The BEST episodes directed by Hiroshi Kimura

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#1 - Crossover

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 8 - Episode 6

Chrono's and Shion's teams meet and have a friendly team fight with each other.

Contract - Vereinbarung
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#2 - Contract - Vereinbarung

Rozen Maiden - Season 2 - Episode 4

Suiseiseki decides to find a medium, as Jun is the only one eligible, though she is skeptical about him. Ultimately, Jun and the five dolls are taken to the world of Barasuishou, where the Alice Game is foreshadowed. Jun enters into a contract with Suiseiseki.

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#3 - Daughter

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 23

At episode's outset, Mika and Grave stand over the resting places of Jolice, Nathan and Kenny, now accompanied by the tombs of BD, Maria, Rich, Gary, and the Tokioka brothers. Grave begins to depart, and Mika turns to tell Grave that he doesn't have to fight anymore, that he can forget about revenge and just stay with her. However, Grave continues on. Harry, meanwhile, attends an emergency meeting called by the top Millennion execs, who are concerned that with the M/KIA of 3/4 of his closest subordinates, they're end is near too. Most of the execs lay their guns down on the table, both Harry and the rebelling execs claim to be taking their actions to protect the Syndicate. An OrgMen appears from a hidden door and slaughters all the execs who laid down their arms, Harry names Bisco as Lee's successor, and parts with Bear for dinner with Sherry. At said dinner, Bear admits that since he has never lived in anything but the Syndicate, that he doesn't see how he can leave, he also, quite seriously, pressures Harry about giving him a granddaughter. Bear soon receives a call on his cell and, much to Sherry's annoyance, departs. Bear appears outside Brandon's hideout, where the Overkills are already in wait, eager to take on orders. Bear dismisses the entire squad, telling them to go on and live their lives, and that Bear himself will take on the target as an individual, and not as a Syndicate member. The members decide to respect his wishes, as Bear's Overkills seem to be the only group within the Syndicate that weren't transformed into OrgMen, per Bear's request. Bear confronts Brandon on the roof, and asks him why he is continuing to protect this girl, as Brandon and BD's time has long passed. Brandon simply asks "Why?!" and takes a swing at Bear, which Bear quickly counters with his palm. Bear asks if Brandon thinks Bear betrayed, but Bear declares he has no regrets for any of his actions. Bear follows Harry's Millennion only for his daughter's sake, he will sacrific

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#4 - Mika

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 17

Over a decade later... City officials, including the governor, are planning to put a stop to the Mafia when suddenly an OrgMan appears on the road in front of them, and kills all of them. Harry controls everything, but still wants more. Bunji is as on-edge as ever, he shoots people who work for him if they slack off even the slightest. OrgMan production is on the up(with Bear and Bob as overseers), but each OrgMan requires a base body of at least a specific athletic talent, and to create Superiors you need a body of the highest caliber(both physically and physiologically) for it to work right. Lee, due to emotional repression at the highest level, has gone inwardly insane, and now has people who don't measure up to the OrgMan status gathered in one room where he can use his new Superior powers to dice them up. Harry continues to visit and bring gifts to the orphanage he bought in episode 14, where the children there call him "Grandpa Harry", Sherry looks on at this and still sees only the good in Harry. This is followed by Harry learning that Maria has had a daughter, not wanting to bother with talk of "the rightful heir", he ordered his men to take care of it. Cut to a girl riding a bike on the country side, her name is Mika and she is the daughter of Maria, who Mika is know living with along with Tokioka(butler), and it has been 13 years since they left Billion. The Mafia rrive and Tokioka takes Mika from the home, as they flee, Mika sees her mother murdered on the front porch by Harry's men. Mika knows nothing about the Mafia, so Tokioka tells her about the past. Tokioka is killed by an OrgMan who jumps the care, and Mika flees with the case to see Tokioka's brother and to awaken Brandon Heat. Tokioka(doctor) finds Mika collapsed in the snow with the case, he powers up the 16-wheeler but is soon attacked by OrgMen, Mika's screams awaken Brandon.

