The BEST episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins

Every episode of The Seven Deadly Sins ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins!

When a kingdom falls into the hands of tyrants, the deposed princess sets out on a quest to find a group of ancient evil knights to help her take back the kingdom.

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Master of the Sun
272 votes

#1 - Master of the Sun

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired 4/21/2018

Jericho carries severely injured Ban and Elaine on her back while escaping from Galand and Melascula before stumbling into a bar deep inside a cave.

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Meliodas vs. The Ten Commandments
267 votes

#2 - Meliodas vs. The Ten Commandments

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired 5/26/2018

As Escanor's battle with Gowther comes to a dramatic end, Meliodas must now face the remaining Ten Commandments in an all-out battle.

Return of the Sins
258 votes

#3 - Return of the Sins

Season 2 - Episode 22 - Aired 6/16/2018

With Ban and the Holy Knights paralyzed by Estarossa’s powers, Escanor shows up to thwart the fall of Liones at the hands of the Ten Commandments.

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Father and Son
259 votes

#4 - Father and Son

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired 3/24/2018

Meliodas and King continue to fight each other. Ban talks to Zhivago and Jericho about his immortality and Elaine who he is determined to resurrect. Elsewhere in a cemetery a dead body digs its way out of its grave. Ban admits to his greatest regret, that he once tried to kill Meliodas in exchange for Elaine’s resurrection, and he hates himself even though Meliodas forgave him. Zhivago urges Ban to reconcile with Meliodas and tell him his real feelings. Zhivago then dies peacefully. King accuses Meliodas of being the Commandments secret ally. Meliodas questions whether King is a king at all, as the previous fairy kings had prominent wings, whereas King has none. The fairy twins stop them fighting before they can hurt each other. Meliodas promises to reveal the truth, eventually, so King decides to continue watching him. As they leave King senses sudden pain on his back. Meliodas regains his old power and has Merlin teleport him to the Commandments. He is challenged by Galand but with his power returned Meliodas easily beats him. He then gives the Commandments a warning, if they restart the war they lost 3000 years ago, Meliodas and the Sins will crush them.

Directors: Kazuya Kadoma
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The Heroes
388 votes

#5 - The Heroes

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired 3/29/2015

The group combines forces to defeat Hendriksen while Meliodas uses his ultimate technique. Following Hendriksen’s defeat, the citizens of Liones saw a strange bird-like creature flying north. The sins and Elizabeth leave for their next adventure!

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Despair Descends
370 votes

#6 - Despair Descends

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired 3/22/2015

Hendriksen turns into an incredibly powerful monster. As Hendriksen overpowers both the sins and the holy knights only Meliodas is still standing...

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For Whom Does That Light Shine
248 votes

#7 - For Whom Does That Light Shine

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired 5/19/2018

King and Diane continue their battle against opponents summoned by Gloxinia and Drole. Escanor refuses to fight against his fellow ally Gowther.

Directors: Yūsuke Maruyama
The Courage Charm
356 votes

#8 - The Courage Charm

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired 3/1/2015

Gilthunder arrives to support Hendriksen against Meliodas, Arthur tries to keep Hendriksen busy while Meliodas fights Gilthunder, but has to withdraw leading to a three way fight...

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The Hero Rises!
239 votes

#9 - The Hero Rises!

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Aired 6/23/2018

As the situation inside Liones Castle becomes even more dire, Merlin, freed from Galand's Commandment of Truth, reappears in her former form.

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Overwhelming Violence
277 votes

#10 - Overwhelming Violence

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired 2/10/2018

Merlin notices that Galand’s magical abilities are still sealed away, giving hope they can defeat him. Ban uses his blood to restore the Sacred Tree and to heal King. Ban threatens to kill Gerheade if she ever tries to harm Elaine’s body again and then departs with Jericho, refusing King’s request to re-join the Sins. Galand easily overpowers both Meliodas and Diane. Merlin attempts to trick him with a lie, but Galand, who is the Commandment of Truth, cannot be lied to and Merlin is turned to stone. Meliodas is forced to unleash his demonic power. The other nine commandments realise that the magical energy once abundant in the earth has been absorbed into the souls of living beings, and by absorbing human souls; they can recover their magic. Despite his increase in power, Meliodas is killed by Galand, Slader is impaled, Diane is wounded and Merlin’s statue is smashed. Galand departs, sparing Arthur, Elizabeth and Hawke. Gowther arrives in his human form. Gilthunder comes across a village where a Red Demon is harvesting souls for the Commandments. He destroys the demon, returning the souls to their humans. Before they can celebrate the village is attacked by a Grey Demon. Hendrickson suddenly appears to help Gilthunder defeat the Grey Demon.

Directors: Sung Chengxi
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Certain Warmth
249 votes

#11 - Certain Warmth

Season 2 - Episode 21 - Aired 6/9/2018

While caring for Meliodas, Elizabeth encounters a former Great Holy Knight thought to have perished long ago by the hands of Dreyfus and Hendrickson.

As Long As You Are Here
250 votes

#12 - As Long As You Are Here

Season 2 - Episode 24 - Aired 6/30/2018

Determined to kill his former leader for betraying their clan 3,000 years ago, Fraudrin takes on a newly resurrected darker, more powerful Meliodas.

What I Can Do For You
353 votes

#13 - What I Can Do For You

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired 3/15/2015

Ban attempts to kill Meliodas, but is stopped by Hawk. Meliodas and the sins corner Hendriksen and prepare to take him down.

