The BEST episodes directed by Daisuke Takashima

Beyond All Blood
29 votes

#1 - Beyond All Blood

Blood+ - Season 4 - Episode 9

In order to keep Diva's public performance from being broadcast, David, Lewis, Kai, and Okamura go to Staten Island to blow up the satellite dishes. Though she is growing weaker and more tired, Saya is determined to fight so she doesn't wake up in a world full of chiroptera. Hagi asks Saya to reconsider their promise, but she makes him ask her to fight again. Amshel orders Nathan to kill Solomon, but Nathan releases him from the dungeon instead. James, in his full chiropteran form, goes to the apartment and attacks Saya. When Saya attacks him, though, her sword bounces off his skin. Hagi and Lulu try to help her in the fight, but the three are losing badly. As James moves to kill Saya with her own sword, Solomon arrives and, in his human form, blocks James' attack. Solomon then swears that he is Saya's chevalier by his own choice and states that it is "beyond blood". He is able to make James drop Saya's sword, but as it falls, it slices Solomon near his chest. James is suddenly inflicted with the Thorn, and Saya is able to strike the killing blow to his head. Solomon tells her to call his name if she ever needs him, then leaves. Though Hagi sees the cut from the sword, Saya does not appear to. Amshel finds Solomon in an alley trying to hold on, but he crystallizes in Amshel's arms from Saya's blood on her sword. Nathan and Amshel are now Diva's only surviving chevaliers.

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Battle Against the White Whale
283 votes

#2 - Battle Against the White Whale

Re: ZERO, Starting Life in Another World - Season 1 - Episode 19

To save Emilia, Subaru approaches Crusch to negotiate the formation of an alliance. His terms are a bit difficult for Crusch to believe, but she can see that Subaru isn't lying.

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Cool Beauty
33 votes

#3 - Cool Beauty

Kimikiss Pure Rouge - Season 1 - Episode 2

Ever since he returned from school Kazuki has been thinking about the he had with Eriko and the words which followed. So the next day he asks for some info on her from Akira but is unable to get anything helpful. Today is also the first day for all the freshmen so Nana, who's able to make a new friend, will be joining him from now on. Later Mao notices Eiji playing the sax and is finally able to get through to him.

Senpai and Our...
46 votes

#4 - Senpai and Our...

Waiting in the Summer - Season 1 - Episode 10

As Ichika and Kaito spend some time close together (which Ichika credits to Kanna), a depressed Kanna shuts herself in her room after a visit from Tetsurō, who tells everyone that she has a cold. He meets Mio on the way, where they shared the cake she was to give Kanna. There Mio asks and hears his reason why he invited Ichika to do the film with them. Angry at himself, Tetsurō kicks a nearby wooden railing and injures himself. The next day Tetsurō invites Kanna to their old playground as kindergarten kids and confesses to her, but she rejects him; and as she runs off to Kaito's place to confess (only to be rejected by Kaito anyway), Tetsurō falls on his knees, where Mio sneaks from behind and hugs him, saying it's alright to cry. The filming of the movie continues, but one day Emika, Ichika's older sister, appears.

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Return to the Capital
273 votes

#5 - Return to the Capital

Re: ZERO, Starting Life in Another World - Season 1 - Episode 12

At the order of the council of elders that manages Lugunica in the king's absence, Wilhelm and Felix visit Roswaal's mansion as emissaries. Emilia is required in the imperial capital right away, so Subaru asks her to take him along. Emilia tells him this won't be a pleasure trip, but a push from Rem and Roswaal ends in her agreement, so Emilia and Subaru head to the capital. Now all of the candidates to be Lugunica's next king are gathered, and the royal selection is underway.

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Unreachable Fingertips
57 votes

#6 - Unreachable Fingertips

Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 13

Hikari thinks of Manaka while he's at home, and decides to tell her how he really feels about her. Manaka also tries to tell him something, but then tells him that she'll tell him as soon as the Ofunehiki is over.