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#5 - Kind

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 12

Maria, after not seeing Brandon for three years, begin to suspect and wonder many things about what's really going on in her life. Harry has effectively taken over 80% of the business in Billion, with Bob working intel, Lee in the underground deals, and Brandon as the symbol for a new Millennion. Harry is planning to marry Sherry, and Bear still has issues with their relationship, as he thinks Harry sees Sherry as only a means to an end, though Sherry loves him dearly. Bunji is on edge a lot recently, and ends up botching a simple assassination, to which Brandon harshly reprimands him, it is only Bunji's pride that is hurt. Big Daddy continues to lie to Maria, though she reveals she has known the truth for the last four years. Big Daddy then reveals Brandon no longer visits because he feels he doesn't deserve to see her happy, yet he continues to do everything to make her happy. Harry returns to Dr. Tokioka, who lives in the now abandoned facility where Necro-Rise was invented, and tells him to continue to research. Much to Harry's surprise, however, Dr. Tokioka had never ceased the research, he even has three prototypes waiting in the wings.

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Certain Warmth
239 votes

#6 - Certain Warmth

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 2 - Episode 21

While caring for Meliodas, Elizabeth encounters a former Great Holy Knight thought to have perished long ago by the hands of Dreyfus and Hendrickson.

Resolve (Ego)
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#7 - Resolve (Ego)

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 12

Hajime's power takes down one Minimum Holder before falling asleep. Society becomes desiring of obtaining their own Minimum afraid of the attacks from Black Cosmos. However, Birthday, Ratio, Honey and Three work together to take down Moral's allies. As Momoka sees every fight scene, she is found by Gasquet. Murasaki handles Moral's last underlings while Nice confronts Moral personally in a ship. There, Moral reveals he unleashed the Forbidden Minimum Holder on himself which allows him to overwhelm Nice. Moral then explains how he has captured the Minimum Holder Hibiki whose ability will be used to torment non-Minimum Holders. As Moral keeps beating Nice, Murasaki tries to aid his partner but suffers a similar fate. Theo and all of the people that were aided by Nice try to bring him support but he is annoyed by their repeated messages. Nice keeps fighting and manages to overwhelm Moral whose body deteriorates as a result of having two Minimums. He is then approached by the seemingly alive Art who kills Moral and points his gun at Nice.

Haves and Have-nots
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#8 - Haves and Have-nots

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 3

Itou Shouko of the Association for Health, Protection and Equality of Youths contracts Hamatora to search for a scandal within Facultas Academy. Meanwhile, Art questions Professor Moral after learning that the Association had been providing large quantities of the Nemcrois drug for his research into non-innate Minimum Holders. Moral explains his warped interest into a world where everyone possesses Minimum abilities and taunts Art on his graduation from Facultas despite not possessing a Minimum. Meanwhile, a large monstrous figure crashes a public Association meeting and reveals itself as Itou's son, Takahiro before escaping. As Art makes his way to the scene, Moral implies that he had given the Minimum ability to Takahiro, with the former swearing to arrest him. Afterwards, Nice blames Itou for Takahiro's change. Realizing that he was being challenged however, Nice approaches Takahiro while Moral also comes to the same conclusion as Takahiro, that it would be worth challenging Facultas' top graduate—Nice to see if he had surpassed natural Minimum Holders with his abilities. However in the end, Nice makes quick work of Takahiro. In the epilogue, Moral burns down his facility and escapes before Gasquet can arrest him. At the same time, Itou's assistant severs his support of Moral's research. Unperturbed, Moral then sets his sights on Nice.

The Prophet's Torment
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#9 - The Prophet's Torment

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 6

Ratio and Birthday work on a case involving a kidnapped artist. As the two interrogate a friend from the victim, Birthday is kindapped by another person and Ratio remembers his and Birthday's past.

Black Cosmos
47 votes

#10 - Black Cosmos

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 7

Nice becomes involved in the case to arrest Moral and his constant recommendations offend Art. Gasquet notices the recent changes in Art's behavior and asks Honey about his past. Honey explains Art went to the Facultas Academy with his late younger brother and as a result of not awakening his Minimum he has been forcing himself to stand out despite not having it. Art's teacher, Three, takes the young man to train together and remind him that despite not having a Minimum he has already proven himself. Meanwhile, Nice and Murasaki receive a job from an man whose abuse on women result in a group of people trying to beat him up in revenge. Having to calm both forces using force bothers Nice and decides to go meet Art. Art finds Moral in the near his brother's grave and the criminal reveals his intentions to make everybody Minimum Holders so that they become equals to Nice, whom he admires. Following Art's refusal to receive a Minimum, Moral stabs him and kills him as Art tries to answer Nice's phone call but not before revealing him an unknown truth.

