The BEST Episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels

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Last Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Network: A&E

Welcome to the unconventional family life of KISS front man Gene Simmons. Simmons and actress Shannon Tweed have been happily unmarried for twenty years and have two children, Nick and Sophie. Gene Simmons Family Jewels reveals a side of Gene that has remained hidden until now. See the softer side of this metal manic as he balances his rock star life with his role as a dad.

Sucker Bet

#1 - Sucker Bet

Season 2 - Episode 17

Sharon and Aunt Tracy are off to the Kentucky Derby and Gene insists on tagging along. A problem at the hotel leaves Gene wishing he would have stayed home. Tracy talks Sharon into betting $100,000 on a horse.

star 8.50
6 votes
Old Habits Die Hard

#2 - Old Habits Die Hard

Season 7 - Episode 14

star 8.50
2 votes
The Wingman

#3 - The Wingman

Season 2 - Episode 9

Gene decides to take his business partner's thirty year old nephew out on the town in Las Vegas to help cheer him up after learning about his divorce. Gene soon finds out that getting game isn't as easy as it used to be.

star 8.33
3 votes
Face Off

#4 - Face Off

Season 2 - Episode 5

A very graphical episode of Gene and Shannon's facelifts in which Shannon has to stay in the hospital due to the pain. Nick and especially Sophie can't really handle the initial results of their parents makeover.

star 8.17
6 votes
The Honeymoon is Over Part 1

#5 - The Honeymoon is Over Part 1

Season 7 - Episode 1

In the seventh-season opener, Shannon decides that she wants to adopt a child, which creates tension with Gene.

star 8.13
8 votes
Under the Knife?

#6 - Under the Knife?

Season 2 - Episode 1

star 8.00
7 votes

#7 - Snowblind

Season 2 - Episode 7

Shannon tries to escape to Aspen for some real R & R, but Sophie talks the rest of the family into heading up their as well. Gene soon learns that Sophie wanted to go up there because of a boy she likes and Gene tries to find out all about him and ends up getting in trouble. Soon he has to be rescues by the mountain's ski patrol.

star 8.00
6 votes
Growing Pains

#8 - Growing Pains

Season 2 - Episode 11

Nick's friends persuade him to move out of the house. Nick decides to check out a college. Sophie, Shannon and Gene go shopping to buy items for Nick to bribe him into staying home. Nick has a terrible experience at the weekend orientation. Sophie asks Nick not to tell their parents about his experience so that his parents will continue to bribe him into staying home.

star 8.00
5 votes
Rich Dad

#9 - Rich Dad

Season 2 - Episode 15

Gene helps out a mother and son with their strip club while he is in Las Vegas. He rushed home after that to play volleyball with Sophie in a Father/Daughter game she never told him about because she doesn't want to bother him and his busy schedule. Gene thinks she just doesn't want him there and wants to be a proud dad.

star 8.00
6 votes
And They're Off

#10 - And They're Off

Season 2 - Episode 18

In a panic over Shannon's $100,000 bet on a horse she knows nothing about Gene frantically tries to sell her ticket at a discount to anyone he comes in contact with.

star 8.00
1 votes
Sophie Couture

#11 - Sophie Couture

Season 3 - Episode 12

Gene ends up behind bars as he continues his research on prositution. As a result of her internship for a fashion designer, Sophie walks the catwalk during LA Fashion Week.

star 8.00
3 votes
Sophie's Sweet 16

#12 - Sophie's Sweet 16

Season 4 - Episode 1

It's Sophie's 16th birthday and Gene has gone way overboard, despite her request for a simple celebration.

star 8.00
3 votes
Godfather Gene

#13 - Godfather Gene

Season 4 - Episode 4

star 8.00
1 votes
Who Dunnit?

#14 - Who Dunnit?

Season 4 - Episode 8

In hopes of promoting family togetherness, Shannon guilt's them into participating in a 70's themed murder-mystery party.

star 8.00
3 votes
Derby Queen

#15 - Derby Queen

Season 4 - Episode 13

Gene takes over the role of the family's happy homemaker, after Shannon accepts a role in a movie about the Roller Derby.

star 8.00
4 votes
The Demon Turns 60

#16 - The Demon Turns 60

Season 5 - Episode 3

Gene tries to convince Shannon that he does not want to make a big deal of his upcoming birthday but is subsequently ignored when Shannon and Paul Stanley decide to throw him a huge surprise party. But the surprise may be ruined when Gene decides to go on a business trip on the day of the party.

star 8.00
3 votes
God of Thunder

#17 - God of Thunder

Season 5 - Episode 20

star 8.00
1 votes
The Adoption Plan

#18 - The Adoption Plan

Season 7 - Episode 4

After Sophie's and Nick's strong objection to adoption, Shannon suspects that Gene is wavering as well and arranges for Gene to meet happy families that have adopted. Meanwhile, cut off Nick searches for a place to live.

star 8.00
7 votes
The Demon Must Be Crazy

#19 - The Demon Must Be Crazy

Season 7 - Episode 8

Shannon has a secret agenda to change Gene's mind on adoption while they vacation in Africa.

star 8.00
3 votes
 Baby On Board? Part 1

#20 - Baby On Board? Part 1

Season 7 - Episode 11

Gene and Shannon have trouble agreeing on whether they should adopt a child.

star 8.00
1 votes
Gene's Addiction

#21 - Gene's Addiction

Season 1 - Episode 11

The family sees that Gene is overworked and needs to get away. So they force Gene to go on an impromptu vacation.

star 7.89
9 votes
Uncle Gene Wants You

#22 - Uncle Gene Wants You

Season 2 - Episode 10

Gene decides to take Sophie to San Diego's Camp Pendleton to help her do some research for a school paper she has to write on the armed forces. After a lot of smack talking back and forth, they are thrown into a few brutal basic training exercises. No one is laughing now.

star 7.86
7 votes
The Brutal Truth

#23 - The Brutal Truth

Season 3 - Episode 3

Gene doesn't follow the doctor's orders again, when is released from the hospital. Gene and Shannon go on the Adam Corolla Show so Gene can take his lie detector test.

star 7.86
7 votes
Before the Flood

#24 - Before the Flood

Season 3 - Episode 4

Gene is offered a chance to perform at the Royal Crown Revue in Las Vegas. Now he must learn the songs and perfect his act while a construction crew works next door.

star 7.86
7 votes
A Bun in the Oven?

#25 - A Bun in the Oven?

Season 2 - Episode 2

While Nick, Sophie and Aunt Tracy await the results of Shannon's pregnancy test Gene and fellow KISS band member Paul Stanley serve as the Grand Marshals of the NYC Halloween Parade. After receiving a strange proposition from two groupies, Gene returns home to learn the results of Shannon's pregnancy test.

star 7.83
6 votes