The Best Episodes of The Fairly OddParents

Who's Your Daddy?

#1 - Who's Your Daddy? 9.40

Season 4 - Episode 12

Dad can't go to the father son camp festivel with Timmy, He wishes that other kids Dads were his to try and replace him in time.

Directors: Gary Conrad
 Lights... Camera... Adam!

#2 - Lights... Camera... Adam! 9.14

Season 4 - Episode 8

Timmy is an stunt-boy in the Crimson Chin movie where he uncovers a plot to discredit the Chin.

Directors: Sarah Frost, Gary Conrad
Mooooving Day

#3 - Mooooving Day 9.00

Season 5 - Episode 23

Timmy’s mom is having a hard time selling houses, and she’s pretty bummed out about it, so Timmy wishes that his mom could sell a house to anyone. She instantly becomes a huge success. Mom is able to sell houses all over town -- including their own. With all the extra money Timmy’s mom has been making, the Turners can now afford to move to the pristine gated community of Dimmadome Acres. But once the family gets to their new home, Timmy starts noticing strange things about all the residents. They all dress alike, act alike, and everyone is always drinking Dimmadome Farms milk. Something about this isn’t right, and Timmy is going to find out what.

Class Clown

#4 - Class Clown 9.00

Season 4 - Episode 11

Timmy tried to win the heart of his one true love, Trixie by wishing that he was the funniest guy on Earth but when he finds out that Cosmo's man eating plant he gave her is going to eat her at 12 midnight he tried to un-wish his wish but Wanda and Cosmo is too busy laughing to take Timmy seriously.

Directors: Gary Conrad, Ken Bruce
That Old Black Magic

#5 - That Old Black Magic 8.89

Season 2 - Episode 8

Timmy goes to an amusement park in Friday the 13th and he figures that something is destroying the park, until Cosmo and Wanda give him special glasses to see the Anti-Fairies who are causing the problem.

Directors: Butch Hartman, Gary Conrad
Pixies Inc.

#6 - Pixies Inc. 8.86

Season 4 - Episode 3

Pixies have bought fairy world! Under the new management of the monotonous and very corporate Pixies, everyone's wishes are being denied. So Timmy challenges the head pixie to a winner-takes-all game of miniature golf: If Timmy wins, the pixies will leave fairy world, but if he loses, Cosmo and Wanda will have to leave Timmy forever.

Directors: Sarah Frost, Gary Conrad, Shawn Murray, Heather Martinez, Maureen Mascarina, Aaron Rozenfeld, Wincat Alcala
Wanda's Day Off

#7 - Wanda's Day Off 8.80

Season 2 - Episode 29

Wanda's been working so hard, the boys give her a day off. Cosmo promises not to grant any wishes, to keep chaos at a minimum. But when Timmy has trouble doing his animal report, Cosmo messes things up big time! Can the boys save themselves without Wanda's help?

Directors: Sarah Frost, Ken Bruce
Totally Spaced Out

#8 - Totally Spaced Out 8.78

Season 2 - Episode 13

Timmy is annoyed when Vicky has to come over so he wishes she could end up millions of miles away. So Cosmo goes to Yugopotamia, on Mark's birthday and tricks him into coming for Vicky. But when Plan B for what to do with Timmy requires sending him to some wierd kindness and happiness (and boringness) place, Timmy must accept Mark's challenge for Vicky.

Directors: John Fountain, Butch Hartman, Gary Conrad, Jenny Nissenson
Mr. Right

#9 - Mr. Right 8.75

Season 4 - Episode 5

In this crossover with ""The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius"", Cosmo and Wanda accidentally zap Timmy into the Neutron residence in Retroville while Jimmy finds himself in the Turner's house in Dimmsdale with no clue as to what's going on. Can Timmy's Fairy Godparents fix this mess, or will the two boys be forever stranded in each other's worlds?

