The Best Episodes Directed by Leslie Goodwins

Danger! High Voltage!

#1 - Danger! High Voltage!

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 27

Martin needs to electrically charge himself for his trip back to Mars. However he overcharges himself. He needs to rid himself of the excess electricity, and when he initially tries to discharge it, he blacks out half of Los Angeles. Martin is facing two problems. First, if he is overcharged for an extended period of time, he will exhibit unusual symptoms such as a plaid designed face. A current symptom is his continual sneezing which is causing electrical switches to turn on. And second, the power company is narrowing the source of the blackout to the O'Hara's neighborhood, and have called in the police to investigate the malicious tampering with the power grid. Martin figures the best course of action to discharge the electricity in a hurry is to do it direct at the source: the power house. In his invisible state, Martin hitches ride in the power truck that's come to investigate their neighborhood. After distracting the power man on duty, Martin manages to discharge his excess electricity safely back into the system. But once again, he's missed his opportunity to get back to Mars.

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6 votes
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Super-Duper Snooper

#2 - Super-Duper Snooper

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 24

Mrs. Brown is taking a course on how to be a private detective, and her first assignment is to prepare a dossier on an unsuspecting person. Her choice of subject is Martin. Of course, Martin knows what she's up to, but he is still a bit concerned about her discovering his Martian identity. Mrs. Brown finds Martin's flight log, which is written in Martian, but again Martin is concerned since the uneducated are too dense to know any better. She takes a photograph of it, which Martin is worried she will pass onto authorities, who, when they are unable to decipher it, will suspect him of being a foreign spy. She apparently has mailed the film to her teacher, J. Nathaniel Pierce, who is more shyster than teacher. Martin needs to apprehend the film before Pierce gets a hold of it. At Pierce's office, Martin searches to no avail, and must endure a sales job by Pierce before he finds out that the mailman can't and won't deliver Mrs. Brown's film since she failed to put postage on the package. From there, it's a an easy task of levitation for Martin to get the film and ultimately protect his identity. For Mrs. Brown's own safety, Martin tries to talk her out of taking the course since she will be facing brutish criminals. She heeds his advice: instead of quitting the course however, she decides to protect herself by also taking judo lessons.

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9 votes
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Who Am I?

#3 - Who Am I?

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 18

Martin and Tim are on their way to interview Professor Eugene Downey, the foremost expert on rocket fuel - Martin thinks the professor can assist in getting him back to Mars - when Martin is hit on the head with a monkey wrench. Martin gets amnesia from this concussion. He has no idea that he's a Martian, despite Tim telling him so. The only thing Martin and Tim can agree on is that Martin needs to go see a doctor. At Dr. Gilbert's office, Martin does learn that he has the power of levitation and the ability to disappear, still not quite believing why. The doctor, who witnesses the levitation, is told it's all magic. Back at the apartment, Tim almost has Martin convinced of his true identity when Martin is once again struck on the head, this time by a hammer. That's all he needed as he regains his memory. It's too late however: Professor Downey has already left town for good.

star 8.40
10 votes
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O'Rourke vs. O'Reilly

#4 - O'Rourke vs. O'Reilly

F Troop Season 1 - Episode 13

A beautiful woman almost drives O'Rourke Enterprises out of business when she opens a saloon across the street.

star 8.38
13 votes
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An Old, Old Friend of the Family

#5 - An Old, Old Friend of the Family

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 23

After Martin makes Tim miss a deadline, Martin decides to help Tim get an exclusive interview. Jakobar, the rogue leader of Kobima, is the story's subject matter. Martin is a legend in Kobima and has inside knowledge of Kobiman legend since he was good friends with Jakobar's great-grandfather Kobima, for who the country was named. After displaying the sign of Cocobahn - Martin's name in Kobiman - Jakobar agrees to see Martin. Martin talks Jakobar into making himself accessible to the media, namely Tim, but later reneges since he still has the suspicious mind of an outlaw leader. Martin needs to convince Jakobar to be a more forthright leader for the betterment of Kobima, which will perish as a country otherwise, this strategy which again includes being accessible to the media. Because of Martin's sage advice, Jakobar muses that Martin may actually be Cocobahn.

star 8.36
11 votes
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Dirge for the Scourge

#6 - Dirge for the Scourge

F Troop Season 1 - Episode 6

Sam Urp, scourge of the west, comes to Fort Courage for a showdown with Parmenter, the Scourge of the West.

star 8.26
23 votes
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The White Widow

