The Best Episodes of Tom and Jerry

Saturday Evening Puss

#1 - Saturday Evening Puss

Season 1950 - Episode 2

Mammy wants to go out to dinner. So, Tom invites his friends over a party, and they use Jerry as a needle on a record player. After Jerry escapes from this, he gets back at Tom and his friends, by giving them some of their own medicine.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
The Midnight Snack

#2 - The Midnight Snack

Season 1940 - Episode 2

Jerry decides to have a midnight snack. And what better than to have some nice, fresh cheese! He takes some from the fridge, but before he can eat it, Tom chases him for it. After breaking a lot of things, when chasing Jerry, Mammy hears the noise and comes down in a huff. Scared, Tom throws Jerry into the fridge to hide him. A bit later, Mammy finds Jerry in the fridge. She gets really angry, and throws Tom of out of the house. While Mammy is doing that, Jerry grabs the cheese, and finally eats it.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Down and Outing

#3 - Down and Outing

Season 1960 - Episode 2

In this episode Tom and Jerry go fishing.

Directors: Gene Deitch
Jerry And The Lion

#4 - Jerry And The Lion

Season 1950 - Episode 4

On the radio, Tom and Jerry hear that a lion is loose in their area. Frightened, Tom gets on his hunting outfit and gets out a rifle. A bit later, Jerry finds the lion in their house, and learns that the lion's harmless, but he asks the lion to play a trick on Tom to make him look like he's ferocious.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
The Night Before Christmas

#5 - The Night Before Christmas

Season 1940 - Episode 3

It's Christmas Eve. Jerry sees a present wrapped in the shape of cheese.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Dog Trouble

#6 - Dog Trouble

Season 1940 - Episode 5

Tom is chasing Jerry again, and they run into a bull dog. The bull dog gets angry, and starts to chase Tom AND Jerry.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Safety Second

#7 - Safety Second

Season 1950 - Episode 5

It's the 4th of July, and Nibbles is looking forward to an exciting day with lots of fireworks. But Jerry is against this, considering safety first. Nibbles still sneaks out the fireworks anyway, which eventually leads to an explosive battle against Tom.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Mouse into Space

#8 - Mouse into Space

Season 1960 - Episode 5

Jerry finds Tom on a space capsule.

Directors: Gene Deitch
Texas Tom

#9 - Texas Tom

Season 1950 - Episode 3

In this episode, Tom is a cowboy, and he uses Jerry like a lackey. He does all sorts of things to impress a female cat. Jerry gets mad, and releases a big bull on Tom that Tom runs away from in a hurry, and makes the female cat un-impressed.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
It's Greek to Me-Ow!

#10 - It's Greek to Me-Ow!

Season 1960 - Episode 3

This episode depicts Tom chasing Jerry during the times of Ancient Greece.

Directors: Gene Deitch
Puss N' Toots

#11 - Puss N' Toots

Season 1940 - Episode 6

Mammy brings home a cute little kitten who just happens to be a girl. Immediately when Tom sees the kitten, he is smitten. Tom tries to act cool around the kitten, and he gives her presents (such as fish). Jerry wants to ruin this.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Cue Ball Cat

#12 - Cue Ball Cat

Season 1950 - Episode 8

The setting is of a poolroom. Tom uses Jerry as a ball, as he hits with his cue stick, trying to get into each of the pockets, and so on. Jerry does the same to get back at him.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Fine Feathered Friend

#13 - Fine Feathered Friend

Season 1940 - Episode 8

Tom chases Jerry on a farm, and Jerry hides by a hen. The hen is startled by Tom, so she hits him hard. Jerry dresses himself as a chick, and acts like he's one of the hen's. The rest of the chicks think Jerry is just another one of them. While Tom runs away from the hen, Jerry settles in by the mother and her chicks.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Dicky Moe

#14 - Dicky Moe

Season 1960 - Episode 8

A Tom and Jerry version of the book, "Moby Dick".

Directors: Gene Deitch
Sufferin' Cats!

#15 - Sufferin' Cats!

