The Best Episodes of Rugrats

Rugrats reveals the world from a baby's point of view. Everything looks bigger, more mysterious and uncontrollable. Angelica, the oldest, likes to terrorize her cousin, Tommy, and his friends, and is famous for screaming, "You stupid babies!" The adults in the series are often clueless.

Sour Pickles

#1 - Sour Pickles

Season 3 - Episode 16

Grandpa Lou tells the story of how much Stu and Drew fought as babies and try to get th eold tv working so they can watch the TV show, ""Blocky and Oxwinkle"".

star 8.62
8 votes
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Superhero Chuckie

#2 - Superhero Chuckie

Season 2 - Episode 21

Captain Blasto, ( Which Was Around Since The 1950s),is Stu and Drew's favorite. They take the babies to a live shooting of an episode and Chuckie wants to be a superhero. His First Order of Business,take Angelica Out!

star 8.36
11 votes
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Reptar On Ice

#3 - Reptar On Ice

Season 2 - Episode 19

Bored at home the grown ups decide to take the rugrats to see ""Reptar On Ice"", but when they find Reptar's baby the rugrats decide to be part of the act.

star 8.27
11 votes
Directors: Norton Virgien
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Aunt Miriam

#4 - Aunt Miriam

Season 2 - Episode 23

Aunt Miriam and Lou were not nice to eachother. They always did and acted like Angelica and Tommy are today. Tommy and Chuckie go in the bathroom and Find A hairdryer, a radio, and a wig. They think She's an alien and investigate.

star 8.25
8 votes
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Give And Take

#5 - Give And Take

Season 3 - Episode 19

Tommy ""accidently"" lets Chuckie borrow his Boppo toy. Chuckie then relizes it's a clown toy. Angelica finds a switch on it and Chuckie pulls it, deflating Boppo. Then Tommy comes over and sees the deflated Boppo, Then Stu inflates it again.

star 7.83
6 votes
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Beach Blanket Babies

#6 - Beach Blanket Babies

Season 2 - Episode 18

All The Rugrats go to the beach and Chuckie brings the sea monkeys from his house.Chuckie and Tommy can't lift the cooler. So, they wait for the cooler to be empty and then bring it back and throw it in.

star 7.80
10 votes
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Grandpa Moves Out

#7 - Grandpa Moves Out

Season 3 - Episode 7

After ruining dinner, making Tommy cry and Spike growl, Grandpa gets out of everyone's way by moving to Flushing Waters Retirement Home, which is luxury, (so it says in the commercial), which turns out to be your run-in-the-mill retirement home.

star 7.69
13 votes
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Chuckie Vs. The Potty

#8 - Chuckie Vs. The Potty

Season 2 - Episode 3

Chaz wants Chuckie to be potty trained, but can't get him to go. The babies try not to let Didi and Stu make him use it. Chuckie has a dream about never learning, and he uses the potty overnight.

star 7.67
24 votes
He Saw, She Saw

#9 - He Saw, She Saw

Season 5 - Episode 9

At a local park, where Stu & Didi took the Rugrats, Chuckie falls in love again, this time for a girl named Emma, and this time, something else gets in the way of their romance -- her big, 3-year-old brother, ""Big Binky"", who wants to distance Chuckie as far aways as possible from Emma. Knowing the problem, the Rugrats help Chuckie out by pestering Big Binky.

star 7.63
8 votes
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The Last Babysitter

#10 - The Last Babysitter

Season 3 - Episode 15

Elysa finally gets a chance to be mature and responsible by basysitting Tommy, Susie, Buster, and other babies but promblems arise when the lights blackout and Tommy and Suzie see a shadow in the hall.

star 7.63
8 votes
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Beauty Contest

#11 - Beauty Contest

Season 1 - Episode 8

Having desire for the Kingfisher 9000 (a top-of-the-line sports boat), Stu and Grandpa enter Tommy in a beauty contest by placing him in girl's clothes and a wig, and naming him ""Tonya"". Their main competitor -- Angelica C. Pickles.

star 7.54
24 votes
Directors: Norton Virgien
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Circus Angelicus

#12 - Circus Angelicus

Season 3 - Episode 9

)Intrigued by the neighborhood circus show, Angelica puts on a show of her own, with the Rugrats volunteering (actually, drafted).

