The BEST episodes directed by Mitsutaka Noshitani

Today I'm Different on the Inside
72 votes

#1 - Today I'm Different on the Inside

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 50

Due to the after effects of Super Milk Time, Baby Beel and Oga have swapped bodies. In order to return things back to normal, they try to look for Saotome-Sensei to see if he knows how to, however they are continuously disrupted by everyone else from the academy trying to start a fight with Oga (who is currently Baby Beel). Eventually, Baby Beel runs away after being drawn to a smell, and Hilda, Furuichi and Oga try to catch him, where they find him attached to Aoi. After hugging Aoi, BabyBeel runs off once again and so Hilda and Aoi have a match to see who can catch Baby Beel. Although at the end BabyBeel chooses Aoi over Hilda after she shows some of her new demon magic from training. Not long after, Aoi and Hilda attack Oga(Baby Beel) when fighting over him, and just before they hit him Oga and BabyBeel return to normal, leaving Oga being severely hurt by the two and BabyBeel perfectly fine. Saotome-sensei then comes to school the day after.

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What Has the Transfer Girl Done?
78 votes

#2 - What Has the Transfer Girl Done?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 32

Hilda transfers into the class to keep an eye on how things are progressing, with Alaindelon transferring into another class. The students find out the sport will be volleyball, something none of them have any experience in. The students lack motivation which Hilda promises to sort out. With the help of Alaindelon they kidnap the delinquents and force them to watch a poorly edited video of the 6 Holy Knights bad-mouthing them. The delinquents, except Furuichi, all believe in the video and become fired up, ready to beat their opponents.

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Akumano Academy is Open!
78 votes

#3 - Akumano Academy is Open!

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 58

Behemoth visits St. Ishiyama to find Oga and Beelzebub, but he gets welcomed by Zenjuro, Ittousai, and the principal. Hilda holds Oga down while they watch the fight. Meanwhile, Furuichi and the delinquents arrive at Akumano Academy. They stumble upon the Pillar Generals. Agiel attacks only to meet Aoi who arrived in the nick of time. Will Aoi defeat Agiel?

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The Saltflake Snow Falls and Falls
55 votes

#4 - The Saltflake Snow Falls and Falls

Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 10

Uroko-sama tells everyone that the Sea God's powers have become much smaller than they used to be, and that the saltflake snow will continue to fall both in the sea and on the surface until the world is cold and gray.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins
103 votes

#5 - No Shirt, No Shoes, No Assassins

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 40

It's revealed that Tojo and Suzuka know each other from the past, as they both underwent training from Saotome. Izumo and Tojo have a fight after school and Izumo reveals some of his demon powers. However Behemoth's 34 Pillar Divison has arrived and causes trouble. Aoi is captured by one of the pillars named Hecatos who wants to make her his contractor so that he can use all his powers in the human world. Oga and Hilda then fight together against him in order to rescue Aoi, however just before they believed they'd won Hilda is stabbed by Hecatos.

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Welcome Back, Demon World!
109 votes

#6 - Welcome Back, Demon World!

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 24

Finding Alaindelon's daughter rather attractive, Furuichi vows to rescue her while Gare and Edda leaded him to Oga and Lamia in the village of thieves where Alaindelon's daughter, Angelica is trapped. The rescue runs smoothly until a large Demon named Vlad's Master is awakened and terrorizes the village in which Beelzebub suddenly growed bigger and larger to fight it off.

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Is There a Special Move?
111 votes

#7 - Is There a Special Move?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 14

As Kanzaki tries to come up with a new special move to beat Oga, his followers suggest the key to Oga's power is having Beelzebub on his back. Thus, Kanzaki starts training with a weighted baby doll on his back. When that plan doesn't work, they try finding a living substitute, which end in more embarrassing results. Meanwhile, Oga takes Beelzebub to the park where they once again meet Aoi, who has lost track of Kouta. Kanzaki coincidentally finds him and deems him a worthy substitute for Beelzebub. Whilst playing with him, he figures out the key to performing his new special move. After returning Kouta to Aoi, Kanzaki performs his special move, though it just leaves everyone confused. As Kanzaki leaves, Oga admits his move was surprising.

