The WORST episodes of Pingu

Every episode of Pingu ever, ranked from worst to best by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The worst episodes of Pingu!

Pingu finds himself in tricky and comical situations, but he always learns a lesson. Pingu spends his days with his parents and baby sister, Pinga. Everyone in his town speaks "Penguinese." Laugh along and find out what happens.

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Pingu and the Present
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#1 - Pingu and the Present

Season 6 - Episode 8 - Aired 1/12/2005

Pingu is at home, playing aeroplanes, when an envelope is delivered. It’s for Pingu, and when he opens it he sees that it’s a card inviting him to a birthday party. Pinga wants to see it, but Pingu won’t let her, and Mother eventually has to intervene. Mother looks at the card and gives Pingu a fish to pay for a present. Pingu is just on his way out of the door to get the present when Mother tells him to take Pinga with him. Pingu and Pinga is not too happy about that, but Mother insists. At the toyshop, Pingu eventually decides to get a model aeroplane as the present. On the way home Pingu continues to not be very nice to Pinga, this time by hiding from her and being rude to her. While backing away he trips and drops the present, which slides into a small crevice that then gets partially blocked by a small fall of ice, with just a bit of the ribbon from the present sticking out. After searching for a while, Pingu spots where the present has gone and tries to get it out by pulling on the ribbon, but it won’t budge. Pinga says that she’s small enough to go through the gap to get the present, and Pingu is delighted when she gets it. When they get home, Pingu explains to Mother what has happened and sets off for the party, taking Pinga with him to her delight. When they arrive Pingu explains why he’s brought Pinga along as well, and Pinga gives the present.

Pingu's Disadvantage
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#2 - Pingu's Disadvantage

Season 4 - Episode 1 - Aired 1/5/1998

Pingu is out on his sledge. He sees some skis and an ice hockey stick lying at the bottom of an ice tower, stops to investigate and finds Pinga, Robby and Pingg playing hide and seek. Pinga has covered her eyes and is counting, while Robby and Pingg go to hide. When Pinga has finished counting, she turns and is about to go to look for the others when she sees Pingu. Pingu tells her where Robby and Pinng have hidden. Pinga calls out to them, and rushes back “home” before they can get there, so they lose. Pingu thinks this is funny, but Robby and Pingg are annoyed. They let Pingu join in, but he has to be the one doing the seeking, so Pingu counts while the others hide. There’s no sign of them when Pingu turns, so he goes to look. He hears Robby, and goes towards the sound. Robby hides behind a nearby ice tower as Pingu looks for him and goes past. He comfortably beats Pingu “home”. Pingg and Pinga are already there, so Pingu loses! Pingu, reluctantly, is seeker again. This time he cheats by turning while still counting so he can see where they go to hide. Despite this he can’t find them, and is puzzled. He spots a discarded ladder nearby, and props it up against a nearby ice tower so he can climb to the top to get a better view. While he’s climbing the ladder the others come out from behind the broken barrel that was near the ladder, and easily get home first. Pingu loses again! On the next turn he tries the same trick with the counting, but this time goes straight to the ladder and starts to climb. What he doesn’t know is that Pingg and the others have hatched a plan. Pingg has hidden behind the barrel where he was before, and sees exactly what Pingu is doing. When at the top of the tower, Pingu spots Robby’s tail sticking out, and goes to get down from the tower. Pingg, however, has removed the ladder, so Pingu is stuck on top of the tower. The others join Pingg at the bottom of the tower and, when Pingu asks, won’t put the ladder back. They the

Pinga's Balloon
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#3 - Pinga's Balloon

Season 5 - Episode 14 - Aired 1/21/2004

Pinga is trying to blow up her balloon, but she’s not having any success. Pingu comes by and says he’ll do it, but can’t blow it up either. He then has an idea and goes off to the shed. Meanwhile Father comes by and also tries to blow up the balloon, but despite stretching it and blowing hard he can’t inflate it. Pingu comes back from the shed with the bicycle pump and tries with that. He successfully blows the balloon up, but it then comes off the pump and zooms around the room, finishing off by collecting Pinga and shooting her outside into a heap of snow. Pingu and Father rush to get her out. Father then again tries to inflate the balloon. This time he succeeds in getting some air into it and ties off the end, but manages to do it round his wrist. Pingu pulls it off and gives it to Pinga, but as she strokes it, it goes down. They go back inside, and see Mother livening up the fire in the stove with some bellows. This gives Pingu an idea, so the balloon is attached to the bellows and he and Father bounce Pinga up and down on the bellows. The balloon inflates and Pingu ties it off and gives it to Pinga, who cuddles it and gives Pingu a big kiss.