The Morning of Our Promise Is Still Distant
297 votes

#7 - The Morning of Our Promise Is Still Distant

Re: ZERO, Starting Life in Another World - Season 1 - Episode 5

Subaru now lives and works in Roswaal's mansion, working with Ram and Rem, and finally getting Emilia to agree to a date with him. But the day of their promised date never comes as Subaru keeps going back to the day he first awoke in the mansion. He's confused at the thought that he Returned by Death despite having no memory of experiencing anything deadly, but he's determined to repeat his previous actions up to the point of fulfilling his promise with Emilia.

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The Boy's Escape
34 votes

#8 - The Boy's Escape

Hatsukoi Limited - Season 1 - Episode 11

Mamoru, Sogabe, and Kusuda agreed to run away, and it wasn't long until the others, notably Kei (who apologized profusely to Kusuda), Ayumi, Nao, and Mamoru's brother Misao found out about it and started to worry (Misao and Ayumi went into hysteria over Mamoru at one point, because they thought that note Mamoru left was a suicide note). Meanwhile, the boys seem to encounter difficulties, as the boys have little money combined, and Sogabe only had sweets in his bag; and they were hopelessly lost. When the boys turned off their phones in an effort to conceal their location, Kei, Ayumi, and Nao decided to go look for them, with Koyoi tagging along, getting a clue from a phone call they made to Kusuda's phone (and Rika passing this trip)...until Kei saw from a window on their train the three boys on a road following the train's route, furiously pedaling on their bicycles for dear life as they were chased by a sounder of angrily rampaging wild boar--they were caught in the path of the location's annual Wild Boar Race... Meanwhile, as Yoshihiko and Yuuji are worried about their younger sisters, looks like Misaki is getting the impression that Yuuji isn't interested in her, as she told Yoshihiko. She, however, took it lightly.

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My More Beloved Than Anyone In the World
36 votes

#9 - My More Beloved Than Anyone In the World

Hatsukoi Limited - Season 1 - Episode 4

The Bessho family patriarch goes away for a while owing to a job assignment, leaving siblings Yoshihiko and Koyoi alone in the house, much to Koyoi's delight, so as to keep her brother to herself at home. Meanwhile, Yuuji Arihara, upset about a misunderstanding about his sister Ayumi and Misao, forces a lollipop into Misaki Yamamoto's mouth to explain his point to Yoshihiko. Yoshihiko, embarrassed at what his friend had just done, and holding a secret one-sided love for Misaki, apologizes and leads Yuuji away. Upon receiving a call from Misaki, Yoshihiko meets her at a local restaurant. Koyoi, alarmed at the fact that her brother likes someone other than her, trails him in order to "scout the enemy." Misaki reveals her feelings for Yuuji and asks Yoshihiko for help. Being the nice guy that gets looked over, Yoshihiko agrees to help.

Senpai Has a Rival.
49 votes

#10 - Senpai Has a Rival.

Waiting in the Summer - Season 1 - Episode 6

As Ichika is pondering on what Tetsurō told Kaito that night, thanks to Tetsurō's sister, filming for their movie goes to Okinawa, where Kaito meets a childhood friend, and Tetsurō is found pleasing by her companion. This puts Kanna and Ichika at an unease, especially when Kaori, the girl, says that Kaito is her fiance. Miu, on the other hand, is uneasy herself when Chiharu, Kaori's companion, sets her sights on Tetsurō.

What Can I Do for the Two of Them
68 votes

#11 - What Can I Do for the Two of Them

Heaven's Memo Pad - Season 1 - Episode 3

The Yakuza show up for the money that Meo has, but Minli, owner of the ramen shop where Alice sets up HQ, refuses them. The next day, Narumi finds that Meo has disappeared with the money. Despite Alice's warnings, he rushes off to find her. When he finds her, they are attacked by the Yakuza. Narumi is getting beaten up, but then the guys from the dojo show up to dish out some pain. Realizing his weakness, Narumi asks the Fourth, leader of the dojo, to perform a sake ritual with him to formally induct him into the dojo. With that done, there is still the problem of the money Meo has. However, Narumi gets the idea to split the money into small portions and transfer them all into Kusakabe's bank account (Kusakabe is Meo's father), scheduling all of it to be transferred to the corporation that's after Meo, the Kishiwada Corporation. Because the money is dirty, it will cause problems for the Yakuza members. The Yakuza freak out, but Narumi later reveals that it was just a bluff. However, the company is forced to bring Kusakabe to stop the “transaction”, as the account is in his name. When they show up, the Fourth and the guys from the dojo proceed to beat the crap out of them. Meo shows up, and Kusakabe breaks free after seeing her. Distracted by the touching scene, Narumi gets punched in the face by Tetsu (his own ally). The next day, Narumi arrives to find Meo preparing to go out with her father in Alice's room, much to Alice's dismay. However, the case is closed and everyone lives happily ever after.

