The BEST episodes directed by Hideki Ito

The Ringer is a Middle School Student!
33 votes

#1 - The Ringer is a Middle School Student!

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 3 - Episode 7

Kourin defeats Izaki, which ties the score 1-1. The third game pits Misaki against Hitsue Vanguard Club's ringer and old Q4 teammate, Kamui Katsuragi. Although Kamui gets an early lead, Misaki mounts a comeback with Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis. Kamui then combines the Break Ride of Beast Deity, Ethics Buster and the Limit Break of Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon to stand four of his rear-guards to launch multiple attacks in one turn. However, Misaki protects herself, only taking one point of damage from Kamui's five attacks. In what seems to be a hopeless situation, Misaki rides Eternal Goddess, Iwanagahime and uses its Limit Break to retire Kamui's front-row units. Weakening Kamui's defenses, Misaki wins and puts Miyaji Academy up 2-1. In the fourth game, Shingo is selected to fight against Miwa. Before the fight, Shingo underestimates Miwa, which ends up being his undoing when Miwa demolishes him and evens the score 2-2. So, it's Aichi vs. Morikawa in the fifth and final game that will decide the fate of the Miyaji Academy Cardfight Club. Given Morikawa's reputation, Misaki thinks that this will be an easy win for Aichi. However, after the two fighters reveal their first vanguards, Aichi is surprised to see Morikawa using Kai's Kagero deck (although Morikawa is not particularly glad about this).

Despair Descends
364 votes

#2 - Despair Descends

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 1 - Episode 23

Hendriksen turns into an incredibly powerful monster. As Hendriksen overpowers both the sins and the holy knights only Meliodas is still standing...

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Twinkling Sun on a Summer Day
179 votes

#3 - Twinkling Sun on a Summer Day

Darker Than Black - Season 2 - Episode 8

Suō recalls a summer day in Vladivostok before the series when she played with Tanya by a pool. Meanwhile, Hei is intercepted by Repnin's men in the train hallway and Suō is confronted by Tanya. Repnin offers Hei a job with the FSB after inviting him to eat. During this time, Hei and Misaki are told simultaneously that Izanami has the ability to cause contractors to commit suicide. Hei refuses Repnin's offer and attacks him, while Tanya summons a swarm of insects to stop the train and escape with Suō. Outside the train, Hei and Suō face off against the FSB force on their own, defeating them. Unknown to Suō, Tanya was killed by Suō's brother Shion from a nearby rooftop. As Tanya floats in the stagnant pool, Suō ponders that she can never return to the innocent summer days she remembers. Suō later heads off to Tokyo with Mao and July on their own without Hei to guide them.

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#4 - Collage

Gatchaman Crowds - Season 1 - Episode 12

Chaos ensues with more citizens using Crowds and fighting against each other as OD calls Katze out to the Gatchaman's hideout for a showdown. As Katze makes his way to meet OD, Hajime talks with him and promises him she will not kill him, inviting him on a "date" after everything is settled. Katze and OD fight, and although OD is heavily damaged by Katze, he manages to retrieve Rui's NOTE and deliver it to him. Rui then sends every GALAX user a Crowds app to take part in a "Tachikawa Crowds Game", setting up various types of games to encourage users to help out the community and defeat the Neo Hundred Crowds. After the situation is dealt with, Hajime gives her mother a call and reassures her that no matter what happens she will always be herself, and then goes to meet with Katze for their "date" showdown. A year later, the use of Crowds has become widespread, and Hajime, now in her third year of high school, makes her way to school while talking with Katze, whose voice comes out from Hajime herself.

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The Legends, Provoked
356 votes

#5 - The Legends, Provoked

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 1 - Episode 16

Hendriksen and Hellbram make their first attempt to bring back the demon clan using the handle of Meliodas's sword, but the experiment fails and they appear to be missing one ingredient. Far away from there, Meliodas's group is taking a break from all the fighting…

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Dark Pulse
374 votes

#6 - Dark Pulse

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 1 - Episode 9

The battle with the King comes to a close as he overpowers Guila with Chastiefol. Their time in the Capital of the Dead now over, Ban and Elaine have one more close moment, before being bid a farewell by Ellen and Luigi, who are revealed to have been ghosts this entire time...

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The Sword of the Holy Knight
442 votes

#7 - The Sword of the Holy Knight

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 1 - Episode 2

Gilthunder, thus preventing the village from making the Bernia ale, which was their prime source of income. After innumerable unsuccessful attempts of the villagers to remove the sword with which the source was blocked, Meliodas easily removes the object. A celebration is held at the Boar Hat, and Meliodas was hailed as a savior by Bernia's villagers. Gilthunder, wanting to confirm whether the removal of his sword was an accident, threw a spear imbued with his power toward the town. Meliodas, however, easily stops and throws the spear back, destroying Fort Solgales.

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Bloodshed at Kurobe
51 votes

#8 - Bloodshed at Kurobe

Kuromukuro - Season 1 - Episode 24

The UN forces trapped inside the bubble launch an all out attack on the Efidolg forces surrounding their mothership and the abandoned laboratory base in order to take back control of the facilities and rescue any potential survivors. The Black Relic and GAUS-1 piloted by Sophie face off against the countless robots of the enemy, while Muetta retrieves her own Medusa and confronts Mirasa over the true nature of the Efidolg.

Farewell for Today
126 votes

#9 - Farewell for Today

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - Season 1 - Episode 9

Mari finally reaches her home, only to find out that her house was destroyed and the fate of her mother and daughter remains unknown. Mirai and Yūki decides to help and discover that there is a near by elementry that is caring for the resident. On arrival Mari believes that two unknown bodies were those of her mother and daughter, thus mourning for a period of time. But Yūki, who believes that Mari mother and daughter are still alive, convince his sister to help look for them. Mari's daughter is discovered in a near by elementary school, that was also a shelter to the resident. Mari is reunited with her daughter, but still has no idea where her mother could have been. Mari discover her mother at a hospital and is reunited. Mirai, feeling happy for Mari, decides to leave with Yuki to go to their parents. Before leaving, Mirai writes a note to Mari thanking her for all that she has done for them.

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Burning Bridge
130 votes

#10 - Burning Bridge

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - Season 1 - Episode 3

Mirai, Yuki and Mari decide to reach their homes together, but just after starting their journey, they find that there are far more dangers in the colapsing city than they imagined.

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Mist and Darkness
28 votes

#11 - Mist and Darkness

The Orbital Children - Season 1 - Episode 2

Toya and Taiyo make their way through the station to find their friends after the shockwave from the passing comet knocks out oxygen and the internet.

The Ogre's Message
65 votes

#12 - The Ogre's Message

Kuromukuro - Season 1 - Episode 9

With Yukina back in the co-pilot seat the Black Relic is back in action. They launch at incoming geoframes which try to beam themselves and the Black Relic up to their mothership. This plan gets disrupted and with the help of Gaus 1 and 2 the Geoframes are disabled. But in a surprise turn of the situation the pilot of the main geoframe surrenders.