The BEST episodes directed by Yasuto Nishikata

Invitation to Everlasting Summer
32 votes

#1 - Invitation to Everlasting Summer

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 2 - Episode 19

Team Q4 and friends travel to a distant southern deserted island with an invitation from the VF Circuit, but when they arrive, they learn that Team New AL4 has also been invited. While Team Q4 is fixated on training to get stronger, everyone else is looking for some rest and relaxation. Later that night, after dinner, Ren gathers everyone together and gets them to agree to be in a test of courage, with some having the job of scaring people and the others being put to the test. Shenanigans ensue such as the supposedly-stoic pair of Misaki and Asaka easily getting scared to the point of fainting and Kamui failing to scare Tetsu for being paired with Emi. Aichi and Kai are teamed together to go through the course, but instead of doing so, Kai takes Aichi off on his own and gives him some words of encouragement, which are topped off by a fireworks display.

Snowfield Challenger
32 votes

#2 - Snowfield Challenger

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 2 - Episode 12

Q4 returns home to rest and recover for the next leg of the Circuit. Aichi learns that Kai hasn't appeared at Card Capital and hasn't been seen in the city since they left. As Aichi wonders about his missing friend, the scene shifts and reveals Kai is traveling the world getting stronger. Currently, he is in a snowy mountain region where he battles a rumored abominable snowman. It is soon revealed that the snowman is actually Kyou Yahagi in disguise, still aiming to get his revenge on Kai. Kyou has gained new cards, one of them being Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor which has the power to Limit Break. Can Kai manage to withstand 5 attacks that could result in up to 7 damage in 1 turn?

Angels' Dance
32 votes

#3 - Angels' Dance

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 2 - Episode 28

Kamui and Suiko's cardfight continues. Suiko uses Shamsiel's Limit Break and the Angel Feather stategy of switching cards from her hand with ones from the damage zone, thereby increasing her units' attack strength and acquiring the cards she wants. She also tells Kamui that power alone is not enough to win. Despite her words, Kamui manages to win through the sheer force of Perfect Raizer. Then, the rematch between Misaki and Rekka begins. Although Misaki gets the first turn, Rekka gets a grade 3 in play first by superior riding her new ace card, Crimson Impact, Metatron. With its Limit Break, Rekka superior calls more Angel Feathers from her damage zone and pressures Misaki to use a lot of her cards to block against her attacks. The two then have a conversation about how it was Rekka who motivated Misaki to change her deck. Misaki further elaborates that she was hesitant on changing her deck because she thought it would also mean changing the memories associated with her first deck. However, Misaki eventually realized that even if she did change her deck, it would not mean losing what was most important to her. Back to the game, Misaki takes a chance by riding another Scarlet Witch, CoCo, sacrificing attack power for the opportunity of drawing the card she needs to win. Her gamble pays off when she draws and calls a second Silent Tom. With 2 Toms, Misaki renders Rekka unable to guard with any grade 0 units against their attacks and emerges victorious. Afterwards, Team Q4 thanks Ultra Rare for the matches. But before Q4 can leave, three mysterious lights shine from the shop's holographic card displays. These lights make their way to Q4 and are revealed to be three new cards, one for each member. Suiko claims that the cards have chosen Q4 to be their owners. With newfound experience and cards, Q4 is now pumped and ready to win the Japan Stage.

The Demon Lord's Daughter Visits a House
107 votes

#4 - The Demon Lord's Daughter Visits a House

I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job - Season 1 - Episode 7

Fino and Raul alongside with Lore-senpai (the girl who works with machines and such)all go to repair someones magic machine which is what households run on if you have no magic. The machine doesn't have energy due to a monster or magic sucker you could say, that eats up magic. They fix it, and on they move on. There's an old lady who bought an air conditioner at Leon shop because she didn't like the way they treated her at the new magic shop, but when Fino, Raul, and Lore-senpai arrive to the house to install the A/C, the new magic shop company is also there to install an A/C. A feud comes along about which company to choose who will install the machine or not, but as they will install it, there's something that's been eating all the magic in the house. Lore-senpai gets an idea on how to remove them all, and Fino helps. Because of their help, the owner of the house, son of the old lady, chooses Leon Shop to install instead of the new company.

