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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2019

A heartwarming hero from the coolest corner of the world! Pingu is a beloved claymation series of TV shorts about a Penguin Called Pingu. Despite it being aimed to younger audiences, it is also a family show. About The Show Pingu is a young mischievous Penguin that lives in the South Pole with his Mom & Dad, his Sister, Pinga, his best friends Ping & Pingo (HIT entertainment dubbed Pingo "Punky"), Robby the Seal, & a cast of other colorful characters. The show doesn't use english words, but it's own creative language called "Penguiniese" (OR, "Pengish"). History The show originally began in Switzerland from the company Trickfilmstudio back in 1986. But over the years, it had spread to America and other countries of the world such as Japan where the show is famous amongst young teen girls (ages 13-17). & also in England where Pingu has become a household name.

Pingu's Big Catch

#1 - Pingu's Big Catch

Season 6 - Episode 22

Pingu is going fishing. Mother and Pinga come out to say goodbye, and Pingu says he’ll catch a big fish. On his way to the pool Pingu comes across Father, who is fixing his motorised sledge, which has broken down. Pingu hoots in his ear, which makes Father jump and drop the screwdriver. Pingu tells Father that he’s going to catch a big fish. When Pingu reaches the pool, Pingg is already there fishing. Pingu tells Pingg that he’s going to catch a big fish and starts fishing in a pool nearby. Pingg soon lands a small fish. Pingu then has a bite and catches a top hat. Pingg finds this very amusing. Pingg then catches another fish; Pingu catches a spring. The spring bounces around, and into Pingu, knocking him down. This again amuses Pingg. Pingu is annoyed, and insists on changing places with Pingg, who reluctantly agrees. They settle down to fish again, and Pingu catches a bicycle wheel. Pingg then catches another fish, and Pingu a lavatory seat. They swap pools again. Pingg catches another fish, Pingu catches a broken kettle, and then an old boot. Pingg is rolling about with laughter. Again they swap pools and, as Pingg lands yet more fish, Pingu gets a rusty pram. Pingu sits down, very dejected, while Pingg counts all the fish he’s caught, and then holds up a fish in each hand and makes fun of Pingu. Just then a rag and bone penguin comes by, sees all the junk that Pingu has caught, and offers him a big fish for it. Pingu is delighted to accept, while Pingg bemoans the fact that the fish he’s got are only small.

star 9.00
5 votes
Pinga Has Hiccups

#2 - Pinga Has Hiccups

Season 5 - Episode 11

Pingu is trying to read his book in peace, but Pinga is noisily slurping her drink. Pingu gets her a straw so she can finish it, and sighs with relief at the quiet when she’s finished the drink. She then starts to hiccup, and stomach rubbing and backslapping by Pingu do nothing to stop them. Pingu takes her on the sledge to see Father at the post office, to see if he can stop her hiccups. Father suggests she stands on her head, and he and Pingu demonstrate how. Pinga tries, but then overbalances. The hiccups aren’t cured. Father then holds her upside down by the legs and tosses her in the air. This doesn’t work either. He then suggests blowing into a paper bag, and then tries giving her a shock by blowing up the bag and suddenly bursting it. Neither work. Pingu then goes with Pinga to find Robby. Robby and Pingu pretend to be walruses, by using icicles as pretend tusks, to try to scare her, but she’s not scared and the hiccups continue. Pingu then pretends that he’s scared when he sees a reflection in the ice of himself with the tusks, and rushes frantically about. This makes Pinga laugh, and the hiccups are stopped at last. Pinga and Pingu then go home, and Pinga reads while Pingu has a glass of orange to drink. Pingu then gets the hiccups and they both laugh!

star 9.00
3 votes
Pingu and the New Scooter

#3 - Pingu and the New Scooter

Season 6 - Episode 23

In the igloo, Mother and Father are cleaning, Pinga is rummaging in the toy-box and Pingu is playing with his wooden engine. Father wants to put the vacuum cleaner away in the bottom of the cupboard, but there’s already a box of oddments in the space. Father asks Pingu to put the box in the shed, which he reluctantly does, and also which angers Pinga. When he gets to the shed there’s no room, so he starts getting some things out of the way. One of the things he moves is an old scooter(His old one from the previous episodes). He puts the box away, and then decides to go for a ride on the scooter. On his ride he meets Pingg and Pingi, who are out on their own scooters that are much newer and brighter. They’re doing tricks using the ice slopes, and Pingu decides to have a go. Unfortunately, he doesn’t manage to get up much speed and rather than jumping the gap falls into it, breaking off the front wheel. Dejectedly he heads off home, but on the way passes a shop with a bright shining new scooter on display in the window. He rushes home and pleads with Father to get it for him. Father agrees to look at it, but only after all the toys have been tidied away. When this has been done, Pingu goes outside and gets a shock; Pingg has already brought the scooter. Pingu and Father go into the shed, In which he created his sled in, where Pingu breaks up his old scooter. He then notices that Father, who has been rummaging around, has found some wheels that would go nicely on a new scooter, and together they build a new scooter. Pingu goes to meet up with his friends, and shows off his new scooter. They then go on the jumps, but Pingg’s new scooter doesn’t perform very well, while Pingu’s does. Father is watching and applauds Pingu’s performance.

star 9.00
4 votes
Pingu and the Paint

#4 - Pingu and the Paint

Season 6 - Episode 24

Mother and Father go out, leaving Pingu sitting at the table with his painting, which needs finishing. Pingu gets some water, and finishes the painting with some blue, and then orange, paint. As he’s admiring the finished painting, a blob of orange paint falls from the brush onto the table. He tries to get it off, but only succeeds in making a bigger mess, and getting it on his chair as well. He then has an idea! He gets a pot of orange paint and a brush from the shed, and paints the table and everything on it, and the chair, orange. He spots a bit he’s missed, and while painting this gets a blob of orange paint on the wall. His solution to this is to make it slightly larger and rounder, and then frame it. As he’s straightening up the frame he gets some more paint on the wall, and then treads in some paint he’s dropped on the floor and leaves footprints behind as he backs away. As he backs out of the igloo he trips, and lands on his sledge, which slides away and into a lump of ice. The impact jogs the pot of paint and the brush out of Pingu’s hands, and these fly into the air and leave orange paint on a couple of igloos and an ice sculpture when they land. Pingu’s solution to this is to add even more paint to most of the igloos in the village, and the sculpture, in a variety of patterns and colours. The villagers see the results of this and gather to discuss what’s happened, and wonder who’s responsible. Then a villager (that is, the postman) saw a trail of footprints, and they follow them to the barrel in which Pingu is hiding. To clear it up Pingu starts to throw snowballs at the paint, and is quickly helped by Pingg and Pingo, which Punki tries to evade them. The other villagers then join in themselves. It then starts snowing heavily, and the new snow soon finishes off the job of getting rid of all the paint.

star 8.80
5 votes
Pingu's Ice Sculptures

#5 - Pingu's Ice Sculptures

Season 5 - Episode 13

Pingu comes across a notice showing a picture of an ice sculptor. Then he sees Mother posing on a block of ice, with pursed lips and holding a vase. He asks her what she’s doing, and out of the side of her mouth she tells him to see Father. Father is nearby, chiselling away at a block of ice, and he tells Pingu that they’re entering the ice sculpting competition, and shows Pingu the leaflet. Father says that Pinga is also entering, and nearby Pingu sees her making a sculpture / model of her rabbit. Pingu laughs at her effort, and Father tells him that the competition has a prize and why doesn’t he join in. Pingu thinks briefly about it, and then continues on. He sees Robby, who is busy carving a sculpture of himself. Pingu throws two snowballs at the sculpture, giving it bulbous eyes, and then adds a moustache, rather messing the sculpture up. Robby goes off in a huff, with his nose in the air, and starts a new sculpture. When he looks around he sees that Pingu is carving a sculpture of him, but it has a very big head with its nose in the air! Pingu laughs at Robby. Robby quickly completes his sculpture, which turns out to be a caricature of Pingu. This annoys Pingu, who makes another Robby sculpture, and Robby retaliates with a Pingu sculpture that has a long thin neck, and that is on a column of ice. Pingu converts this, by changing its height and adding a hat and telescope, so that the figure looks rather more military. They both chuckle at this, and then do some hybrid sculptures together. Meanwhile, Mother and Father are having an argument about their finished sculpture; the beak isn’t right. Then the lower part of the beak cracks and falls off. Mother and Pinga snigger, Father is a bit miffed. They and Pinga then take their sculptures to the competition, passing the various sculptures that Pingu and Robby made earlier, and come across them doing a sculpture together. Pingu and Robby take this sculpture to the competition. When the competition is judged, the judge laughs at Mother and Father’s sculpture when the he sees that the beak has been tied together with rope, but is amazed when he sees Pingu and Robby's sculpture and awards them the trophy.

star 8.75
4 votes
Pingu and the Daily Igloo

#6 - Pingu and the Daily Igloo

Season 6 - Episode 19

Pingu has found a leaflet advertising for a paper boy, brings it home and persuades Father to let him do it. Father takes him to the paper shop and Pingu goes inside to get the papers. When he comes out with them he can barely lift the box. Father offers to help but he wants to do it all himself and loads them onto his sledge. Father shows him how to fold the paper to get it through the letterbox, and he sets off. The first one he tries to deliver he gets all crumpled trying to get it into the letterbox, and also traps his fingers. The next one he has to deliver to Punki, and he has to try three times before getting the correct paper. On the way to deliver the next paper he passes Pingi, who is in the playground and wants a partner for the seesaw. He’s just about to join her when Father comes by and tells him he’s taking too long to deliver the papers. He leaves Pingi, and delivers the next paper at speed as he whizzes past the igloo, tossing it through an open window. It lands in a washing basin, soaking the penguin using it at the time. The next one is delivered in the same way, but this time it lands in the loo and surprises the penguin who is in the nearby bath. The following paper is delivered to Grandfather; Pingu gets this one in the bowl of cereal that Grandfather is eating at the time. He continues in this manner, and when he gets back to the paper shop dumps all the papers he hasn’t delivered into the bin outside. He goes to find Pingi at the playground, but she has gone. When he gets home he’s aghast to find a queue of angry penguins at the door, returning their papers and complaining to Father about the delivery service. Pingu feigns innocence. Mother and Pingu then clean up all the returned papers, with Pingu putting them through the mangle, Mother ironing them and Pingu folding them. Father then takes him out on the round again to deliver them properly.