Pingu and the Organ Grinder
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#4 - Pingu and the Organ Grinder

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired 10/20/1990

Pingu is spending time with a stranger who is busking by playing a barrel organ, which makes him feel upset because of how poor he is. He is more upset when arrogant penguins just walk past refusing to give money. First, a male penguin just walks around the organ. Secondly, a female Penguin walks past the organ. Pingu tries to stop her, but she pushes him away with her belly. Pingu asks another male penguin for some money, but he gets a fish instead. Pingu gives the fish to the busker and tries the organ. Pingu asks another penguin for some money. They both look up and the penguin walks away. Seething with rage, Pingu turns the organ's handle quickly. The penguin doesn't look where he's going and falls into a fishing hole. Pingu is even more upset when he follows him home to find it an old, broken down, messy ruin. Feeling sorry for the busker, he borrows the barrel organ and goes around town playing it in front of a tailor, bakery, tavern and a fishmonger, the pleased owners of which give him free supplies. He then goes back to the busker's place and sets out for him a nice meal with the supplies, and goes outside to make some repairs to the house. The pleased busker then rewards him with a harmonica.

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu and the Toy
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#5 - Pingu and the Toy

Season 3 - Episode 16 - Aired 6/27/1996

Pingu meets Pingo, who is playing with his new clockwork car. Pingo winds up the car and sets it going. The car runs into a block and Pingu goes to rescue it, but Pingo won’t let him touch it. Pingo winds the car up and again sets it going, chuckling away as it goes round and round. Pingu, who wants to have a go himself, sticks out his foot as the car comes past him so that the car hits it and crashes. Pingu then goes off, leaving a somewhat annoyed Pingo. Pingo sets his car going again, but the car only goes a short distance and then breaks apart. Meanwhile, Pingu has hurried home and found his piggy bank, but all that’s in it is a button. He sadly goes out and walks away. He goes past Grandfather, who asks him why he’s so sad. Pingu explains, and Grandfather takes him to the stall that’s selling the cars and buys him one. Just after they’ve gone Mother goes past the stall and is also sold a car. Pingu goes off happily, and his way takes him past Pingo, who is looking sadly at his broken car. Pingu has a good laugh at Pingo’s bad luck, and then sets his own car going. When it stops Pingo wants a go but Pingu won’t let him. Pingu then starts his car again, but it stops almost immediately. Pingu gives it a good kick to get it going. It slides away and breaks, much like Pingo’s did, which greatly amuses Pingo and annoys Pingu. Pingu goes home, tossing the broken car away. When he arrives, Mother says she’s got a surprise for him, and brings out the toy car she’s bought. Pingu makes an shocked face, comes and takes it, and angrily tosses it into the trash bin, where it breaks apart in the same way as the others! He then goes and plays with his wooden bricks.

Pingu Plays Superman
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#6 - Pingu Plays Superman

Season 3 - Episode 17 - Aired 7/4/1996

Pingu is out walking when he comes across Pingo, who is brandishing a sword and making mock attacks. Pingo explains that he is acting like the character he’s found in a comic book, and shows it to Pingu. Pingu takes the comic book home to read and tosses it down onto a chair. It lands open at a picture of a superhero in a red cape (similar to Superman) fighting a helicopter. Pingu finds a red blanket in the wardrobe, puts it on as a cape, and acts out the fantasy by beating up the room. Pinga hears the noise and comes in. She finds a book on the floor that has fallen open at a picture of a princess and decides to play at this. Pingu, meanwhile, is still playing at being a superhero, getting more and more boisterous. The game ends when he falls off the table onto the floor and hurts his foot. Pingu is taken to the doctor by motorized sledge ambulance, accompanied by Mother and Pinga. Already waiting to be seen are Pingg, with a hurt foot and Pingo, who has hurt his arm and broken his sword. While they are all waiting Pinga explains what was also in the book, to the amusement of them all.

