The Best Episodes Directed by Shinya Iino

Let's Go Together

#1 - Let's Go Together

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 10

After Handa submits his "Star" calligraphy despite some trepidation, he gets roped into helping to build a stone wall and then into taking the girls to the summer festival. Meanwhile, Kawafuji gets the exhibition hall director to agree to welcome Handa back to Tokyo. How will he bid farewell to the kind islanders who've taught him so much?

star 8.85
85 votes
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The Mask of Madness

#2 - The Mask of Madness

Black Bullet Season 1 - Episode 2

All of the Tokyo Area's top Civil Security Agencies are summoned to the Ministry of Defense at the request of the Tokyo Area's ruler: Seitenshi. Here, she offers the Agencies the jobs of exterminating the recent Gastrea infection and retrieving a case held within it. As Seitenshi declines to reveal the contents of the case, the Masked Man—Kagetane Hiruko suddenly appears in the room and declares his intention of using the case's contents—the "Inheritance of the Seven Stars" to exterminate the Tokyo Area before killing most of the room's occupants. The next day Rentaro and Enju witness a Cursed Child from the Outer District being hauled off by the police causing the former to lament their treatment. Kagetane later approaches Rentaro and attempts to bribe him in joining him. However Rentaro refuses and Kagetane threatens Rentaro into visiting Enju's school. The next day Rentaro rushes to Enju's school after a rumor of her being a Cursed Child was spread, forcing her to run away out of fear. Desperately searching the Outer Districts, Rentaro stumbles upon a man called Matsuzaki taking care of Cursed Children and explains how much Enju means to him. However Enju sorrowfully refuses to reveal herself to Rentaro.

star 8.70
237 votes
I Just Don't Know How to Smile

#3 - I Just Don't Know How to Smile

Plastic Memories Season 1 - Episode 4

The Terminal Service No. 1 staff receives seven brand-new retrieval missions, and Tsukasa and Isla are assigned to retrieve a Giftia named Marcia. They are also warned of the presence of criminals who assume the identities of Terminal Service employees to retrieve Giftia and sell them on the black market. Tsukasa and Isla head to Marcia's residence, where they learn she is raising her owner, Souta, in the role of an older sister after his parents died. When Souta arrives home from school, he acts hostile towards Tsukasa and Isla, but is surprisingly willing to sign the agreement form to take Marcia away, citing that she is just a Giftia and adding that Giftias cannot be trusted in telling the truth. Unable to acquire a signature as a result of Souta's attitude, Tsukasa confides in Michiru about the encounter, and she advises him to solve the problem by having Souta believe he was truly loved by Marcia. As a result, Tsukasa, Isla, and Marcia decide to bake a cake for his birthday on the following day, and are assisted by Michiru and Zack. Afterwards, Michiru tells Tsukasa that she tried all she could to keep her father, a Giftia, from being retrieved, which resulted in him becoming a Wanderer, a Giftia that still retains its motor skills but loses its personality and memories, causing it to become instinctual and aggressive. Later, Souta returns home and is surprised by the group. Upon spotting the birthday cake, which was modeled after one used for his birthday three years ago, he remembers his family and tearfully apologies to Marcia. On the day before the retrieval, Souta is visited by a shady man, who claims to be Tsukasa and Isla's replacement from the Terminal Service and asks for Marcia.

star 8.69
149 votes
Voices Over Infinite Distance

#4 - Voices Over Infinite Distance

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 24

Senku and the kingdom learns of a mysterious disc left behind by his father and the other astronauts. They use their newfound technology to bring it to life.

star 8.54
264 votes
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I am in Tokyo

#5 - I am in Tokyo

Barakamon Season 1 - Episode 11

Handa has returned to Tokyo, to show his new "STAR" calligraphy to the gallery director he had punched and ask for forgiveness. However, Handa doesn't feel quite right about the work, and ends up smearing it before the director can. Could some inspiration from his time at the island help him create an even better work before the deadline?

star 8.48
57 votes
Prologue of Dr. Stone

#6 - Prologue of Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 11

Tsukasa and Senku defeat Hyoga, but Tsukasa is mortally wounded. The options for treating sepsis and a punctured lung are limited, painful and uncertain.

star 8.41
166 votes
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The Culmination of Two Million Years

#7 - The Culmination of Two Million Years

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 15

With Magma defeated, it’s down to Senku and Ginro to take the throne. Although both are on the same team, one is driven by personal greed and opportunism. The fight is on!

star 8.34
261 votes
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Let There Be the Light of Science

#8 - Let There Be the Light of Science

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 9

Senku starts a ramen stand in hopes of winning over support for his kingdom of science, but some people are too principled to take such a bribe. Mentalist Asagiri Gen is not one of them.