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What It Takes to Be a Hero
63 votes

#5 - What It Takes to Be a Hero

IS: Infinite Stratos - Season 2 - Episode 9

Heavily depressed of her sister's doing, Kanzashi skips school today. Tatenashi announces the opening tag tournament at the school assembly, while Ichika goes looking for Kanzashi who's thinking how incompetent she is. Then a sudden raid, is launch onto the arena by five anti-IS units. Chifuyu commends the Personal IS pilots a combat attack. One unit lands before Kanzashi when Ichika saves her. Kanzashi activates her IS and both battle the anti-IS. Tatenashi and Houki charge spear-strike onto their anti-IS, but its armor prove too much to penetrate, thus an explosion occurs. Ichika goes to check on the scene when Kanzashi detects Tatenashi is unconscious and fights in rage at the unit until her IS weapon power runs out. Believing it's hopeless, Tatenashi protects Kanzashi and gets fatally injure. Deep within subconscious, Ichika and Tatenashi encourage Kanzashi that no matter how weak you are…a hero should never run away…and accept your well-being. Houki replenishes Ichika's energy. Kanzashi uses a charm that Tatenashi lead to her and they destroy the anti-IS, while the other units are destroyed as well. Recovering in the infirmary, Tatenashi begins to see how reliable Ichika can be and feels for him, while she and Kanzashi have a friendly sister-to-sister talk. Meanwhile, they managed to recover two of the advance anti-IS Cores, as Chifuyu decides to notify the government. Later, Kanzashi gives Ichika an anime movie as a gift, and she confesses her love to him and ran, but realizes she mistranslated that she loves anime.

Once Again Across the River
75 votes

#6 - Once Again Across the River

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 18

Following his father's death and his brother's execution, Rajendra is crowned the king of Shindra. Arslan and his company then return home with their army, but Rajendra decides to repay all the help he received from them with one last act of treason.

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The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress
78 votes

#7 - The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 10

Arslan and his subjects seek refuge in the Kashan Fortress, governed by Lord Hodir, but it does not take long for the party to realize Hodir's true intentions for sheltering them.

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Mikage Gives It Her All
57 votes

#8 - Mikage Gives It Her All

Silver Spoon - Season 2 - Episode 6

Hachiken wakes up at the hospital and comes face to face with his father, who wastes no time blaming the Ezono institution for Hachiken's fatigue. Meanwhile, Mikage and the Equestrian Club work their hardest to make the festival a success and praise Hachiken for all his hard work upon his return.

What I Can Do For You
347 votes

#9 - What I Can Do For You

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 1 - Episode 22

Ban attempts to kill Meliodas, but is stopped by Hawk. Meliodas and the sins corner Hendriksen and prepare to take him down.

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Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle
93 votes

#10 - Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 2

Now fourteen years old, Arslan takes part in his first battle against Lusitania, and all odds seem at the Parsian army's favor, until his father, the King Andragoras III, falls victim to treason by Kharlan, one of his generals.

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And you thought there is never a girl online?
95 votes

#11 - And you thought there is never a girl online?

And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? - Season 1 - Episode 1

Hardcore otaku Hideki Nishimura enjoys playing a net game with other members of his online guild, and finally agrees to marry one within the game. However, when he finally meets his "wife" in real life, she is not exactly what he expects.

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The Tūrānian Army Invades
42 votes

#12 - The Tūrānian Army Invades

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (2015) - Season 2 - Episode 1

The Kingdom of Tūrān decides to take advantage of Pars's moment of weakness to invade Peshawar. In order to protect Peshawar, Arslan has to turn his army back. Meanwhile, Gieve intercepts Hermes in his search for a royal sword. Something strange is occurring in Ecbatana.