Pingu and the Mix Up
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#7 - Pingu and the Mix Up

Season 3 - Episode 15 - Aired 6/20/1996

Pingu is looking after a neighbour’s egg, which is on a padded sledge outside the neighbour’s igloo, while she and Mother go out. It doesn’t take long before he starts to get restless. Then Pingo arrives, and Pingu abandons looking after the egg in favour of a game of ball with Pingo. A little while later, when Pingu goes past the sledge to recover an over-hit ball, he notices with dismay that the egg has gone. He and Pingo can’t find the egg nearby and go off in search of it, with Pingu pulling the sledge. They spot it going into another neighbour’s igloo while this neighbour, who has tufts on her head, is distracted hanging out the washing. The other neighbour also has an egg, which is on a cot in the igloo. The run-away egg jumps onto the cot, knocking the other neighbours egg off onto the floor. Pingu and Pingo sneak into the igloo and recover the egg that’s on the floor, thinking it’s the one they’ve been chasing, and Pingu returns with the egg to the original neighbours igloo. This neighbour has returned home by the time that Pingu gets back, and she rewards him for looking after her egg with a lollipop. The egg that Pingu has returned then cracks open, and a baby penguin is born. The original neighbour is initially happy, but then sees that it’s not her baby as it has a yellow beak and a tuft on its head. She's angry with Pingu, and takes the lollipop away. Pingu then realises what has happened, explains, and he and the neighbour go to the other neighbours house, where the other egg has now hatched. The babies are united with their correct mothers, everyone is happy and Pingu gets the lollipop back.

Pingu Shows What He Can Do
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#8 - Pingu Shows What He Can Do

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired 1/9/1998

Pingu and Pinga are playing outside the igloo with the bricks, seeing how high they can get a pile without them falling over. Pingi arrives on her scooter, and, unseen by Pingu, watches them playing. Pingu and Pinga laugh when a particularly high pile collapses. Pingi laughs as well; Pingu hears and is surprised to see her. Pingu pretends that he wasn’t enjoying the game, and tries to act macho. Pingi asks Pingu if he’ll come with her, on his scooter. Pingu abandons Pinga, leaving her to play on her own, and goes off on his scooter with Pingi. As they ride away he pretends that he’s on a motorbike by making appropriate engine noises. Mother comes outside, sees Pingu and Pingi riding away, and then sees that Pinga is playing on her own, so she joins her. As Pingi goes on ahead, Pingu hides behind a nearby ice column, then calls out to her. Pingi returns, stops near the ice column and looks around. Pingu comes out from behind the column on his scooter and rushes off. Pinga turns and follows him. They reach some abandoned igloos. Pingi gets off her scooter and enters one. Pingu follows, and then kisses her hand. Pingi responds by giving Pingu a big kiss on the cheek. Pingu is delighted, and exuberantly performs all sorts of tricks on his scooter, to Pingi’s amusement. They then ride around the igloos a bit more before making their way back to Pingu’s home. When they arrive they find Mother building a tower of bricks for Pinga, which Pinga then blows down, and they all laugh.

Pingu's Parents Go to a Concert
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#9 - Pingu's Parents Go to a Concert

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired 10/6/1990

Pingu’s parents are off to a concert for a change leaving Pingu and Pinga in charge of taking care of the house and promise to good, as Pingu and Pinga started to cry. As their parents leave, Pingu and Pinga perform antics such as jumping on their beds and asking Pinga to turn on a radio (as the music blares) while Pingu makes a pancake. Mother and Father had arrive at the concert. Pingu flips the pancake into the air many times, much to Pinga's delight and it ends up getting stuck to the roof! Pinga tells him to look up, Pingu does so just as the pancake falls on his head making him look like an elephant then he trumpets . Meanwhile, Mother and Father have a small talk while at the concert hall (as the Orchestra plays classical tune in piece). Then, Pingu bounces his red ball and he and Pinga play catch making a big mess in the process. At the concert, Father has fallen asleep and Mother wakes him up and they are a little bit worried about Pingu and Pinga. Afterwards, Pingu rifles through a dresser strewing a top hat at Pinga. He then puts on a women's hat and throws it at Pinga who is stuck in a blue box then Pingu pushes her as Pingu convinces Pinga (with the box she was stuck in now on her head) to come back to where he is standing then Pingu pretends to be a monster and is devouring Pinga. Meanwhile, Pingu’s parents are worried about what Pingu and Pinga might be doing as they have a look at the photo of Pingu and Pinga. Then Pinga turns on the bathtub and adds bubble bath to the bath water as Pingu jumps into the bathtub and play messily and then they tip over leaving a mess on the floor. Meanwhile, the concert is finished, and Pingu and Pinga try desperately to clean things up and Pinga shuts off the radio while Pingu shoves every single pair of clothes he has all strewn about into the dresser by jumping on the clothes. When Pingu's parents come home, Mother find out that the dresser had clothes completely shoved in. They are not amused and Mother asks if

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu Refuses To Help
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#10 - Pingu Refuses To Help