Death Trap Labyrinth
232 votes

#11 - Death Trap Labyrinth

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 2 - Episode 16

An elaborate trap-laded deadly maze constructed by Drole begins to weed out the weaker challengers that have gathered for the Great Fight Festival.

Beloved Bastard
57 votes

#12 - Beloved Bastard

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 2

Nice and Murasaki infiltrate Yokohamabane High School following a request from two students named Theo and Rei to search for their missing teacher, Yasuo Kitazawa. Sometime later, Art summons Nice and Murasaki after discovering the murdered Kitazawa in a burger restaurant and explains the serial murder case to them. Nice also steals Kitazawa's phone from the crime scene and obtains the six photos of Theo's bullies supposedly leaked on the internet. Nice then traces the poster's IP back to Kitazawa's home and deduces that he had been using his Realism Minimum to turn descriptions of the bullies' exploits into pictures which he then used to further his reputation over their exposure. Afterwards, as the Hamatora PI's establish a link between the photos and the recent serial bombings, Theo stumbles upon his former bully and the serial bomber, Kojima in his latest bombing attempt at the school using his Time Acceleration Minimum. However Nice and Murasaki show up just in time to foil the bombing. Afterwards, Art discovers that Kojima and the Gravity Holder obtained their abilities artificially which would require the use of a Minimum Holder's brain. Elsewhere, the serial killer admires his collection of brains.

Titan of the Sword
195 votes

#13 - Titan of the Sword

Sword Art Online - Season 3 - Episode 22

On the top floor of the Central Cathedral, Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice finally face Administrator. But Chudelkin uses the sacred arts to transform himself into a giant clown and attacks.

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Calamity, Athlete's Foot, and the Meaning of Work
26 votes

#14 - Calamity, Athlete's Foot, and the Meaning of Work

Cells at Work! Code Black - Season 1 - Episode 9

White Blood Cells are nowhere to be seen, and White Blood Cell (1196) is alarmed by this abnormal situation. Red Blood Cell (AA2153) is worried about the deteriorating health of the body but continues to deliver oxygen. He happens to see newly recruited Red Blood Cells undergoing training. Since Red Blood Cell (AA2153) has been recognized for his recent achievements, he is chosen to train the new recruits and is asked to deliver oxygen with them. However, Red Blood Cell (AA2153) pushes himself too hard without rest while trying to set a good example for the new recruits, and...

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The Wandering Totem Pole
54 votes

#15 - The Wandering Totem Pole

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 4

While Hamatora helps film a commercial as a publicity stunt to cover up Takahiro's rampage, Art has Minimum Holders—Honey and Three assist in a case. This causes Honey to misplace her briefcase for one filled with totem poles at the airport. Elsewhere, Art and Gasquet follow up on a string of attempted robberies committed by minors using guns obtained via a threatening email which also predicts an insurrection. While a group of men kidnap Honey because of the briefcase, Art enlists Nice to help in the gun case. Three eventually rescues Honey and discovers the kidnappers to be smuggling gun parts into the city. Afterwards, Nice establishes a link between the gun case and a popular online video by Katsuragi Yuuki using subliminal messaging while unaware that Moral had been the one manipulating Katsuragi. Meanwhile, Honey tracks down her briefcase from a smugger and discovers that the totem poles contain gun parts. After relaying this to Art, he has her predict the location of the insurrection and the police foil it just in time with Hamatora's help. Afterwards, Art and Nice discover the murdered Katsuragi at his home and Nice likens to himself to the mastermind despite having no knowledge of Moral's connection.