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Where Love is Found
238 votes

#14 - Where Love is Found

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired 3/31/2018

The Commandments spread out to towns and cities across the country to recover their magic. Meliodas plans to defeat the Commandments one at a time rather than together. Everyone completes their training except for Elizabeth who fails to make the dead seed grow. Jenna and Zaneri, who has an unrequited love for Meliodas, discuss how Elizabeth is the reincarnation of Liz, Meliodas’ deceased lover, and how Zaneri sabotaged Elizabeth’s training to try and separate Meliodas from her so he would never realise who she really is. Meliodas announces they still need to find Escanor, the Lion's Sin of Pride, who is supposedly even stronger than Meliodas. The resurrection of the dead is revealed to be the work of Melascula, the Commandment of Faith, who is resurrecting and corrupting dead souls to form an army. One of the souls she summons is Elaine, who also returns to life corrupted, and she immediately starts searching for Ban. King senses Elaine’s revival and rushes to the forest, refusing Meliodas’ help as he still does not trust him. As Ban and Jericho bury Zhivago they are attacked by a corpse, which Ban easily destroys. Elaine appears and reunites with Ban and they kiss passionately.

Directors: Yūsuke Maruyama
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The Fearsome Pursuer
377 votes

#15 - The Fearsome Pursuer

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired 11/23/2014

King has a final confrontation with Ban, finishing him off with Ban being frozen, with Elaine making an appearance, never showing herself to King. A holy knight Guila battles it out against Meliodas, Diane and Elizabeth. Ban continues his flashbacks with Elaine and the Fairy forest, at the foutain of youth.

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What We Lacked
255 votes

#16 - What We Lacked

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired 3/17/2018

Hendrickson tells the Sins he is ready to accept whatever his punishment is, just as soon as they defeat the Commandments. In Ravens Ban remembers the second time he met Zhivago. Ban had been kidnapped by slavers but Zhivago saved him and taught him how to steal. Eventually Ban attempted a burglary by himself but was caught. The were fox, who is revealed to be Zhivago, was forced to choose between saving Therion, his were fox son, from hunters, or to save Ban. He chose to save Therion, who ended up being killed anyway, and he spent 30 years believing Ban also died. Ban reveals who he is and does not blame Zhivago for leaving him. Hendrickson, the knights and the other Sins are made to enter the training cave. Gilthunder and Howzer fight a dragon together. Gowther and Arthur battle a golem suit of armour. King enters the cave with Meliodas, who asks King to understand that Hendrickson did what he did because of Fraudrin, who Meliodas reveals is one of the Ten Commandments. King confronts Meliodas about being a member of the Demon Clan and questions whether Meliodas is even on their side before attacking him.

Directors: Minami Yoshida
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That Is Our Way of Life
178 votes

#17 - That Is Our Way of Life

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired 12/11/2019

On their way to liberate Camelot, Meliodas tells his comrades about the curse that two deities put upon him and Elizabeth 3,000 years ago.

Directors: Kazue Otsuki
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The Promise with the Loved One
257 votes

#18 - The Promise with the Loved One

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired 3/10/2018

Ban and Jericho are searching for methods to revive the dead and are pointed to Ravens, the city of thieves, where a dead body was supposedly revived. As Meliodas undergoes his trial Elizabeth is given a trial to make a flower grow from a dead seed with healing magic. Meliodas is forced to relive happy memories of Liz and of the day she died, hundreds of thousands of times in the hope he learns to control his emotions. If he does not, the emotional strain on his heart will kill him. King and the others realize Hendrickson has been nearby the whole time, training with Gilthunder and his knights, and is human again. Rather than control his emotions Meliodas instead resolves to never again let a friend die like Liz and passes the trial. In Ravens Ban encounters a were-fox accused of raising the dead, though the fox insists itis untrue before collapsing. Ban recalls that as a child he was imprisoned for theft and met a man named Zhivago who offered to help him escape.

Directors: Kenji Takahashi
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Even If It Costs Me My Life
349 votes

#19 - Even If It Costs Me My Life

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired 2/15/2015

After a fight starts, Howzer and Guila combine their powers to protect Diane and Guila's little brother from the combined forces of Githunder, Helbram, Dreyfus, and Jericho.

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The Fairy King Waits in Vain
347 votes

#20 - The Fairy King Waits in Vain

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired 2/22/2015

The King reminisces over some old memories of a time Diane and King spent together when Diane was still a giant child. Back to the present, King fights Hellbram, while in a different location Hendriksen fights Arthur.

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Bloodcurdling Canon
374 votes

#21 - Bloodcurdling Canon

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired 12/21/2014

The final round draws to a close. The Holy Knights descend upon the sins giving them some new powers and improved equipment. The Deadly Sins are pushed against the ropes.

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Pent-up Feelings
371 votes

#22 - Pent-up Feelings

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired 12/14/2014

It's Meriodas vs. Ban in a a fight that shakes the ground beneath their feet. The semifinal rounds end up with the sins gaining one new friend and remembering an old one. Everything is ready for the final match while a storm starts brewing in the horizon.

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The Angel of Destruction
363 votes

#23 - The Angel of Destruction

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired 12/28/2014

Meliodas is freed and the power of the Captain sin makes its debut. Possessed by a strange darkness, Meliodas assaults both enemies and allies until he clashes against Hellbram, the two of them fight mercilessly.

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Wholehearted Feelings
138 votes

#24 - Wholehearted Feelings

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired 1/27/2021

With Wild now an ally, Meliodas brings Zeldris' tragic past to light as the newly formed trio make their way towards the Demon King.

Directors: Hideki Tonokatsu
The Looming Threat
365 votes

#25 - The Looming Threat

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired 3/8/2015

Ban explores the catacombs under the city. Merlin and the other sins go to the chamber where the king Baltra and Elizabeth are being held captive. Dreyfus has a confession.

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