The BEST Episodes of Timmy Time

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Last Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Network: CBeebies

From the much loved and critically acclaimed 'Shaun the Sheep', little lamb Timmy stars in his own TV series. Adorable he may be but Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn. He has just turned three (in sheep years) and being the 'only lamb in the flock', Timmy has been used to getting his own way. Now for the first time, Timmy is going to have to learn to get along with the other little animals. Timmy is going to nursery! Timmy Time is an engaging exploration of nursery life which every pre-school aged boy and girl can relate to. In this bright, colourful, safe environment, Timmy and his animal chums learn how to make friends, create new things, paint, draw and generally learn those very important 'life lessons' from their nursery teachers, Harriet Heron and Osbourne Owl.

Timmy Tries To Hide

#1 - Timmy Tries To Hide

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Apr 21, 2009

Everyone in the class plays hide and seek, but nobody wants to hide with Paxton, because he is too noisy. So, Paxton has to learn how to quiet down so people would like to hide with him again.

star 8.61
235 votes
Timmy's Snowball

#2 - Timmy's Snowball

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Aired Dec 15, 2010

While playing in the snow, Timmy makes a little snowball which he wants to bring inside.

star 8.45
74 votes
Timmy's Monster

#3 - Timmy's Monster

Season 2 - Episode 26 - Aired Dec 20, 2010

Timmy and his friends set off around playground to hunt for a mysterious creature.

star 8.40
77 votes
Sticky Timmy

#4 - Sticky Timmy

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired May 18, 2010

Harriet shows Timmy and his friends how to make a collage. But Timmy gets glue all over himself and soon the various items that the classmates have collected are stuck all over his fleece! Worse is still to come when Yabba discovers that her prize feather is missing.

star 8.38
147 votes
Timmy The Train

#5 - Timmy The Train

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Aug 24, 2009

Timmy and his classmates are playing trains. But both Timmy and Mittens want to be the leader. They both try to win over their pals, but soon realise that it's no good being the best if there is nobody left to play with.

star 8.19
108 votes
Ballerina Timmy

#6 - Ballerina Timmy

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 14, 2011

immy is enthralled by Mittens's new music box which has a splendid ballerina on top. But he and Yabba manage to break her precious toy, and despite their best efforts to replace it, Mittens is inconsolable, until Yabba persuades Timmy to play the ballerina himself.

star 8.08
72 votes
Timmy's Spring Surprise

#7 - Timmy's Spring Surprise

Season 1 - Episode 26 - Aired Sep 28, 2009

Harriet hands out seeds to Timmy and his friends and teaches them how to grow flowers. Everyone else grows healthy green plants except for Timmy, who only has a little shoot in his plant pot that won't grow no matter what he does to it.

star 8.04
140 votes
Directors: David Scanlon
Writers: Dave Ingham
Timmy's Treasure Trail

#8 - Timmy's Treasure Trail

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Jun 9, 2010

Harriet and Osbourne lay a treasure trail for the class, but Kid spoils the fun.

star 8.04
132 votes
Timmy Wants The Drum

#9 - Timmy Wants The Drum

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Apr 30, 2009

During a music lesson, Timmy decides he wants to play the drum, but Yabba gets it instead. So, this makes Timmy mad.

star 8.02
198 votes
Timmy Rings The Bell

#10 - Timmy Rings The Bell

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired May 26, 2010

Mittens proudly shows off the shiny new bell on her collar, but is inconsolable when it goes missing. The hunt is on to find the missing bell.

star 8.01
136 votes
Timmy's Puppet

#11 - Timmy's Puppet

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Aug 31, 2009

While on his way to the nursery, Timmy's homemade sock puppet falls out of his backpack. Timmy cannot find it and decides to make a new puppet for fun.

star 8.00
138 votes
Timmy's Truck

#12 - Timmy's Truck

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired May 25, 2010

Timmy is determined to play with Otus's new remote-controlled truck. He tries more and more ambitious stunts, until disaster strikes and the truck gets broken.