That Summer's 21 Pitches
70 votes

#12 - That Summer's 21 Pitches

Heaven's Memo Pad - Season 1 - Episode 9

Narumi introduce an online game called Power Play Ball, or Powerebo for short. While he's at the arcade playing this game, a few men barge in, one of whom Narumi recognizes as Nemo. The men are trying to raise the rent for the arcade, which would likely lead to it closing down. Major argues against them, and they propose a gamble with the loser backing off, which Tetsu agrees to immediately. They point at a Powerebo machine and say they will use baseball to decide the winner and Major accepts. However, Major doesn't realize that they are talking about a real baseball game. Major starts to try to round up a team, and the Fourth shows up with some guys from the Hirasaka Group to fill up the remaining slots. Alice decides to become the coach for the team. The day of the game approaches, and Alice reveals that their opponents are quite the tough bunch. Narumi reveals to the rest of the NEETs that Nemo was formerly a baseball player. The day of the game arrives, and the NEETs start strong with the Fourth's pitching, but Nemo comes out to hit a home run on the first pitch. The NEET Teddy Bears are able to stay relatively even with the Yakuza team, but Nemo has yet to pitch. The Fourth is reaching his limit, and Alice laments the lack of data on Nemo, so Narumi rushes back to the arcade to check if the game has any information. Finally, Nemo comes to the mound. With the Fourth out of commission, two outs, and a runner on first, Narumi steps up to bat in the Fourth's place. However, Alice finally comes out into the open to take Narumi's place. Nemo has trouble with the first couple of pitches, but gets three strikes on Alice. However, the last pitch is not caught and Alice makes a break for the bases. Narumi then finally steps up to bat, hitting foul ball after foul ball. Finally, on the 21st pitch, Narumi is able to hit the ball cleanly and win the game. When Nemo comes to demand how Narumi knew his style, Narumi reveals that it was all present in Powerebo. The next day, M

Emergence Matrix
44 votes

#13 - Emergence Matrix

Ghost Hound - Season 1 - Episode 14

Miyako's dad takes her to Hirata for therapy and Miyako goes into her possessed state. On the way back to the shrine, the 4 boys, Miyako and her dad meet the Makoto's grandmother's handmaiden. She grabs Miyako and says that Miyako is the next miko. Miyako goes into a trance again and Makoto getting angry curses his grandmother. He runs back to his house and finds the grandmother dead.

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A Travel Bag and You
72 votes

#14 - A Travel Bag and You

Heaven's Memo Pad - Season 1 - Episode 2

Alice's new case is another missing person, but this time it's a guy who's having problems with the Yakuza. The case is brought to her by his daughter, Meo, who is worried after receiving a phone call from him that's quite grim. Narumi, the new assistant, is tasked with some investigating, but doesn't find much.

Together With Senpai...
50 votes

#15 - Together With Senpai...

Waiting in the Summer - Season 1 - Episode 2

In this episode Ichika is revealed to be an alien journeying to look for a certain scenery that she has been seeing in her imagination. She crash lands on Earth when her spacecraft hits space debris. Meanwhile, Nanami awakens, saying she has had a dream about Kaito being hugged by a naked girl in a ball of light. Nanami gets to know Ichika, and out of nervousness the latter almost reveals that she is an alien, but manages to convince them that she is a foreign student. Listening to her story, Nanami lets her move in with them, since she will be away for quite some time, and she was looking for someone to take care of Kaito. Kanna was surprised to hear it, even thinking it to be some sort of a wedding arrangement in exasperation. After seeing Nanami off the next day, and right after shopping for clothes for Ichika, Kaito finds Lemon, Tetsurō, Mio and Kanna inside the house--to talk about the movie project.

