The BEST episodes directed by Katsuichi Nakayama

Izumi May Be Izumi but Izumi Will No Longer Yield to Anyone
57 votes

#1 - Izumi May Be Izumi but Izumi Will No Longer Yield to Anyone

He Is My Master - Season 1 - Episode 9

The gang go to the beach for Izumi's photoshoot where they meet Alicia and Ellen

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I'll Never Forget This Minute, This Second
192 votes

#2 - I'll Never Forget This Minute, This Second

Gurren Lagann - Season 1 - Episode 24

In order to save the woman Simon loves and the Earth in which his friends resides; the "Super Galactic Great Gurren" was launched, with the Great Gurren Brigade onboard. Guided by Simon and Nia's feelings for each other, the Great Gurren Brigade break through dimensions in search for the Anti-Spirals' homeworld. What can they expect once they arrive to this unknown world?

Prisoner of Love
75 votes

#3 - Prisoner of Love

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) - Season 5 - Episode 5

Father and daughter try to escape the visiting room's trap and the prison, but an enemy Stand extracts two discs from Jotaro. One holds Star Platinum.

Operation Savage Guardian (Head to the Courtyard!) (2)
69 votes

#4 - Operation Savage Guardian (Head to the Courtyard!) (2)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) - Season 5 - Episode 11

Father Pucchi learns some damning information. Jolyne and Weather's bodies strain under Jumpin' Jack Spark's Stand ability as the fight continues.

Make My Day
29 votes

#5 - Make My Day

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 12

Leonard and Kalinin make every effort to spirit Kaname away before Sousuke can reach her. As battle erupts between rival Amalgam factions and Mithril remnants, Sousuke and Kaname both find they have to fight against fate to hold on to hope.

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One-Man Force
29 votes

#6 - One-Man Force

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 8

Sousuke's grudge against Kurama escalates into a full-blown shooting war on the streets of Namsac, but is it possible for him to fight this war all by himself? And every war has its share of casualties.

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Well Met, Everyone
238 votes

#7 - Well Met, Everyone

Gurren Lagann - Season 1 - Episode 14

One month has past since the battle with Cytomander and Simon and Yoko pay one last visit to Kamina burial site. Because Great Gurren Brigade has arrived at the outskirts of Imperial City Teppelin, meaning it is finally time for the final battle to commence. Nevertheless before they even aim towards the city the must first deal with the combined full-scale attack of Cytomander and Guame's forces.

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Yumemi's Wish
26 votes

#8 - Yumemi's Wish

Planetarian: The Dream of the Small Star - Season 1 - Episode 5

Yumemi and the Junker finally reach the city exit, only to find it guarded by an autonomous killer robot. With the element of surprise lost, the Junker only has a few weapons left - two armor-piercing grenades, and hope for a new way of life.

Damage Control
38 votes

#9 - Damage Control

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 2

In Tokyo, Sousuke and Kaname flee from enemy agents in a desperate attempt to rendezvous with their allies. On Merida Island, Mithril struggles to respond to a fierce and demoralizing assault by Amalgam forces.

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Giant Killing
31 votes

#10 - Giant Killing

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 7

The Crossbow team takes part in their first illegal battle, but nefarious forces are at work behind the scenes. If Sousuke doesn't play his cards right, this first battle could end up being his last.

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Big One Percent
36 votes

#11 - Big One Percent

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 3

The SRT team has its hands more than full trying to protect Merida Island from three rampaging Behemoths. Sousuke and Kaname attempt to deal with their own frantic situation, as Amalgam's Kurama drags the students of Jindai High School into the fray.

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On My Own
34 votes

#12 - On My Own

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 4

Sousuke and Kaname work together to save Kyoko and everyone else at Jindai High, and they both reach a point where they must make difficult, fateful decisions. Tessa likewise tries to save as many of her people as possible as she abandons the island base.

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The Fallen Witch
26 votes

#13 - The Fallen Witch

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 9

When Tessa is found wandering dazed and barefoot on a California highway, her attending psychiatrist just might be in for the case of a lifetime. The story Tessa tells sounds like an intricate delusion, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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Stormy Night
28 votes

#14 - Stormy Night

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 11

Lemon determines where Kaname is likely being held captive, so Sousuke and his ragtag group launch a rescue mission. But many forces are on the move this stormy night, and the mission doesn't quite go according to plan.

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You're Gonna Do It!
289 votes

#15 - You're Gonna Do It!

Gurren Lagann - Season 1 - Episode 7

Following their ordeal at the hot springs, Viral appears before the Gurren Brigade to challenge Kamina and in the midst of their fight more details of the Beastman Empire are revealed. Just when things couldn't get more out of hand, one of the Four Divine Generals named Thymilph, arrives to support in a massive mobile Gunmen fortress, the Dai-Ganzan. Even the Gurren-Lagann may not stand a chance against this.

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Rotten Repose
29 votes

#16 - Rotten Repose

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 6

While enjoying considerable success fighting in the arena for Nami's team, Sousuke starts to grow accustomed to his new life in Namsac. But little things keep reminding him he came to this city with a specific purpose in mind.

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Zero Hour
41 votes

#17 - Zero Hour

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 1

Amalgam decides it's time to get serious about its Mithril problem, and this means big challenges are on the horizon for Sousuke, Kaname, and Tessa. As enemies close in on all fronts, will they find ways to overcome those challenges?

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Welcome to the Jungle
26 votes

#18 - Welcome to the Jungle

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 5

Sousuke makes his way to the city of Namsac, where people bet on fighting matches between decommissioned Arm Slaves. Thanks to a bit of serendipity, he meets a team owner named Nami at the arena just when she's looking for an AS operator.

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Onward, Onward
28 votes

#19 - Onward, Onward

Full Metal Panic! - Season 4 - Episode 10

Sousuke who are attacked by amalgam. Raids also come closer to Sousuke who cannot heal wounds yet. On the other hand, Tessa who missed Fowler slightly afterward pledges Leonard and amalgam.

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Repairing the Projector
32 votes

#20 - Repairing the Projector

Planetarian: The Dream of the Small Star - Season 1 - Episode 2

Stranded in a dead city full of killer robots and running out of supplies, the last thing the Junker should be doing is fixing a massive entertainment/education machine over a century old. But that is exactly what he decides to do.

You’re Such a Fool! What Were You Thinking?
39 votes

#21 - You’re Such a Fool! What Were You Thinking?

Honey and Clover - Season 1 - Episode 15

Mayama's work is going well, but he still misses Rika-san. Her current assistant suddenly has health problem and needs to stay in hospital. Mayama meets Rika-san in hospital and asks her if he can come back, but she rejected. Nomiya at the same time wants to meet Yamada and really gets his eyes on her. Mayama tried to protect Yamada from him (much like a mother) as he says he wants her to meet a guy who treasures and don't just hook her up for fun. Takamoto was searching for jobs and doing his final project, which later on was given name by Hanamoto-sensei. This name made the idea become clear and his work masterpiece.

A Different Story From Up to Now
37 votes

#22 - A Different Story From Up to Now

His and Her Circumstances - Season 1 - Episode 25

Kano's been feeling a strange presence lately... as if someone is following her. Mysterious phone calls... flowers from an anonymous admirer...

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