The BEST episodes directed by David Mcdearmon

Time for Arrest
6 votes

#1 - Time for Arrest

That Girl - Season 1 - Episode 9

Ann ends up in jail trying to help a fellow waitress when she serves two rival underworld groups and the place gets raided by the police.

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Ling Ling
202 votes

#2 - Ling Ling

Bewitched - Season 1 - Episode 21

Darrin is looking for a model for an all-important campaign. On cue, Samantha turns a cat into a Oriental siren named Ling Ling. Everything goes ultimately well, until the photographer, Wally Ames, wants to make a date with her. Samantha and Darrin each try to break them up, but to no avail. Samantha makes Ling Ling come clean about her true nature when she spikes Ling Ling's drink with catnip. Samantha then turns Ling Ling back into a cat, but not before Gladys notices Ling Ling kneeling on the ground lapping milk.

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Our Vines Have Tender Apes
32 votes

#3 - Our Vines Have Tender Apes

Gilligan's Island - Season 3 - Episode 20

An loin-cloth clad ape-man (Tongo) comes to the island, and makes off with their food and supplies. Actually, he is an out of work actor, who tries to convince the Castaways that he is a real uncivilized ape-man while studying for an upcoming role. After he cowers when confronted by a ""real"" gorilla, he leaves the island and the Castaways behind.

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The Cat's Meow
170 votes

#4 - The Cat's Meow

Bewitched - Season 1 - Episode 18

After arranging to meet Samantha to celebrate their six months' anniversary, Darrin arrives at his office to meet Margaret Marshall, chairman of the board of a cosmetic firm. Margaret, a stunning woman in her late thirties, successful both with men and in business, insists that Darrin fly to Chicago that night to complete the quarter million dollar campaign he had planned for her company. Fumbling out of the anniversary arrangements with Samantha, Darrin flies to Chicago, and meets Margaret, who has become quite interested in him, aboard her yacht. There, Darrin sees a cat, and feels it may be Samantha, egged on by her mother, Endora, to fly to Chicago to check on his activities. While Darrin evades Margaret's advances, a pelican arrives on the scene. Although both Margaret and Captain Kelly feel there is something strange in Darrin's reactions to the animals, Margaret, realizing Darrin is truly in love with his wife, accepts his advertising campaign. Greeted by Samantha at home, Darri

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Red Light, Green Light
166 votes

#5 - Red Light, Green Light

Bewitched - Season 1 - Episode 23

Morning Glory Circle badly needs a traffic signal on their street. While everyone tries to convince Town Hall to put up a traffic light, Endora tries her best by collecting every traffic signal possible. The Mayor decides that no traffic light is needed, but when Samantha magically ties him up in traffic, he ends up eating some serious crow.

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Lovey's Secret Admirer
33 votes

#6 - Lovey's Secret Admirer

Gilligan's Island - Season 3 - Episode 19

Mrs. Howell starts receiving mysterious love notes, and the source remains a mystery until Mr. Howell is caught in the act. Mrs. Howell dreams that she is Cinderella, and Gilligan is her fairy godfather. The Professor rigs up a lie detector using the ship's horn and batteries from the radio.

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