The Tradition of the Sea
66 votes

#16 - The Tradition of the Sea

Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 3

Akari was rounded up by the older men of the village and Hikari and the others try to stop them. It's there that they first hear the rule that if you are seeing someone from the surface, you will be banished from the village. Hikari, unable to contain his rage, holds a guys-only meeting with Kaname. The girls are thrown out and go to another room, where Manaka finds a red-bellied sea slug. The sea slug is said to tell you the future if you tell it feelings you can't tell anyone else. It's then that Chisaki asks Manaka if she likes Tsumugu-kun...

Takamiya-kun and Weekend, Part 2
53 votes

#17 - Takamiya-kun and Weekend, Part 2

Witch Craft Works - Season 1 - Episode 11

Delirious with fever after signing the contract with the town, Takamiya strays into a space between dimensions known as "the cycle of recollection." There, he sees the memories of Kazane, the former contractor, including images of himself and Kagari when they were younger.

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Takamiya-kun and Weekend, Part 1
57 votes

#18 - Takamiya-kun and Weekend, Part 1

Witch Craft Works - Season 1 - Episode 10

Weekend's scheme using her magic bomb has resulted in many Workshop casualties. Worse yet, the Workshop head, Kazane, has lost all her magic power, causing her barrier over the town that protects its citizens to fall.

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Il Comandante della Squadra Protezione Animali (Commander of the Animal Protection Team)
73 votes

#19 - Il Comandante della Squadra Protezione Animali (Commander of the Animal Protection Team)

La storia della Arcana Famiglia - Season 1 - Episode 2

Felicità remembers the joy of her first day joining the family. But those memories are pushed aside when her thoughts turn back to the upcoming Arcana Duello. She is later, along with Libertà, noticed that Nova is searching for something. Then he said he is searching for a cat he saved before but remember the mansion doesn't not allow people to bring any animal, he kept it alone. The three then searching for the cat to return it to its real owner.

Dancing Puppet
116 votes

#20 - Dancing Puppet

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 19

Doem tries to make war with Midgar. Meanwhile, the match between Jimina and Iris begins.

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Silent Majority
171 votes

#21 - Silent Majority

A Certain Scientific Railgun - Season 1 - Episode 10

Saten falls into a coma after she confesses using a Level Upper to Uiharu. Later, Mikoto and Kuroko discover that all of the recent coma patients are connected - in more ways than one!

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Spring Comes
134 votes

#22 - Spring Comes

Fruits Basket (2019) - Season 1 - Episode 7

A nervous Tohru visits the main Soma estate for her meeting with Hatori. There, she finds out the backstory behind Hatori's seemingly harsh attitude toward her.

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A Bloody Showdown as an Offering to Annihilation
117 votes

#23 - A Bloody Showdown as an Offering to Annihilation

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 13

Alpha faces off against an empowered Nelson in a vicious battle. Elsewhere, Cid and Aurora reach the Sanctuary's core, but a door only a hero can open blocks their path.

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Sleeping Beauty
21 votes

#24 - Sleeping Beauty

Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 20

After finding Manaka in the graveyard of Ojoshisamas, Hikari and the others bring her back up to the surface. They think that she will wake up soon just like Hikari and Kaname did, but even after a week, there is no sign of her waking up. Hikari, Kaname, and Chisaki go to Shioshishio in hopes of finding a clue to waking Manaka up.

Takamiya-kun and Noblesse Oblige
59 votes

#25 - Takamiya-kun and Noblesse Oblige

Witch Craft Works - Season 1 - Episode 7

Takamiya and Kagari have begun their life together, but they have some weird roommates: Medusa and the KMM Team, who know about the White Princess, Evermillion. Kagari tells Takamiya that their high school security was assured as long as the seals within him were intact, but if Kazane finds out that Evermillion was released, she would most likely seal Takamiya himself.

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The Goddess' Trial
105 votes

#26 - The Goddess' Trial

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 11

The curtain rises on the Goddess’ Trial. When Cid is unwittingly called into the arena, he transforms into Shadow and faces none other than Aurora, the Witch of Calamity.