Season 1940 - Episode 9

Jerry is being chased into an alley, and is seen by an alley cat. The alley cat wants to eat him, but Tom steps in, and says that's his mouse. The two cats fight each other for Jerry, as he runs away trying to hide. The alley cat says to share the mouse, but Tom wants Jerry all for himself. So, they race to see who will catch Jerry first.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Puss Gets The Boot

#16 - Puss Gets The Boot

Season 1940 - Episode 1

Tom chases Jerry all over their house, while Jerry foils Tom's plans to catch him. Tom breaks a lot of things in the house, while chasing Jerry, but that's when Mammy steps in. Mammy is Tom's owner. She tells him that if he breaks one more thing in the house, she's going to throw him outside. So, Jerry knocks over a lot of things in the house to make Mammy think Tom did it, and kick him outside. Tom tries his hardest to keep all these things from falling, so he won't be thrown outside.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
The Hollywood Bowl

#17 - The Hollywood Bowl

Season 1950 - Episode 6

At the Hollywood Bowl, Tom is the conductor. Jerry wants to help out, and he gets in Tom's sleeves to help conduct. Tom denies his assistance again and again. Jerry gets mad and starts hitting Tom with instruments, and Tom does the same.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Switchin' Kitten

#18 - Switchin' Kitten

Season 1960 - Episode 1

This was the episode where Tom & Jerry go into an old castle on a dark and stormy night. The owner, most likely a relative to Dr. Frankenstein, switched animal brains to different animals. Jerry was a victim, who acted like a lion, and scaring Tom away, who had seen enough of the strange animals.

Directors: Gene Deitch
The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit

#19 - The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit

Season 1960 - Episode 9

This episode involves a kit containing Tom, Jerry, and a bunch of weapons.

Directors: Gene Deitch
Fraidy Cat

#20 - Fraidy Cat

Season 1940 - Episode 4

On the radio, Tom listens to "The Witching Hour" that tells scary stories that almost give Tom a heart attack. After seeing Tom's reaction to the radio show, Jerry schemes a way to scare Tom. He moves everything in the house to make it seem like a ghost is in the house. Jerry does everything he can to give Tom a good spook. Tom gets so scared by all the strange things going on that he faints. Later, he finds out that Jerry was the one behind all this, so he chases him around the house. Accidentally, Tom attacks Mammy instead of Jerry, and she, once again, throws him out of the house.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
High Steaks

#21 - High Steaks

Season 1960 - Episode 4

Tom and Jerry interfere with a cranky man and his barbecue.

Directors: Gene Deitch
Jerry's Cousin

#22 - Jerry's Cousin

Season 1950 - Episode 11

There are beaten up alley cats in the street. This is the work of Muscles Mouse, Jerry's cousin. He calls up Jerry, and tells him that he wants to help take care of Tom for him.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Sorry Safari

#23 - Sorry Safari

Season 1960 - Episode 11

Tom and Jerry are out on a Safari, but their vacation gets ruined.

Directors: Gene Deitch
The Zoot Cat

#24 - The Zoot Cat

Season 1940 - Episode 13

Tom gives Jerry, as a present to a girl cat he really likes. The girl doesn't accept the gift, and Tom goes back to the house with a pout. He hears on the radio about a zoot suit. Tom cuts out and sews together a very tight and nice-looking suit. He goes back to the girl cat's house, and as soon as she sees Tom's new suave look, she swoons. Tom acts like Charles Boyer, and he makes the girl fall in love with him. Jerry sees he has to ruin this. He does something to anger Tom, which makes him chase Jerry around the house, and tripped into a fishbowl. The suit shrinks to Jerry's size, and Jerry wears it. He takes Tom's place, and acts like a mini Charles Boyer to the girl cat.

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
The Framed Cat

#25 - The Framed Cat

Season 1950 - Episode 7

Jerry gets blamed for stealing a piece of chicken, and Mammy makes Tom chase him. Mad, Jerry goes and frames Tom by saying that he stole Spike's bone, which leaves to even more frame-ups..

Directors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera