The BEST Episodes of Gilligan's Island

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Network: CBS

A group of castaways are stranded on a desert island, left there after a boat trip got caught in a storm. In each episode the eclectic group of castaways attempt an escape from the island, but are frequently foiled by infighting and bitter recriminations breaking out between the crew.

Home Sweet Hut

#1 - Home Sweet Hut

Season 1 - Episode 2

A hurricane is coming, so the Castaways must quickly build one large community hut in which to weather the storm. However, they soon get on each-others nerves, so they later decide to branch out and build individual huts.

star 7.65
179 votes
Directors: Richard Donner
Writers: Bill Davenport, Charles Tannen
Goodnight Sweet Skipper

#2 - Goodnight Sweet Skipper

Season 1 - Episode 4

The castaways hear on the radio that a plane is going to be flying over their island, but they will be unable to contact them because their transmitter is broken. Gilligan overhears the Skipper dreaming about repairing a transmitter as he sleeps. The Skipper is unable to remember how he fixed the transmitter from his Navy days, so he attempts to have the dream again, but is unable to fall asleep. Each castaway attempts to help by sneaking two tranquilizers into Skippers mango juice. When Gilligan hits the transmitter out of frustration, it suddenly works! However, when he hits it again in an effort to show the other castaways how he fixed it, it falls completely apart just as the plane flies overhead.

star 7.62
110 votes
Voodoo Something to Me

#3 - Voodoo Something to Me

Season 1 - Episode 3

The Skipper fears that the island is full of 'voodoo' when he thinks that Gilligan has been turned into a monkey.

star 7.60
131 votes
The Big Gold Strike

#4 - The Big Gold Strike

Season 1 - Episode 9

Mr. Howell discovers a gold mine on the island. He then hires Gilligan to work in the mine. When gold fever strikes the castaways and Mr. Howell is unwilling to share the gold, they begin to charge outlandish prices for the supplies and food that Mr. Howell needs. When the professor repairs the life raft from the Minnow, they all climb in hoping to reach civilization. However, the combined weight of the gold that everyone smuggles on-board the raft causes it to sink. Another rescue foiled!

star 7.59
79 votes
Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk

#5 - Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk

Season 1 - Episode 12

During Christmas, the Castaways get homesick and remember the first day they were shipwrecked. When Santa Claus ""appears"" on the island, many suspect he is the Skipper in costume. However, just as Santa departs while wishing the Castaways a Merry Christmas, the Skipper appears from the other direction.

star 7.55
58 votes
Two on a Raft

#6 - Two on a Raft

Season 1 - Episode 1

The shipwrecked castaways awaken to find themselves marooned on an uncharted island, so Gilligan and Skipper set out on a flimsy raft to find civilization.

star 7.51
282 votes
Directors: John Rich
Writers: Lawrence J. Cohen, Fred Freeman
Waiting for Watubi

#7 - Waiting for Watubi

Season 1 - Episode 10

While digging, the Skipper uncovers a carved statue of a Tiki God. He then believes a curse has fallen on him for disturbing the resting-place of Watubi, and that his days are numbered. Gilligan dresses up as Watubi, and performs a special ritual dance that the Skipper believes will lift the curse. It is an earth-shaking experience!

star 7.49
63 votes
Water, Water Everywhere

#8 - Water, Water Everywhere

Season 1 - Episode 14

Talk about a painful irony: though surrounded by water, the Castaways suddenly discover that their supply of fresh drinking water is running out. When they pool all available drinking water together and decide to ration it, they discover that they will each receive only a few drops per day. Of course, most of the castaways sneak water from the community supply when Gilligan is standing watch, but return it when the Skipper catches them. Just when all seems lost, Gilligan saves the day!

star 7.45
62 votes
Writers: Tom Waldman, Frank Waldman
Goodbye Island

#9 - Goodbye Island

Season 1 - Episode 8

Gilligan discovers a special tree sap that can be used to make a good tasting pancake syrup. Then the professor discovers that the same tree sap also makes a super glue, that may allow the castaways to repair the Minnow. Could it be that the Castaways may finally escape from the island?

star 7.45
71 votes
Three to Get Ready

#10 - Three to Get Ready

Season 1 - Episode 29

The Skipper insists a stone found by Gilligan will grant the finder three wishes before sundown. The professor, of course, insists it is just superstition. Two gallons of ice cream later, Gilligan has only one wish left.....and the sun is going down!

star 7.44
37 votes
Wrongway Feldman

#11 - Wrongway Feldman

Season 1 - Episode 5

When Gilligan finds an old airplane hidden in the jungle, the Castaways discover a long-forgotten aviator living on the island.

star 7.43
81 votes
Directors: Ida Lupino
Writers: Lawrence J. Cohen, Fred Freeman
The Sound of Quacking

#12 - The Sound of Quacking

Season 1 - Episode 7

The Castaways are faced with running out of food, when a blight threatens to destroy many of their plants. When Gilligan finds a duck in the lagoon, a difficult decision must be made. Should they eat the duck, or tie a rescue note to it and let it fly away?

