The Best Episodes of Shaun the Sheep

Things That go Bump

#1 - Things That go Bump 8.26

Season 1 - Episode 20

Strange noises are scaring the flock, Shaun goes to investigate...

Snore-Worn Shaun

#2 - Snore-Worn Shaun 8.23

Season 1 - Episode 38

Shirley's snoring is keeping the flock awake, so Shaun decides that the only way to get a peaceful night's sleep is to get her out of the barn.

The Piano

#3 - The Piano 8.13

Season 3 - Episode 15

The Farmer plays the piano and tortures everyone with his musical inability.

Heavy Metal Shaun

#4 - Heavy Metal Shaun 8.13

Season 1 - Episode 37

The farmer inspects the lawn with a metal detector. When Shaun and Bitzer try it, they discover a metallic threat behind a hedge.

We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas

#5 - We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas 8.13

Season 2 - Episode 40

The sheep learn the farmer will be spending Christmas day alone, so the animals decorate the farmhouse to give him a magical time.

Mountains Out of Molehills

#6 - Mountains Out of Molehills 8.10

Season 1 - Episode 18

With the flock in a dancing mood, not even a molehill can spoil their fun... or can it?

Fireside Favourite

#7 - Fireside Favourite 8.09

Season 2 - Episode 38

Bitzer has caught a cold and the Farmer decides to tuck him up in the house to recover.

Little Sheep of Horrors

#8 - Little Sheep of Horrors 8.08

Season 1 - Episode 12

Little lambs shouldn't watch scary movies, as Timmy finds out to his cost.

Helping Hound

#9 - Helping Hound 8.08

Season 1 - Episode 34

The Farmer decides to get a robotic sheep-dog, but when it turns out to be even stricter than Bitzer, Shaun decides it has to go.


#10 - Abracadabra 8.08

Season 1 - Episode 21

When the Farmer decides to throw out his magic set, Shaun decides to put on a show - but things get out of hand when the flock start disappearing!

In the Doghouse

#11 - In the Doghouse 8.06

Season 2 - Episode 20

Bitzer's kennel is accidentally destroyed by the farmer's tractor crashing into it and the canny canine hopes the farmer will replace it with a new deluxe model. But when he sees his master's clumsy attempt to build a new kennel, Bitzer is so horrified that he packs his bags and leaves home. Shaun, however, hopes to tempt Bitzer to return with the kennel of his dreams. At the first scene, the flock are having a party at the chicken coop.

Save The Tree

#12 - Save The Tree 8.06

Season 1 - Episode 40

The Farmer wants to turn the tree in Shaun's field into firewood. So the Flock must take desperate measures to stop their beloved tree getting felled.


#13 - Cones 8.06

Season 4 - Episode 1

The flock hear the enticing tunes of an ice cream van approaching and quickly hatch a plan to divert it into their field. While the driver seeks help, the flock have great fun with an endless supply of ice cream - but will they be able to cover their tracks before they're discovered?

Camping Chaos

#14 - Camping Chaos 8.06

Season 1 - Episode 33

An unfriendly camper sets up his tent in the sheep's field. When he goes off exploring, Shaun and the Flock decide to do some exploring of their own.

Stick with Me

#15 - Stick with Me 8.05

Season 1 - Episode 36

Bitzer glues the Farmer's broken glasses back together - but when the Flock get their hooves on the tube of glue, things start to get very sticky.

Spring Lamb

#16 - Spring Lamb 8.05

Season 2 - Episode 4

A reluctant Timmy tries to avoid bath time and in trying to escape he gets a spring attached to his tail. It's up to the flock to catch the bouncing baby sheep and return him to the tub before he destroys the farm.

Off the Baa!

#17 - Off the Baa! 8.03

Season 1 - Episode 1

When a cabbage bounces into the field from a passing truck, Shaun and his pals decide to use it as a football, with little help from the pigs.

Troublesome Tractor

#18 - Troublesome Tractor 8.02

Season 1 - Episode 35

The tractor seems to be ready for the scrap heap and the farmer wishes he could afford to buy a new one. So the sheep overhaul it...

The Shepherd

#19 - The Shepherd 8.02

Season 3 - Episode 3

The farmer enters a shepherd contest to try and earn a trophy. Will Timmy's interfering stop him from winning?

Foxy Laddie

#20 - Foxy Laddie 8.02

Season 2 - Episode 35

A fox arrives at the farm, disguising himself as a handsome ram to infiltrate the flock.

Who's the Caddy

#21 - Who's the Caddy 8.02

Season 2 - Episode 6

The farmer comes across his old golf clubs and decides to knock a few balls around, instantly putting his back out in the process. Shaun takes the opportunity to learn how to play, while Bitzer is forced to tend to his injured master inside the house.

Party Animals

#22 - Party Animals 8.01

Season 2 - Episode 17

The farmer throws a fancy-dress house party for his birthday. When Bitzer loses all the invitations, however, Shaun saves the day again. Disguised in their own ingenious costumes, the sheep stand in as the guests and have a good old knees-up. But can they fool the farmer into believing he is surrounded by his friends?

Everything Must Go

#23 - Everything Must Go 8.00

Season 2 - Episode 16

Everything must go when the farmer sets up a stall by the side of the road and leaves Bitzer in charge. The lazy sheepdog soon tires of his role and gives Shaun the job. He proves to be a much better salesman than Bitzer and the flock are only too happy to get stuck in, selling pretty much all the farmer's worldly possessions.

Pig Swill Fly

#24 - Pig Swill Fly 8.00

Season 2 - Episode 33

The farm is looking spotless and everyone is on their best behaviour when the dreaded farm Inspector pays a visit.

Tooth Fairy

#25 - Tooth Fairy 7.99

Season 1 - Episode 26

Bitzer get a terrible tooth pain. Shaun takes the job as dentist but does not succeed. After a successful extraction at the vet Bitzer hope the Tooth Fairy will give him a coin.