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Let's Go Together
32 votes

#13 - Let's Go Together

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 10

Hitomi is knocked unconscious. Taiga tries to break Kido’s scales but is tricked and loses his right arm. Taiga is saved by Ichinosuke, whose attack leaves Kido vulnerable long enough for Taiga to claw out his right eye. Despite this, both Taiga and Ichinosuke are impaled by Kido. Yoko happily declares her victory for the Mitsukado. However, Hitomi suddenly and explosively awakens and transforms further into her monstrous honey badger form. Shidoh reveals that while most hybrids are genetically modified humans, Hitomi was born with Hybrid DNA, making her an Origin Beast, a perfect fusion of human and animal. A flashback to seven years ago reveals Shidoh first encountered Hitomi living like a wild animal in Hong Kong. By feeding and spending time with her he gained her trust and named her Hitomi, despite numerous injuries to himself. Shidoh’s co-worker, Shibayama, ended up shooting her with a tranquilizer, causing her to collapse in an area controlled by the Liuman Mafia. They are eventually saved from the Mafia by match overseer Shinozaki and Hitomi begins to develop feelings for Shidoh for protecting her. Back in the present Hitomi attacks Kido with vastly superior strength and speed than her previous attacks.

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Don't Bully Mom
33 votes

#14 - Don't Bully Mom

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 11

Hitomi manages to slash Kido’s unprotected chest before kicking him into several trees, destroying them. Kido’s flashback reveals he associates plants with his mother. Kido severs Hitomi’s right arm, forcing his protective scales outwards, becoming rows of knives. He beats Hitomi until she suddenly flings her own severed arm into his face as a distraction. During her next attack she smiles, tricking Kido into thinking for a split second that she was his mother, allowing her to thrust her remaining arm down his throat. As Yoko rages for having lost Kido manages to stand up only for Eruza to suddenly slash his throat, finally killing him and making her the Killing Bites Champion. Yoko passes out from shock. Surprisingly, Ui suddenly awakens. As she tries to flee from Eruza she accidentally performs a perfect somersault kick, knocking Eruza unconscious. Overseer Shinozaki declares Ui the Killing Bites Champion. The presidents of the four zaibatsu’s bicker fiercely, accusing each other of cheating. All the lights and monitors suddenly shut down. Unseen to the representatives the island has been infiltrated by Chameleon hybrids under orders to kill all surviving hybrids so the match will be declared void with victory going to no one.

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Who Cares?
38 votes

#15 - Who Cares?

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 6

A flashback shows that Den and Kaede were hired to fight in the match by Sumitomo. Yuya learns that when Shidoh took control of the matches he changed the rules so criminals like Den could volunteer to become hybrids and compete. Elsewhere Taiga is suddenly freed from Ryuji’s jaws by Ichinosuke, allowing Taiga to quickly flee to his ordered destination and cancel the explosion that would have killed him. Ryuji swears to kill Ichinosuke. Ui is shown underground digging a complicated tunnel. Hitomi tricks Den and tries to attack on his blinded right side but doesn’t realise Den can still see her using his snake tongue to track her body heat. Hitomi suddenly collapses, paralysed by breathing Den’s venom. Kaede also further transforms into a monstrous Gecko and overpowers Eruza. Den prepares to rape Hitomi but at the last second Hitomi overcomes the paralysis and cuts his genitals off with a single slash. Enraged, Den attacks but Hitomi easily cuts his body in half, severing his tail and incapacitating him. Kaede is left to fight both Eruza and Hitomi alone. As Ichinosuke is about to lose against Ryuji their fight is interrupted by Kido, a hybrid sponsored by Yoko.