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The Tactician Arrives
15 votes

#8 - The Tactician Arrives

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 34

Despite the recognition Xin receives after the Shanyang Offensive, the Fei Xin Force just hasn't been the same. Perhaps a new tactician is in order...

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111 votes

#9 - Encounter

Charlotte (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 8

After Yuu returns to school, Nao assembles the student council together to watch Yusa's new video before inviting Yuu to go a Zhiend concert with her. After the concert, Yuu comes across Zhiend's blind vocalist, Sara Shane (or Sala Shane), who treats him to dinner and hears about his recent loss. Believing it might help Kazuki, Yuu decides to take Sara to meet him, hearing from her about the troubles she faced in her career before she went blind. When they arrive, Sara uses her song Fallin to calm Kazuki down from his rage, allowing him to recognize others once again. After seeing Sara off, Yuu is thanked by Nao for improving Kazuki's condition. She then becomes curious as to why he feels so nostalgic over Zhiend's music.

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Lets take care of the house
91 votes

#10 - Lets take care of the house

Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun - Season 1 - Episode 4

Mayu attempts to help Reika with the housework, only to find a hidden passage instead. They get trapped within the passages for most of the day, only to be abducted by Ryōko for slacking off when they finally escape.

The Fairy King Waits in Vain
344 votes

#11 - The Fairy King Waits in Vain

The Seven Deadly Sins - Season 1 - Episode 19

The King reminisces over some old memories of a time Diane and King spent together when Diane was still a giant child. Back to the present, King fights Hellbram, while in a different location Hendriksen fights Arthur.

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Let me eat it!
91 votes

#12 - Let me eat it!

Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun - Season 1 - Episode 8

Ryōko orders Shungo to make some ramen for her. He and Mayu spend hours trying to create the perfect ramen, only to realize that Ryōko will settle for a simple cup ramen.

Ice Cream Toast
24 votes

#13 - Ice Cream Toast

The Aquatope on White Sand - Season 1 - Episode 7

With shaved ice a success and new visitors drawn to Gama Gama Aquarium, Kukuru’s grandfather insists that the crew take a break.

Something Lost
24 votes

#14 - Something Lost

Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea - Season 1 - Episode 22

Tsumugu talks about Uroko-sama and ends up with the curse fish on his arm. This makes Hikari and the others realize that Uroko-sama is not in the sea, but on land. To find out what's going on with everyone in Shioshishio, what's going to happen to the surface, and about Manaka who's lost her Ena, everyone looks for Uroko-sama.

Connecting Wishes
17 votes

#15 - Connecting Wishes

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 9

Zheng's flashback shows the lengths to which a black marketeer was willing to go to make sure he got home and became King of Qin, against all odds.

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Winner and Loser
28 votes

#16 - Winner and Loser

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 30

Ichidai continues to watch the game between Seido and Akikawa, declaring the next team to score will win in this 2-2 tie. Coach Katoka inserts Haruichi as a pinch hitter, and he responds by getting on base. Sawamura's bunt gets Haruichi to second base and brings up the lead-off batter, Kuramochi. Will Kuramochi finally be able to master Shunshin Yeung's clockwork control and get on base? Which team will score and seize control? No matter the outcome, Yeung is happy because he finally gets to play the style of Japanese baseball he grew up envying in his last summer of play in Japan.

16 votes

#17 - Charge!

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 18

The battle at Shanyang is underway. Xin and his fellow temporary thousand-man commanders must face the fearsome Lian Po--and the deadly Lun Hu.

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22 votes

#18 - Innocent

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 34

Sawamura manages to prevent Seiko from scoring additional runs. And at the bottom of the eighth, Seidou fails to score. The next inning, Tsune runs straight to the plate and tackles Miyuki, shocking everyone.

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Absolutely... Nothing... x There's Just Something Wrong With Me...
61 votes

#19 - Absolutely... Nothing... x There's Just Something Wrong With Me...