star 8.00
105 votes
Timmy on Safari

#13 - Timmy on Safari

Season 3 - Episode 17 - Aired Apr 18, 2012

Timmy dreams of being an explorer who tracks and photographs wild animals. He sets out to search around the nursery with his camera. He is so disappointed when there aren't any exciting animals to be snapped, that his friends decide to give him a treat: they dress up as wild animals so Timmy gets the shots he was after.

star 8.00
6 votes
Timmy's Bouncy Friend

#14 - Timmy's Bouncy Friend

Season 3 - Episode 20 - Aired Apr 23, 2012

Timmy's new friend is big, round, friendly and very, very bouncy. It's a space hopper. Timmy tries to involve his new pal in his nursery day but it is very awkward and keeps causing accidents. It's only when Harriet confiscates the space hopper that Timmy works out what it's really for: loads of bouncy fun!

star 8.00
5 votes
Sweet Dreams Timmy

#15 - Sweet Dreams Timmy

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired May 20, 2010

It's Nap Time, but Timmy is too excited to sleep. While the other little animals snooze Timmy wants to play, and so he spends the rest of the day trying not to drop off.

star 7.98
231 votes
Snapshot Timmy

#16 - Snapshot Timmy

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Apr 23, 2009

It is time for the class photo. But Timmy finds it hard to keep from getting dirty, especially since the camera isn't working right. So the class has to try to keep him clean.

star 7.97
269 votes
Timmy Gets Spooked

#17 - Timmy Gets Spooked

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired May 19, 2010

It's Halloween and Timmy and his friends are having lots of spooky fun, hollowing out pumpkins and making party decorations.

star 7.93
202 votes
Timmy's Cookie

#18 - Timmy's Cookie

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Nov 10, 2011

Harriet shows the class how to make cookies and Timmy decides to make one bigger than all the other cookies put together. He then decorates it as a football, and spends the day trying to protect it from being trodden on, eaten or broken.

star 7.91
101 votes
Timmy Steals The Show

#19 - Timmy Steals The Show

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Apr 14, 2009

Whilst bossing everybody about during rehearsals for the nursery's talent show, diva Yabba loses her voice. Yabba is crestfallen that she may not able to perform, but Timmy saves the day by performing for her.

star 7.90
386 votes
Timmy's Hiccup Cure

#20 - Timmy's Hiccup Cure

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 7, 2009

Kid has the hiccups! Fascinated, he and Timmy try everything to get rid of them, to no avail. Timmy finally gives up, frustrated, kicking a beach ball underneath the see saw. The loud bang of the burst ball puts a stop to Kid's jumps.

star 7.82
416 votes
Timmy's Picnic

#21 - Timmy's Picnic

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Apr 20, 2009

On a class picnic, the students play football. Until Apricot's spikes burst the ball. So now the whole class won't talk to him.

star 7.81
207 votes
Timmy Brings A Smile

#22 - Timmy Brings A Smile

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired Sep 14, 2009

Timmy brings a smile when Apricot's blanket is accidentally ruined by the other animals, when they treat the blanket as a rag, a cape and a small blanket for a toy. Timmy helps Apricot retreat the blanket in time for when he gets home.

star 7.80
137 votes
Timmy Shapes Up

#23 - Timmy Shapes Up

Season 3 - Episode 18 - Aired Apr 19, 2012

Timmy and Kid are obsessed with triangles. Nothing else will do. Art, food, cushions - everything must be three sided. Until, that is, they attempt to build a tower of blocks and race a toy car with triangular wheels. But no matter! For Timmy, triangles are so over. Now only circles will do.

star 7.80
5 votes
Timmy Learns Magic

#24 - Timmy Learns Magic

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired May 17, 2010

Timmy is thrilled when he sees Osbourne practicing a conjuring act. Convinced he can do magic too, Timmy tries to impress his friends - but none of the tricks seem to work.

star 7.74
145 votes
Timmy Finds Aliens

#25 - Timmy Finds Aliens

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 14, 2011

Timmy is fascinated by the Moonscape collage that he and his friends make - especially the little green aliens that live on the moon. Finlay notices this, and with Harriet and Osbourne's help, he gets his friends to trick Timmy into thinking that aliens have landed at the Nursery!

star 7.74
100 votes