Big Daddy
72 votes

#16 - Big Daddy

Gungrave - Season 1 - Episode 6

Brandon and Maria have lunch and chat while Brandon realizes how much he enjoys his life, not even realizing that men in black are tailing him, and that upon returning to work he is given the order from high-up never to approach Maria or her school again. Men in black take Brandon to BD, who invites Brandon to fish with him. BD tells Brandon he can visit Maria at the mansion whenever he desires, and the show then cuts to Widge telling the story of BD, who apparently turned Billion from a rugged wasteland into a sprawling metropolis to protect his friends and loved ones. Later on, Brandon has a dream involving all his new and old friends looking at him and smiling, ending with a slightly younger Harry who pulls out a gun and fires, followed by images of all the people Brandon has seen die. The following night, a big party is being held with BD as a guest, a party Randy protests considering the Lightning gang's current unrest towards Millennion. While this discussion goes on, Bob's excellent information-gathering skills pull through as the listening devices he planted in the room are shown. Harry uses the gathered info to stage a brutal counterattack on the arriving Lightning members. One of the Lightning gets through before hand and pulls a gun at BD, Brandon pulls a gun on him and shoots him dead while also taking a hit himself.

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Flight of the Victor
17 votes

#17 - Flight of the Victor

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 11

Nice and Moral go to the Nowhere Café as the disturbance in the streets increases. Nice explains that thanks to Honey he was able to find Moral and asks him what he did to Art. After explaining to Nice he already knows the answer, Moral talks about how the Essence is a substance he extracted from an innate Minimum Holder's brains to unlock new powers. Using Essence, Moral wishes to create a world with equality and Nice agrees with some of his ideals. Meanwhile, Ratio has Chiyu treated while Honey and Three are requested help with the riots by the police. Moral then explains his motivation to "save" Nice by making others equal to him but it makes Nice laugh for his decisions of who is weak and strong. Murasaki then fights Minimum Holders causing disturbance alongside. The civic center against Minimum Holders is then attacked by a tank. Moral leaves Nowhere by threatening Koneko, promising Nice he will fight him after finishing something. Takahiro and Hajime go to the civic center to protect the former's mother from the Minimum Holders. He then starts mutating again to fight his enemies. Takahiro is victorious and his mother thanks him. Staring at the situation, a saddened Moral makes Takahiro's body explode angering Nice while Hajime unleashes an unknown power.

Ruler and Mediator
204 votes

#18 - Ruler and Mediator

Sword Art Online - Season 3 - Episode 13

Kirito and Eugeo have been rescued by the young girl, Cardinal, who has secluded herself inside the Central Cathedral’s Great Library. Cardinal explains to Kirito how the Axiom Church and the Taboo Index came to be, starting with Administrator’s past.

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Decisive Battle
26 votes

#19 - Decisive Battle

Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia - Season 1 - Episode 14

After making peace with Ereshkigal, the goddess of the underworld, Fujimaru and the others return to Uruk to find Gilgamesh who has returned to the land of the living. As the final battle with Gorgon approaches, Gilgamesh proposes a strategy that may give them a chance at victory. His plan calls for a preemptive strike on Gorgon’s stronghold, the Blood Fort, before she can begin her next attack on humanity. Before the battle to decide Uruk's fate, Fujimaru speaks with Merlin and Ana as they travel to the Northern wall.

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The Liver, Alcohol, and Pride
42 votes

#20 - The Liver, Alcohol, and Pride

Cells at Work! Code Black - Season 1 - Episode 2

There are no such things as rookies in this workplace. Even on the first day of the job, Red Blood Cell (AA2153) and his coworkers have to carry oxygen throughout the body without rest. Red Blood Cell (AA2153) sits down after an exhausting day of work when a veteran Red Blood Cell appears in front of him. "This is just my hunch as a veteran... but on a day like this, it's going to pour." Red Blood Cell (AA2153) has no idea what the veteran means by this, but immediately afterwards, they find themselves caught in a shower of alcohol. The Red Blood Cells make their way to the liver to relieve their stress from work...

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The Land of Mages
61 votes

#21 - The Land of Mages

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina - Season 1 - Episode 2

Elaina arrives at the Land of Mages hoping to be treated well because of her status as a witch, but her time in the country takes a new direction after she meets the novice, Saya.