star 8.67
3 votes
Pingu Gets Carried Away

#7 - Pingu Gets Carried Away

Season 6 - Episode 12

Pingu is on Father’s motorised sledge, pretending to drive. Father comes out and tells Pingu to get off. Pingu is so downcast that Father says that he’ll give Pingu a driving lesson. Pingu and Father get on, and they set off slowly, Pingu driving with Father’s assistance. It’s not long before Pingu wants to go faster, and he gets very excited. Father tries to control him, but in the confusion the drive stick gets pushed to full and they go whizzing off, crashing through some hanging washing. Pingu then manages to break the drive stick, and they plough through a snowman and into a candy stall. The stallholder runs away from the sledge, which follows him, stopping inches away from flattening him against some ice. The sledge starts to go backwards, and is only saved from going into a pool by Pingu throwing the decorative candy from the stall, which got caught on the steering earlier when they hit the stall, in the way so that the driving tracks come off the ground. Pingu, pulling the decorative candy, and his Father walk back to the candy stall, apologize to the stallholder, and Father helps to put it back up. After this, they clean up the mess, but Father wants a lollipop, but the stallholder won't let him, to Pingu's digust, who bursts into tears, who tries to get comforted by Father and the stallholder. They can’t put the decorative piece back because the chain has broken, but the stallholder has a different one that he can use. They leave to get the sledge with Father carrying the lollipop and Pingu pulling the decorative candy. When they get back to the sledge they can’t get it going because the drive stick has gone, but Pingu has the idea of using the lollipop stick instead. Then Pingu, not trusting himself with the sledge, won’t get on it, but Father has an idea and he ends up driving back towing the decorative candy, with Pingu sitting on top.

star 8.67
3 votes
Pinga Sleepwalks

#8 - Pinga Sleepwalks

Season 5 - Episode 9

Pingu is trying to get to sleep, but Pinga is snoring. He tries to stop the noise by throwing things at her, but this has no effect. He gets out of bed and tries comforting her, but this also has no effect. He takes out her dummy, which makes her sit up and yell, so he quickly puts it in again. Pinga spits out the dummy and then sleepwalks out of the room. Pingu is about to get back into bed when he realises she’s gone, and follows her. Pinga goes past Mother and Father, who are asleep on the couch, and out of the front door. Pingu follows, and tries to stop her, but he can’t. Pinga, followed by Pingu, then goes into a neighbour’s igloo and there are all sorts of noises and crashes. She comes out and wanders on, while Pingu backs away as the door is slammed shut. Pingu then acts as a bridge over a ravine so she doesn’t fall in, and generally tries to protect and shepherd her on her walk, including going through an icicle cave and up on to a precipice. Though he’s basically too late each time, she comes to no harm, but Pingu has a few scrapes. Eventually he takes her back home on a sledge. She gets into bed and snuggles down, still asleep. Pingu gets into his bed and also falls asleep. All too soon Father is waking them up for breakfast. Pinga is quite perky but it’s a real effort for Pingu to wake, and then get up. At the breakfast table, Pingu then falls asleep with his head in his breakfast bowl!

star 8.67
3 votes
Pingu and the Rubberband Plane

#9 - Pingu and the Rubberband Plane

Season 6 - Episode 20

Pingu is on his way to school with his toy truck when Pongi catches him up. Pongi is carrying a box that contains a model plane powered by a rubber band. Pingu goes to touch the plane but Pongi quickly shuts the box and walks on. Then Pingg goes past, carrying a long thin box, and Pingo also goes past, bouncing on his pogo stick. After seeing these toys Pingu is quite envious. At school, they’re all playing. Pingu is playing a game of “catch the fish” with Pingi, Pingo is bouncing about on his pogo stick, Pingg is playing swing-ball and Pongi is flying his plane. The schoolmaster has a try at “catch the fish” and gets one. Just then the plane flies low over his head and lands. Pingu goes over to where it has landed and picks it up, but Pongi rushes over and grabs it back. He then relents and lets Pingu hold it. The schoolmaster comes across to look at the plane and breaks the rubber band, so he goes to his box and gets a new one. He then gets distracted, so Pingu tries out the plane with the new rubber band. It doesn’t go very far, so Pingu gets a bigger one from the rubber band box and tries the plane again. It still doesn’t fly very well. Pingu then finds a very big band in the box and wants to try it, but Pongi doesn’t want to. The schoolmaster then tells them all to sit down, and starts the lesson that is on how to draw a circle. Pingu isn’t doing very well, but then he has an idea and pretends he wants to go to the loo. When the schoolmaster says yes, he sneakily collects the plane on the way, fits the very big rubber band and tries it out. The plane zooms round the classroom, disrupting the lesson, then zooms off, with Pongi and Pingu in pursuit. It then buzzes around Father, who is out on his motorised sledge to make a delivery, and twice he nearly crashes into the fish stall trying to avoid it. When the plane finally lands Pongi grabs it. Pingu catches up, and Father sees them. Pingu explains what he’s done, and Father takes them both back to school. At school the schoolmaster is still trying to teach how to draw a circle, but he’s not having much success. When Pingu and Pongi arrive, the schoolmaster tells them off and confiscates the plane. Then Pingu has another idea. He attaches the plane to Pingg’s swing-ball and sets it going, and it flies round in a perfect circle. The class then use the method to draw their own circles.