Love Tyrant - Season 1 - Episode 9

It's time for the school cultural festival! Excitement is in the air as life seems to be back to normal for Seiji, Akane, and the rest, but all is not what it seems. Shikimi suddenly has transferred into Seiji's class and it now has Akane on edge. When its decided that their class will be putting on a play with Shikimi in the leading role of the princess Akane is roped into playing the prince while Guri gets to play the rival pirate to the prince. On top of all this even Yuzu has started acting strangely and Seiji finds himself stuck in the middle, as always.

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Chase the Numbers
158 votes

#20 - Chase the Numbers

Dimension W - Season 1 - Episode 3

Mira finally settles into life at the gasoline stand, but will New Tesla find out her secret after an incident with some neighborhood kids?

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Reliable Teammates
25 votes

#21 - Reliable Teammates

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 34

Raichi faces Furuya and manages to get a double. The next batter hits a single allowing Raichi to score and give Yasuki a 1-0 lead. Miyuki quickly reminds Furuya that he has reliable teammates behind him, and after a marvelous caught steal on Yasuki, Miyuki gives Seido the confidence it needs. Seido responds in the bottom of the first, and thanks to a 2-run homer by Masuko Seido takes a 3-1 lead. Seeing that his careful planning won't be enough, Raizou prepares to insert Sanada in the lineup earlier than usual and plans to have Raichi crush Furuya on his second at bat.

Not Qualified to Be a Pitcher?
65 votes

#22 - Not Qualified to Be a Pitcher?

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 3

Eijun is nervous about rooming with older teammates, but they make him feel a too little at home on his first night. Eijun ends up oversleeping and shows up late when it's time to meet Coach Tesshina Katoka, a former Japanese pro pitcher. Miyuki also shows up late, but he uses Sawamura as a decoy to sneak into his line. Katoka shows no mercy and says Eijun can never become a pitcher if he can't show up on time. He also makes Miyuki run laps. Sawamura is determined to prove he can be the ace though, so Coach Katoka gives him a special challenge, saying until he can complete this challenge, he can't play in a baseball game for Seidou.

La Saia Alderamin
81 votes

#23 - La Saia Alderamin

Alderamin on the Sky - Season 1 - Episode 10

The Sinack have been subdued, but the Imperial Army finds that it's been caught in a trap! A huge army from the Aldera nation has crossed the supposedly-impassable northern mountains, and threatens to overwhelm the exhausted Imperial forces. Ikta's only way out is to force a peace treaty with the Sinack and ask for their help, which means going to their defeated leader and abasing himself. Will she respond to his pleas, after the Imperials burned her village and killed her people? How far is he willing to go earn her forgiveness?

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Love and Flame
140 votes

#24 - Love and Flame

Charlotte (2015) - Season 1 - Episode 3

After Yuu eats lunch with Jojiro at the cafeteria, their second job leads them to a user with two abilities, after investigating the narrow area, they found out that it was the popular singing idol and vocalist of How-Low-Hello Yusa Nishimori, who's being chased by Someone. after fighting the person chasing her, a guy named Sho leads them back to a club where Yusa is in hiding, she has the ability to allow a dead person possess her body. and the dead person possessing her is her older sister Misa, who has the ability pyrokinesis. the reason Yusa was being chased was she accidentally brought home a smartphone of a TV Producer that has messages and stuff that will arrest him if taken by the cops. with Nao making a threatening plan for the TV Producer, that night Yusa confronted the TV Producer and turned to Misa threatening him and returning the smartphone back to him. after that Nao offered Misa that she will arrange Yusa for her to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy, after she agrees Sho confessed her feelings for Misa and told him and Kota to live their own life and thanks them for everything.

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Fate Begins to Move
92 votes

#25 - Fate Begins to Move

Fate/Apocrypha - Season 1 - Episode 3

A homunculus boy awakens in his incubation tank. Assaulted with visions of the fate of his comrades, he manages to escape confinement. Unfortunately, he lacks the strength to make it to the outside world and is instead found collapsed on the ground by Rider of Black.

Did You Just Pitch...
27 votes

#26 - Did You Just Pitch...