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired 1/6/1998

Pingu and Pinga are in their bedroom. Pingu is reading, and nibbling on some cereal in a bowl, while Pinga plays with the bricks. Mother is in the kitchen, feeling a bit harassed. First the washing machine finishes, then the phone rings and then a pot on the stove starts to boil. She calls for help. Pingu ignores the call. Pinga responds and goes to the stove, but she’s too little to do anything about the pot. Mother comes over, sorts out the pot and then she and Pinga go to the washing machine. Mother unloads the washing into the basket, and calls to Pingu to come and help, but he doesn’t respond. Mother goes outside with Pinga. She’s just started hanging out the washing when Father arrives home. He greets Mother and Pinga. Mother tells him that Pingu’s not being very helpful, so Father goes to speak to Pingu about it. When Father reaches the bedroom, the door is shut and locked. Father bangs on the door and calls to Pingu, who just ignores it and continues with what he is doing. Mother, Father and Pinga confer, and then leave Pingu to it. Pingu finishes his bowl of cereal and decides he wants some more. He goes to the door, opens it, checks that the coast is clear, then goes to the cereal packet and puts some in his bowl. He then wonders why it’s so quiet and goes to look outside. Mother and Father are hanging out the washing, watched by Pinga. Feeling a bit left out, Pingu goes back inside. He checks the washing machine, and finds a small cloth that has been left behind. He rushes outside to give it to Mother, but she, Father and Pinga all ignore him. Pingu tries to get their attention, but they all turn away and go inside. Pingu looks inside, and sees Mother giving Pinga a heaped bowl of cereal. He disconsolately trudges back outside. The washing on the line starts to judder, and the line frays and then breaks. Pingu grabs the broken ends of the line, one in each hand, just in time to prevent the washing from falling to the ground. He struggles to keep

Pingu and the Camera
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#11 - Pingu and the Camera

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired 3/9/1993

Pingu is out taking photographs of Robby. He then photographs an interestingly shaped block of ice from a variety of positions. Meanwhile Robby has found an ice-bridge, and shows it to Pingu. Robby climbs up to the top, and Pingu takes some photographs of him there, in various poses. They then spot a hot-air balloon drifting past, and Pingu snaps this as well. A photojournalist arrives, who also takes some pictures of the balloon, with Pingu standing in the foreground. Pingu goes home, and then goes with Father to the photo-shop to have the film developed. Unfortunately there’s nothing on the film, as Pingu has forgotten to take the lens cap off the camera. Pingu goes sadly home, and father consoles him. Mother and Pinga arrive home with the paper, and Mother shows Pingu the front page, which has a big picture of the balloon with Pingu standing in front. Pingu cheers up, and Mother frames and hangs the picture from the paper on the wall. Pinga wants to take a picture of Mother, Father and Pingu in front of the balloon picture. Pingu has to remind her to take the lens-cap off first!

Pingu's Museum Visit
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#12 - Pingu's Museum Visit

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired 6/22/1995

Robby goes to Pingu’s home to ask him to come out and play, which Pingu thinks is a good idea. They go off with the sledge and slide down a slope. At the bottom they narrowly miss Father, who is on his motorised sledge. Father then tows them to the art museum, which is where he is going to deliver a large package. While Father and the curator of the museum unload the package, Pingu and Robby go over to a sculpture that is in the form of a ring on top of a block. Pingu does a circus trick and Robby becomes a blue ball. After briefly wondering what it is meant to be, they then have some fun jumping through the ring. They then wander across to a tumbledown igloo, which has a somewhat skewed picture hanging on the wall. Pingu straightens it up. At this point the curator arrives and tells them off for messing about with the exhibits, and they go. The picture then slips back into the crooked position and, after a couple of attempts by the curator to straighten it, to his annoyance it falls off the wall. A final attempt by the curator to get the picture straight, by hanging it from a nail he hammers into the wall, ends up with the wall collapsing on top of him, to the amusement of Robby and Pingu. Pingu and Robby then spot a sculpture made of little blocks balanced on a larger block. Robby taps the sculpture, and it falls apart! They decide to rebuild it and it ends up looking like a rabbit, but is rather wobbly. Robby finds a stick, which Pingu uses to prop the sculpture up. Father then calls out that he is going, Pingu and Robby rush to get on the sledge, and they leave. The curator then spots the “rabbit” sculpture, removes the stick and the sculpture falls apart again. Once more the curator ends up less than happy! Features Pingu, Robby, Father and the Curator of the Museum.

