JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

The BEST episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)!

Follows an intergenerational feud between the Joestar Family and various forces of evil, the most prominent of which is Dio Brando and his followers.

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Dio's World (3)
142 votes

#1 - Dio's World (3)

Season 2 - Episode 47 - Aired 6/13/2015

The fight continues.

The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice (2)
122 votes

#2 - The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice (2)

Season 2 - Episode 43 - Aired 5/16/2015

Polnareff starts brandishing his sword toward an unseen enemy with very little success.

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Long Journey, Farewell, My Friends
144 votes

#3 - Long Journey, Farewell, My Friends

Season 2 - Episode 48 - Aired 6/20/2015

The final battle!

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Dio's World (2)
138 votes

#4 - Dio's World (2)

Season 2 - Episode 46 - Aired 6/6/2015

The group tries to identify Dio's Stand.

Goodbye, Morioh - The Heart of Gold
128 votes

#5 - Goodbye, Morioh - The Heart of Gold

Season 3 - Episode 39 - Aired 12/24/2016

Josuke and the others finally corner Kira. Jotaro also arrives but Kira uses Bites the Dust on a paramedic who came to help and tries to blow away time gain. He tells the woman his true identity, causing Bites the Dust to activate. The final battle in Morioh is finally reaching its end!

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King of Kings
119 votes

#6 - King of Kings

Season 4 - Episode 37 - Aired 7/6/2019

Diavolo had been possessing Trish’s mind and is able to solve the mystery behind Chariot Requiem, making it possible for him to take the arrow. Giorno and the others attack in order to get the arrow back, but their attacks are futile against Eulogy. The moment that Diavolo tries to pierce his Stand with the arrow, Buccellati completely destroys Chariot Requiem. Giorno and the others begin their final showdown with the almighty Diavolo.

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Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling
113 votes

#7 - Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling

Season 4 - Episode 28 - Aired 4/27/2019

In the aftermath of the battle between Risotto and Doppio, Abbacchio uses Moody Blues to try and uncover the boss's identity. But the boss is adamant about keeping his identity a secret and executes his next gambit against the group.

Darby the Gambler (2)
142 votes

#8 - Darby the Gambler (2)

Season 2 - Episode 35 - Aired 3/21/2015

Souls are on the line as a game of poker continues.

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The Mystery of Emperor Crimson
113 votes

#9 - The Mystery of Emperor Crimson

Season 4 - Episode 21 - Aired 3/2/2019

Buccellati finds out that the boss's true motive is to eliminate Trish because of her relationship with him, causing him to betray the boss and save Trish. Meanwhile, Giorno feels something bizarre is going on as they waited for Buccellati's return. The Boss's Stand, King Crimson rises.

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His Name Is Diavolo
113 votes

#10 - His Name Is Diavolo

Season 4 - Episode 33 - Aired 6/8/2019

Buccellati managed to win in his battle against Secco, but his body was reaching its limit. The boss had already arrived in Rome and used Doppio to get closer to Buccellati. Buccellati’s condition worsens and he mistakes Doppio as Trish and Doppio plays along. The man with the secret to defeating the boss was waiting for them inside the Colosseum. Time then skips and the boss’s true identity is revealed.

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Heart Attack (2)
123 votes

#11 - Heart Attack (2)

Season 3 - Episode 24 - Aired 9/10/2016

Koichi manages to survive because Echoes Act 3 made Sheer Heart Attack heavy, but then the murderer, Yoshikage Kira shows up! Feeling intense anger against the murderer, Koichi fights Kira with Act 3, but doesn't stand a chance. Kira is infuriated by the fact that Koichi made a fool of him in public, and lets loose on him, but...

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Bites the Dust (2)
119 votes

#12 - Bites the Dust (2)

Season 3 - Episode 36 - Aired 12/3/2016

After blowing up Rohan Kishibe with Killer Queen's third ability, Bites the Dust, Hayato is told by Kira as to what happened and returns to the same morning. He then thinks that the only people who could defeat Kira are people with abilities like Rohan, and tries to tell Rohan about Kira without getting him killed. However, Rohan blows up, even without meeting Hayato. Hayato is distraught, thinking that there's no one else who can defeat Kira when he runs into...

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The Final Mission from the Boss
112 votes

#13 - The Final Mission from the Boss

Season 4 - Episode 20 - Aired 2/23/2019

Mista and Giorno were able to defeat Ghiaccio. They then confirm the mission on the disc and head to the location they're supposed to take Trish. Buccellaati goes up the tower with Trish, but while they're in the elevator, Trish suddenly disappears. Buccellati then realizes what the boss's true motives are.