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Egg of Columbus
72 votes

#22 - Egg of Columbus

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 1

Nice and Murasaki take two job requests from Koneko to investigate the recent kidnapping of college girls and another by Shinji Toyosaki to protect a safe from thieves. At the same time, PIs Birthday and Ratio head off on a bodyguard request to protect a client. With help from Art, Nice deduces that the kidnappers were targeting the girls for information and theorizes that their cases may be linked. Nice then calls Birthday and Ratio for confirmation just as they are attacked by a Gravity Minimum Holder who forces their client, Azuza to reveal a code. Afterwards Azuza reveals that she and her college friends had been seeing the somniloquous Toyosaki patriarch from whom she accidentally learnt the code. Realizing that the kidnappers and thieves are the same group after the safe Nice, Ratio and Birthday head over to the Toyosaki mansion just as the thieves make their move. While Ratio and Birthday take out the thieves, Nice shows up during Murasaki's stare-down with the hired Gravity Holder and defeats the latter with his Holder ability. Afterwards, as the police and Art apprehend the thieves, the latter contemplates on telling Hamatora of a serial murderer targeting Minimum Holders.

Temple / Communicator / Pancakes
110 votes

#23 - Temple / Communicator / Pancakes

Haibane Renmei - Season 1 - Episode 3

Hikari takes Rakka to the temple of the Haibane Renmei, where the Communicator approves her as a Haibane and gives her the notebook with which she can make purchases. Later, she helps Reki with the children at Old Home, and spends time with Kuu, the youngest of the older Haibane. They walk around town and visit the bakery where Hikari works.

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March of the Weak
49 votes

#24 - March of the Weak

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 10

Taking advantage of Three's rescue, Moral spreads his followers through the city, murdering people they held a grudge against using their Minimums while Moral's assistant Momoka leaks information about Facultas. During the crisis, Takahiro goes to the Hamatora as there was an outbreak of Minimum Holders in prison due to a group known as Black Cosmos. He requests Hamatora a way to recover his body's normal form but Nice rejects the job Hajime decides to help Takahiro by making him going through a diet while Murasaki aids her despite Nice's reclutance. Meanwhile, society becomes concerned about Minimum Holders. Momoka leaks the address of the people discriminating Minimum Holders to bring them chaos. The discrimination against Holders results in Three and Honey losing the rights to take care of the orphans. Ratio and Birthday go to save their Chiyu who is also being attacked for her powers. Nice decides to contact Art but is confused to see the new items in his office. Nice then spots Moral around while Momoka goes to visit an unknown individual.

Building Five: Satsuki's Anime Clock
9 votes

#25 - Building Five: Satsuki's Anime Clock

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 5

Satsuki and Haruki have an unexpected hobby in common. And Satsuki never misses a beat.

Sweat, Muscles, and Me
48 votes

#26 - Sweat, Muscles, and Me

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 5

Hajime wins a trip to the hotsprings and goes alongside Koneko and Honey. Nice and Murasaki are requested by their new client to track down her boyfriend believing he is cheating on her. Nice accepts the job upon learning they have to go to the same hotsprings. There, the duo finds Ratio, Birthday and Three have also come on their own agenda. The inn is then attacked by thieves controlled by a Minimum Holder able to attract men with his sweat. Feeling insulted by the criminals for dismissing the girls, Hajime fights against them using her Minimum.

The Blood-Soaked Bitter Melon
43 votes

#27 - The Blood-Soaked Bitter Melon

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 8

Moral takes the form of late Art to answer Nice's phone call and starts acting like him. Later, Nice and Murasaki receive a job where they have to find the manufacturer of a drug that sends people into eternal sleep. Nice and Murasaki go to the area with Theo and Rei who visit the beach. There, Theo has an argument with a gang and decides to settle by competing in a triathlon. Shortly afterwards, Nice takes advantage of Theo's appearance to attract a drugdealer who would take him to the drug's manufacturer. Nice and Murasaki learn the manufacturer has taken his own drugs and is their client's brother. In compensation for being used, Theo requests Nice to participate in the triathlon with him. Before the competition, Murasaki talks with the unconscious drugdealer, feeling related as both as constantly overshadowed by others. In the triathlon, the rival gang has hired Honey, Three, Birthday and Ratio but they are disqualified shortly after the beginning. In the final act, Murasaki joins the rival gang to challenge Nice on a one-on-one while bringing the comatose man to see him fight. Although Nice wins, the drugdealer awakes and starts arguing with his brother. Meanwhile, Moral and his assistant Momoka commence a surgery.