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu and the Hose
37 votes

#13 - Pingu and the Hose

Season 6 - Episode 2 - Aired 1/4/2005

Pingu comes out of the igloo to play, sees a hose lying on the ground and then hears voices coming out of the end of it. He follows the hose to its other end and finds Father and Grandfather in the shed doing some bottling. They are talking, and it’s their voices that Pingu heard coming through the hose. He shows them what is happening, and they’re surprised. He then takes the hose, and plays a trick on Pinga by making her believe that the snowman is speaking to her, and a similar trick on Robby by making him believe that a fish is speaking to him. Then he puts the end of the hose into the shed and attempts to fool Father and Grandfather as well. Their initial surprise soon turns to suspicion, and they find the hose and track it back to the source. Pingu is oblivious to this, and continues making noises into the hose. Father and Grandfather have an idea and place the end of another hose just behind Pingu and they, together with Pinga and Robby, shout into it, startling Pingu. After Pingu has calmed down they all have a good laugh.

Pingu's Sledge Academy
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#14 - Pingu's Sledge Academy

Season 6 - Episode 1 - Aired 1/3/2005

Pingu and his friends Pingo, Pingg and Pongi are out having fun on their sledges, but they’re so boisterous that they’re a menace to everyone else, leaving chaos behind them wherever they go. They go first to a patrolling Sledge Academy students, then to a stall. The Instructor gave Father a vestment. Pingu and his three friends then pass by to an poor lady, from Pingu Wins First Prize, then to a man with the newspaper, and his hat and paper flew. Then they pass by on Pingi, to two igloos and a vegetable stall, and eventually they crash into a fish stall. When Pingu gets home, he’s told by his parents that they’re not happy with his behaviour on the sledge and threaten to take it away from him unless he goes to the Sledge Academy. He and his three friends attend a course and, after a few mishaps, learn to control their sledging. They complete the course successfully and are awarded diplomas.

Pingu Seeks Revenge
34 votes

#15 - Pingu Seeks Revenge

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired 6/13/1996

Pingu has been out with Pingi, and kisses her goodbye. Pingg spots them and, while Pingu is waving to Pingi as she walks away, throws a snowball at Pingu which hits him on the back of the head. Pingg is amused; Pingu is annoyed. Pingu throws a snowball back that Pingg avoids. After again being hit on the head by a snowball thrown by Pingg, Pingu chases him home, throwing several snowballs at him on the way, but none of the snowballs hit their target. Pingu and Pingg end up with Pingu on the wooden bridge over the water in front of Pingg’s igloo, exchanging words with Pingg who is by the front door. Pingu is still annoyed, but then has an idea. He goes home, gets a saw, returns and cuts partway through the bridge. He then stands at the edge of the bridge and taunts Pingg, who comes out of the igloo and shouts back. Just then Grandfather comes to use the bridge, and starts across. Pingu tries to stop him crossing by going onto the bridge and shouting, and jumping up and down. The bridge breaks as Pingu had planned but he, rather than Pingg, ends up in the water! Pingu is rescued, but is completely frozen in a block of ice. Once home Mother, aided by Pinga, and a lot of hot-water bottles, thaws him out. Pinga then laughs at him.

Pingu Builds a Snowman
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#16 - Pingu Builds a Snowman

Season 2 - Episode 26 - Aired 12/20/1994

Pingu and Pinga get up to find a nice fresh fall of snow outside. They go off in the sledge to have some fun, but hit a bump sliding down a hill and get thrown off. They decide to build a snowman and have made a start when Robby turns up and suggests it should be a big one. They all agree, and Robby helps to gather the snow to form the bottom half. They make a ball to put on top for the body, but have difficulty getting it up and making it stay on. Pingu then spots a nearby signpost, used by hikers to find their way, and has the idea of using this to support the snowman. Pingu and Robby roll the balls of snow across and build up the snowman around the signpost, covering up the signs with snow to form the arms of the snowman. They then have problems trying to get the head on, as it’s so tall. Pingu has another idea and goes off on the sledge, and Pinga and Robby work on finishing off the body of the snowman. While all this has been going on, a hiker has been wandering around nearby, clearly lost. He spots Pinga and Robby, and comes over to them. Pinga and Robby ask him for help with the snowman, and he kindly puts on the head and makes it appear that the snowman is on a hike by adding a rucksack and a pole on his shoulder with a bag. The hiker asks Pinga and Robby if they know the way, but they say that they don’t, so the hiker wanders off again. Pingu then arrives back on the sledge with a ladder, and a carrot in a bucket, and is surprised to see the finished snowman. He wonders how Pinga and Robby did it. The hiker then returns, having found a sheer cliff in his way, and asks them again if they know the way. As they’re about to reply the snow falls off one of the snowman’s arms revealing the sign, to the hikers surprise. The hiker brushes off the snow on the other arm, which to his relief tells him the way he needs to go.