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The One With the Sharper Fangs Will Win
50 votes

#16 - The One With the Sharper Fangs Will Win

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 1

In Japan four Zaibatsu Conglomerates sponsor underground death matches between genetically engineered hybrids called Therianthropes who combine the intelligence of humans with the power of animals. A high school girl named Hitomi Uzaki is kidnapped by several men intending to rape her with college student Yūya Nomoto forced to drive the van. Before he can save her, Yūya finds that Hitomi has easily killed her attackers and is forced to drive to an arena for a fight between herself and a lion hybrid. Hitomi wagers that she will win, betting the money that Yūya's organs would fetch if harvested and sold. Hitomi reveals she is a hybrid of a honey badger, the most fearless animal in the world, and easily kills her opponent. Yūya is informed by Hitomi's guardian, Reiichi Shidō, that the Zaibatsu use death matches to attract wealthy investors and gain political and economic influence. Due to Hitomi betting his organs, Yūya is technically the only investor she has allowing her to take part in matches. Hitomi is ordered to protect Yūya, who is given Hitomi’s prize money, 100 million, to bet on future fights. Later, Yuuya is attacked by another Hybrid wanting to learn about Hitomi.

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I Will Never Change My Mind About That!
32 votes

#17 - I Will Never Change My Mind About That!

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 9

Yuya thinks about how his life was empty until he met Hitomi. Hitomi takes several hits from Taiga waiting for the best time to counterattack. Ui arrives to warn Hitomi about Kido, not realising Taiga is behind her. As she flees she is caught by Kaori’s pheromones and collapses. Yuya is mocked by the investors for killing Hitomi with his playing style but overcomes his fear by focusing on his friendship with Hitomi and decides to forgo his turn to move Hitomi elsewhere, allowing her to continue fighting Taiga. Hitomi almost manages to counter Taiga’s next attack but is suddenly attacked by Kido’s transformed tail, covered in heavy protective scales. Yuya realizes Yoko emotionally manipulated him into keeping Hitomi in the fight so Kido, who she had likewise emotionally manipulated into hating Hitomi, could kill her. Despite being overwhelmed with lust Ui manages to trick Kaori into falling into one of her tunnels. Hitomi attempts to fight back but cannot cut Kido’s armored skin. As Kido is about to kill Hitomi he is attacked from behind by Taiga, but even he cannot cut Kido’s skin. Everyone is shocked as Kido fully transforms, covering his entire body in thick scale armor, revealing himself as a Pangolin hybrid.

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Shit, I Might Fall For You
46 votes

#18 - Shit, I Might Fall For You

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 2

Hitomi arrives to save Yuya. The Hybrid reveals herself as Ryoko Araka, a porcupine Hybrid from the Yatsubishi Zaibatsu, who uses metallic quills as stabbing weapons. She had intended to kill Yuya so Hitomi would have no investor for future matches but decides to kill Hitomi instead. As they battle it is revealed that Hitomi’s honey badger skin is too tough to pierce, even with metal weapons. As Ryoka prepares another attack she is knocked out by a Hippopotamus Hybrid named Ichinosuke Okajima who asks Hitomi to join the Ishida Zaibatsu. Hitomi angrily refuses, until she receives a message from Reiichi, and agrees to fight her next death match as a representative of the Ishida. Hitomi transfers to Yuya’s university where she meets Eruza Nakanishi, a Cheetah Hybrid also from the Yatsubishi. She enrages Hitomi by stealing her underwear, goading her into a fight. They are interrupted by a representative of the Mitsukado Zaibatsu who informs them that as Hitomi is representing Ishida in the next Death Match they are forbidden from fighting beforehand. Unknown observers of the fight reveal that all four Zaibatsu’s are targeting Hitomi and they will most likely strike during the upcoming Death Match.

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Because... That's What I Feel Like!
35 votes

#19 - Because... That's What I Feel Like!