star 8.21
289 votes
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Humanity's Strongest Tag Team

#9 - Humanity's Strongest Tag Team

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 10

A truce is called between the kingdom of science and Tsukasa Empire. All appears to be well, but some of the kingdom’s dynamite is missing.

star 8.20
156 votes
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The Age of Energy

#10 - The Age of Energy

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 20

Tsukasa plans a second attack after a few months of preparation. He has no idea what Senku and his kingdom are cooking up in the meantime.

star 8.19
254 votes
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Wave of Science

#11 - Wave of Science

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 23

Now that the kingdom of science has access to tungsten, they can finish building the cell phone.

star 8.13
251 votes
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Masked Warrior

#12 - Masked Warrior

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 13

All that’s needed to make antibiotics is alcohol. The best way to get some is to win the Grand Bout, which the Senku and his kingdom will also need to do in order to keep Magma away from Ruri and give her the drug.

star 8.11
275 votes
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A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies

#13 - A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 17

Through Byakuya’s message to Senku, we learn of the events that started Ishigami Village.

star 8.10
260 votes
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Call from the Dead

#14 - Call from the Dead

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 3

With Homura captured, the kingdom of science finally succeeds in setting up a hotline with their spies in Tsukasa’s empire. Meanwhile, Chrome runs into some trouble.

star 8.09
179 votes
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The Protectors of the Barrier

#15 - The Protectors of the Barrier

Black Bullet Season 1 - Episode 9

During a visit to Sumire's laboratory, Tina suggests leaving the Tendo Agency since Rand's pursuit of her may endanger the others, however Rentaro stops her. Afterwards, using Rentaro's increased security privileges, Sumire shows him classified information she unearthed on the Gastrea War which was thought to have been destroyed. However data on an event at Nanahoshi Village and the Gastrea War Outbreak remain locked until they gain higher security clearance. At the same time, the Monolith's degradation finally reaches the public eye and Seitenshi calls a press conference to appease the public's unrest. Rentaro and Enju later try looking for more squad members at the adjuvant encampment and discover a suspiciously murdered Promoter. Rentaro then reunites with, and recruits his longtime friend, Promoter Shoma Nagisawa and his Initiator, Midori Fuse. Kisara later shows up and along with Tina, also join Rentaro's squad much to the latter's protest. Afterwards Commander Nagamasa Gedo rallies the camp and explains their strategy to support the JASDF. However Rentaro upsets Nagamasa when he questions the plan and trust of the JASDF. Finally, Rentaro and his newly formed squad prepare themselves for the upcoming battle to defend the Tokyo Area.

star 8.07
203 votes
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Spartan Crafts Club

#16 - Spartan Crafts Club

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 21

Making cell phones takes a lot of materials and tools. Senku begins by upgrading their equipment using the waterwheel Chrome and Kaseki invented and built together.

star 8.07
240 votes
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Hot Line

#17 - Hot Line

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 2

The kingdom of science moves to Tsukasa’s scout, Homura, so that they can deploy their newly built cell phone in their base.

star 7.99
185 votes
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To Destroy and to Save

#18 - To Destroy and to Save

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 9

Several of the kingdom’s strongest fighters are locked in battle with Hyoga and Tsukasa. Meanwhile, Senku, Gen and Chrome make it to the miracle cave. They’ll have very little time to put together a weapon to end the war.

star 7.98
164 votes
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The Treasure

#19 - The Treasure

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 22

Senku, Magma and Chrome explores a cave for tungsten, which they’ll need to make durable filaments for their cell phone vacuum tubes. But Magma has other plans in mind.

star 7.97
237 votes
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Fire the Smoke Signal

#20 - Fire the Smoke Signal

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 4

Senku, Taiju and Yuzuriha head to Hakone to collect sulfur for gunpowder, which they’ll need to fight Tsukasa. They accidentally set off an explosion, which attracts some unexpected attention.

star 7.96
320 votes
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Final Battle

#21 - Final Battle

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 8

The kingdom of science begins its siege on Tsukasa’s empire. They’ll have less than twenty seconds from the beginning of the war to scare the empire into submission, or risk casualties.

star 7.95
169 votes
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Stone Wars

#22 - Stone Wars

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 18

Tsukasa’s army attacks the village, potentially leaving them with no choice but to cut down the bridge and lose Kinro.

star 7.95
251 votes
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Stone World

#23 - Stone World

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 1

Senku and Taiju emerge from their petrification several thousand years after everyone in the world had turned to stone. It’s up to them to rescue everyone else and restore civilization.

star 7.94
409 votes
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Stone Road