Pingu and the Message in a Bottle
33 votes

#17 - Pingu and the Message in a Bottle

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired 8/17/1995

Pingo is fishing, and Pingu meets up with him by the water. Pingu spots a bottle bobbing up and down in the water, and throws snowballs into the water to float the bottle to the shore. He smashes the bottle, and finds a mysterious map inside. This shows a route from the water into the hills, with a big “X” at the end point. Pingu and Pingo follow the route, which is quite hazardous in parts, to a boarded up cave. Pingu goes into the cave and discovers a padlocked chest. He brings it out and breaks into it, but he and Pingo are both disappointed to find that the chest is empty except for a shell. They then have a difference of opinion over who gets what, as they both want the chest; Pingo eventually takes the chest and Pingu the shell. When Pingu gets home with the shell Pinga is quite keen to have it, but Pingu won’t give it to her. Mother comes over and he gives it to her, but Pinga tries to grab it and it falls to the floor, breaking open. They’re all surprised to see a pearl drop out and roll across the floor. Pinga rushes to get it and gives it to Pingu, and they’re all pleased at their good fortune.

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu on a Bad Day
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#18 - Pingu on a Bad Day

Season 4 - Episode 24 - Aired 4/5/2000

Pingu is woken by the alarm clock, and knocks it off the table trying to turn it off. The clock breaks, and Pingu huddles back under the blanket. Mother calls to Pinga and him to come to have breakfast. Pinga gets up, sees Pingu still huddled in bed and rushes to tell Mother. Mother calls again, and Pingu sleepily gets up. He stretches, and then trips over the broken clock, falling flat on his face, which amuses Pinga. He goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and then breaks a mug while trying to get it down from the shelf. Mother, who has been putting Pingu’s lunch into his satchel, tells him he’s too late to have any breakfast, and sends him off to school. Father leaves just as Pingu gets outside, so he can’t get a lift and has to go on his sledge under his own steam. On the way to school he hits a bump in the snow and gets thrown off the sledge (which breaks), landing headfirst in the snow. At school, he falls asleep during the lesson, and is laughed at by the rest of the class when he has to be woken up. When he gets home, he tosses his satchel on the table and then vents his frustration by jumping and sitting on Pinga’s rabbit. Pinga can’t get him off the rabbit so she goes and tells Mother. Mother asks Pingu what's wrong, but he can't answer, and gives Pinga an ice-lolly to cheer her up. Pingu wants to have a lick but Pinga won’t let him. Pingu pleads with Mother, who relents and gives him an ice cream cone. As he’s tucking in, the ice cream falls out of the cone and onto the floor. Pinga laughs, as her ice-lolly is still ok. Pingu is annoyed, but picks up the ice cream and puts it back in the cone. Pinga turns to go out, trips over the clock and drops her ice-lolly, which melts. She asks Pingu if she can have some of his ice cream, but he won’t let her, so she chases him round the room, with Pingu teasing her by holding out the cone to her and then taking it away.

Pingu and the Birds' Mother
59 votes

#19 - Pingu and the Birds' Mother

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aired 8/3/1995

Pingu pushes a box containing some fish out of the igloo, and lays the fish out in a line on the bench. He walks off, but then sees a seagull fly overhead carrying a fish. It appears to have come from the direction of the igloo. He goes back to the igloo and sees that one of the fish he put out has gone missing! As he’s standing there, the seagull swoops down and grabs a fish. Pingu then hides under the fish box, and when the seagull comes back to take another fish he grabs it. There is a tug-of-war for the fish between Pingu and the seagull. This ends with the seagull getting away with the nice parts of the fish and leaving Pingu holding the skeleton, complete with head and tail. Pingu is rather annoyed, and goes to find out where the seagull is taking the fish. He sees it fly to an ice tower, and sneaks up to the bottom of the tower. When the seagull flies away, Pingu climbs up the tower to see what is going on. He finds a nest containing three baby gulls. The mother seagull comes back with another fish. Pingu realises that he left the fish at home undefended and rushes back, but arrives just too late to stop the seagull taking yet another fish. He is annoyed, but then hears the seagull cawing as it searches for fish to feed the baby gulls, and he decides to help. He puts the last remaining fish into the fish box, puts the fish box onto his sledge and goes off. When he goes past his neighbour’s house he spots two fish hanging on the line and takes them. The neighbour comes out and wonders what has happened to the fish, and goes to talk to another penguin nearby who is outside his igloo, cutting wood. Pingu spots that this neighbour has a fish hanging in a bowl, and takes it. He goes past another igloo and takes the three fish he sees hanging there as well. He then goes back to the seagull’s nest and, when it flies away, tosses the fish he has collected up to the nest. Pingu is very pleased at what he has done for the seagull and goes home. On the way he pass