#7 - The White Widow

Maverick Season 3 - Episode 19

A beautiful widow (Julie Adams) asks Bart to protect her from an unknown killer. He accepts unaware that he is the intended victim.

star 8.25
4 votes
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Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin

#8 - Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 29

Martin needs to fly his space ship, which is deteriorating due to inertia. Tim's fear is realized: Martin's flight is spotted as a UFO. Martin needs to take another flight, but Mrs. Brown calls in the authorities - Jack and Jim being their representatives - who use Tim and Martin's apartment as a sighting station. Martin uses the opportunity to take his second flight since Jack and Jim have equipment - a plutron counter - that would be able to locate the space ship parked in the garage. The plutron counter does go off, but Martin slips some plutron into Mrs. Brown's apron pocket, making the plutron counter point in Mrs. Brown's direction. Jack and Jim think the machine has gone haywire. During Jim and Jack's kafuffle with Mrs. Brown, Martin slips away. While in flight, Tim further distracts Jack and Jim with a spoon dangling outside on their tree, which through Jack and Jim's telescope will look like a flying saucer. Martin takes his flight undetected and gets back to the apartment safe and sound. To further protect himself, Martin exposes Tim as the perpetrator of the flying saucer hoax - all in the name of getting a news story - with the spoon on the string as his proof of his claim.

star 8.25
8 votes
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She's Only a Build in a Girdled Cage

#9 - She's Only a Build in a Girdled Cage

F Troop Season 1 - Episode 10

Dobbs' mother is coming but everyone thinks it is Laura Lee, a dance hall singer to entertain the men.

star 8.23
13 votes
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The Atom Misers

#10 - The Atom Misers

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 11

Martin needs the hardest substance possible to repair his spaceship, the substance he has in mind is silibalt, an alloy of silicone and cobalt but one that has not yet been invented on Earth. To make some, he needs a cyclotron. Rather than destroy Tim's kitchen making his own, he decides to follow Tim on his latest interview at the university, where there is a cyclotron. At the university, Martin meets Tim's interview subject, Donald Mumford, 13-year old physics genius, and one who is constantly at odds with the ways of Dr. Jackson, his advisor. While Martin and Donald get together to discuss and proceed with the making of silibalt, Tim is preoccupied with Dr. Jackson, who provides a diatribe against the demands of Donald, and Jeanine Carter, Dr. Jackson' pretty assistant and university protector of Donald. They are all looking for Donald and Martin when an explosion caused by some stolen electricity and wrong switch alert them to the Donald and Martin's whereabouts. Dr. Jackson immediately expels Donald, and since no long lasting physical damage was done, only banishes Martin from the university. Martin however fights back and convinces Dr. Jackson that he is quashing a genius mind, albeit one in a 13-year old body, and thus Donald must be treated differently in every respect. Doanld is welcomed back. On his own, Donald does manage to make some silibalt for Martin. Martin's only problem now is that he has no instrument hard enough to cut or mold the silibalt.

star 8.20
15 votes
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Now You See It, Now You Don't

#11 - Now You See It, Now You Don't

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 19

At the museum, Martin discovers that the long-time curator, Wilbur Canfield, is very unhappy. He has just acquired a new expensive Egyptian piece for the museum, but the museum's board is questioning the authenticity and therefore merit of this acquisition. Because of this, Canfield himself is now questioning his own abilities, as he feels he may be getting too old to do his work properly. The board is calling in an independent expert, Pietro Donati. What's worse, Canfield once discredited Donati's evaluation. Martin will know the piece's authenticity, if he can only get a look at it. In doing so, Tim can get an exclusive story and Martin can validate Canfield as an expert in the field. But the artifact is stashed away behind security until Donati's arrival. Since Martin can't get close to it, he decides instead to levitate it to him. After Martin finds that it is indeed authentic, he has to get it back to the museum. However security is aware that it's missing and thus the museum is secured even more than usual while they try to locate the artifact. After some tricky maneuvering, Martin does manage to get it back into place, although to the bewilderment of security. However, Martin forgot to check for the mark of Ra, which definitely identifies the artifact as authentic. When Donati arrives to inspect the piece, he deems it to be a fake since the mark of Ra is not there. However Martin tells him to look a little more closely under the couple thousand years of residue. The mark is indeed there. Therefore it ends well for Canfield and Donati. The only person with an unhappy ending is Tim - his exclusive story was so good, Mr. Burns appoints him editor of culture, which is not exactly his cup of tea.

star 8.20
10 votes
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The People's Friend

#12 - The People's Friend

Maverick Season 3 - Episode 21

Bart Maverick is running for office, he is a sure candidate for U.S. Senate. Bart's political ambition has some town's people out for his blood. His opponents will go to any length to stifle his political aspirations; they threathen his life. Fearful of his opponents, Bart finds a way out of the election, without letting the voters down.

star 8.00
4 votes
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The Resurrection of Joe November

#13 - The Resurrection of Joe November

Maverick Season 3 - Episode 24

A $10,000 temptation puts Bret unwittingly in the middle of a fantastic smuggling scheme.

star 8.00
5 votes
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How Are You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?