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Emperor Crimson vs. Metallic
112 votes

#14 - Emperor Crimson vs. Metallic

Season 4 - Episode 27 - Aired 4/20/2019

Risotto figures out that Doppio must be a Stand user that the boss trusts in deeply because he’s able to hear the noise from a certain Stand. Risotto then uses his Stand Metallica against him. Metallica is able to control magnetic force and attacks Doppio. Doppio uses the part of the boss’s power he received from him. While they’re fighting, Risotto realizes that Doppio’s personality and actions seem to be changing and he realizes exactly who Doppio is.

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Shining D (Diamond) is Unbreakable (1)
115 votes

#15 - Shining D (Diamond) is Unbreakable (1)

Season 3 - Episode 37 - Aired 12/10/2016

Hayato's plan to kill Kira with Stray Cat's air bullets failed. Kira realizes that Hayato has repeated the same morning numerous times, and realizes that it's becoming dangerous for Hayato to repeat the same morning any longer, and considers undoing Bites the Dust. Kira truly believed that fate was on his side, and then he showed up...

Young Caesar
210 votes

#16 - Young Caesar

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired 2/23/2013

Lisa Lisa tells JoJo of Caesar's childhood, in which he took to crime at a young age after being abandoned by his debt-ridden father, Mario.

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Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly (2)
124 votes

#17 - Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly (2)

Season 3 - Episode 22 - Aired 8/27/2016

Yoshikage Kira was the killer hiding in Morioh and is also a Stand user. Shigechi finds out this secret, so Kira tries to dispose of him, but Shigechi fights back with Harvest. However, because of Kira's Stand, Killer Queen, he suffers a mortal wound and loses. Shigechi manages to get away from Kira and tries to find Josuke so he can tell him about Kira and be fixed by Crazy Diamond.

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The Ascendant One
194 votes

#18 - The Ascendant One

Season 1 - Episode 26 - Aired 4/6/2013

JoJo's victory, along with his arm, is cut short when Kars manages to survive the volcano by forming a shield of air bubbles to protect him from its deadly lava.

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Diavolo Surfaces
107 votes

#19 - Diavolo Surfaces

Season 4 - Episode 36 - Aired 6/29/2019

Because of Chariot Requiem’s true power, something starts happening to Polnareff’s body. This just makes Buccellati and the others try to get the arrow back even quicker. But then Giorno states that Diavolo’s mind is possessing one of their bodies. Who will get to the arrow first, Giorno and the rest of the crew or Diavolo?

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Shining D (Diamond) is Unbreakable (2)
114 votes

#20 - Shining D (Diamond) is Unbreakable (2)

Season 3 - Episode 38 - Aired 12/17/2016

Josuke and Hayato try to force Killer Queen and Stray Cat into close-quarters combat by going into a nearby house. However, air bullets start to show up in the house. Josuke tries to dodge them by throwing around ash from an ashtray so he can see where they are going, but for some reasons, the air bullets keep chasing after Josuke. There's no way that Kira should be able to see them from the outside, so Josuke and Hayato start panicking...

The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice (3)
120 votes

#21 - The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice (3)

Season 2 - Episode 44 - Aired 5/23/2015

Polnareff is pushed to his limits.

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The Requiem Quietly Plays (1)
104 votes

#22 - The Requiem Quietly Plays (1)

Season 4 - Episode 34 - Aired 6/15/2019

Jean Pierre Polnareff holds the key to defeating the boss. The one who appeared before him wasn’t Buccellati or his squad, but the leader of Passione, Diavolo himself. Diavolo tries to eliminate Polnareff once and for all and summons King Crimson, but then Polnareff summons Silver Chariot and it is pierced with the arrow. That’s when something happens to everyone in or nearby the Colosseum. They find themselves losing strength and all fall asleep. After waking from their deep sleep, they all realize something has changed.

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Prisoner of Love
75 votes

#23 - Prisoner of Love

Season 5 - Episode 5 - Aired 12/1/2021

Father and daughter try to escape the visiting room's trap and the prison, but an enemy Stand extracts two discs from Jotaro. One holds Star Platinum.

The Thankful Death (2)
107 votes

#24 - The Thankful Death (2)

Season 4 - Episode 16 - Aired 1/26/2019

Number Six from Sex Pistols manages to warn Buccellati about the enemies and fights back, but The Grateful Dead's powers are taking a toll on him. Buccellati steels his resolve and throws himself out with Prosciutto out of the train that's going 150kph. Barely hanging onto life, Prosciutto uses The Grateful Dead again. Pesci decides to take Prosciutto's resolve to heart and attacks Bucciarati.

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Green Tea and Sanctuary (2)
98 votes

#25 - Green Tea and Sanctuary (2)

Season 4 - Episode 31 - Aired 5/25/2019

As soon as Ciccolata went up in a helicopter, Green Day’s ability’s murderous range grew even more. He then flies to Rome and tries to spread his murderous mold. Buccellati and the others go to stop Ciccolata, but Secco gets in their way. Giorno and Mista go after Ciccolata while Buccellati faces off with Secco.

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