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 7

Kido is revealed to be Shota's teammate and kills Ryuji with a single punch without transforming into his hybrid form. Kido shocks the investors by mercilessly beating Ryuji’s corpse. Ichinosuke is attacked by Shota, only to suddenly disappear. Kaede is ordered to flee from the area. Eruza and Hitomi happily begin fighting each other. Ichinosuke is shown to have fallen into one of the tunnels dug by Ui who surfaces next to Shota causing her to flee in panic. Eruza pins Hitomi, intending to kill her but instead they begin kissing passionately. They are shown to be drugged by Kaori Rikujo, a Civet Hybrid from Yatsubishi who can produce a pheromone that causes uncontrollable lust. This enrages Yoko who considers such tactics shameful and without honor. Kaede is maneuvered into fighting Taiga but is killed instantly. The investors get more excited watching Eruza and Hitomi until Yoko angrily demands the game continue. Her true intention is revealed, to humiliate Shidoh by beating his hybrids and tactics and ending his influence over her beloved grandfather. Hitomi suddenly breaks free from her lust by focusing on her real lust for Shidoh. She attacks Kaori just as Taiga reaches them.

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I Really Have No Redeeming Quality
41 votes

#20 - I Really Have No Redeeming Quality

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 3

To hide their Hybrid identities Hitomi and Eruza end up wearing cosplay while students from the photography club photograph them. As Yuya returns home he finds Leo the Lion Hybrid alive, along with Yoko Mitsukado, the granddaughter of the Mitsukado Zaibatsu’s president. Yoko reveals that Hitomi’s guardian, Reiichi, is using the matches to test his Hybrid research and Yuya must participates in the match as Hitomi’s strategist. Yoko is angered when he agrees to take part; having hoped his cowardice would make him withdraw. She decides to take part in the match to ensure Hitomi’s death. As the match requires 3 team members Ichinosuke attempts to recruit another Hybrid but the only one available is Ui Inaba, a Rabbit Hybrid who has never won a match. Ui is attacked by Akemi Kishimoto, a Horned Lizard Hybrid, who has been preventing other Hybrids from joining the Ishida. Ui is almost shot by the blood bullets from Akemi’s eyes but is saved by Hitomi. Ui uses her sensitive hearing to deduce Akemi has a twin sister shooting from another location, allowing Hitomi to defeat but not kill them. As fighting before the match is forbidden Hitomi blackmails the sisters into claiming they were defeated by Ui. Ui, excited by her first ever victory, joins their team.

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Shit...Shit shit shit shit!!
34 votes

#21 - Shit...Shit shit shit shit!!

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 8

The Presidents of the four Zaibatsu’s discuss corruptly legalising hybrids, turning matches into a legal business owned solely by the zaibatsu that wins the current game. Shidoh, as the head of the hybrid creation project, has been manipulating events so that no matter which zaibatsu wins, he will be the one with all the power. Taiga insists on fighting Hitomi alone without Eruza or Kaori. Shota manages to trap Ui but damages several trees doing so, forgetting that Kido despises anyone who damages the forest. Kido rips Shota in half but leaves Ui alive. Ui becomes determined to help Hitomi. Taiga reveals that his ultimate goal is to defeat Leo and that Leo is far stronger than people think. Leo had only pretended to lose to Hitomi as her strength was so far below his he didn’t take the fight seriously. Taiga, knowing Leo only seriously fights those he considers his equal, strove to become stronger so he could kill Leo in a fair fight. As Hitomi had insulted Leo by believing herself capable of killing him, Taiga became determined to kill Hitomi for the insult. Hitomi and Taiga prepare to fight to the death.

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That's Why I Told You to Stop, You Scum!
41 votes

#22 - That's Why I Told You to Stop, You Scum!