Building Ten: Mutsuki's Request
7 votes

#28 - Building Ten: Mutsuki's Request

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 10

Mutsuki has run into a problem she can't handle on her own. Is her request too much for Haruki to handle?

Little Beauty and the Beast
46 votes

#29 - Little Beauty and the Beast

Hamatora - Season 1 - Episode 9

Three goes to an orphanage to take care of kids as he and Honey are removed from the murder case by Moral using the disguise of Art. Nice goes on search of one of Moral's allies but fails to confirm any alligment. He and Murasaki are given the task of capturing Three who is revealed to be a former mercenary. In order to get past the media working near the orphanage, Ratio and Birthday bring Honey to the place by hiding here in fruits. Honey learns from Three he is bringing up these kids in a form of selfpunishment for the people he killed as he believe revenge is not a sin but. An angered Honey decides to join him to make the children learn revenege is not good. In the following night, Nice and Murasaki find soldiers near the orphanage led by a Minimum Holder, Helenlee Masayoshi, who admires Three's past and is disgusted by his current state. While Murasaki and Honey protect the kids, Nice and Three take down Masayoshi who activates a gadget to burn his soldiers and thus the orphanage. Deciding to value the children's life over killing Masayoshi thanks a promise he made to Honey, Three manages to get the orphans out of the burning place. In the epilogue, Moral gathers a group of people to start a revolution.

Building Three: Mutsuki's True Colors
9 votes

#30 - Building Three: Mutsuki's True Colors

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 3

Mutsuki is bright and beautiful, and diligent to top it all off. But she shows a different side in front of Haruki...

Building Eleven: How Yayoi Nurses?!
6 votes

#31 - Building Eleven: How Yayoi Nurses?!

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 11

Haruki is down with a cold, and the only one to help him out is Yayoi.

Hot Hot in the PE Preparation Room
93 votes

#32 - Hot Hot in the PE Preparation Room

Green Green - Season 1 - Episode 6

"A Steamy Time in the P.E. Equipment Room" Midori and Yuusuke are assigned to scout for locations for a school affair. Midori decides to treat the assignment as a date, and gets Reika to promise not to interfere. In order to prevent the Baka Trio from getting in the way, Reika locks them inside the PE storage room, where the heat soon causes them to have vivid hallucinations about the girls they desire.

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Building Six: The Siblings’ Multiplication
7 votes

#33 - Building Six: The Siblings’ Multiplication

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 6

Multiplication is a fundamental skill! Everyone has to learn their multiplication tables in elementary school. If they don’t...

Building Two: The Twins' Homework
9 votes

#34 - Building Two: The Twins' Homework

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 2

Uzuki and Satsuki do their best to finish their homework. Their assignment? A report on their family members!

Building Four: Curry and Rice
9 votes

#35 - Building Four: Curry and Rice

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 4

The grocery shopping must be done, so the Nakano siblings get together to conquer the week's shopping list.

Building One: The Yumeno Apartments
12 votes

#36 - Building One: The Yumeno Apartments

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 1

Welcome to the Yumeno Apartments, where Haruki Nakano lives out his everyday life with his four sisters.

Building Twelve: The Bond Between Haruki and His Sisters
6 votes

#37 - Building Twelve: The Bond Between Haruki and His Sisters

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 12

The sisters get unusually close.

Building Seven: The Apartment Complex's Pool Opening?!
9 votes

#38 - Building Seven: The Apartment Complex's Pool Opening?!

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 7

It might be a little early to go to the beach, but that's not going to stop these siblings from having some fun in the water.

Building Eight: Definitely Siblings
7 votes

#39 - Building Eight: Definitely Siblings

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 8

Do all twins look the same? Join the Nakanos as they look through some family history.

Building Nine: For the Love of Pranks?!
7 votes

#40 - Building Nine: For the Love of Pranks?!

Danchigai - Season 1 - Episode 9

Haruki is on his guard against Uzuki's pranks, but is that was Uzuki is really planning?