star 8.60
5 votes
Pingu Makes a Big Splash

#10 - Pingu Makes a Big Splash

Season 6 - Episode 25

Father takes Pingu and Pinga to the swimming pool. While they’re getting ready to go in, they see a penguin dive into the deep pool from the top of the diving block, which worries Pingu. Father then jumps into the shallow pool, as does Pinga, but Pingu gets in by sliding in from a sitting position. Pingi, Pingo and Pingg arrive and have a good laugh at Pingu in the shallow pool, and challenge him to come over to the big pool and jump in. Pingu goes off with them, and they climb to a ledge halfway up the diving block. Pingo and Pingg jump straight in, but Pingu shows off to Pingi and climbs a bit higher. He goes to jump in but once he sees the height he can’t, and climbs back down to Pingi. By now Pingo and Pingg have climbed back up, have a laugh at Pingu and jump in again. Pingi also jumps in. Pingu decides he’s not to be outdone, so he climbs right to the top and stands on the edge. With Pingo, Pingg and Pingi urging him on, Pingu gathers his courage and jumps, but changes his mind at the last minute and just manages to grab hold of the edge of the diving block before he falls, thinking it might be frozen solid. Father and Pinga come over as Pingu hangs precariously over the water, and Father shouts instructions to Pingu. Pingu tries to climb back but slips, and falls head first into the pool with a big splash. When he climbs out Pingu is congratulated by the others, but is a bit shocked by the experience. He then gets his courage back and dives in properly from the lower ledge, and is cheered by the others.

star 8.60
5 votes
Pingu has a Fishing Competition

#11 - Pingu has a Fishing Competition

Season 3 - Episode 18

Pingu, Pingo and Pongi decide to have a fishing competition. When they arrive where they’re gong to fish they first have to cut holes in the ice. Pingu and Pingo do theirs quickly and start fishing, Pongi struggles to get the saw into the ice. Robby then pops up out of Pingu’s hole, and they all have a laugh at Pongi’s efforts. Robby then helps by cutting out the hole from underneath. Pongi then breaks his rod and has to repair it. Once they’ve all managed to get fishing nothing very much happens for a while and they have difficult in staying awake. Then a fish jumps out of Pongi’s hole and drops back into the water. Pingu tells Pongi that he wants to swap holes with him, which Pongi does reluctantly. After a while another fish jumps, this time from Pingu’s original hole. Pingu swaps with Pongi again, and manages to catch a small fish that he shows off to the others. Then Pongi gets a bite, and it takes all three of them working together to drag the huge fish out of the water. On the way home Pingu and Pingo push the large fish, with Pongi on top, up an incline and pause for breath. They start thinking about the feast they’re going to have on the huge fish. Pongi sees this and slides off down the slope on the other side, and away, much to Pingu and Pingo’s consternation.

star 8.60
5 votes
Pingu Helps Around the House

#12 - Pingu Helps Around the House

Season 2 - Episode 25

Mother is ironing and feeling a bit harassed, as she realises that there’s a lot of clearing up and other jobs that need doing, and she asks Pingu if he could help. Pingu, who is reading, is not at all keen to help and suggests that Pinga should. Mother does not want Pinga to help because she's too small though, but she helps anyway. But Pinga drops some on the floor on the way to the cupboard and Mother tells her off. Pinga bursts into tears and Mother comforts her. Mother then tells Pingu to help and gives him some large cloths to put away. Pingu balances them on his head, to the amusement of Pinga and the consternation of Mother, carries them on his head to the cupboard, puts them away and then goes back to his book. Mother then enlists Pingu’s help again, this time to wash the floor, and prepares a bucket of soapy water for Pingu to use. Pingu reluctantly comes over to do it, but then thinks it would be a good idea to make the water soapier, and does this when Mother is not looking. Pinga comes over to see what is going on, and Pingu covers her head with soapsuds from the bucket. Pinga goes over to Mother who wipes the suds off, and tells Pingu to get on with it. Mother then goes out with the washing. Pingu and Pinga play a game with the mop and washing cloth, then Mother comes to get Pingu to help her, leaving Pinga with the mopping to do. She accidentally knocks a blanket from the table into the bucket. When Mother and Pingu return, Pinga has finished mopping the floor and is busily playing with her toys. Later, Mother is cooking dinner when Father comes in. He greets them, and Mother goes to serve the dinner, but finds a nicely warmed blanket in the oven. Mother and Father blames Pingu and Pinga and they don't get any supper! Pingu knows how to use it though. When Pingu and Pinga go to bed they snuggle into the warm blanket.

star 8.50
6 votes
Pingu and the Fish Flute

#13 - Pingu and the Fish Flute

Season 6 - Episode 17

Pingu is out on his sledge when he comes across an ice pool, and sees a flute lying next to it. He picks up the flute and tries it, getting a rather discordant squeak. He excitedly goes home to show Mother and Pinga what he’s found, but they don’t take much notice. He blows the flute next to Pinga’s ear, making a loud screechy sound, and she runs away. Mother then tells him to go outside. He wanders into the village, making screeching noises with the flute, and doors are closed to shut out the noise. He startles two penguins having a conversation, and they tell him to stop making a noise and go away. He passes a penguin repairing the roof of his igloo. The penguin is up a ladder, and nearly falls off when Pingu halts at the bottom and starts making a horrible noise with the flute. Once recovered from the shock he also tells Pingu to stop making the noise and to go away. Pingo, wearing headphones, is outside his igloo listening to his record player when Pingu comes by and, once he hears the noise Pingu is making, tells Pingu to go away and slams into the igloo. Pingu then comes across a group of hikers and asks them the way, but is ignored until he starts making screeching sounds on the on the flute. They jump at the noise, and then quickly tell Pingu the way. Pingu trudges mournfully on and eventually comes to an ice pool. He sits down to play. By now his playing has improved, so the sound he’s making is not nearly as discordant as before. As he’s playing, fish begin to jump in the pool, but Pingu doesn’t notice. Robby comes along and is amazed to see what the fish are doing, so he tells Pingu and tries to get him to look. Pingu looks and sees nothing happening, so he turns away and starts to play again. The fish begin to jump again. The hikers come by and applaud, but Pingu still isn’t aware. The hikers come closer and applaud again. Pingu now looks at the pool and is amazed to see what the fish are doing. He takes a bow, but as he does so lets the flute get close to the water, and a jumping fish takes it. The fish submerges with the flute in its mouth and, as bubbles begin to rise, they all hear music coming from the pool and start moving in rhythm to it.

star 8.50
2 votes
Green Eyed Pingu

#14 - Green Eyed Pingu

Season 6 - Episode 15

Pingu comes out to play with his ball, when Pingi walks past. Pingu calls to her to stop, catches up with her and starts kissing her on the hand. Then Pingg appears, tags Pingi and they start a game of tag. Pingu tries to join in, but it quickly goes back to Pingg and Pingi playing without Pingu. Pingu has an idea, collects his sledge and then Pingi, and goes off with her. They come to an old igloo, and start a game of hide and seek. Pingu hides, and Pingi starts to look for him. Then Pingg, who has followed them on his sledge, pops up and Pingi starts talking to him, abandoning the game with Pingu. Pingu is jealous and goes off in a huff, then has another idea and gets his ball. He tosses the ball to Pingi, who is on Pingg’s sledge, and she and Pingu start a game of ball. All three of them play together briefly, then it turns into a game of “pig in the middle”, with Pingu as the “pig”, and he never gets the ball. Pingu goes off and comes back with a bunch of flowers and a cuddly toy for Pingi. Pingg goes and gets a ragdoll. Pingu goes off and gets a sledge full of gifts for Pingi, Pingg gets a big bunch of balloons. Pingu dumps the toys in a heap next to Pingi and gets a fish, Pingg then gets a few fish and Pingu then goes and gets a sledge piled high with fish. Pingu and Pingg look at each other across the pile next to Pingi, dump their fish on the pile and face up to one another. They then start a snowball fight, while Pingi is busy getting out from the pile around her. Once out she stands up, and is hit in the face by a snowball thrown by Pingu. They both go to console her, but she shrugs them both away and angrily walks off. Pingu and Pingg make up, and then go off to find Pingi, each with a selection from the gifts. When Pingi sees they’ve made up she kisses Pingg on the cheek, to Pingu’s dismay. She then gives Pingu a proper kiss, to his delight.

star 8.50
2 votes
Pingu's Prank

#15 - Pingu's Prank

Season 3 - Episode 7

Pingu’s neighbour comes out of the igloo, puts out a piece of washing to dry and goes back inside. Pingu happens to walk past, and as he does so the washing falls off the line. This worries him, so he picks it up and rings the doorbell to tell the neighbour what has happened. The neighbour takes the washing, hangs it up again and rewards Pingu for his kindness by giving him some biscuits. Pingu then meets Pingo, who sees Pingu finishing a biscuit and asks if he can have one. Pingu gives him the bag, but it is empty! Pingu explains how he got the biscuits, and shows Pingo where. To Pingu’s horror, Pingo pulls the washing off the line and rings the bell on the igloo. When the neighbour opens the door, Pingo tells the same tale, expecting the same reward. The neighbour realizes what is going on, and shuts the door in Pingo’s face. Pingo and Pingu then play a couple of tricks on the neighbour, both involving ringing the doorbell and then running away, and the neighbour gets very annoyed. Another penguin then comes to deliver a parcel, rings the doorbell and, when the door is opened, is soaked by a bucket of water thrown by the neighbour! The neighbour apologizes, but the other penguin is very angry, then slams the parcel into the hands of the neighbour and stalks off angrily. The parcel then starts to leak (an indication that there was a liquid of sorts in the parcel), then the neighbour throws it to the ground, kicks the bucket away and goes back indoors, slamming the door. Then the washing drops to the ground again, so Pingu hangs it back up and both he and Pingo walk quietly away!

star 8.50
8 votes
Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu and the Paper Aeroplane

#16 - Pingu and the Paper Aeroplane

Season 3 - Episode 13

Pingu and Pingi are on their way to school on Pingu’s sledge, when they hit a bump and fall off. Pingo comes past on his scooter, has a good laugh at their predicament and continues on his way. Later at school someone in the class throws a screwed up piece of paper into the air. It hits Pingu on the head and bounces off as Pingi notices. Pingu realizes who threw the paper when Pingo chortles, and throws a screwed up piece of paper from his own exercise book back at Pingo. Pingo picks up the piece of paper thrown by Pingu, straightens it out, makes a paper plane and throws it into the air. It hits the teacher on the back of the head. The teacher asks the class who it was, and Pingo says that it was Pingu. Pingu can’t explain away why the paper the plane is made from is from his exercise book, and gets sent to stand in the corner. Pingu then spots Pingo’s scooter and plans revenge. He sneaks over and unscrews the nut that secures the front wheel on the scooter. He throws the wheel-nut away and sneaks back into the corner. When school finishes, Pingu is just leaving when he sees Pingo offering Pingi a go on his scooter. She only gets a short distance before the front wheel comes off the scooter and she falls off. Pingu goes over to Pingi, while Pingo wonders what has happened to his scooter and how he’s going to get home. Pingu is just about to leave with Pingi and although he feels amused at first, he feels some remorse, so the front of the scooter is propped on to the back of the sledge and, with Pingu and Pingi on the sledge and Pingo on the scooter, they ride off together.

star 8.50
8 votes
Pingu and the Abominable Snowman

#17 - Pingu and the Abominable Snowman

Season 6 - Episode 26

Pingu is quietly reading his comic when he comes across a picture of a monstrous abominable snowman. He draws his own version, and scares Pinga with it. Pingu then draws a three-toed footprint and he and Pinga rush around the igloo playing at being chased until they run full tilt into Mother, knocking her over. Outside, Pingu creates some abominable snowman footprints made from a pair of snowshoes with spoons tied to them. He then goes off, pretending to be an abominable snowman, leaving a trail of footprints behind him. Pinga comes out to look for him, sees the trail of footprints, and follows them. Meanwhile Pingu, who has found an old blanket and put it over his head, continues to make footprints. He hears Pinga following and hides behind a block of ice. When Pinga stops by the block, Pingu scares her and chases her round the block. Pingu then trips and loses one of his snowshoes. While he’s putting it back on Pinga comes up behind him, realises what’s going on and, as Pingu gets up, pulls the blanket away, scaring Pinga. They both laugh, and then continue together. Later, they’re on their way home when they get back to the spot where Pingu ambushed Pinga, and Pingu spots some large footprints that weren’t made by him. Then they hear crunching in the snow, and see a huge shadow on the ice. Terrified, Pingu runs away, leaving Pinga, who covers her eyes and trembles in terror. She hears a sneeze, and looks. From behind a block of ice comes a real abominable snowman named Bajoo, but he’s not much bigger than she is. Pinga and Bajoo then go to find Pingu, and the snowman explains that he’s also been following the footprints. Bajoo quickly hides when Father comes on the motorised sledge to take them home, but as they’re leaving, he pops out to wave goodbye.

star 8.50
8 votes
Pingu Dreams

#18 - Pingu Dreams

Season 1 - Episode 26

It is time for Pingu's bedtime, and he falls asleep while Mother is reading him a story. As Pingu sleeps, the igloo jumps up and down before floating away. His bed then sprouts legs and moves around. Although being rattled at first, he has lots of fun riding the bed, but he is unaware that a giant non-tusked whiskered walrus (or a leopard seal) is stalking him. The walrus/leopard seal eventually shows himself to Pingu and puts the igloo on top of him and the bed. The walrus/leopard seal takes the igloo off, squishes and stretches Pingu as if he were a plaything, and as the bed tries to escape, the walrus/leopard seal takes the mattress from it and eats it like a chocolate bar. While the walrus/leopard seal is distracted, Pingu and the bed run off in fear, but Pingu trips over a ledge and falls down a steep mountain slope. The minute he lands at the bottom, Pingu wakes up, finds out that his "snowy mountain" is actually the bed, which isn't moving, and realizes it was all a dream. Pingu then sadly tells Mother all about it as she comforts him.

star 8.46
13 votes
Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu's Grandfather Is Sick

#19 - Pingu's Grandfather Is Sick

Season 1 - Episode 21

Pingu is painting a painting while his mom is ironing clothes, but then the telephone rings and Pinga answers the phone, Pingu's mom rushes Pinga off the phone - it is Grandpa who's suffering measles. Pingu tells Pinga not to mess up his painting but Pinga throws red on it. Pingu gets really angry at Pinga and she runs away from Pingu. They go to Grandpa's house, but Pinga blocks the door so Pingu can't get out. Pingu backs up and rushes the door, but Pinga has moved away and he falls flat on the ground. They all go to Grandpa’s house and while Mother tries treatments, Pingu and Pinga run around babbling and dancing, possibly to entertain Grandpa, but end up annoying him. Mother lectures them and tells them to be quiet, but they pretend to cook something in a pot and the lid falls off. Mom tells them to stop messing about and again tells them to be quiet, but they play dress-up while Pingu is on a sled and they crash into the drawer. Pingu's mom, exasperated, makes them go outside, where Pingu finds a board and puts it above a giant wad of snow to play seesaw. Mother, exasperated again, tells them to stop. Pingu then kicks snowballs into the door and kicks one into Mother. She finally has had enough of their behavior and tells them to go home. They then use markers to make fake spots and then call Mother. She comes home, lifts the bed sheets and finds them all spotty, like the measles. When Mother rubs their heads she finds out they have used crayon and they try it on Mother. When she jumps on the bed in the ending, she breaks it (much to Pingu's surprise). They then laugh.

star 8.44
9 votes
Pingu Loses the Bet

#20 - Pingu Loses the Bet

Season 4 - Episode 25

Pingu is going out on his sledge, but before he gets very far Mother calls to him to stop, and asks him to take Pinga with him. He’s not happy about this but does so reluctantly. They stop at a fairground stall, where the main prize for throwing balls at six cans, and knocking all the cans down, is a large teddy bear. With his three balls, Pingu knocks all the tins down, and wins the bear. Pinga wants to have it, but Pingu won’t give it to her. The stallholder sees what’s happening and wonders what to do. He has an idea, and suggests that Pingu and Pinga compete for the bear by throwing at the tins against one another. Pingu and Pinga agree, but what Pingu doesn’t know is that the stallholder has used a magnet to hold Pingu’s cans onto the shelf! Pinga completely misses the cans with her first throw, and hits a nearby snowman. With his first throw, Pingu knocks down four tins. Pinga gets closer, but still misses, with her next throw. Pingu gets one more tin on his second throw. Pinga gets one tin on her third throw, and Pingu is gleeful. He takes his last throw and hits the remaining tin full on, but is amazed when it doesn’t fall down. He’s even more amazed when Pinga has another throw – the stallholder has sneaked her an extra ball when Pingu wasn’t watching! She hits the tins. Only one falls initially, but the rest soon topple with a bit of help from the stallholder. Pingu has lost, and regretfully gives Pinga the bear, which she cuddles. Pingu and Pinga then go home, and wave goodbye to the stallholder as they leave.

star 8.40
5 votes
Pingu's Grandfather Comes to Visit

#21 - Pingu's Grandfather Comes to Visit

Season 3 - Episode 3

Father is cooking dinner, and Pingu and Pinga are laying the table – except that Pingu is juggling the beakers and Pinga is enjoying watching the act! Father then comes out of the kitchen, and tells them to hurry up and finish off laying the table. After Pingu finishes up he reads a book, while Pinga prepares the chairs. There is a knock on the door - Grandfather has arrived. After greeting the children Grandfather gives them each a lollipop to suck. Father comes and greets Grandfather, and then takes the lollipops away from the children and puts them away, much to their disgust. Grandfather and the children then sit down at the table, and while they are waiting for the food Grandfather amuses them with a trick, making a flower disappear and then finding it again behind Pinga’s head. Father then appears with the fish part of the main course; Pingu grabs the biggest fish (his fish) much to Pinga’s dismay. Father brings the vegetables, lectures Pinga that she should not have the biggest fish and gives her the little fish. They all finish off their fish, and they are forced to eat their greens, which they don't like. Grandfather tries to feed Pinga hers, but she refuses and shoves the bowl to Grandfather, who reluctantly finishes them off. Pingu then also shoves his bowl of greens to Grandfather, who eats those as well! Father then brings out a large chocolate cake for pudding and dishes out portions all round. The children tuck in but Grandfather is too full to eat his. Pingu and Pinga then each take a second slice, and so does Father. However, Grandfather doesn't want to eat his. Father wants to know why, and he finds out that Grandfather has ate all of Pingu and Pinga's greens. Father tells off the children for spoilng Grandfather's appetite by refusing to eat their greens and making him eat all of them. By then Pingu has finished his second slice of cake so he snaps at Father, and he takes Grandfather’s unwanted slice and tucks it, finishing up the cake. While Father eats his angrily, Pingu and Pinga snuggle with Grandfather.

star 8.38
8 votes
Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingi's Valentine Card

#22 - Pingi's Valentine Card

Season 5 - Episode 4

It is Valentine's day, and Pingu gets a valentine card from Pingi. He shows it to Pinga and Mother, and decides he’ll make one for Pingi. Mother gets him the box of card making materials out of the cupboard and he settles down to making the card. He chooses the paper for the card, and then tries to put glue on it to attach a heart shape. Unfortunately the glue won’t come out at first, and then comes out in a big blob. He attempts to stick a heart to a card, but each stays stuck to the hand he’s holding it in. He eventually gets them stuck together, or so he thinks, but after a few seconds it falls off! He then tries to make a card using glitter as well as the heart. He gets the glitter and heart stuck to the card, but then can’t put the card down as it keeps sticking to him - if it isn’t stuck to one hand it’s stuck to the other, or to his head. He eventually gets it off, but meanwhile Pinga has sat up to the table and is rude to Pingu. Pingu is rude back and mother intervenes, but the card then sticks to the newspaper she is reading. It comes off when she has to intervene again, and it ends up stuck to Pingu as before. After another struggle getting it off himself, Pingu stomps into the bedroom to sulk. There he discovers he’s got another piece of card stuck to his bottom. Meanwhile Pinga is making something from some card without using glue and goes to show it to Pingu, who at first refuses to look. Eventually Pinga unveils her masterpiece – a set of linked figures cut out from folded paper. This gives Pingu an idea, and he goes back to the table and makes some cut out hearts. He takes them over to Pingi’s home and gives them to her. She is delighted.

star 8.33
6 votes
Pingu the Archer

#23 - Pingu the Archer

Season 4 - Episode 8

Mother is cleaning and Pingu is playing when the phone rings. Mother asks Pingu to answer it; it’s Grandfather, who has found a bow and arrows outside his igloo. Pingu rushes over, and Grandfather gives him the bow and arrows. Pingu excitedly fires one into the air. Grandfather makes a target to aim at and suggests Pingu shoots at that. Pingu shoots and misses. He shoots another arrow and misses again. Grandfather tells Pingu to practice and goes inside for a cup of tea. He sits down to enjoy it, but he hasn’t seen Pingu’s mischievous look! Suddenly an arrow hits an apple in the fruit bowl, which is on the table in front of him. Then another arrow breaks a window. Grandfather is not amused and turns to go outside; a third arrow hits him on his behind. He phones Mother, angrily tells her what Pingu has done and sends Pingu home. When Pingu arrives home Mother is waiting, and takes the bow and arrows away from Pingu. Thinking to try and cheer him up, Mother asks Pingu to tidy up the firewood that is lying scattered around next to the igloo. She takes the bow and arrows and goes inside, leaving Pingu to get on with it. Pingu unhappily goes across to the wood to start, and then has an idea! He takes the broom, which is being held by the snowman, and uses it to quickly sweep all the wood into a neat pile. He then flicks the broom into the air and balances it on his beak, and starts to dance around. Mother comes out to see how Pingu is getting on, and is surprised to see the job done and Pingu dancing. Pingu finishes his dance, and flicks the broom back to the snowman. Mother claps, and gives Pingu a hug.

star 8.33
3 votes
Pinga's Lost Rabbit

#24 - Pinga's Lost Rabbit

Season 5 - Episode 7

Pinga is cuddling her toy rabbit. Pingu offers her his teddy in exchange, but she doesn’t want it. Pingu sneaks up and takes the rabbit, and then teases Pinga by keeping it just out of reach. Pinga cries, and Pingu thinks it’s a huge joke, but he’s not so happy when Pinga starts jumping up and down on the teddy. He tosses the rabbit away, and it lands on the windowsill. Pinga screams, and Mother and Father come in to find out what is going on. Pingu denies any wrongdoing on his part, but is told to go and get the rabbit. As he’s going to the window he trips and knocks the rabbit out of the window. Pingu is told to go and get it back and, rather reluctantly, he goes outside to get it. He tosses it into the air and it lands on the sledge, but as Pingu goes to get it from the sledge he trips again and knocks the sledge away. The sledge doesn’t stop so Pingu goes after it, following the tracks it’s made in the snow. When at last he catches up he finds that Robby has now got the rabbit. Robby won’t give it back, and he does to Pingu what Pingu was doing to Pinga, keeping the rabbit just out of reach as Pingu tries to get it! When Robby finally flips it away Pingu follows it, but he can’t find it anywhere. He’s about to give up when he sees it drifting away on an ice floe. Fortunately there’s a fishing rod leaning against the wall of a nearby igloo, and he uses the rod to catch the rabbit as it drifts past. He returns triumphantly home, but Pinga is now happily playing with the teddy, which is on a chair being offered a pretend cup of tea. Pingu offers her the rabbit but she doesn’t want it, so Pingu sits it on a nearby chair and goes away.

star 8.33
6 votes
Pingu the Mountaineer

#25 - Pingu the Mountaineer

Season 4 - Episode 3

Father is cleaning the motorized sled, and asks Pingu to go and find him a clean cloth from the shed. Pingu goes to look and isn’t having much success, but then he comes across an old rucksack. Inside the rucksack he finds a photo of Father and Grandfather in mountaineering gear, in front of a cairn of stones. Pingu drags the rucksack out, shows the photo to Father and asks if he can go up the mountain. Father initially says no, but then remembers how he felt about it and agrees, to Pingu’s delight. They get the gear, Pingu carrying the rope, and Mother waves them goodbye as they set off. Just as the reach the base of the mountain the trailing end of the rope catches between two rocks. Pingu tries flicking the rope in various ways to dislodge it, but it won’t budge. He then pulls on the rope as hard as he can. The rope finally comes free, and Pingu ends up sliding on his bottom right up to the base of the mountain. Father and Pingu rope up, and start to climb, with Father leading. Father is finding the going hard and starts to get very tired. He then realises that the reason he’s so tired is that Pingu has been letting himself be towed up by Father, and is not putting any effort into it himself. Father tells Pingu to do his own climbing. They come to an ice bridge over a crevasse and Pingu doesn’t want to cross. Father crosses and, after overcoming his reluctance, Pingu crosses as well. Father gives Pingu a hug, and points out how much closer to the top they are. When they reach the top Pingu is delighted, and can see their igloo in the distance. Father then takes a photo of himself and Pingu that’s similar to the one that Pingu found of Father and Grandfather.

star 8.33
3 votes