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 4

Before the start of the matches Hitomi’s team meet Nakanishi Taiga, a Tiger Hybrid fighting for the Yatsubishi. His sister, Eruza, decides she wants to kill Hitomi. Reiichi Shidoh is announced as the director of the match on Hotei Island in the Philippine Sea. During the match the hybrids are forced to follow instructions from their investors who move them around the map like pieces on a chessboard. Yuya is initially treated with contempt by his investor opponents who know he has no idea how to play the game but they are forced to take him seriously when he makes an expert move and it is revealed Hitomi has been sending him hand signals via the CCTV monitors, telling him which locations to move her to. Hitomi faces her first opponent, Jerome Hongo, a Bear Hybrid representing the Mitsukado. Hitomi shocks the investors by incapacitating Jerome in less than a second with only a single move. Elsewhere on the map Ichinosuke is placed into a temporary alliance with Shota Yabe, a Gorilla Hybrid from Mitsukado, and Ryuji Shiina, a Crocodile Hybrid from Sumitomo to take down Taiga as a team.

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Fiery Feelings
7 votes

#23 - Fiery Feelings

Build-Divide - Season 1 - Episode 3

After battling Teruto, Hiyori pleads to become Teruto’s disciple, and follows Teruto and Sakura around. In order to obtain more chips, Teruto and the crew head to a place which is rumored to be where Build-Divide players gather. However, before they arrive at the location, they discover that someone has already defeated all of the players, so they are forced to search in another area. On their way there, Teruto is pulled into a crowd of protestors and gets separated from Sakura and Hiyori. In the midst of the confusion, a young man named Naomitsu Enjo appears and helps Teruto. Naomitsu Enjo expresses his anger towards the system of Neo Kyoto and…

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I'm Free To Have Sex in Any Way I Want
38 votes

#24 - I'm Free To Have Sex in Any Way I Want

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 5

Taiga, using the jungle terrain to his advantage, incapacitates Ryuji and Shota with ease. Eruza is manoeuvred into an area not covered by the cameras, allowing Kaede Kazama, a Gecko Hybrid, and Den Omuna, a Cobra Hybrid, to restrain her with Den planning on raping her. Ichinosuke resolves to die fighting but Taiga is suddenly ordered to move to another area by his investor so he can save Eruza. Before Taiga can leave he is immobilised by Ryuji who traps Taiga’s leg in his jaws. Yuya realises Ryuji had planned this as Hybrids failing to follow instructions within a time limit are executed via explosive collars. Ui is shown alone elsewhere on the island digging a burrow. As Den prepares to rape Eruza he is attacked by Hitomi who had been moved there by Yuya to save Eruza. Yuya is mocked by the investors for making a foolish move to save an opponent. As cameras are moved to the area Hitomi struggles to counter Kaede’s fighting style which utilises the sticky skin on her fingers. Den, having being distracted by Hitomi, has his face slashed by Eruza. Reluctantly deciding to team up Hitomi decides to fight Den while Eruza fights Kaede.

Thanks for Everything
32 votes

#25 - Thanks for Everything

Killing Bites - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Chameleon hybrids, under orders from Sumitomo, attempt to kill all surviving hybrids but are stopped by match overseer Shinozaki who publicly declares Ui the victor. The Sumitomo Chairman is killed by Leo while Shidoh instigates a Coup d'état led by himself, the Ishida and Yatsubishi Chairmen and the Anti-Chairman faction of the Mitsukado. They kill Youzan, the Mitsukado president, to give civilian’s access to the Hybrid creation surgery. With her grandfather dead Yoko is left powerless. Leo takes revenge against her for abusing Hybrids by sexually assaulting her and claiming her as his slave. With the match over Yuya returns to his normal life and Hitomi disappears. Two weeks later he receives a message from Hitomi asking him to come to the arena where she first fought Leo. At the arena Yuya thanks Hitomi for giving him confidence in himself while Hitomi thanks him for helping with her matches. Yuya almost confesses his feelings for her, but Hitomi suddenly attacks and kills him, his death having been ordered by Shidoh. As she leaves, Hitomi begins to cry. In the future Hybrids are fully accepted into human society and have their own city built on an island in Tokyo Bay. Non-lethal Killing Bites matches become popular entertainment with many new young hybrids hoping to become champion. Yuya is revealed to be secretly alive and living in Hybrid city.

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