Directors: Butch Hartman, John A. Davis
The Boy Who Would Be Queen

#10 - The Boy Who Would Be Queen 8.71

Season 2 - Episode 12

Timmy tells Trixie Tang that he has a great gift for her, so he can be invited to her party. Obviously, he's lying. Later that day, Timmy and Cosmo start making of girls, and Wanda becomes so angry she turns Timmy into a girl. Timmy decides being a girl can help him/her figure out what Trixie would like for her birthday, so he/she goes off to the mall...but not without revenge on his godparents for turning him into a girl...he wishes Cosmo was a woman and Wanda was a man.

Directors: John Fountain, Butch Hartman, Sarah Frost
What's the Difference?

#11 - What's the Difference? 8.67

Season 5 - Episode 26

Timmy's reading a find-it book when Mark Chang, in his traditional alien form, shows up. His changer is broken, and without it, Mandie will find him. In a last ditch effort to save Mark, Timmy wishes the school was like his book. But she is about to turn the school into a crater if Mark doesn’t show himself. If Cosmo and Wanda had their wands, Timmy could just wish her away. But where are the wands hiding?

The Same Game

#12 - The Same Game 8.64

Season 1 - Episode 12

Timmy wishes for everyone in the world to be the same when an evil dentist won't give him his ball back. Problems inevitably ensue, and Timmy can't wish things back to normal as Cosmo and Wanda aren't able figure out who he is.

The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad!

#13 - The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad! 8.62

Season 3 - Episode 8

Timmy wishes that he and his parents were superheroes in order to fight the Crimson Chin's arch enemy, The Antichin, who Timmy accidently wishes into our world.

Directors: Butch Hartman
Love Struck

#14 - Love Struck 8.58

Season 3 - Episode 4

When Timmy is snubbed yet again by Trixie, and flanked yet again by Tootie, on Valentine's Day, he wishes that he ""could live in a world without girls"". This results in Cosmo and Wanda moving every woman in Dimsdale to another part of the world, which is putting much strain and pain on Cupid because of a lack of love. Eventually, the citizens of Himsdale and Hersdale have a blast apart, but are dogged by the aspect that ""something is missing"", unaware that it is love, and the opposite gender. Timmy tries to unite them, but they only cause a war where only a ""warrior of love"" can come in and restore everything.


#15 - Twistory 8.50

Season 2 - Episode 20

Timmy is in trouble, as he has one to complete a whole report on American History. So, he opens up a talk show in his treehouse, and by using the time scooter, he gets important American people to appear on the show, such as George Washington, to help Timmy get information for his report. But, when the time scooter runs out of time, Timmy finds himself back in time when the British ruled the American colonies. The only way out is to sign the Decloration of Independance in 1776. But, John Hancock is bitten by George Washington's wooden teeth, when they find out that George Washington was just Benidict Arnold. So, John Hancock can't sign, so Timmy signs for him! He is put on the $1 bill, also. He gets all the information he needs for his report. But can Timmy, A.J., and Chester get a passing grade on their report?

Directors: Butch Hartman, Gary Conrad
Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary

#16 - Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary 8.43

Season 2 - Episode 17

Timmy gets really annoyed when a rich kid comes in showing off his money. He can't get away from him. Not even in a Crimson Chin comic book! How? He has a fairy godparent, that's how. And he's Wanda's ex-boyfriend! Now they are called into a fairy duel of some sort!

Directors: John Fountain, Butch Hartman, Sarah Frost
Shiny Teeth

#17 - Shiny Teeth 8.43

Season 2 - Episode 26

Chip Skylark is making a new music video for ""My Shiny Teeth and Me,"" and everyone wants bright chompers so they can be in it, even Timmy. But, the evil dentist Doctor Bender, being obsessed with perfect teeth, steals Chip's! As if that isn't bad enough, Chip's rival - Skip Sparkypants - is going to star in the video! Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo go to the tooth fairy for help, and she gives Timmy her most powerful tooth - based weaponry to defeat Doctor Bender. Will it be enough for Timmy to recover Chip's teeth and save the video?