#14 - How Are You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 30

The Earthly environment is causing a vitamin deficiency in Martin. He draws on energy and vitamins from everything and everyone around him. The effect on things is for them to go haywire. And if people look him in the eyes, they will fall asleep since they are sapped of their energy. Martin needs some vitamins immediately or else he will grow weaker and weaker to the point of no return. Luckily, the vitamins he needs can be found at any pharmacy, however by prescription. Also it's Sunday and all the stores are closed. But Tim convinces his good friend, Doc Mullen, to open his pharmacy. Martin's plan is that he will try and get the necessary vitamins while Tim distracts Doc Mullen. It does the trick and Martin starts on the course of his vitamins. However, Martin's illness is contagious and Tim gets it, which in turn causes Mrs. Brown, Doc Mullen and then Martin to fall asleep, with no more vitamins from Martin's stash to use. Thus Tim has to wake them all up without Tim or Martin in particular not to look at each other, as that will cause them both to fall asleep forever. With a lot of effort, Tim and Martin manage to do it as well as get the necessary refill of vitamins from Doc Mullen. Although Martin manages to get re-energized by the concoction, he is over-energized due to a higher than required dose, which in turn causes everyone else around him to feel over-energized. This can be cured by a good old everyday nap.

star 8.00
8 votes
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The Disastro-nauts

#15 - The Disastro-nauts

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 34

Martin convinces Tim to use his connections as a reporter to get Martin a tryout as the astronaut for a Mars destined rocket, privately financed by Omar M. Keck. Despite a slew of younger stereotypical astronaut types vying for the job, Martin's obvious advantages as a Martian get him the job. Before Martin is ready to leave, he allows Tim to prepare a story of his uncle "The Martian" for publication after Martin is on his way. On his way to the air force base with Martin, Tim leaves the tape of the story on Mr. Burns' desk - based on his usual schedule, Mr. Burns should arrive at the office after Martin and the rocket are safely in space. However the launch of the rocket is delayed, leaving Tim and Martin to rush back to the office to retrieve the tape. They rush back to base to watch the launch happen without Martin in the rocket. At least the launch was picture perfect!

star 8.00
7 votes
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To Make a Rabbit Stew- First Catch a Martian

#16 - To Make a Rabbit Stew- First Catch a Martian

My Favorite Martian Season 2 - Episode 13

A rabbit eats a Martian vitamin pill — and becomes 6 feet tall.

star 8.00
1 votes
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The Return of Bald Eagle

#17 - The Return of Bald Eagle

F Troop Season 1 - Episode 5

A renegade Indian tries to go straight but finds he can't.

star 7.93
30 votes
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Rocket to Mars

#18 - Rocket to Mars

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 9

When the junk men come by, they mistakenly empty Martin and Tim's garage instead of Mrs. Brown's, and in doing so take Martin's space ship. Mrs. Brown has no idea the name of the junk yard, but there was a witness to the incident: Booboo, a neighborhood dog. Booboo, with the help of his dog friends and acquaintances, helps Martin track down the junk yard. When Martin and Tim get to the junk yard, they find out that the ship has already been sold to a Mr. Carter, who is using it as a "rocket" carousel at a children's amusement park. Mr. Carter refuses to sell it back to Martin. So Martin decides to disappear and fly the spaceship away, although he does slip Carter the money for the ship anonymously. Martin has one other debt to pay: a steak dinner for Booboo and all his friends for all their help.

star 7.89
18 votes
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Iron Hand

#19 - Iron Hand

Maverick Season 3 - Episode 23

Hired to protect a cattle drive, Bart dutifully chases Indians - while a masterful swindle takes place right under his nose.

star 7.83
6 votes
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Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!

#20 - Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!

My Favorite Martian Season 2 - Episode 6

Despite Martin's warning, Tim brings an ESP expert home.

star 7.80
5 votes
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Three to Make Ready

#21 - Three to Make Ready

My Favorite Martian Season 2 - Episode 3

Martin can't decide whether or not to return to Mars.

star 7.78
9 votes
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Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won't You Come Home?

#22 - Won't You Come Home, Uncle Martin, Won't You Come Home?

My Favorite Martian Season 2 - Episode 14

Tim's enemies increase rapidly after he basks in Martin's benevolence bulb.

star 7.67
3 votes
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The Phantom Major

#23 - The Phantom Major

F Troop Season 1 - Episode 3

A British Major shows the men the advantages of using camouflage to fight Indians.

star 7.56
39 votes
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#24 - Inheritance

Lassie Season 1 - Episode 1

Premiere episode. Jeff inherits Lassie from the late Homer Carey, but the young collie seems strangely reluctant to leave the Carey home.

star 7.45
20 votes
A Fellow's Brother

#25 - A Fellow's Brother

Maverick Season 3 - Episode 11

When George Henry Arnett hears that Bret Maverick is in town to collect his money, Arnett (Adam West) starts a "top gun" rumor about Bret. After he creates a smoke screen, Arnett creeps out of town. Maverick is idolized by the town youngsters, sought after available women and hunted by the town bounty hunter. Bret Maverick is the talk of the town.

star 7.44
9 votes
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Ghost a Go-Go

#26 - Ghost a Go-Go

Gilligan's Island Season 2 - Episode 27

A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the Castaways off. The castaways turn the tables by dressing in sheets and roaming around the island to scare the visitors off the island.

star 7.41
65 votes
The Maverick Line

#27 - The Maverick Line

Maverick Season 4 - Episode 10

Inheriting a stagecoach line from Uncle Micah is only the beginning of financial problems for the Maverick brothers.

star 7.33
3 votes
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The Hunter

#28 - The Hunter

Gilligan's Island Season 3 - Episode 18

Famous big-game hunter Jonathan Kincaid and his assistant, Ramoo land on the island in search of new game to hunt. Since they have hunted just about every kind of animal on earth, they then decide that the ultimate challenge would be to hunt a human. After much debate, they choose Gilligan as their target, and state that if Gilligan can stay alive for 24 hours, they will rescue the castaways. After Gilligan manages to outwit and outrun the armed hunters for 24 hours, Kincaid does not uphold his promise of rescue for fear they will report him to the authorities.

star 7.30
33 votes
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Man with a Net

#29 - Man with a Net

Gilligan's Island Season 3 - Episode 7

Lord Beasley Waterford, a famous butterfly collector, lands on the island searching for the world's rarest butterfly, the pussycat swallowtail. While he vows that he will not leave the island until he has found his prey, the castaways eagerly try everything to persuade him to fire his flare gun early. He (like all of the other visitors to the island) leaves without sending help.

star 7.26
32 votes
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Has Anybody Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?

#30 - Has Anybody Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?

My Favorite Martian Season 2 - Episode 10

A young boy hijacks Uncle Martin's spaceship.

star 7.25
4 votes
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Don't Rain on My Parade

#31 - Don't Rain on My Parade

My Favorite Martian Season 2 - Episode 11

A rainmaker offers his services during a dry spell.

star 7.25
4 votes
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Gilligan's Living Doll

#32 - Gilligan's Living Doll

Gilligan's Island Season 2 - Episode 21

An experimental robot launched by the Air Force parachutes onto the island. The professor reprograms the robot to walk to Hawaii ("one hundred eleven hours"), but the "lucky" rabbit's foot that Gilligan secretly stuffed into the robot causes it to malfunction upon arrival in Hawaii.

star 7.24
44 votes
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Never Trust a Naked Martian

#33 - Never Trust a Naked Martian

My Favorite Martian Season 2 - Episode 31

Despite warnings, Tim touches Martin’s antennae — and disappears.

star 7.00
2 votes
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The Chain of Command

#34 - The Chain of Command

Gilligan's Island Season 2 - Episode 11

The Skipper worries that something is going to happen to him, so he begins to train Gilligan to be a leader. The Skipper then disappears leaving Gilligan in charge, with predictable results!

star 6.94
31 votes
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The Witch of Hound Dog

#35 - The Witch of Hound Dog

Maverick Season 4 - Episode 8

Toil and trouble overcome Bret when he tangles with two burly thieves and their enchanting sister (Anita Sands) who claims she's a witch.

star 5.33
3 votes