence of "hub cyberbrains". While they wait, the rest of the team listens to Ishikawa's report on Kuze's past.

star 7.73
289 votes
case2 Vice Voice

#28 - case2 Vice Voice

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 3

The connection between Ange and the princess comes to light, and the girls discover Beatrice's extraordinary talents.

star 7.56
89 votes
case24 Fall of the Wall

#29 - case24 Fall of the Wall

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 12

With time against her, Ange will stop at nothing until she has the princess next to her. Will she be too late to save her?

star 7.24
80 votes
case11 Pell-mell Duel

#30 - case11 Pell-mell Duel

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 8

Chise writes to her sister about her life in the Kingdom of Albion, and how she struggles to adapt to their customs but the girls try their best to make Chise feel at home.

star 7.22
86 votes
case9 Roaming Pigeons

#31 - case9 Roaming Pigeons

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 4

The girls are sent to retrieve a certain prototype from the Kingdom. In the meantime, Dorothy must keep a close eye on a friend.

star 6.90
84 votes
case18 Rouge Morgue

#32 - case18 Rouge Morgue

Princess Principal Season 1 - Episode 7

Dorothy must take a case that involves her father, to retrieve a something from a dead body at his morgue. Does this bring them back closer together?

star 6.81
80 votes
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