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu Argues with his Mother
61 votes

#20 - Pingu Argues with his Mother

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired 8/10/1995

Pingu is outside the igloo splitting wood for the fire. Pingo comes by, carrying a ball, and asks Pingu if he’d like to come and play. Pingu goes in to ask Mother, who is ironing, if this would be okay. He is angrily denied and Pingu starts to argue. Eventually, Pingu goes back outside and tells Pingo the answer. Pingo goes off, and Pingu angrily goes back to chopping wood. After a while, Pingu goes to ask Mother, who has finished ironing, again, when he is still denied, he starts to argue some more. Pingu angrily leaves, sticking his tongue outside the igloo to his Mother, and starts moving the wood he’s cut into the igloo, stacking it by the fire. Pingu goes back out for another load of wood and brings it inside. But he decides that he’d rather go and play, and sneaks off. He meets up with Pingo, who is trying to sink balls into a makeshift basketball hoop, supposedly a barrel, and Pingu joins in. Mother comes and fetches Pingu back, and stands over him while he loads more wood and takes it to the igloo. Mother follows, shutting the door behind her. Pingu angrily strews the wood all over the floor, hurting his foot in the process. Mother is not sympathetic, so Pingu angrily kicks the table, breaking a fruit bowl and hurting his other foot even more. Mother becomes very furious: (she had enough for slapping Pingu in the face) and tries to punish him, but he gets terrified, bursts into tears, and runs into his bedroom in a terrified way and slams the door, leaving Mother stricken with remorse and feeling ashamed of herself, so she sits in a chair to calm down. Later, Mother, Father and Pinga sit down to dinner, but Pingu isn't there. When Father asks where he is, Mother glumly explains to him what has happened. Father, annoyed, goes to find Pingu, but there’s no sign of him in the bedroom and the window is open. They all go outside to look for Pingu, but can’t find him. They sit down to their meal again, Mother and Father still can’t eat as they are worr

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu and his Friends Play too Loudly
39 votes

#21 - Pingu and his Friends Play too Loudly

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired 10/13/1990

Pingu and Pingg are playing hopscotch, not knowing they are doing it in a parking space. When a parking neighbor comes here to park in and they get into a fight. Then suddenly, Pingu and Pingg are forced to play somewhere else. They go over to another igloo, and start running and playing about very noisily. The grouchy neighbor starts yapping at them. Pingu, Pingg and Pingo who comes along tease her. She was about to hit them with a carpet beater but she missed. She leaves and accidentally closes the window on her hand! She cries like a wolf (in the early version of course she did this,) making Pingo, Pingg and Pingu laugh. They then start playing ball, and the ball accidentally goes onto the grouchy neighbor's roof. She catches it and takes it inside. Pingo and Pingg protest to tell Pingu to go get it back so he begs for it back. With no avail, but then suddenly, the grouchy neighbor gets locked outside, and though hearing them, laughing at her. At first, Pingu decides to help her, by climbing through the window and unlocking the door. Then suddenly, she gives them their ball back, and they all play together. But the grouchy neighbor accidentally hits the window on her igloo making them all laugh again!

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu the Cross Country Skier
6 votes

#22 - Pingu the Cross Country Skier

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired 6/17/1995

Pingu comes out of his igloo and sees Pingo, on his skis, nearby. Pingu gets his own skis, goes to meet Pingo, and they agree to have a cross-country skiing race. As they are very evenly matched, it soon gets competitive, and Pingu tries to slow up Pingo by putting his ski-stick between Pingo’s legs. Pingo does the splits and stops, but soon gets going again and quickly catches up with Pingu. They come up to another rather older cross-country skier who is travelling more slowly and, as they go past him one to each side, Pingu surprises the other skier by shouting into his ear. The older skier is understandably none too pleased, shouting angrily and waving his stick at Pingu and Pingo as they race off ahead. Both Pingu and Pingo think this is rather funny! A little while later Pingu and Pingo start arguing again, and Pingu repeats his trick with the ski-stick. This time Pingo falls over and is somewhat annoyed, while Pingu stops and has a good laugh. Pingo makes a snowball and throws it at Pingu, knocking Pingu backwards off his skis. As Pingu gets up, the older skier comes past, stops, waves his ski-stick and tells off Pingu and Pingo. Pingu mockingly mimics the older skier, and then he and Pingo start off on their race again. Again they go past the older skier, but this time downhill where they’re all travelling faster. After various evasive manoeuvres by all three, Pingu ends up crashing into the older skier, falling over and breaking a ski. The older skier tells Pingu it was all Pingu’s fault, and starts to ski away. Pingu starts to cry, and the older skier takes pity on him and turns back. He then kindly helps Pingu get home by giving Pingu a ride on the back of his skis to the starting point of the race, where Pingo is waiting to flag them in!