#24 - Stone Road

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 8

Kohaku’s sister, village priestess Ruri, is gravely ill. Senku, Chrome and Kohaku begin their quest to make antibiotics to save her life.

star 7.93
290 votes
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Full Assault

#25 - Full Assault

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 4

Nikki becomes the first member of the Tsukasa Empire to convert to the kingdom of science. Meanwhile, with Chrome in mortal danger, Senku and the kingdom begin plotting a way to bring him back to safety.

star 7.93
175 votes
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Prison Break

#26 - Prison Break

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 6

Chrome tries to use his knowledge of science to escape from his prison, but he just doesn’t have the tools. Yo, a former cop who had been revived into Tsukasa’s army, tries to work up the ranks.

star 7.92
168 votes
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Buddies Back to Back

#27 - Buddies Back to Back

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 12

To make antibiotics, Senku and his kingdom need to obtain sulfuric acid from a fountain of the stuff. The team goes prepared, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll make it back alive.

star 7.92
269 votes
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Secret Mission

#28 - Secret Mission

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 7

Chrome makes it back to the kingdom of science’s base, where he bears witness to the Steam Gorilla for the first time. Meanwhile, with the help of the others and with his fake Lilian voice, Gen manages to convert even more people away from the Tsukasa Empire.

star 7.92
164 votes
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Where Two Million Years Have Gone

#29 - Where Two Million Years Have Gone

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 7

Kohaku shows Senku to her village, but it’s going to take some convincing before they let him in. In the meantime, he makes friends with a like-minded, promising “sorcerer.”

star 7.92
290 votes
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Clear World

#30 - Clear World

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 11

The development of glassworks, an important step for making sulfa drugs and for chemistry as a whole, turns out to have a surprising benefit for Suika.

star 7.92
286 votes
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Two Nations of the Stone World

#31 - Two Nations of the Stone World

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 6

Taiju and Yuzuriha figure out Senku’s secret to reviving him. But now that he’s back, they need to deal with Tsukasa.

star 7.91
301 votes
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Master of Flame

#32 - Master of Flame

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 14

The Grand Bout is on. The kingdom of science must defeat Magma and take the seat of the village chief in order to give Ruri the antibiotic and win over the village.

star 7.91
257 votes
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Stone Wars Beginning

#33 - Stone Wars Beginning

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 1

Senku and the kingdom are going to need rations to be well during their attack on Tsukasa’s empire. There’s a science for that.

star 7.90
199 votes
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A Tale for the Ages

#34 - A Tale for the Ages

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 16

Having won the Grand Bout fair and square, and having cured village priestess Ruri of her pneumonia, Senku has won the hearts and minds of the village. Ruri delivers Senku a message from someone dear.

star 7.90
263 votes
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Stone World the Beginning

#35 - Stone World the Beginning

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 5

Tsukasa demands that Senku abandons science, but there’s no way he can do that. Tsukasa is left with no choice but to kill him.

star 7.84
300 votes
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King of the Stone World

#36 - King of the Stone World

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 2

Taiju and Senku are about to revive Yuzuriha, when they get attacked by lions.

star 7.84
362 votes
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To Modernity

#37 - To Modernity

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 19

Tsukasa’s army attacks the village. Outmatched by the attackers, they have to rely on wits, cooperation and science to fend them off.

star 7.77
245 votes
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Weapons of Science

#38 - Weapons of Science

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 3

Tsukasa has learned about the cave where the nitric acid is collected. The race is on between Senku and Tsukasa to restore humanity in their respective visions.

star 7.75
345 votes
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A Flimsy Alliance

#39 - A Flimsy Alliance

Dr. Stone Season 1 - Episode 10

Senku and his kingdom of science successfully test the first lightbulb since the collapse. Meanwhile, Asagiri Gen, a spy from Tsukasa’s empire, is killed by an unknown attacker.

star 7.71
278 votes
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Steam Gorilla

#40 - Steam Gorilla

Dr. Stone Season 2 - Episode 5

The kingdom of science builds a steam engine. They use it to set up base closer to Tsukasa’s empire.

star 7.71
165 votes
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The Opposite

#41 - The Opposite

Girl Meets Bear Season 1 - Episode 5

One of the kids in the village is put in a cell with Natsu as punishment for being naughty. Later, Natsu tells Machi how important it is to sense the mood in order to maintain a good relationship with others.

star 7.17
36 votes
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Is That an Idol?!

#42 - Is That an Idol?!

Girl Meets Bear Season 1 - Episode 10

Machi becomes envious of Shota and Kaori when she realizes that they have their own cell phones even though they are only elementary school students. Yoshio tries again to turn Machi into the village idol.

star 4.86
35 votes
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