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 10

Sawamura is given his first start against Nanamori. Before the game commences he pitches against Kuramochi and shocks everyone by pitching inside. Meanwhile Mei trains his backup from left field. The episode rotates between Inashiro and Seido matches. Seido gets out to a 5-0 lead as Sawamura comes to the mound. Sawamura accidentally beans the first batter before loading the bases. Nanamori realizes Sawamura is focusing on outside pitches and decides to target them, so Sawamura waves of one call and asks to throw an inside pitch.

The Key to Adrastea
81 votes

#27 - The Key to Adrastea

Dimension W - Season 1 - Episode 9

Kyoma and Salva enter their memories as they and Loser remember their pasts and put more pieces of the puzzle together.

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General Caliber
15 votes

#28 - General Caliber

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 26

Lian Po judges Wang Jian's worth as a commander, while a badly injured Xin returns to camp. The end of the Shanyang Offensive is in sight at last.

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Imperial Princess
116 votes

#29 - Imperial Princess

The Sacred Blacksmith - Season 1 - Episode 6

Cecily and Aria are attacked by a young woman called Doris who is bodyguard to Princess Charlotte Firobisher. Although it seems like Cecily has the upper hand things change when it emerges that Doris commands the Demon Sword of Earth, Claymore. Doris is also not alone she is accompanied by Margot, who commands the Demon Sword of Scarlet Ray, Rhomphair and Penelope who wields the Demon Sword that Slays Demon Swords, Ballock Knife. Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte herself confronts Luke using the Demon Sword of Black Flames, Evadne. However, it soon becomes clear that these four women are not the murderous thieves they first appear to be.

26 votes

#30 - Target

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 12

Chris has Miyuki join him and Sawamura in the bullpen as they try to master Sawamura's new pitching form and get him to start throwing strikes with it. Chris's father Animal shows up at the game and tries to get Chris to stop playing, believing his shoulder isn't yet healed and that he will only cause further damage to himself. In order to stop Seido's momentum, Naoyuki Zaizen suggests they change the target from trying to destroy Sawamura to trying to destroy Chris. This episode covers chapters 30 to 33.

No Matter How Many Times I Lose
8 votes

#31 - No Matter How Many Times I Lose

Umamusume: Pretty Derby - Season 1 - Episode 10

Special Week is working hard to keep her promise, but the Trainer wants her to rest instead, and has her go back home temporarily. The other members of Spica also work towards their goals.

Miracle Akikawa
31 votes

#32 - Miracle Akikawa

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 26

In the top of the first, Shunshin Yeung comes to the plate and forces Furuya to throw a meat ball which he nails to left, giving Akikawa a 2-0 lead early on. With the lead Yeung heads to the mound and is able to start his precision throwing. Yeung comes up with a plan that he believes will destroy Seido if it is executed to perfection, but it requires getting one more run off of Furuya.

Shout-Out to the Tattered
17 votes

#33 - Shout-Out to the Tattered

The Aquatope on White Sand - Season 1 - Episode 16

A penguin egg is about to hatch at Tingarla. The penguins team is set to stay the night at the aquarium, but Chiyu can’t make it, so Kukuru offers to take her place.

X Day
24 votes

#34 - X Day

All Out!! - Season 1 - Episode 14

Komori meets with his former college teammate Tomie Yujiro. Time flies as they have fun catching each other up on how they've been doing. When it's time to leave, Tomie tells Komori that X Day will come before the start of summer break before going home... Then one day, someone submits a club resignation form to Yoshida-sensei--and Komori understands the meaning of Tomie's words.

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12 votes

#35 - Jonathan

Glasslip - Season 1 - Episode 10

Sachi looks somehow relieved as she makes her confession to Touko and Hiro. Touko, having heard that Yanagi wanted to renew herself, also re-evaluates her relationship with Kakeru.

The Main Attraction
22 votes

#36 - The Main Attraction

Kingdom (2012) - Season 1 - Episode 34

King Ying Zheng receives some disturbing news about Zhao's forces, Diao and Meng Yi learn the true identities of their fellow spectators, and the war begins to take a new turn.

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Wang Yi's Flying Arrow
20 votes

#37 - Wang Yi's Flying Arrow

Kingdom (2012) - Season 1 - Episode 28

The Fei Xin Force is up against a brilliant tactician in their very first mission. Xin and his men may be good, but is Feng Ji better?