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Takamiya-kun and the Witches' Agenda
38 votes

#27 - Takamiya-kun and the Witches' Agenda

Witch Craft Works - Season 1 - Episode 2

The prettiest girl in the school, Kagari Ayaka, says her mission is to protect him - since Takamiya Honoka learned this shocking fact, he has been caught up in several incidents. He had no idea why, but in a battle between Ayaka and the Tower Witches, Tanpopo reveals that their target is the "white stuff" inside him.

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Sunset Ravens
88 votes

#28 - Sunset Ravens

Darwin's Game - Season 1 - Episode 11

Kaname challenges Wang to a clan battle to settle things once and for all. What is the fate of the battle between Kaname and Wang, as well as the Sunset Ravens and the Eighth Clan?

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Fencer Ordinaire
142 votes

#29 - Fencer Ordinaire

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 3

The princess is supposed to reject the background character’s confession, not accept it — since when did Cid become a rom-com protagonist?

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The Haven
96 votes

#30 - The Haven

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 2 - Episode 2

The moon is red. The frenzy has begun. Shadow is introduced to power players in Lawless City. Meanwhile, Mary and Claire run into Juggernaut.

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Dark Knight Academy Under Attack
127 votes

#31 - Dark Knight Academy Under Attack

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 8

Cid sacrificed his life to save Rose. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Cid survived exactly as planned, and now his counterattack can begin.

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I Discover an Unexpected Side
43 votes

#32 - I Discover an Unexpected Side

ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me? - Season 1 - Episode 7

At last, the time has come! With the Flower Dance accomplished, we get a deserving day off. And there's only one place to go! That's right, a pool!

Caged Bird
84 votes

#33 - Caged Bird

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 2 - Episode 10

Did Princess Rose Oriana take it upon herself to join up with the enemy? Not even the Seven Shadows have authority over this matter anymore.

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138 votes

#34 - Pretenders

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 6

While Iris seeks a bright mind to study an artifact, Cid visits a popular store. Meanwhile, in the dark corners of the city, someone commits murders in Shadow Garden’s name!

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The Strongest Weakest Man
104 votes

#35 - The Strongest Weakest Man

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 15

Only the strongest warriors can advance in the prestigious Bushin Festival, but one contestant proves himself a feeble and mundane man with no talent. Why is he competing?

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Another Reincarnated
55 votes

#36 - Another Reincarnated

Black Summoner - Season 1 - Episode 12

Kelvin fights another reincarnated warrior to protect the elven village.

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John Smith
89 votes

#37 - John Smith

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 2 - Episode 6

John Smith's skill is leagues above even the most skilled fighters! Who is this mysterious person?

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The Key
83 votes

#38 - The Key

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 2 - Episode 9

On the way to the Kingdom of Oriana, Cid is also on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. He feels like something's missing. Is he imagining it?

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Old Wang
85 votes

#39 - Old Wang

Darwin's Game - Season 1 - Episode 10

After being beaten by Kaname in the Treasure Hunt Game, Wang tries to get revenge by kidnapping Shinozuka, Kaname’s friend, and cutting off his fingers. While Kaname is consumed by guilt for dragging his friend into the D-Game, Rein returns with details on Wang’s hideout and the Eighth Clan’s combat skills. The Sunset Ravens team up with Inukai from Danjo Boxing Club, which they have formed an alliance with, and head to the warehouse where Wang and his followers are hiding.

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Moonlight That Pierces the Darkness
105 votes

#40 - Moonlight That Pierces the Darkness

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 17

Cid recollects piano lessons from his past life — what impact does this have on his present? Meanwhile, Epsilon’s performance sets the soundtrack for something else...