star 7.42
82 votes
President Gilligan

#13 - President Gilligan

Season 1 - Episode 6

The castaways decide that they need someone to be the leader on the island, and so they hold elections. As you might imagine, both Mr. Howell and the Skipper imagine themselves to be the natural choice to lead the Castaways in their island society. However, when the votes are counted Gilligan is elected president of the island!

star 7.40
86 votes
Plant You Now, Dig You Later

#14 - Plant You Now, Dig You Later

Season 1 - Episode 16

While working for Mr. Howell, Gilligan unearths a chest. The castaways think it must contain a pirate's treasure. When ownership of the chest is disputed, the case goes to court, with the Professor presiding as judge.

star 7.40
50 votes
Three Million Dollars More or Less

#15 - Three Million Dollars More or Less

Season 1 - Episode 13

Mr. Howell loses $3 million to Gilligan in a golfing contest. Mr. Howell then tricks Gilligan into trading for a worthless oil well that he owns. When the radio announces that the oil well is a gusher, Mr. Howell sets his sights on winning it back. However, just as he succeeds in winning it back, the radio announces that the gusher was a mistake!

star 7.39
56 votes
Smile, You're on Mars Camera

#16 - Smile, You're on Mars Camera

Season 2 - Episode 4

A NASA satellite with a TV camera, accidentally lands on the island instead of the intended target: Mars. The castaways try to communicate their S.O.S. when the camera is operational. However, with the help of a Gilligan goof-up, the castaways are covered with glue and feathers, and the NASA scientists mistakenly believe they are seeing the first proof of life on Mars.

star 7.37
56 votes
Directors: Jack Arnold
Writers: Al Schwartz, Bruce Howard
X Marks the Spot

#17 - X Marks the Spot

Season 1 - Episode 18

In a test of a deadly new missile, called "Operation Powder Keg," the Air Force chooses an "uninhabited island" which just happens to be Gilligan's Island. When the rocket lands and does not explode, Gilligan is chosen to crawl inside to defuse it, because he is the only one that can fit inside.

star 7.37
51 votes
Directors: Jack Arnold
Writers: Sherwood Schwartz, Elroy Schwartz
Agonized Labor

#18 - Agonized Labor

Season 2 - Episode 8

Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast telling of the collapse of the Howell financial empire. The castaways attempt to help them develop skills in order to compete in the working world.

star 7.37
35 votes
Directors: Jack Arnold
Writers: Roland MacLane
Where There's a Will

#19 - Where There's a Will

Season 3 - Episode 6

Mr. Howell revises his will, and leaves a large chunk of his estate to each castaway. They decide to throw him a party to show their appreciation, but when he overhears them talking about which one of them is going to have to ""cut the pigs throat"" he thinks they are planning to kill him in order to collect their inheritance. Later, he discovers that they have actually trapped a wild boar in an effort to serve him bar-b-que spareribs as a surprise.

star 7.36
33 votes
Ghost a Go-Go

#20 - Ghost a Go-Go

Season 2 - Episode 27

A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the Castaways off. The castaways turn the tables by dressing in sheets and roaming around the island to scare the visitors off the island.

star 7.35
31 votes
Directors: Leslie Goodwins
Writers: Roland MacLane
So Sorry, My Island Now

#21 - So Sorry, My Island Now

Season 1 - Episode 15

The Castaways are captured by a Japanese sailor who thinks that WWII never ended. When the other castaways are captured, it is up to Gilligan to save them.

star 7.35
49 votes
Writers: David P. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs.???

#22 - Mr. and Mrs.???

Season 2 - Episode 31

A radio bulletin states that the minister who married Thurston and Lovey Howell (the Reverend Buckley Norris of Boston) was a fraud, and that the Howell's marriage is actually null and void. The stress causes disagreements and separations between the Howells. In the end, it turns out that the radio announcer was at fault: While he mistakenly reported that "Buckley Norris" was the fraudulent minister, he was supposed to say "Borris Nuckley."

star 7.34
32 votes
Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy

#23 - Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy

Season 1 - Episode 19

Gilligan discovers a jungle boy living on the island. He shows them a hole in the ground that causes objects to float, and the professor theorizes that it is expelling either helium or hydrogen. He immediately sets to work building a large balloon, with the hopes of carrying one of them back to civilization.

star 7.34
45 votes
Directors: Lawrence Dobkin
Writers: Howard Merrill, Howard Harris, Al Schwartz
Not Guilty

#24 - Not Guilty

Season 2 - Episode 16

A crate containing coconuts is wrapped in an old Honolulu newspaper that read that one of the Castaways are being sought in a murder investigation. The castaways become suspicious of each other and decide to recreate the events of the night before they sailed, in order to solve the Randolph Blake murder case.

star 7.33
36 votes
Pass the Vegetables, Please

#25 - Pass the Vegetables, Please

Season 3 - Episode 3

Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds. The plants grow quickly and grossly misshapen, but the Castaways are so hungry for new items in their diet that they consume them quickly. The plants, when eaten, give the castaways super-human powers. Of course, after he realizes that the vegetables are radioactive, the Professor saves the day by making a homemade soup to absorb the radioactivity.

star 7.33
51 votes