star 7.45
11 votes
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What The Big People Do

#13 - What The Big People Do

Season 2 - Episode 26

After Angelica gets Tommy and Chuckie in trouble they decide to be grown up, so Chuckie has a dream about it, but Angelica the boss ruins that too, so Tommy and Chuckie decide that it might be better to be babies.

star 7.43
7 votes
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Family Feud

#14 - Family Feud

Season 2 - Episode 20

After Tommy, Phil and Lil's parents get in a big fight Chuckie's dad tries to make them the best of friends again. If he fails Tommy and Chuckie will never see Phil and Lil again!

star 7.43
7 votes
Directors: Norton Virgien
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Angelica's In Love

#15 - Angelica's In Love

Season 2 - Episode 9

Angelica falls in love with a biker kid, but dosen't know how to tell him so she gives him hints throughout the whole episode. When they finally have a chance to be together his mom comes and picks him up. After that Angelica decides not to fall in love again, but when a cute foreign kid becomes her new neighbor she falls in love all over again.

star 7.41
17 votes
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Tommy's First Birthday

#16 - Tommy's First Birthday

Season 1 - Episode 1

In this episode we meet Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Grandpa, and the rest of the gang for the first time at Tommy's birthday party. After Stu gives tommy a flying saucer for his birthday the babies start there first adventure by flying around the house and causing all sorts of Havok

star 7.34
201 votes
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Grandpa's Date

#17 - Grandpa's Date

Season 2 - Episode 16

After 40 years, Grandpa's long, lost love, Morgana, pays a visit. Morgana broke up with Grandpa over his affair with another woman named Trixie McGee, but never knew the real story. Also, Grandpa doesn't want her to know that he's a grandfather, so he rushed Tommy & Chuckie to bed. In any case, everyone had to contend with Stu's new remote-controlled couch, which is more like a mechanical bull for 2.

star 7.25
8 votes
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A Visit From Lipschitz

#18 - A Visit From Lipschitz

Season 2 - Episode 25

While Didi and Stu go out the famous Dr.Lipschitz babysits Tommy and Chuckie. The babies wonder about him and they accidently reveal him for the phony he is.

star 7.25
8 votes
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Baby Commercial

#19 - Baby Commercial

Season 1 - Episode 6

Betty talks about her trials and tribulations regarding placing Phil and Lil in a diaper commercial, in which the twins rather ad-lib than stick with the script. Didi took Tommy to her workplace -- the local high school, for use as a visual aid. He rather roam around campus, getting admireship from a biker in the long run.

star 7.24
38 votes
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Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch

#20 - Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch

Season 2 - Episode 7

A mean girl steals babies toys at the park by no shadows time, so Tommy stands up to her and turns her into a nice girl.

star 7.19
16 votes
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Sand Ho

#21 - Sand Ho

Season 2 - Episode 2

The Rugrats act out Grandpa's pirate story that he told them, before he fell asleep. ( As Usual)

star 7.17
29 votes
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Toy Palace

#22 - Toy Palace

Season 2 - Episode 1

Stu and Chaz take Tommy and Chuckie to the Toy Palace and Tommy and Chuckie think it would be neat to live in the store and so they sneek away. Stu and Chaz compleately oblivious to whats going on leave (with a doll and a monkey doll) Tommy and Chuckie in the store. Tommy and Chuckie explore the store with a lazy security guard watching wrestling. Tommy and Chuckie soon find out living in the toy store isn't so good when they get chased by a giant ape toy called ""Thorg.""

star 7.08
49 votes
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#23 - Mirrorland

Season 2 - Episode 8

Phil and Lil tell Tommy and Chuckie that there's a world behind the mirror, so Tommy and Chuckie explore it. The world is the complete opposite of their world, but when it gets to scary they decide to come back.

star 7.00
18 votes
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The Shot

#24 - The Shot

Season 2 - Episode 6

Tommy tells the babies that he's going to get his booster shot, but when Chuckie warns Tommy what it is he becomes scared and tries to avoid from getting it.

star 6.95
19 votes
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Slumber Party

#25 - Slumber Party

Season 1 - Episode 5

Angelica Sleeps over at Tommy's but her desire for an open window leaves Tommy Feeling Ill. This Results in some very Crazy dreams.

star 6.93
46 votes
Directors: Dan Thompson
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