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The Coal Mine Littered with Stacks of Money ~ The Kamchatka Peninsula Nightime Blitz III ~
32 votes

#41 - The Coal Mine Littered with Stacks of Money ~ The Kamchatka Peninsula Nightime Blitz III ~

Heavy Object - Season 1 - Episode 19

The group is rescued from Nutsley's attack by one of the antiwar civilians, and Qwenthur and Havia then lead Nutsley into a trap, killing him. Qwenthur then heads for the surface to witness the battle between Baby Magnum and Wing Balancer. Realizing that Wing Balancer requires delicate IR sensors to control its landings, Qwenthur uses an IR laser to disable one of the sensors, causing the Wing Balancer to land improperly and cripple itself and is subsequently destroyed by Baby Magnum. However, even with hostilities over, another Legitimate Kingdom Object, Indigo Plasma, arrive and destroys mines to eliminate the antiwar activists. Fortunately, Frolaytia managed to warn the activists in time for them to safely escape the mines. Qwenthur then realizes that Nutsley was not working for the Faith Organization, but for a radical faction of the Legitimate Kingdom. With Indigo Plasma's treachery, a civil war within the Legitimacy Kingdom is inevitable.

Kureha's Days Being Stood Up!
7 votes

#42 - Kureha's Days Being Stood Up!

Gugure! Kokkuri-san - Season 1 - Episode 10

One winter day Kohina and Kokkuri-san discover a maple tree still displaying autumn colors. A girl dressed in a kimono standing behind the tree asks them to find the person she is waiting for. They seek out the tengu, who knows about everything happening in the mountains, and he agrees to tell them on one condition.

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89 votes

#43 - Fireworks

Darwin's Game - Season 1 - Episode 4

Kaname and Rein discover that the Florist is watching their every move with the building’s surveillance cameras. They join forces to undermine his plans by destroying the cameras while evading his henchmen. Unable to escape the henchmen, they decide on a desperate strategy that leaves them with only a twenty percent chance of survival!

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The Sacred Land, City of Deception
119 votes

#44 - The Sacred Land, City of Deception

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 1 - Episode 10

Cid heads to Lindwurm in response to a summons from Alpha, but he is not the only one traveling there; the annual Goddess’ Trial is quickly approaching.

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Mask of Falsehood
92 votes

#45 - Mask of Falsehood

The Eminence in Shadow - Season 2 - Episode 4

The Mitsugoshi Company is doing great, all thanks to Gamma! However, the biggest crisis imaginable rears its ugly head.

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Flap! Bound Wings
2 votes

#46 - Flap! Bound Wings

Aquarion - Season 3 - Episode 11

Stoic, industrious Hayato drafts a comprehensive operating strategy for fighting the M.J.B.K. menace, but behind his calm façade, ambition, resentment, and jealousy whirl through his mind.

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Narumi and Hirotaka Meets Again, and...
122 votes

#47 - Narumi and Hirotaka Meets Again, and...

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku - Season 1 - Episode 1

Narumi Momose (a secret yaoi fangirl) decides to change jobs after her boyfriend breaks up with her, and runs into her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji (a hardcore game addict) at her new company by coincidence. Narumi tells Hirotaka that they're otaku friends, but Hirotaka has something that he wants to tell Narumi.

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Gemstone Mine
95 votes

#48 - Gemstone Mine

Darwin's Game - Season 1 - Episode 2

Kaname defeats Banda the rookie hunter and even claims a victory over Shuka “The Undefeated Queen.” After Shuka explains the rules of the game to him, they agree to join forces in their future battles. Together, they explore Shibuya and scope out the battlegrounds to prepare for the upcoming in-game event.

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88 votes

#49 - Aquarium

Darwin's Game - Season 1 - Episode 5

It becomes clear to Kaname that in order to win the Treasure Hunt Game, he must defeat the vicious Eighth Clan. To do this, he forms a temporary clan with Rein, Ryuji, and Hiiragi. While they develop a strategy to beat the Eighth Clan, Kaname receives a plea for help from Shuka.

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Three-Legged Mountain Climbing Race is Risking One's Life ~Iguazu Mountains Bombardment Battle II~
32 votes

#50 - Three-Legged Mountain Climbing Race is Risking One's Life ~Iguazu Mountains Bombardment Battle II~

Heavy Object - Season 1 - Episode 11

Qwenthur and Havia's battalion makes a successful amphibious landing, but they soon discover that the Mass Driver Conglomerate has been putting its technological prowess to good use when it comes to arming its Object.

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