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A Tempestuous Feast
18 votes

#38 - A Tempestuous Feast

Kingdom (2012) - Season 2 - Episode 3

Xin confronts Li Mu, the man who orchestrated Wang Yi's battlefield defeat, while Diao touches base with Kaine. Zheng reveals his future plans.

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This Guy's Pretty Good
26 votes

#39 - This Guy's Pretty Good

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 18

Sawamura replaces Furuya on the ninth but feels overwhelmed by the cheering crowd, and Umemiya's fighting spirit. Aware of Sawamura's state of mind but at full count, Miyuki takes the time to decide what pitch to call. He thinks of Kataoka's strategy before their defense, but Miyuki calls for a pitch to the inside to strike Umemiya out.

I Can Handle This Myself! x Wassup
72 votes

#40 - I Can Handle This Myself! x Wassup

Love Tyrant - Season 1 - Episode 3

Guri finally meets Seiji's younger sister, Akua and is surprised by her rather cold attitude towards her big brother. The cupid decides to learn more about what changed this once loving sister, and Yuzu is right there to help (or make things worse...). But while the girls are getting acquainted the demon Stolas appears and a panick ensues! The strangely psychotic penguin seems to have a special affinity for Akua and sends her running. It's up to her big brother Seiji to save her like he used to.

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Face-Off at Jinzu River
73 votes

#41 - Face-Off at Jinzu River

Kuromukuro - Season 1 - Episode 6

The Artifact, Gaus 1 and Gaus 2 mobile suits engage into battle with the "Yellow Crab" geoframe and two of his red minions. While suffering serious damage to the Artifact, Kennosuke manages to defeat the Yellow Crab. An apparently human pilot appears from the geoframes cockpit, who identifies himself as Hedo from the Frontier Reform Office. After asking Kennosuke why he betrays his own kind, the pilot activates the self-destruct sequence of his disabled geoframe.

Last Guide
22 votes

#42 - Last Guide

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 72

Miyuki continues to watch Sawamura fall into a state of endless depression. He approaches Chris with a solution and asks Chris to present it to Sawamura. Chris agrees and teaches Sawamura how to pitch low and outside, giving him a new weapon that will drive batters crazy if it is used correctly.

At the Dorm
51 votes

#43 - At the Dorm

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 48

Seidou returns to their dorms where each player comes up with his own conditioning and training to take place over the three days leading up to the championship.

24 votes

#44 - Outsider

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 66

Inashiro loses by 1 at the Koshien Finals, but the game still doesn't deliver the excitement of the Seido, Inashiro showdown. At Seido, an outsider observes many of their practices before approaching Coach Katoka. Many players begin to wonder who this gentleman is and if he could possibly be a spy.

Jabberwock's License
9 votes

#45 - Jabberwock's License

Haruchika – Haruta & Chika - Season 1 - Episode 10

The day of the district contest has arrived! When Haruta goes missing, Chika goes to look for him and runs into a writer who's interested in Mr. Kusakabe's past. Can the mystery of a lost dog's true owner appease the writer's curiosity instead?

Everyone Loves Someone!
5 votes

#46 - Everyone Loves Someone!

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! - Season 2 - Episode 6

To the rest of the Defense Club's disappointment, Io and Ryuu got themselves into a little fight. Yumoto, En, and Atsushi excuse themselves to Kurotama while Wombat is left to help Io and Ryuu reconcile, though with no results. The flashbacks show how Io and Ryuu met, showing us they couldn't stand each other at first, and how they decided to join the Defense Club. Kuroshiro Kumano approaches the Beppu twins on how to become an idol, as he would like to become like them.

Roar of Midsummer
24 votes

#47 - Roar of Midsummer

Ace of Diamond - Season 2 - Episode 1

At the Baseball Kingdom magazine office, Mine looks back to the summer tournament. The game between Yakushi and Seido was an exciting watch. Seido played their pitcher relay in order to face Yakushi's powerful batting lineup.

Western Sapporo - A Hell at Shiretoko!
0 votes

#48 - Western Sapporo - A Hell at Shiretoko!

Burn Up Scramble - Season 1 - Episode 6