Directors: John Fountain, Butch Hartman
Father Time

#18 - Father Time 8.39

Season 1 - Episode 7

Timmy goes back in time to stop his dad from winning a trophy that he has stupidly melted with heatvision, thanks to Cosmo. However, when Timmy realises that the trophy is what brought his mom and dad together, he must fix the mistake he made in order to stop his dad from becoming ruler of the entire world.

Directors: Butch Hartman, Jaime Diaz
Beach Bummed

#19 - Beach Bummed 8.38

Season 5 - Episode 4

Tired of having sand kicked in his face by Frances, Timmy wishes he was the strongest guy on the beach. But when a whale washes up on shore Timmy grows into a super-sized-hulking-human who quickly becomes the main target of a dangerously armed and heavily funded Seaweed Monster Response Team.

Nectar of The Odds

#20 - Nectar of The Odds 8.37

Season 2 - Episode 18

Timmy needs to raise money for tickets to see Crash Nebula on Ice, so he starts a lemonade stand. But his lemondate tastes terrible! That's when Cosmo, stupidly, puts his sweaty socks into a glass. Believe it or not, it accually made the lemonate taste alot better! But the lemonate is granting everyone's wishes!

Directors: John Fountain, Butch Hartman, Sarah Frost
Just Desserts

#21 - Just Desserts 8.35

Season 5 - Episode 5

Timmy wishes every meal was dessert, but his wish makes the entire town fat.

Directors: Gary Conrad, Sarah Frost
Operation FUN

#22 - Operation FUN 8.33

Season 5 - Episode 28

Remy Buxaplenty has come home from military school for spring break. All he can talk about is how great his new school is, making Timmy, Chester, and AJ very jealous in the process. Timmy decides they should all get to go to Remy’s fancy academy and wishes for three scholarships. Once the boys get to their new school, they find that it is not quite the paradise Remy described -- it’s the exact opposite. The students have to get up before dawn every morning, all the teachers are drill sergeants, and pets are strictly forbidden which means that Timmy’s pet goldfish (a.k.a. Cosmo and Wanda) are confiscated and placed in storage. This of course was Remy’s plan all along, and now that Timmy can’t get to his God Parents, he cannot wish himself out of this nightmare.

The Good Ol' Days

#23 - The Good Ol' Days 8.33

Season 5 - Episode 31

Mom and Dad are going out and they’re leaving Timmy with Grandpa Pappy, a grumpy old man who hates anything new and modern. However, if Timmy can get Pappy to at least enjoy babysitting, then Pappy may want to come over all the time -- which means no more Vicky. But every fun thing that Timmy suggests is dismissed as modern hokum. Rollerblades, rock and roll, sour candies. Nothing can make Pappy happy. Until Timmy and his Grandpa watch an old cartoon together. Pappy declares that this is what fun is all about. So Timmy wishes that the world was like a black and white cartoon from the 1930’s. Everything around them becomes wacky and zany, from the bouncing buildings and dancing cars, to the silly musical numbers. Cosmo and Wanda’s wands even spring to life and run away. While the Godparents take off after their mischief-making wands, Timmy and Pappy enjoy the good life as a couple of millionaires.

Action Packed

#24 - Action Packed 8.27

Season 2 - Episode 5

Timmy wishes that his entire life was like an action movie. But then he realizes that it is very hard, and he wishes himself normal again.

Directors: Butch Hartman, John Fountain
Information Stupor Highway

#25 - Information Stupor Highway 8.27

Season 3 - Episode 1

Timmy is writing a e-mail to Trixie, about the school dance, but Timmy's parents come in and make the e-mail all about love, and they send it! So Timmy transforms into computer data to try to recieve the letter to Trixie. While on this adventure, Mr. Crocker video records Cosmo and Wanda, and is going to reaveal it to everyone! Timmy stops Crocker from uploading that file, and Timmy gets a hold of a film of Mr. Crocker in his mothers red rubber dress!, and he shows it to the whole world.

Directors: Sarah Frost, John Fountain, Butch Hartman