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu Runs Away From Home
73 votes

#23 - Pingu Runs Away From Home

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired 1/14/1990

Pingu and his parents are enjoying a quiet dinner, but Pingu isn't happy due to him refusing to eat his disgusting dinner. Mother and Father decide to share their food. Father give Mother fish, Mother gives Father greens and Mother tries to give Pingu a brown potato, but he refuses and splatters it all over Mother. Father becomes enraged and tells him off. Pingu then rocks his chair and ends up pulling everything off the table. His parents becomes furious and Pingu ends up getting a spanking. He tries to make amends, but gets neglected instead and runs away, feeling that his parents don't love him anymore. Pingu's parents enjoy some quiet time, but they're not really enjoying it because they are worried about Pingu because of what time it is and what they have done. Meanwhile, Pingu becomes hopelessly lost. He nearly gets crushed by falling ice, and then comes face to face with three ugly, menacing monster-faces in the snowdrifts. They look like a human skull, a grumpy dwarf and a dragon. Terrified, he runs and hides in an ice cave. His parents, realizing how late it is, feel pretty bad of how they treated Pingu, so they come out and find him, with Father using his post truck to find him. Pingu notices his parents finding him and shows himself. Happy to see their son, Mother and Father both apologize to him and they take him back home. After Pingu is fed hot soup by Mother, they all go to bed together happily.

Directors: Otmar Gutmann
Pingu Gets Organized
4 votes

#24 - Pingu Gets Organized

Season 4 - Episode 18 - Aired 12/8/1999

There’s nobody in when Father gets home from work. The igloo is in a mess, with toys all over the floor and cooking stuff not put away. As he starts to tidy up, Pingu comes in. Father asks Pingu to put away the toys, and gets on with clearing up the cooking stuff himself. Pingu tosses all the toys into the toy box, and tells Father that he’ll go and tidy up the bedroom. While Pingu is in the bedroom Pinga arrives. She rummages in the toy box and, tossing toys out of the way, emerges with Pingu’s toy engine. She goes outside to play with it. Father is there, hanging up the washing. Pinga shows him the toy she’s got, and makes it go in a circle round herself. Pingu comes out from the bedroom and is a bit niggled to find toys left out on the floor. He puts them away, goes outside, and is even more annoyed to find Pinga with his engine. He grabs it from her, which makes Pinga distraught. Father comes over to mediate, and whispers something to Pingu. Pingu thinks this is a good idea, gives the engine back to Pinga and goes back indoors. He soon comes back out, pulling a truck full of toys, and he and Father build a ramp to slide the toys down. Pinga, meanwhile, is building with the bricks. Pingu makes a tunnel at the bottom of the ramp, and he and Father slide all sorts of toys down the ramp, but none go through the tunnel! Finally, Father rolls the engine down the ramp, and Pingu is delighted when it rolls through the tunnel. Father goes inside, and initially is not very happy when he finds the toy box on its side with the toys spilling out. However, on reflection he realises that children will always make a mess and decides not to worry about it.

Pingu's Tobogganing
41 votes

#25 - Pingu's Tobogganing

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired 12/16/1989

Pingu and his friends Pingo and Pingg are going tobogganing up in some high mountains. After a long climb, they reach the top, and sled their way down. Pingu's friends go down at great speed, but Pingu has trouble; his sled doesn't seem to slide and he can only go slowly. It then turns out that the skis on the bottom of Pingu's sled are rusted, and his friends give him a greased rag to polish them with. After Pingu's friends come down a second time, he shows them how clean the skis are, and does a test, which turns out successful. They try a third time, but Pingu over-polished the skis, and he goes zooming down too fast to control. His sled breaks, and he crashes into a snowman, getting stuck inside it. Pingu's friends find him, move the snowman inside, and then put it near the furnace so it melts to free Pingu. When he thaws completely, Pingo offers him the greased rag again. Pingu rejects angrily. Then they all have a good laugh about it.

Directors: Otmar Gutmann

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